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Under Moscow: "Diggers" explore old bomb shelters and go rafting in subterranean tunnels
Mysterious Moscow, a dark subterranean world waiting to be explored, unknown to most surface dwellers, where old meets new in surprising ways. Volunteers navigate a labyrinth of underground rivers, tunnels and passages to discover hidden historic treasures and new subways under construction. They are the Moscow diggers. Each has his or her own motives and tasks when they descend into that urban underworld but they all share a true passion for exploration and the ambition to be the best in their unusual occupation. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! http://bit.ly/1MgFbVy FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: https://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/rt_documentary/ RTD LIVE https://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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5 Creepy Off-Limits Subways Hidden Under Major Cities
5 secret ruined, abandoned, and off-limits subways hiding right beneath your feet… Subscribe to Dark5: http://bit.ly/dark5 Dark5 presents a photo journey of 5 of the worlds most secret abandoned and ruined subway systems… including the top secret Metro-2 subway hiding under Moscow and used to reach the underground city of Ramenki-43, the “Lake St. James” flooded tunnels of Sydney’s long abandoned subway, the Berlin Wall U-Bahn “Ghost Stations” of Berlin’s forgotten past, New York City’s City Hall subway station, and the built but never used underground trains of Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel in the Moscow Metro
Our new series “Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel” continues to unravel all the country's mysteries for the interested foreigners. In this episode Tim will show you how to use Moscow’s world-famous subway system. Watch more - http://rbth.com
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Feel the Nuclear Thrill: Moscow metro world's biggest atomic bunker
Just a few decades ago many feared total annihilation, with the Soviet and American atomic superpowers hovering over the red button. The threat is now past, but some of the nuclear bunkers still exist today, giving tourists a living history tour. Victor Baranov is a tour guide at "Bunker 42" museum in Moscow. Some 30 years ago the bunker used to be operational 24/7, ready to protect people from a possible nuclear attack. In order to do so effectively, the facility has specially-designed walls and door. RT on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RTnews RT on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RT_com
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Moscow Secret Underground ☆ Metro-2 nuclear bunker tunnel system built by Stalin and Putin in 1935 ☢
☢ In 1935, after the discovery of Uranium-235, Jozef Stalin and Spiridon Putin commenced the construction of a secret nuclear bunker tunnel system under Moscow [concept implemented in Oslo by Maria Qvisling, Rudolf Abel, Hauge & Co] -- Metro-2 is the informal name for a purported secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro (known as Metro-1 when in comparison with Metro-2). The system was supposedly built, or at least started, during the time of Joseph Stalin and was codenamed D-6 (Д-6) by the KGB. It is supposedly still operated by the Main Directorate of Special Programmes (ru) and Ministry of Defence. The length of Metro-2 is rumored to exceed that of the public Metro. It is said to have four lines, and to lie 50–200 m deep. It is said to connect the Kremlin with the Federal Security Service (FSB) headquarters, the government airport at Vnukovo-2, and an underground town at Ramenki, in addition to other locations of national importance. In 1994, the leader of an urban exploration group, the Diggers of the Underground Planet, claimed to have found an entrance to this underground system.[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro-2 Метро-2 — неофициальное название засекреченных московских подземных транспортных сооружений мобилизационного предназначения, находящихся в ведении Службы специальных объектов Главного управления специальных программ президента РФ (ГУСП, бывш. 15 Главное управление КГБ СССР)[1] и Министерства обороны (9 Центральное управление). https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9C%D0%B5%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE-2 Тайны московского метро Московский метрополитен, ранее носивший имя Лазаря Моисеевича Кагановича, а затем получивший имя Владимира Ильича Ленина, кроме военных, оборонных и связанных с государственной безопасностью тайн и секретов, о которых нужно говорить отдельно, с момента проектирования связан с рядом тайн мистических... Одной из главных тайн московского метрополитена является, так называемое «Метро 2» или как оно обозначено в официальных государственных документах Объект «Д-6». Правительственная система подземного сообщения, которая соединяет все стратегические объекты не только в городе, но и далеко за его пределами. Туннели тянуться в подземный город в Раменках, Пушкино, Фрязино, Одинцово, Краснознаменск, Внуково, к Барвихе. Все сейчас находится в режиме ожидания, Метро-2 в любой момент готово принять всех наших главных людей страны и обеспечить им достойную помощь в решении глобальных вопросов. http://www.libo.ru/libo7341.html 14 мая 2009 Черный машинист и эскалатор-убийца Глава московского метро опроверг существование подземных привидений https://lenta.ru/articles/2009/05/14/ghosts/ Тайны московского метро - Секретное метро для ПУТИНА Черный машинист - метро Сталина https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scp9X7x2uOI Тайны Метро.Черный Машинист https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIK7nmuHT3o 1958 Hauge & Stiansen bygger ambassade over den hemmelige tunnelen i Drammensveien https://youtu.be/tyJmbM7SVM8
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Moscow Subway Secrets (RUSSIAN METRO)
Russian Moscow Subway Secrets (RUSSIAN METRO)
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Secret Russian government subway - Metro 2; English Translation
English subtitled translation of a secret underground subway built during the Soviet times for running the country in case of nuclear strike. Translated from a Russian television program.
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Russian, Moscow, Metro ride from Шипи́ловская to Бори́сово
metro ride from Шипи́ловская (Shipilovskaya) to Бори́сово (Borisovo) ticket barrier 1:32 , 6:18 metro train 2:14 escalator 1:40 , 5:28 metro train - recorded with Sony a6500 (firmware 1.05), Samyang 12mm T2.2 CINE, Zhiyun Crane v1.0 (firmware v1.60), Sony ECM-XYST1M April 2018
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Secret metro station in Prague
In 1952 the communist regime in Czechoslovakia decided to build a secret underground railway under the Prague. This is the only station which preserved. This station is still secret
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Urban Exploration, Diggers, MOSCOW METRO bombing Russian underground, Footage
Documentary about urban exploration group, the Diggers Moscow, Russia. Documentary on Russian underground. BN19 TCR 12:13 Various views of magnificent Moscow metro, Moscow subway, The Moscow Metro rush hours TCR 15:05 Moscow Metro fashion performance . TCR 19:30 Bombing in Moscow metro, terrorism in Moscow metro, bodies of killed people www.tvdata.tv
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Russia's secret underground town: 200 migrant workers found under Moscow in secret underground town
A secret underground town has been found beneath a market in Moscow, Russia. An Interior Ministry video showed a factory with work tables and sewing machines, living quarters, a cafe, a cinema, a casino, and a chicken coop. Police reported arresting over 200 people at the site. In 2011 another similar underground settlement of illegal migrants were discovered by police in an abandoned Soviet-era bomb shelter in the western part of the city. Report by Katie Lamborn. Subscribe to ITN News! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=itnnews Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itn Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/itn Visit our homepage: http://itn.co.uk More stories from ITN: France's first gay wedding held in Montpellier: http://bit.ly/13l11mc Pizza delivery man caught eating customer's toppings: http://bit.ly/12QMLkC Train crash triggers highway overpass collapse in Missouri: http://bit.ly/157v95O Huge tornado tears through Russian town: http://bit.ly/18wl04S Rescued baby turtle returned to sea off Florida: http://bit.ly/ZbRpL3 US President Barack Obama heckled by Guantanamo Bay protester: http://bit.ly/17lVORf Heathrow plane 'fire': Passenger video shows landing and evacuation: http://bit.ly/10XNM9a Woolwich attack: Lee Rigby's family pay tearful tribute to murder soldier: http://bit.ly/12f4NlD World's largest lego model: Life-sized Star Wars X-wing Starfighter: http://bit.ly/12Lv2eo Safari park animals join in with a charity fun run: http://bit.ly/1aulwiX Suspected terrorist with bloody hands speaks to the camera after Woolwich murder: http://bit.ly/13KDoCl Oklahoma tornado survivors speak out: http://bit.ly/17Z7hFL Fast and Furious 6 car stunts: Blonde driver struggles behind the wheel: http://bit.ly/10p9NjO Check out Truthloader, the new home of citizen journalism on YouTube. Subscribe now at http://bit.ly/tldrsub See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQGafvQUGoG29uYjMBgp_ZeECq6rf4wJJ See our Top 20 Most Watched Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL95EA69A84358C8BE See 2012's Most Watched Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7C0832D5DA586751
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Forgotten Secret ExSoviet Nuclear Bunker from Cold War - Urban Exploration
The object was built in 1950. The building has two levels and two-meter thick walls. The building has fake windows because they want to looks like a simple house. Abandoned since 1990 after the soviet union collapsed. facebook: https://goo.gl/EOzdOw
Попали в Бункер 703 - Спецархив МИД СССР. Необычная Москва (secrets of Moscow)
Секретные тоннели метро, шокирующие тайны неприметных зданий во дворах Москвы, загадки железных дверей и вода в консервных банках… Что скрывал МИД под землёй? Экскурсия Бункер 703 позволяет увидеть рассекреченный объект, проникнуть туда, куда десятилетия проходили только по супер-спец пропускам… Уффф! Круто! Заброшенный объект стал музеем современной фортификации и теперь каждый может посмотреть, какую “библиотеку” устроили для специального архива МИД СССР. ПОДАРОК ОТ ЮЛИИ АКИМЕНКО! Что нужно, чтобы получить? - Быть подписчиком канала - Написать комментарий “Хочу #открыткаХаусТВ из Москвы” - Поставить этому видео 👍или 👎на ваше усмотрение - Победителю быть готовым прислать адрес Жду ваши комментарии до 28 октября включительно! Победителя определим с помощью генератора случайных чисел 29 октября - результат будет в сторис моего инстаграма P.S. Ребята-блогеры, которые были на этой экскурсии, добавляйте в комментариях ссылки на ваши каналы, странички или сайты! Время посещения - октябрь, 2018 ============================== КОНТАКТЫ: Сайт www.Хаус-ТВ.рф Юлия Акименко в Instagram https://instagram.com/haustv/ Присоединяйтесь ВКОНТАКТЕ https://vk.com/haus_tv Подписывайтесь на новости видеоблога в twitter https://twitter.com/Zhulenka Сотрудничество: [email protected] ============================== Музыка: Run, Max Surla/Media Right Productions Voyeur, Jingle Punks Glacial_Melting_Point, Asher Fulero Big_Screen, Silent Partner Wigs, Riot
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The Moscow Metro
I rode on the Moscow Metro, it is effortless to get around and amazing to just be in front of. Here I want to give you some of the basic information incase you ever want to visit Moscow and are worried about getting around or want to bump into dogs and works of art. Russia's Metro Dogs - http://abcnews.go.com/International/Technology/stray-dogs-master-complex-moscow-subway-system/story?id=10145833 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_dogs_in_Moscow The Metro card - http://troika.mos.ru/en/about/ To connect with me, you can find me on Twitter @JonathanJK To donate to my Ko-Fi for some perks you can donate at https://ko-fi.com/jonathanjk
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Moscow Kremlin Goes Underground and Reveals Its Secrets
Moscow Kremlin reveals its secrets. On Thursday, a new guided tour called "The ancient Kremlin and the Holy Abode" was opened. The uniqueness of this tour is that a part of the exhibition is under the ground, and the ancient artifacts can only be seen through the so-called museum windows, mounted directly into the paving of the Ivanovskaya Square in the Kremlin. Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/TeamRussiaInsider Visit us! http://russia-insider.com/en Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RussiaInsider?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RussiaInsider
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Moscow KGB Bunker
200' below a residential Moscow neighborhood are three top-secret KGB bunkers. Now in the process of being turned into a nightclub. Crazy Cold War history!
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Moscow Subway
Recorded August 29, 2013 Watch my complete Russia video @ https://youtu.be/gcq1I6w0L1s From: http://timvp.com
Les secrets du métro de Moscou
http://fr.sputniknews.com/ ABONNEZ-VOUS ! https://www.youtube.com/c/SputnikFranceVideo SUIVEZ-NOUS SUR : Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sputnik.france Twitter http://twitter.com/sputnik_fr Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/sputnik_fr Instagram http://www.instagram.com/sputnik_france Sputnik est une nouvelle marque d'information possedant des centres multimedia modernes dans plusieurs dizaines de pays. L'agence se positionne comme un fournisseur d'informations alternatives et comme un diffuseur radio.
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Abandoned/Secret New York Subway Station - City Hall Station
City Hall, also known as City Hall Loop, was the original southern terminal station of the first line of the New York City Subway, built by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT), named the "Manhattan Main Line", and now part of the IRT Lexington Avenue Line. Opened on October 27, 1904, this station underneath the public area in front of City Hall was designed to be the showpiece of the new subway. The station was designed by Rafael Guastavino. The main consulting architects on the IRT stations were George Lewis Heins and Christopher Grant LaFarge for the company Heins & LaFarge.This station is unusually elegant in architectural style, and is unique among the original IRT stations, employing Romanesque Revival architecture.The platform and mezzanine feature Guastavino tile, skylights, colored glass tilework and brass chandeliers. Passenger service was discontinued on December 31, 1945, making it a ghost station, although the station is still used as a turning loop for 6 trains.
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The five most secret places in the world | moscow metro 2 | Vatican secret documents | room 49
secret places, top 5, secret, hidden, visit, places, area 51, top, locations, world, list, hidden secrets, mysterious, allowed, room 39, vatican secret archives, metro 2, secret locations, most secret, pine gap, top secret places, most secret places, ufo, alien, aliens, strange places, facts, earth, 5most, mystery, snake island, hidden in plain sight, hidden places on earth, hidden rooms, secrets of the world, in the world, secre place, secret location, locations in the world, government location Email:[email protected] PLEASE SUBSCRIBE,LIKE & SHEAR THANKS FOR WATCHING Top 5 mysteries bangla | Nasca lines|atlantis city|stonehenge|roanoke|wow signaAll changes saved. -https://youtu.be/pPrcgX5pw10 amazon rainforest mysteries bangla -https://youtu.be/VadPdRJI5Ck pyramid making story bangla -https://youtu.be/ECMkDyXXJtE 5 wonderful mysteries in the history of India | alien mysteries |Mir Osman Ali | Jaiwar Kella -https://youtu.be/-Cp5jnVltic Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Underground Life: 'Diggers' hunt for Moscow's hidden subterranean secrets
Beneath the metropolis that is Moscow, lies a second, underground city - a labyrinthine network of mysterious tunnels and hidden passageways. While few of those above ground are aware of its existence, a group of explorers who call themselves the diggers have made it their mission to unearth the capital's many subterranean secrets. RT's Maria Finoshina joined the expedition. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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A student sci-fi project, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Moscow subway.
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Moscow Subway Robot - Москва Метро Робот - Dominance Electricity undercover in Russia
Robot music: http://www.youtube.com/dominanceelectricity?sub_confirmation=1 Moscow Subway Robot. Dominance Electricity undercover in Russia.
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What is hidden in Stalin's secret Bunker-42 in Moscow
The "Bunker 42" is a Cold War Museum, located in the center of Moscow. Today you can tour the facilities and learn about the historical nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers: the Soviet Union and the United States.
moscow metro 2
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Interrogation: The Mystery of the Black Boxes of the Russian Metro
Interrogation: The Mystery of the Black Boxes of the Russian Metro What is the secret of the mysterious containers that stand in the metro of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other cities. Even those who ride the subway and have repeatedly asked themselves what kind of strange black container-barrels are at each station?
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Girl at the Moscow subway
Just a funny vid of girl at the Moscow metro (subway). Take a look!
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World's Most Secretive Locations
World’s most secretive locations! These top secret places are hidden destinations forbidden for tourists. Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/SaufF4 Follow us on Instagram: @theywillkillyou Voiceover by Carl Mason: [email protected] 6: Vatican City The archives under the Vatican is so off-limits, it even includes the word "secret" in its official name. Known as Archivum Secretum Vaticanum in Latin, it is a repository for the most important documents related to history. It was constructed in 1611 in order to separate certain documents from the more public Vatican Library. The documents are now preserved in a climate-controlled environment that prevents them from deterioration, and are surrounded by fire-resistant concrete walls fitted with high tech security features. Among the Archive's known documents are those related to Europe, Galileo Galilee, as well as King Henry VIII - the rejection of which caused England to separate itself. 5: Moscow Metro 2, Russia Few stories can top the one which tells us about "Metro 2", a secret underground transit system in Moscow. Moscow already has a reputation for its elaborate train stations, but the existence of a completely separate and clandestine second network running alongside the public one remains a question to this day. The first line was said to connect with some country homes outside of Moscow. The length of the train system then increased over time, reaching a total of four lines, and lying 50 to 200 meters below the ground. But in 1991, the US Department of Defense published a report which devoted several pages to a secret transport system built underneath Moscow. One of the most exclusive and oldest of its kind. Founded in 1693, its member have included royals, aristocrats, politicians and businessmen, many who's fathers and grandfathers were members before them. Notable members include Prince Charles, Prince William, and former British Prime Minister David Cameron who resigned his membership in 2008. White's establishment is exclusively for gentlemen, but has made an exception for Queen Elizabeth II to visit. Still, even she could not be accepted as a member. It was once referred to as the "bane of half the English nobility". The clubhouse never closes, and a betting book kept inside contains wagers going back hundreds of years, including ridiculous ones like when two lords betted on which raindrop on a window pane would slide down to the bottom first. 3: Club 33 – Disneyland, California Disneyland is full of amazing secrets, and one of the best kept secrets is right under the noses of all its visitors. Club 33 is the name of a private club and exclusive 5 star restaurant located in the heart of Disneyland California. If you've been to that theme park, you've definitely walked past Club 33's front doors, although you might not have realized it. There are several theories about the origin of the club's name. The official explanation states that Club 33 gets its name from its address of 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. 2: RAF Menwith Hill, UK The RAF Menwith Hill is a base in North Yorkshire, England. It was built by the British in 1960, but has been run jointly with the US since the beginning. The United State ook on responsibility for the US operation of the site in 1966. The site has always housed cutting edge technology, and today it is home to more than 30 large golf-ball like radar domes, and acts as a ground station for the US. Menwith Hill is also widely believed to be an element of the ECHELON system, a surveillance network that is capable of monitoring and eavesdropping on any modern communication including phone calls, emails, text messages and internet browsing history. 1: Bohemian Grove, California Bohemian Grove is a campground located in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private all-men's club known as the Bohemian Club. It was established in 1872 to serve as a hub for members of San Francisco's cultural fraternity, but the club soon opened its membership to include rich and powerful people outside of the city's borders. Getting into the club is not easy. There are extremely expensive membership and annual fees that has to be paid, and there would still be a 15 year plus waiting list. Most importantly, membership needs to be approved, which usually requires elite-connections and an Ivy League education background. Bohemian Grove hosts a two week summer event each year, with about 2000 members attending, all divided between smaller encampments according to their ranks.
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MOSCOW RUSSIA 2018: Best TOP 10 things to see in Moscow
Number ten Sparrow Hills: We are now in the Sparrow Hills, where you may find the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Sparrow Hills or Vorobyovy Gory offers one of the best views of the city from the banks of the Moscow River. Number nine Arbat street: The pedestrian Arbat street is one of the oldest in Moscow, from the fifteenth century. Number eight Cathedral of Christ the Saviour: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was built in the XIX century as homage to Napoleon's defeat. It was demolished in the Age of Stalin and rebuilt and after the fall of USSR. Number seven VDNKh or The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy: VDNKh is one of the largest exhibition centers in the world. Built in the Soviet era, it has numerous monuments and sculptures of that time. Number six Tretyakov Gallery: Founded in the mid-nineteenth century by Tretiakov the merchant who named it. The State Tretyakov Gallery brings one of the largest important collections of Russian painting. Number five Moscow metro: The Moscow metro has some of the world's most beautiful underground stations. Number four Bolshoi Theatre: The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow is one of the most famous theaters in the world. Number three St. Basil's Cathedral: The design of St. Basil's Cathedral holds many secrets. Number two Red Square: Red Square in Moscow is one of the most famous squares in the world and also one of the largest. Number one Kremlin: Kremlin is situated in the center of Moscow, it was built in XV-XVII centuries. The Kremlin is a set of historic buildings, palaces and churches is essential in every tourist's visit to Moscow.
Moscow Metro
hi there^_^ READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING!!! so, I made this video when I was in Moscow in 2008. and moscow metro is so beautiful!!! so, there are 3 stations in this video: Babushkinskaya, Sviblovo and Botanychesky Sad. soon, I will post videos about other stations)) P.S. and subscribe to me!!
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Moscow metro  a piece of art hidden underground.
http://rt.com/prime-time/2010-02-18/moscow-metro-legends.html http://russianwomenshome.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?topic=485.0
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Inside Kremlin: What's hidden from public eye? (RT Documentary)
Take a trip to the heart of Russia! With the help of RT's correspondent Sophie Shevardnadze, you'll see parts of the Moscow Kremlin hidden from public view; learn what the favourite dish of the Russian president is; meet the best young man of Russia; and hear the oldest chimes! RT on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com RT on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews
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Moscow metro attack: Dozens killed in subway explosions
RT copyright - strictly NO RE-UPLOAD! There have been two explosions on Moscow's underground metro system. Both blasts happened during the Monday morning rush hour in what authorities believe could have been a co-ordinated attack, although it's still not confirmed how the explosions happened. At least 32 were killed and 11 wounded in the first explosion at Lubyanka station just before 8am, Moscow time. The station is near to The Kremlin and is beneath the headquarters of the Federal Security Service. A second explosion occurred 45 minutes later at Park Kultury station in central Moscow, killing at least 12 people and injuring 15 others. Both stations are on the same subway line, which has now been closed in the centre of the city. The police are on high alert across the Russian capital, and are investigating whether suicide bombers could be to blame. A terrorism investigation is underway. Emergency crews are at both blast sites. The wounded are being airlifted by helicopter to hospital, because the surrounding roads have ground to a halt.
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5 Scariest Subway Creepypastas
5 Scariest Subway Creepypastas: from a cult of underground freaks to a lost soviet vault of secrets, we've got some creepy creepy creepypasta. A subway is one of the most scary, creepy places in the world. Just something about a huge, dark, underground structure that attracts danger. And when I say subway I mean an underground metro system, not the sandwich shop. This top 10 countdown list is certainly not about subway the shop!! partly because this is a top 5... Join us on our journy into madness as we look at the scariest subway creepypastas that are real. That's right, as in real life. This video was produced by the Cable 84 company in 2015. Remember to subscribe if you want more. We welcome video topic suggestions from anyone; just leave a comment or tweet me. The stories: ___________ The first creepypasta / tale is about a mysterious one-eyed old woman on a train carridge. The second creepypasta is about the black-eyed ghost child of the London underground. A spirit that approaches commuters in an attempt to find out why she was killed in the 1960s. The third creepypasta is about a journalists attempt to find 10 people who went missing inside the moscow metro. Set during the collapse of the Soviet Union, what could possibly go wrong? The forth creepypasta is about a haunted plague pit unearthed when the glasgow subway was being constructed. It might turn out that the spirits of those dead may live of long after their bodies do not. The last tale is about a strange and violent cult of freaks who live in abandoned areas of the New york subway. What could possibly cause these monsters to emerge to the surface and hunt your children? __________ MORE LISTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtNdZrjjurSTFv-JgvQjssw ................ Twitter: https://twitter.com/theCable84 Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/ Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/nitrogenius/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nitro-Genius/647695188684649 .................. #DownWithLizardPeople #WifeNamedUlgar MY BEST VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlQ1rz69csY&list=UUtNdZrjjurSTFv-JgvQjssw Legal Stuff ............. Music credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSxM2IIABRg (copywrite myuu, under creative commons:https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2797468) -------------------------------- Sound effects provided from Sound bible (http://soundbible.com/) Licenced under creative commons: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Ghost Stations of the Paris Metro - Abandoned Stations
Thanks for watching.... 1. Arsenal (Métro Paris) 2. Champ de Mars (Paris Métro) 3. Croix-Rouge 4. Haxo (Paris Métro) 5. Porte Molitor (Paris Métro) 6. Saint-Martin (Paris Métro) 7. Porte des Lilas (Paris Métro) 8. Gare du Nord 9. Victor Hugo Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_stations_of_the_Paris_M%C3%A9tro Music : Blank Holes, Jingle Punks, YouTube Audio Library Ghost stations of the Paris Métro are stations that have been closed to the public and are no longer used in commercial service. For historical or economical reasons, many stations on the Paris Métro have been made inaccessible and lie unused, conferring a sense of mystery over Parisians. The majority of these ghost stations were closed when France entered World War II in September 1939, and some have been closed ever since. Others have been reused or disappeared completely as the network evolved. Two stations were constructed but never actually used, and today still lie inaccessible to the public. Three others were designed but were never serviced by a Métro line. Two stations on the Paris Métro were constructed but never used, and have no way to be accessed by the public: Porte Molitor and Haxo. Only during rare special service to these stations can they be visited. Porte Molitor is a station constructed in 1923 on a linking of lines 9 and 10 and was originally intended to service the stadiums Parc des Princes and Roland Garros on the nights of matches. Logistics of this service became too complex, however, and the project was abandoned; access to the station was never constructed. The tracks today serve as a garage for trains. A special tunnel, the voie des Fêtes, links the Place des Fêtes to the Porte des Lilas with an intermediary station called Haxo, constructed in 1921. This tunnel was intended to connect lines 3 and 7 (now 3bis and 7bis). Actually the tunnel was never used as it was decided to run a shuttle service between the stations of each of these lines. This shuttle proved unpopular with passengers and service stopped in 1939. Haxo has never been used for passenger transport, and there is no street level access. At the beginning of World War II, the French government put into action a plan that called for reduced service on the Métro network; specifically, it closed all but 85 stations. The majority of stations that were closed reopened in the following years, however some lightly trafficked and therefore unprofitable stations remained closed for a longer time. Varenne (line 14, now line 13) re-opened on December 24, 1962, followed by the station Bel-Air (line 6) on January 7, 1963. Rennes (line 12) and Liège (line 13) re-opened to the public after about 30 years of being closed, on May 20, 1968 and September 16, 1968 respectively. These stations were subject to abbreviated schedules: they closed at 8 PM on weekdays and Saturdays, and did not open on Sundays and holidays. Rennes returned to normal service schedules on September 6, 2004, and Liège, the last station on an abbreviated schedule of the network, returned to normal hours on December 4, 2006. Cluny (line 10) remained forgotten for almost half a century, however the construction of the train station Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame to service line B of the RER caused it to be re-opened in order to provide a connection to line 10. It was re-opened to the public on February 17, 1988, the same day on which the RER line B station was opened. The station was renamed to Cluny – La Sorbonne. The station Saint-Martin was closed in 1939, opened after the Liberation and closed again. This station was situated on the Grands Boulevards and therefore served as an important access point, however it was eventually closed again because of its proximity—less than 100 metres (110 yd)—to the neighboring station Strasbourg – Saint-Denis. Three stations have remained closed since 1939: Arsenal (line 5), Champ de Mars (line 8), and Croix-Rouge (line 10). Two other open stations contain unused platforms (that is they are inaccessible to the public): Porte des Lilas – Cinéma (line 3bis) and Invalides (a platform for line 8 is unused after renovations made to the station). As a result of the expansion of line 3 to Gallieni, the station Martin Nadaud was integrated into the station Gambetta. The station still exists today: it is situated in the extension of the Gambetta station in the direction of Pont de Levallois, at a site surrounded by a gate. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_stations_of_the_Paris_M%C3%A9tro
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You won’t believe the state of the Paris metro
■ A Little History Lesson: https://youtu.be/IhsC5baNH6M ■ Paris 16:00 Today. After a little stroll around the Notre Dame Cathedral I took the metro back home. France is one of Europe’s greatest countries they tell me. Well the state of their mass transit system somehow tells a different tale. What on earth are the French spending their money on?
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A Day of Moscow Metro
You can experience one day of Moscow Metro in just two minutes.
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Moscow Metro
Holiday Video Of Moscow Metro System
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Stalin returns to Moscow metro
The restoration of a Moscow metro station has revived debate over how Russians view the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. The station features an inscription from the 1950s, praising the man.
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Metro - Russia
December 2005 This short film narrates the story of Moscow's famous metro.
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Moscow subway
taking the subway in moscow
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Top 8 SECRET Places You're NOT Allowed to Visit  ✔
Best Funny Videos Collection for Android App =► http://bit.ly/FunnyVideosApp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 8 SECRET Places You're NOT Allowed to Visit: Click Here To Subscribe =► http://bit.ly/TopxBest 1 Vatican Secret Archives: You can go to Vatican everywhere except Vatican Secret Archives. Vatican Library has centuries of hidden secrets. The Pope owns these archives until his death and of course they are passed on to the next Pope. Only pope are allowed to visit & browse the Secrets. 2. Lascaux Caves – France Lascaux is famous for its Palaeolithic cave paintings, found in a complex of caves in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, because of their exceptional quality, size, sophistication and antiquity. Estimated to be up to 20,000 years old, the paintings consist primarily of large animals, once native to the region. Lascaux is located in the Vézère Valley where many other decorated caves have been found since the beginning of the 20th century. To preserve the antiquity Only a handful of people are ever allowed inside. 3. Moscow Metro-2 Metro-2 in Moscow, Russia is a purported secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro. The system was built supposedly during (or from) the time of Stalin and codenamed D-6 by the KGB. Russian journalists have reported that the existence of Metro-2 is neither confirmed nor denied by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) or the Moscow Metro administration. 4. Ise Grand Shrine (伊勢神宮, Ise Jingū),Japan The inner shrine (内宮) is believed to date from the 3rd Century and enshrines the sun goddess Amaterasu. You can only see part of the main shrine buildings as they are almost completely hidden from view behind wooden fences. The inner sanctum can only be entered by members of the imperial family and a few select shrine priests. It is such a holy site that the head priest or priestess must come from the imperial family. 5. Mezghorye, Russia Mezhgorye is a closed town in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. It is believed that people living in the town work on highly-classified secret work around Mount Yamantaw, which has been suspected to be the location of a nuclear program, a repository of Russian treasures, a bunker in case of war or a huge warehouse of coal. But really, nobody knows as only few classified people can enter the town. 6. Room 39, North Korea One thing that remains a bit of a mystery is what goes on inside the North Korea as data isn’t readily available or reliable. Now imagine trying to get into Room 39, a secretive North Korean government facility home to several illegal operations including Money Laundering, production & Smuggling of drugs and weapons Sale. Many claim that Room 39 is critical to Kim Jong’s continued power, enabling him to create fund to buy political support and nuclear weapons program. 7. Area 51 Nevada Probably the worst kept secret, Area 51 is the alias for a military base that is located in Nevada – an Air Force base about 150 miles from Las Vegas. It is belief that the remains of crashed UFO spacecrafts are stored at Area 51 where government scientist’s reverse-engineer the aliens’ highly advanced technology.Fodder for this has come from a variety of supposed UFO sightings in the area and testimony from a retired Army colonel who says he was given access to extraterrestrial materials gathered from an alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, N.M. The government’s official line — that the details of Area 51 are classified for purposes of national security. Nobody Knows what is going inside Area 51. 8. Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, Ethiopia The Ethiopian Orthodox Church claims to possess the Ark of the Covenant in a chapel in the small town of Axum, in their country’s northern Highlands. It arrived nearly 3,000 years ago, they say, and has been guarded by a succession of virgin monks who, once anointed, are forbidden to set foot outside the chapel grounds until they die. No one except the Guardians are ever allowed to see the Ark, not even the Patriarch of the Church. The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, His Holiness Abune Mathias, announced in Nov 2014 that the most prized biblical treasure in the world, the Ark of Covenant, was stolen from the catacombs of the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion. The guardians of the artifact were allegedly put to sleep through the use of chemical weapons, before the robbers entered the crypt and stole the precious Holy item in two black military helicopters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed watching subscribe for a new video everyday. Subscribe HERE =► http://bit.ly/TopxBest ​
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Big Bigger Biggest S03E03 Metro
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Moscow - Subway 1
Amazing Moscow subway!!
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Today News - Secret Service: Moscow employee didn’t leak secrets to Russian government
Today News - Secret Service: Moscow employee didn’t leak secrets to Russian government The Secret Service said Friday it has conducted a review and determined a Russian national formerly employed at the U.S. embassy in Moscow did not have access to classified information to leak to the Russian government. Officials were pushing back on a report in The Guardian, a British newspaper, that the woman had access to “secret data” during a decade working at the embassy for the Secret Service. The newspaper said she also had contacts with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), and specu... Source: http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/2/948948492?-17176:26449:3 © Today News THANK YOU for your watching SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: https://xuri.co/todaynews ─────────────────── ▼ DISCLAIMER : ➤ If you have problems about copyright or label, please contact me via email or YT inbox. Thank you :) ➤ If you wanna use my uploads in your videos/streams, please give a link back to my original video, thats all ;) #TodayNews #News #News24 #LiveNews #NewsLive #NewsToday
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Amazing murals, chandelier and sculptures only found in Moscow subway.
Amazing Moscow subway stations adorn with murals, chandelier, and sculptures with incredible workmanship not seen anywhere in the world. Have to see to believe that they are subway stations in Moscow.
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Top 10  Secret Places on Earth
Secret Places on Earth Watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwOt8ITFwZo Random Video : World's Tallest Man - HISTORY'S 10 TALLEST WOMEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16Gf1_MxIlE Top 10 Secret Places on Earth White's Gentlemen's Club Vatican Secret Archives, Room 39, RAF Menwith Hill, Mount Weather, Moscow Metro-2, Mezhgorye, Ise Grand Shrine, Club 33, Area 51
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The Coolest Stuff on the Planet- Moscow's Underground Museums
The opulent stations of Moscow's public transportation system are often compared to museums, and it's easy to see why. Join Matt and Rachel for a tour of Moscow's metro, and learn more about the city's brilliant stray dogs and Cold War secrets. http://www.howstuffworks.com/ http://www.facebook.com/CoolestStuff http://twitter.com/CoolestStuffHSW http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-coolest-stuff-on-planet
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La Bamba in Moscow Subway
A Puerto Rican sings La Bamba in a Russian subway.
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