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YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 Yoyo Review
http://www.yoyoplay.com/yoyojam-dark-magic-2-yoyo/ The YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 has a silicone pad response system and includes two bearing sizes. The Dark Magic 2 yo-yo comes with a narrow standard bearing installed, which is the perfect setup for intermediate yoyo players who want a yoyo that wakes up when you tug on the string. "Responsive" means that the yoyo will wake up when it is sleeping and spinning at the end of the string. It also comes with a large bearing for non-responsive (also called un-responsive) yoyoing. With the large bearing you need to use a bind to get the yoyo to return to your hand. A bind is when you wind string into the gap of a spinning yoyo, forcing it to grab the string and come back up toward your hand. The Weighs is 67 grams and measurements Width: 43.7mm / Diameter: 56mm / Gap Width: 3.24mm. The Dark Magic 2 yoyo features a Solid Spin Axle system and includes a silicone pad response system.
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Oldschool YoYoJam Round up with Seejay
This video is a discussion and review of all the old school yoyojam yo-yos that I currently have in my collection. We talk about the company as a whole and talk about the Hitman, Speeder, Dark Magic, Night Moves, Mini Motu, Kos, x-con / x-convixt, and the Black Knight yoyos. Gyms Website https://www.mmaunderground.info snapchat- hotdiggidy facebook-https://www.facebook.com/HotDoggidy instagram - hotdiggity86 psn- hotdiggidy For a free ride on UBER use code. Dylank2537ue
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Operation Dark Magic - Featuring Yo-Yo Tricks by André Boulay
YoYoJam and André Boulay proudly present the Dark Magic. The yo-yo featured in this video has been used to win four National titles and is still one of the leading yo-yos used in contests today. For more information visit www.YoYoExpert.com and www.MasterMagic.NET
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YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 Yoyo demo / review
http://www.yoyoplay.com/yoyojam-dark-magic-2-yoyo/ The Dark Magic 2 yoyo by YoyoJam is one of the more popular yoyos on the market. The Dark Magic yoyo includes 2 bearings one slightly larger than the other and used for those who know how to bind. The dark magic 2 follows on the heels of its predecessor the dark magic yoyo also made by YoyoJam. Check out our full selection of YoyoJam yoyos at: http://www.yoyoplay.com/dark-magic-ii.html
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Operation Dark Magic Two
Operation Dark Magic Two is the second video in the Dark Magic series. Featuring André Boulay and Devon Frederick from Team YoYoJam. For more information visit www.YoYoExpert.com and www.MasterMagic.NET
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YoYoJam Dark Magic II Unboxing
I ordered some stuff from yoyoexpert.com and i decided to make an unboxing video. Hope you enjoy. Ill be making alot more videos soon so subscribe!
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YoYoJam Dark Magic Review German
The Dark Magic! Meine Note:9,5/10
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Yoyojams Dark Magic II Yoyo Review
The Dark Magic II is great for all levels of players. From beginner to professional, the Dark Magic II has the performance to take you were you want to be! I hope you enjoy this video! Yoyo presented: Dark Magic II by Yoyojam- http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic Manufacturer: Yoyojam- https://www.yoyojam.com/
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Dark Magic Yoyojam Product Demo. Yoyo tricks! Video.
http://www.yoyoplay.com/yoyojam-dark-magic-2-yoyo/ Buy the new and improved Dark Magic 2 yoyo at Yoyoplay.com! This video demonstrates the Yoyojam Dark Magic yo-yo.
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Yoyojam Dark Magic Review
Title says it all.
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YYJ Dark Magic Review
Got it from yoyoexpert.com. Shipped in 2 days!!! You should get it.
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Ghost Ed. Dark Magic II | Shinwoo Light Kit | YoYoExpert.com
This features the new Dark Magic II Ghost Edition with the addition of the Shinwoo Light Kit - starring André Boulay. Dark Magic Available Here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic Shinwoo Light Kit Available Here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/350/Shinwoo-Light-Kit-(Pair)
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Dark Magic da Yoyojam.
Para comprarem é so entrar nesses sites aki ô: www.yoyojam.com www.artisticaonline.com.br
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dark magic yoyojam demo
buy it its good to use one yoyonation.com(plz rate) and if u comment you get answer
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Dark Magic yoyo unboxing
This is a unboxing video on the YYJ Dark Magic Version 1. I will be making a review on this yoyo soon so be ready for that. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them on my blog (yoyodiscussion.blogspot.com) or you can leave them in a comment on this video or on my channel. Please subscribe and feel free to send a friend request. Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy.
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Unboxing of the dark magic two by yoyojam
Will be doing a review if the yoyo in my next video and a test
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Operation Dark Magic with Andre Boulay
Andre Boulay doing amazing tricks with a Yoyojam Dark Magic. Sorry about the music, i had to change it. and it will get silent at the end.
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Learn the "Wormhole" Yoyo trick - YoYoExpert Tutorials
Learn the Wormhole Yo-Yo Trick and many more at http://yoyoexpert.com/ Get the Dark Magic 2 yo-yo used in this video here: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/yyj-dark-magic-ii-yoyo
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spin time for my new yoyo EXTRA TAGS: (IGNORE) jumping glitch "high speed" gun howto agility rail backflip software Modern Warfare trickshotting optic faze fakie temmper teh rubiks faze comice faze clan trick shooting trickshooting clan trick shooting mw2 trick shooting controller trickshottingclans trickshottingunited trick shooting team trick shooting montage trick shooting tutorial trickshottingftw
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Dark Magic yoyo review
Hey everyone, this is the review on the YYJ Dark Magic Version 1. This is a semi-responsive yo-yo so it wasn't the best yo-yo for me because I am so use to unresponsive play. It is still a good yo-yo, but anyway I hope you like the review and feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns. Thanks.
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yyj dark magic video
a video on my yyj dark magic colored red.
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YYJ Dark Magic Grind
watch the vid
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Unboxing YYJ Dark magic II
YES ! i love this yoyo a great sleep time and really good for tricks! But i hope you guys enjoyed !
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yoyojam dark magic unboxing
title says it all
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Yoyojam Dark Magic Review
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YoYoJam Dark magic 2 review
In this video i shows something about my dark magic II and also some yoyo tricks.
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dark magic 2 yoyo review
my review and oppinions of the yoyojam dark magic 2 sorry guys i stuttered a couple of times
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YoyoJam Dark Magic I and Dark Magic II review
Drew and Quinn review the YoYoJam Dark Magic I and II. ____Extra Tags- (ignore)__________ yoyos yoyo review dark magic 1 2 yoyoexpert yoyonation tutorial new yoyojam yoyofactory andre boulay jensen kimmitt drew quinn theguywiththeyoyo champion best
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yoyojam Dark Magic unboxing (part 1 of 2)
Another unboxing of a yoyojam Dark Magic. We had some minor technical difficulties so the video is in 2 parts.
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yoyoJam Dark Magic 2 yoyo review
via YouTube Capture
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Yoyojam Dark Magic vs.revolution
Yoyo comparison
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my Yoyojam Dark Magic SPIN / SLEEP TIME
I threw my black yoyojam dark magic and record its spin time...
Fun with yoyojam DARK MAGIC & AXIOM
just me spinnin two of my favourite yoyos. rate, comment & subscribe if u want more of these yoyos. enjoy :)
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RE:yoyojam's dark magic  review
althought i don't have the yoyo(dark magic) but after march i will have it and i will make a review of it or yoyo factory's 888 maybe,but i will either buy 888 or yoyojam's dark magic
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YoYoJam Dark Magic II review
Once again I'm not a professional and these are just my opinions of the yoyo after using it. If you would like to add your own comment on the yoyo good or bad throw it up I will not be offended by someone else's opinion and odds are you know more than me lol! Link to yoyo http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic-II
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yoyojam dark magic 2 review
Hey guys, heres a review on the yoyo jam dark magic 2. comment for what video/tutorial i should do next! sorry if the bearing and the connecter piece is a little blurry.
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YoYojam Dark Magic yoyo unboxing
A unboxing of my yyj dm!
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Dark Magic 2 Unboxing
A yoyojam Dark Magic 2 Unboxing and some string from yoyoexpert.com link for dark magic 2 http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic-Il PLEASE COMMENT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE thanks for watching
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YoYo tricks YoYoJam Dark Magic II Demo
A short demo of this awesome yoyo Subscribe!!!
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Playing My Yoyojam Dark Magic
Me playing at my cousins house
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YOYOJam Dark Magic in Chemistry Class
The YOYO Factory Dark Magic in Chemistry Class
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Yoyojam Dark Magic over review
A over review of my yyj dm!
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YoyoJam - Dark Magic -  Sobhi.Sh
hey guys, my name is sobhi and i'm 10 years old ! i recently started to like yoyos and learned a couple of tricks :) this is my first video on youtube :) enjoy watching, thanks !
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Yoyojam Dark Magic  Review
for my freinds that are watching WE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1we love yoyos, Andre Boulay and John Ando Rocks!!and JD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we rock:);):):):):):):):):):) we love u veiwers rate this lots of starz!!!!!
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Dark Magic yoyo sleep time
the time was 2:43. my friend joesph challenged me(mudfkd on youtube) the dark magic yoyo belongs to YoYoJam
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YYJ Dark Magic 2 unboxing
This is my dark magic 2 unboxing. Like comment rate subscribe
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Last vid before tour " Dark Magic II Review"
Hey guys, of all people watching, BBB followers/guitarist and Yoyo community. I hope you like this video on the New YYJ Dark Magic. Follow us on tour at www.myspace.com/bondedbyblood You yoyo? Find me around tour and I'll be glad to chill!
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Unboxing the YoyoJam Dark Magic II
Unboxing the Dark Magic II yoyo Get it at www.YoYoplay.com Subscribe!!!
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YYJ Dark Magic 2 Black Spade Edition Unboxing
dm2 unboxing there isnt another BLACK SPADE EDITION unboxing of it LINKS: where to buy: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic my review: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,44713.0.html flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/
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