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Enersound Desktop Simultaneous Interpretation System
Looking for a simultaneous interpretation system for your company, organization or church? Look no further! We hope you enjoy this simple introduction to our Desktop Simultaneous Interpretation kit! In this video you'll get to know: - The Enersound T-500 multichannel FM transmitter. - The Enersound R-120 multichannel FM receivers. - The MIC-300 professional headband microphone. Look for us at www.enersound.com
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Simultaneous interpretation advanced
Learning simultaneous interpretation; part 2. In this video Dick Fleming, retired EU staff interpreter, follows up on a previous video "starting simultaneous" which set out the initial "golden rules" for interpreter trainees. He describes some of the key skills and coping tactics that trainees will need to acquire during the latter part of their training courses in order to meet professional standards. MORE INFO ABOUT THIS VIDEO: http://lourdesderioja.com/
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GONSIN FS-FHSS Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System In the 124th Jalsa Salana Qadian
More than one thousand FS-FHSS Wireless Interpretation Receivers used in the event. Only 4 Wireless WAP required in this large outdoor application.
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LANGPROS - How Does Simultaneous Interpretation Work?
You may have seen interpreters on TV shows with foreign guests or at UN assemblies in the news. Have you ever imagined what their work is like? Well, it is an extremely challenging profession requiring a lot of training and experience. Ever wonder what are the differences between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation? Basically, in consecutive interpretation the speaker’s discourse alternates with the interpreter’s translation, with no need of any equipment. Instead, in simultaneous interpretation the speaker and the interpreter talk simultaneously, resulting in considerable time savings. This means that the interpreter listens to a speech and interprets it into a foreign language in real time. Simultaneous interpretation requires specific interpretation equipment, mainly a soundproof booth and headphones with a microphone for the interpreter and wireless receivers for the target audience. Since the human brain is not designed for listening and speaking at the same time, simultaneous interpreters must develop special neural pathways. They also need to prepare carefully before an event – for instance, if it is a convention on heart surgery, the interpreter will have to study the topic and related technical terminology. Moreover, they must keep up with the speed of the original speech and they must be able to work under pressure. Since this profession is highly demanding, interpreters always have to work in pairs and switch turns every 20 or 30 minutes. At Langpros we collaborate with the best simultaneous interpreters in the UAE and in the Gulf region. We are able to deal with events ranging from small business meetings to large international conferences from English or Arabic into over 100 languages and vice versa. We have made our name as a world leader not only in interpretation services but also in translation services. So if you are looking for a highly professional and friendly interpretation service for your next event, you just have to give us a call! VISIT INTERPRETER-DUBAI FOR USEFUL INFORMATION ON OUR INTERPRETATION SERVICES http://interpreter-dubai.com/ ARE YOU ALSO INTERESTED IN OUR EXCEPTIONAL TRANSLATION SERVICES? THEN VISIT TRANSLATOR-DUBAI http://www.translator-dubai.ae/ LET'S CONNECT! Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/TheLanguageProfessionals/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Langpros Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/langpros---the-language-professionals/ Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+LangprosTheLanguageProfessionals
What is Translation Equipment?
An overview of what you need to know in order to buy a translation, or interpretation system. Focussing on standard FM systems, this video by Chris Redish, owner of A Bridge Between Nations, explains transmitters, microphones, receivers and headphones. For more information, visit abbn.com.
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Mobile Simultaneous Interpretation Booth Systems
• Mobile simultaneous interpretation Booth systems built in - accordance with worldwide standard ISO – 4043 used for manufacturing of translation booths. • Perfectly sized translation booths catering to all the requirements with dimensions 6’ width x 4’ depth x 6.5’ height. • Designed in such a way making it easy to assemble without using any tool and easy to transport owing to its light weight of structure. • Well ventilated with a silent whisper 110 volts fan assembly unit. • Made with fire retardant material UL – 723 having double Plexiglass window. Visit us for more info: https://www.translationindia.com/interpretation-booths.html
LANGPROS - Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
Do you need simultaneous interpretation equipment for your next event and don’t know where to start? Well, here is a quick and simple guide to the basic simultaneous interpretation equipment. Selecting the best simultaneous interpretation equipment will no doubt result in the success of your event. First of all, you will need interpretation booths for simultaneous interpreters. Then, headphones with a microphone will also be needed in order to allow them to listen to the speech and simultaneously interpret it into a foreign language. Eventually, you will need headsets and wireless receivers for the target audience in order to allow them to listen to the interpreter’s voice. As an alternative interpreting solution, simultaneous interpretation may use portable equipment or so-called bidule. It’s very similar to tour guide systems and it does not require any interpretation booth. Basically, the speech is streamed to the simultaneous interpreter, who wears headphones with a microphone, and the interpretation is streamed in real time to auditors, who wear headsets connected to receivers. Such technical equipment isn’t very handy, is it? We are here to help! At Langpros we possess our own state-of-the-art interpretation equipment, from interpretation booths to interpreters’ headphones, from portable equipment to headsets and receivers for the audience. We partner leading companies such as Bosch and we have several Bosch interpretation systems available. These systems are highly flexible and offer exceptional audio quality, no matter what the size of your event is. Indeed, they are suitable both for large international conferences and for smaller multilingual meetings. Moreover, they have a modern and ergonomic design and they guarantee conference privacy in every moment. What are you waiting for? Contact us and book the equipment for your next event! DO YOU ALSO NEED SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION SERVICES IN ADDITION TO INTERPRETATION EQUIPMENT? THEN VISIT INTERPRETER-DUBAI http://interpreter-dubai.com/ ARE YOU ALSO INTERESTED IN OUR EXCEPTIONAL LEGAL AND CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES? THEN VISIT TRANSLATOR-DUBAI http://www.translator-dubai.ae/ https://translations.ae/ LET'S CONNECT! Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/TheLanguageProfessionals/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Langpros Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/langpros---the-language-professionals/ Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+LangprosTheLanguageProfessionals
【Toshiba】Business Meeting Support System with Simultaneous Interpretation
Toshiba developed Japanese-to-Chinese/English simultaneous interpretation technology for business communication, and a meeting support system with this technology. The system can support meeting attendees to communicate in different languages.
RFID and  Barcode Scanners | Simultaneous Interpretation Systems Available On Rent
Get Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment on Rent · Bosch IR Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment · RF Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment · Mobile Simultaneous Interpretation Booth Systems Visit us for more info: https://www.translationindia.com/rfid-barcode-scanners.html
A Formula for Success in Simultaneous Interpreting
What does it take to become a good interpreter and can those things be taught? Professor Tsuruta will discuss the results of a survey done by AIIC, a top interpreters' association, her experience as a teacher at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and her own experience interpreting at events such as Obama's State of the Union address broadcast on TV across Japan.
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Simultaneous Translation Equipment - Up Close And Personal!
We get up close and personal in this video so you can see Simultaneous Translation Equipment in ACTION - provided by Universe Language Solutions. http://universelanguage.com In this video, you’ll get a real close, first hand view of what an Interpretation booth looks like as well as some of the electronics that go with it. And of course, you’ll get a really good feel for what it’s like for an interpreter to perform live, Simultaneous Translation. To set the stage: For this event, Universe provided three Tabletop Interpretation Booths to support Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. We call them “Tabletops” because they sit on top of a regular six foot table. Now, each booth needs to have its own Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter to broadcast its particular language on its own, unique frequency (channel). If you look close, you can see the transmitters on top of the booths or on the table next to the booth. They’re the little black boxes with the black antenna on top. Now here’s something maybe you didn’t know. Many times, like for this event, not only do we need to be able to broadcast the three “Foreign” languages… but we also need to be able to broadcast “English”! If you think about it, you can imagine that there will be times when one of the non-English speaking attendees will want to make a comment or ask a question. Well for that, we actually need a fourth transmitter – simply to broadcast English to the English-Speakers. Gets a bit complicated, so I’ll leave it at that for now. The next thing I’ll point out is the Interpretation Console that sits on top of the table inside the booth. While watching the video, you’ll see them on the tables between the two interpreters. They’re the electronic boxes with the blue and red illuminated buttons on them. Universe uses IC-2’s (Interpretation Console-2) made by Williams Sound. They’re pretty much the state-of-the-art here in the United States. And of course, you can see that each interpreter wears a special headset that has both earphones (so they can hear whoever is making the presentation) and a microphone (that picks up their “Interpreted” version of the presentation to send to that booth’s transmitter). Yeah I know… a bit technical but thought you’d like to know. Now moving onto something you really may be interested in knowing… We titled this video “Simultaneous Translation Equipment”, but that’s not really accurate. Here’s the way it is out there: The general public doesn’t understand the difference between Translation and Interpretation. So most people think what’s going on like you see in the video is “Translation”. But it’s not. It’s technically called “Interpretation”. Here’s the deal. “Translation” refers to the something in writing and “Interpretation” refers to the spoken word. Not clear yet? This should help: Exact, literal translation can be done with written language because the Translator has time to think. Time to come up with the most exact, meaningful “Translation” that is possible. But at a live event like you see here, the “Interpreters” don’t have time to think. They MUST keep up with the presentation. That’s why they use the term “Interpretation”. They say the most “More or Less” version of what they’re listening to that pops into their head at that particular moment. Quick example: If a Spanish Interpreter hears “It’s really expensive” in English. The first thing that pops into their head, at that split-second, may be “It costs a lot” (meaning they’ll say those words in Spanish). Both phrases mean the same thing and convey the same message, but they’re not literal, exact “Translations” of each other. To sum all that up… If/when you see or hear the phrase “Simultaneous Translation Equipment” what it really means is “Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment”. Anyway… Getting a bit long-winded here, so better wrap it up. If you like, you can reach Universe Language Solutions at: (770)650-0010 http://universelanguage.com We’d love to see your comments here. So feel free to tell us what you think. Plus, we invite you to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We’re going to be posting interesting videos about all phases of Simultaneous Interpretation and a regular basis from now on. Oh… and BTW… If you enjoyed this video, a “LIKE” would be really cool!
Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment!
Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment - a Great example. At this event, Universe Language Solutions provided TableTop Microphones, Audio Recording, and "Relay" capability. For this event, the Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment included: One Fully-Encapsulated Interpretation Booth, Radio Frequency Transmitters and Receivers, TableTop Delegate Microphones, Mixing Console, and an Audio Recorder. This Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment was provided by Universe Language Solutions. (770)650-0010
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Interpretation Set up on DIS CU6005 / CU6010 & IS6132
This is a chat through the set up of a DIS Interpretation system on a Central Unit (CU6005) and interpreter consoles (IS6132). Forgive the workshop environment. :-)
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Simultaneous Interpretation Setup
Time-Lapse footage of Sonic Image completing a Simultaneous Interpretation setup
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Interpreter Services - Simultaneous Interpretation provided by the industry's specialist.
This is a great demonstration of Interpreter Services IN ACTION! This video shows how well you can hear the "Language Interpretation" with our Radio Frequency Receivers. The Interpreter Services - including both the Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment AND the Language Interpreters - were provided by "Universe Language Solutions". (770)650-0010
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Simultaneous Interpretation
Mainline AV is a leading meeting technology provider offering the world's most sophisticated conference solutions to the Fortune 500, the United States Government and Congresses worldwide.  Visit http://www.mainlineav.com for more info.
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ISE 2018: Gonsin Discusses FS-FHSS Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System
ISE 2018: Gonsin Discusses FS-FHSS Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System
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Simultaneous Interpretation Practice #1 - Spanish-English
Hey guys! I'm going to start doing my interpretation practice on this channel and I figured that there was no better time to start then now. Please leave me a comment down below to let me know of my errors in interpretation or just anything in general. Thank you so much for watching! Link to the Lingq page: http://www.lingq.com/learn/es/workdesk/item/3174164/reader/
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Enersound Portable Simultaneous Interpretation/Tour Guide System
Looking for a portable simultaneous interpretation/tour guide system for your company, organization or church? Look no further! We hope you enjoy this simple introduction to our Portable kit! In this video you'll get to know: - The Enersound TP-600 portable multichannel FM transmitter. - The Enersound R-120 multichannel FM receivers. - The MIC-200SEN microphone. Check out our products at www.enersound.com
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Simultaneous interpretation added to ATUC-50 conference system
Gary Dixon explains how the introduction of the ATUC-50INT interpretation unit further enhances the capabilities of Audio-Technicas ATUC-50 conference system.
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Conference Interpreting Equipment & Translation System Solutions
We are the Company with over 17 years of experience that Professionals Choose. When you need your message to be full and complete. We're that company you can trust. We offer a wide selection of equipment solutions including: Simultaneous Interpretation Digital Infrared Receivers Portable Interpretation Interpreter Booths Cloud-based Interpretation Microphones with Language channels selectors All our equipment are available on rent. To discuss a project, request pricing, learn more about our equipment and services, for any enquiry contact us now. Visit us for more info: https://www.translationindia.com/Conference-equipment.html
Ntt Docomo Simultaneous Interpretation System #diginfo
Ntt Docomo Simultaneous Interpretation System #diginfo
Portable simultaneous Translation System  with REX 7 Receiver
The most advanced portable translation ever built .thousand of receivers used worldwide available for purchase or rental , the model is REX 7 enjoy it .
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ablioconference - Simultaneous Translation System
ablioconference replaces expensive and complex traditional systems with the most advanced digital technologies Find out more at ablioconference.com
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Simultaneous interpretation
It's as tough of a job as a man can do. I'm saying "men" because we are almost nowhere to be found in this trade (at least in Serbia) and, as you will be able to see from my other videos, we are required to wear a red shirt each time...
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Interpretation and Translation Devices, quality at unbelievable price!
“Language is the only barrier separating communities across the world from interacting with each other.” Quality doesn't mean always expensive and we proove it. Company Profile Translation India, country’s leading provider of high-tech language interpretation and services on rent, found its bearings in 2001. From a humble beginning it has become India’s largest aequipment rental company with presence across all major metro cities, Translation India has come a long way. Our Services 1. BOSCH Interpretation Equipment High-tech multilingual interpretation system on rent for Multilanguage conferences, international events with advanced digital technology, 32 channels and compatibility with silent conference system. 2. RF Simultaneous Interpretation System Attend n number of conferences from anywhere within 500m radius with the aid of FM based simultaneous interpretation system that allows multiple interpretations in all major languages at the same time! 3. Silent Conference equipment Organize multiples conferences under the same roof at the same time and place with our innovative silent conference system with multiple channels. It reduces cost, saves time and meets challenges of limited space. 4. Sennheiser Tour Guide System Operate efficiently in a noisy factory or busy plant site with our tour guide system complete with mic for the guide, transmitters and headphones for crystal clear sound to the guests. 5. Audience Response System (Voting Pads) Super advanced electronic voting pads for holding engaging & interactive events like conferences, product launch, discussions etc. It lets you know instant opinions of participants. 6. Silent Disco Headphone Try our new trendsetting silent disco headphones with 40mm speakers, upto 3 channels for silent garba, dandiya, movie or DJ night! 7. Bosch Delegate Microphone Get user friendly, easy to install, mobile, digital discussion systems for a wide range of events like board meetings, conventions, hotel events. Available in wired system 8. Audio guide Useful for travel agencies, one can use it for prerecorded audio for visiting historical places. 9. Buzzer Suitable for quizzes, the participants press these dome buzzers of superior technology when they wish to answer 10. Sound Proof Interpretation Booth A highly advanced, professional and well-built sound proof interpretation booth for providing peaceful area to work for upto 3 translators per booth for a smooth translation service of international standards. 11. Language Translation Service Effective and professional translation services in all major languages including Hindi, English, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Arab, Spanish etc. Translation India aims to unite the whole world with language no longer a barrier for anyone!
RFID and  Barcode Scanners | Simultaneous Interpretation Systems Available On Rent
by translation India. • Simultaneous interpretation equipment using high quality RF stereo transmitters. • Systems enabled with features like advanced modulation system and built – in PLL frequency. • Pre – fixed 40 channels for easy interpretation functionality with a well – shielded, small size and compact structure ensuring longer life. • RF systems with a wide dynamic state and steady carrier frequency and good timbre for superior performance. • Systems having capability of adjusting the RF power between 0.5 – 15 W continuously. Visit us for more info: https://www.translationindia.com/rfid-barcod-scanners.html #RFIDBarcodeScanners
Method for Faster Simultaneous Speech Translation
Researchers at the Augmented Human Communication Laboratory of the Graduate School of Information Science at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology have developed new technology that allows for automatic speech translation to start translating before the speaker has finished a sentence, allowing simultaneous speech translation systems to move closer to the style of translation achieved by human interpreters. This technology can be used to achieve fast, accurate translations in the simultaneous translation of news, lectures, and other situations where long utterances cause traditional translation systems to suffer from a large delay in translation results. http://ahclab.naist.jp/
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RC2406 Simultaneous Interpretation System - RICH AGE
Shenzhen Rich Age Electronics Co., Ltd specialises in the design, development and manufacture of wireless tour guide system and communications solutions for travel industry, major events & conference, worship gathering, etc. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.richitek.com/ Contact info: Web: http://www.richitek.com Email: [email protected]
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Conference Simultaneous interpretation Services
Translation India- Providers of hi-tech translation equipment and conference system on rent! Having space issues for holding multiple conferences? Finding a shortage of good multilingual impetrators for a large multi-cultural event? Wish to organize a DJ party without deafening noise levels? Worry not! Because Translation India brings to you high quality translation equipment and interpretation systems on rent. • no worries about cost • no tension about organizing big events • no more hassle over recruiting event planners • no more headaches about music licenses Simply get Translation India’s equipment on rent at reasonable prices and get set go! The company offers • excellent simultaneous interpretation system • effective tour guide system complete with noise cancellation headsets and mic • modern silent DJ headsets • hi- tech electronic voting pad system • unique silent conference system Contact Translation India- your ne stop solution for all your translation equipment rentals need!
Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation Instruments on Rent
Bosch simultaneous interpretation Instruments with in - built IR (Infrared) technology is available on rent by translation India. • Highly advanced digital technology is incorporated in our simultaneous interpretation instruments to deliver high quality listening experience. • We make use of very highly secured Infrared distribution system. • Enables user to move around freely during the event without missing on anything, as it is an infrared system transmitting users chosen language to the headphones via the pocket receiver. • No distortion is caused due to lightning in our superior quality systems. • Bosch fully digital infrared language distribution systems are ideal for multilingual conferences and events. • Easy to use with selection option of up to 32 channels. • Efficient, ergonomic and attractive receiver design. • Flawless integration with Bosch’s DCN conference system For more info, visit www.translationindia.com
Simultaneous Interpreting | Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sod2aw995d8 The YouTube link given provides an overview of simultaneous interpreting and how it works in the world of conferences and conventions. It's a great place to start if you want to learn more about how simultaneous interpreting works
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Simultaneous interpretation in four languages provided by SIS Global Solutions
Chico Vive Conference at American University Simultaneous interpretation services provided by SIS Global Solutions
InfoComm 2015: Procom Audio Presents Star Digital Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System
InfoComm 2015: Procom Audio Presents Star Digital Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System
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Simultaneous interpretation
Our Mandarin Chinese simultaneous interpreter Sunny sits in the simultaneous interpretation booth, and prepares to interpret from English to Chinese. For more information about our Chinese translators, please visit http://www.certifiedchinesetranslation.com/
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Inexpensive Sound System for Simultaneous Interpretation
I looked all over for equiptment for simultaneous interpretation for our church, but only found really expensive things. So I got to thinking of how we could use what we already had, and came up with this system. It works well for us, so I thought I'd share it with others. [Note - I have since discovered that most, if not all, interference can be traced to cell phones. If all the cell phones are turned off there are no problems, but I wouldn't recommend this system for a location with high cell phone use] Here are the links to the free software I use: http://soundwire-server.en.uptodown.com/ http://wavepad.en.softonic.com/download
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Simultaneous Interpreting HW 2
Interpreting for my Simultaneous Interpreting class
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Barry Slaughter Olsen: Simultaneous Interpretation | 2014 Multi-Languages Conference
Barry Slaughter Olsen: Simultaneous Interpretation | 2014 Multi-Languages Conference
Rob Ramirez - Live Conference Simultaneous Interpretation
Rob Ramirez - Spanish/English Interpreter - performing Live Simultaneous Interpretation with Universe Language Solutions.
ASI Conference Systems Translators Conference Interpreters San Francisco
Created on April 16, 2010 ASI Conference Systems Conference Interpreters/ Interpretation Equipment on location in San Francisco - Moscone Center & SF Marriott. Visit us online: www.asiconferencesystems.com Las Vegas based agency, national/international providers of Simultaneous Interpretation 702-533-1600
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Simultaneous Interpreting New York - Washington DC - Boston
http://abbn.com - full-service simultaneous interpretation company covering New York, NYC, New York City, Washington DC, Boston and the eastern seaboard area. Please call for a free quote or for free advice on your upcoming event. We will be happy to help you as best as we can. 1-888-556-3887 or email [email protected] Related keywords: conference interpreting, conference interpretation, simultaneous translation, simultaneous interpretation, translation equipment, interpreting equipment
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Simultaneous Interpretation Systems Service Provider
[https://www.indiamart.com/shiventerprises-delhi/] Leading Simultaneous Interpretation Systems Service Provider and many other products. Share your details here to get free price quotes [http://goim.in/ko886YQK]. Have any other requirement? Visit [https://www.indiamart.com/]
Simultaneous Interpretation
Business Translation 2 Universidad EAN Leidy Guasca
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ASI Conference Systems Interpretation Las Vegas
Las Vegas based Interpretation Translation agency on site at a recent conference www.asiconferencesystems.com
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10. AVLIC: Interpreting Legal Discourse & Working in Legal Settings
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InfoComm 2014: Multi-Caisses Shows Congress Mobile Simultaneous Interpretation Booth System
InfoComm 2014: Multi-Caisses Shows Congress Mobile Simultaneous Interpretation Booth System
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Conference Simultaneous Interpretation Services 2.mp4
Video of different conference interpretation setups including client testimonials for our conference interpretation services. Find out more about us at www.lighthouseonline.com We have available a wide variety of interpretation equipment located throughout the US and have an extensive network of interpreters in most US major cities. This gives us the opportunities to offer a very competitive rate for high quality services. We provide services in the US (Miami, Orlando, New York, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta) the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Aruba, St, Marteen, St,. Thomas, Cayman Islands) and Latin America. Feel free to contact us at 1-787-239-0462 or at US Toll Free 1-877-261-2495. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or consultation.
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Brief Introduction of FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System
Live in Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2017
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