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Dating Q&A :: Race, Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Younger Guys, Actual Tinder Convo

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Text Comments (75)
Keong Strong (1 year ago)
If that son is really your son Then how old is your mom And son And son how old are you? From a franceska even kit and Kat !
Okiemeya Braye (1 year ago)
Great Q&A video...YOU guys need to pair up more😉
siwueofk (1 year ago)
Andrew's freaking gorgeous
FiercelySocial (1 year ago)
heart you both to bits. love from london. x
Soya Beans (1 year ago)
I really admire you two for being so real... you two are so genuine people. when it comes to guys... I think they are just intimidated by you whether your looks or personality. maybe try to be a little bit smily. like be aware of the people around you who just wants to say hi. maybe if you see people or guys esp who looks decent and not creepy of course and you can tell that they are admiring your beauty, you can give them a little smile just to let them know that youbappreciate that and you recognize their presence. by the way, I really like your personality... you are very upfront and honest. I don't like people who are fake... I was surrounded by those kids of people since I was young up to the time when I just don't trust anybody at all! I'm fine now because I have my husband and 4 kids whom I can consider as best of friends... I will continue watching your vlogs... since the day I subscribed to your channel I don't want to miss it, I watch it as soon as I am not busy! ❤
Soya Beans (1 year ago)
Jennifer Wan oh thank you to you too... you're just so wonderful and I like your personality and beauty alot 😉
Jennifer Wan (1 year ago)
THANK YOU! you're really just so lovely :)
nicole farhadpour (2 years ago)
What he's your son? Omg! ❤️ I love him ❤️ I love both of you ❤️
MakeupIsMyAddiction (2 years ago)
You both look fierce, for one!!! In defense of the psycho in your chat, Asian men in particular, can really make themselves up to look like gorgeous women. But seriously he just wanted to see your vag girl lol,
TheAishahWilliams (2 years ago)
Love Andrew! Great video Jen ☺️
LadyEMC2TV (2 years ago)
Hi Andrew and Jennifer! I wish more people would be like the two of you. I believe in being honest with people. I say it's all about the delivery of the honesty. Your response to people needed to have a picture that's at least a year old is so true. Back when I was doing the online thing. Like 95% of the men I met didn't look like their pictures at all. Girl there are so stories there. Lol! My question for the next one would be; How do you not become the girl who gets stuck in the friend zone?
Love how open you always are Gen!! Always! Love your rings ...where are they from?
VioletaK (2 years ago)
You guys look sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Greetings from Puerto Rico!
J L (2 years ago)
Omg. I love you both!! Those rings though, Jen. Who, where, what with your rings?! Can't stop staring at them every time your hands come into view.
BlaqueAsian (2 years ago)
Found you via Andrew!😁 I am now a follower and I am looking forward to your future videos. 🤓
Absinthia Venamortis (2 years ago)
I loved this video guys. It was just like a great chilled out chat between friends 💖 xx
Ilina Sandler (2 years ago)
Your comments on arguing/pet peeves at the end of the video were right on! I love that. Little things can get annoying, but it's the big things that make or break a relationship.
May Vang (2 years ago)
awe man I've been so busy I missed out! Andrew is so omg... GORGEOUS! Jen you already know your beautiful as always! I'd like to ask Andrew a question: how is it like out in public for you? have you ever been confronted for who you are, and how do/would you handle it? (any advice would be great my friend goes through it often)
Chihiro Miyazaki (2 years ago)
your friendship is something i look up to :D i have really bad resting bitch face, and so random ass people always approach me for everything. however, my family tells me i look like i'm lost and dejected more than resting bitch face..maybe people are attracted to an "airhead" look lol
o0chowmein0o (2 years ago)
Q: how do you keep your black clothes from fading?
Cora Cho (2 years ago)
Resting bitch face lol!!!!!!!!!! I think what andrew says is true. Even to be friends i may approach a smiley person. i feel u will be hot item in south east asia, i'm from Singapore living in Hong Kong and i can def tell u'd be more popular in Singapore than in HK somehow. It's like i am so pale and single eye lid and sooo asian and traditional i am pretty sure no white guy will be attracted to me and neither will i love a white guy lol
Udaybir bhullar (2 years ago)
are you on instagram tho 😍?
Jacqueline Chong (2 years ago)
hi Jenn! love you as you are. kepp it up! when you mention about how we live, how react or how we dress to attract guys, i totally ican relate. my friend and family commented on me before. not sure if this asian style. for me i am who i am accept me as i am. I will not change anything for other ppl.. :-):-):-)
LemansSunset350 (2 years ago)
That guy that you were talking about in the very beginning is a total POS.
LemansSunset350 (2 years ago)
Just because he may have had some bad experiences in the past didn't give him a right to be rude and demanding towards you. That kind of approach isn't going to get him anywhere. but hey, at least it made it easier for you to eliminate him ✌️️
darkrose00 (2 years ago)
Really liked listening to the discussion. I have been there! When a person is single and dating doesn't seem to work out...I think everyone starts to think - what's wrong w me? What do I need to change? But really, it's just putting yourself out there. Find new ways to meet people ...it's not easy but necessary.
sheri Braga (2 years ago)
Andrew you are beautiful omg!! You both got great lips ( jealous)
sheri Braga (2 years ago)
Jen I love how beautiful and real you are , and I picture you with a tall Portuguese guy and btw the babies would be beautiful I say this because my brother is married to a beautiful Asian girl she is Laotian and my nephew and niece are beautiful 😃
Cassie Cruse (2 years ago)
So, Andrew is just beautiful! And such a kind personality. I have no advice on the matter, per se. Jenn, you're gorgeous, you carry yourself extremely confident, and I'm guessing that comes off as stand offish. Be yourself, and know that dating sucks in general! The perfect mate for you is out there though so keep your head up! And always have fun!
Cora Cho (2 years ago)
Move to NY Jenn!!!! Lol
courbry123 (2 years ago)
Have you ever tried the dating app called, Coffee meets Bagel? My friend met a really great guy using that app. Loved this vlog. Looks like you and Andrew had a great time!!!!
Zoë Wolfchild (2 years ago)
Thanks for answering my questions Jen! I should have had questions for Andrew too but I didn't know you were making this video together.
Maquillage Itup (2 years ago)
Omg...so I was going to say it, because I have it too. Resting bit*h face. Men wouldn't approach me. Married now, and I can have my RBF on like a shield.
Maquillage Itup (2 years ago)
Oh and my main question is, are y'all gonna be at Gen Beauty LA?! I would love to say hi! I love you guys, so real, so raw, so beautiful! I can't watch anyone's vlogs but yours, and I can't watch anyone eating... But I will watch Andrew. You two are a pleasure!
lacy mah (2 years ago)
So happy to see u guys vlogging together hope I get to meet u guys one day
meiltoo (2 years ago)
OMG that Tinder man is RUDE! did he expect to hook up talking to you like that in the first place, so insane.. i'm 5ft2 and i love 6 ft men too!!! I really liked both perspective in this Q&A from Jen and Andrew!!!
struckanerve88 (2 years ago)
In highschool guys never approached me, and my friends said it was because I had this "I'm pissed off don't touch me" walk . In college and like now they don't either but I definitely think how you carry yourself bothers a lot of guys. The whole walking with a purpose and no smiling really I think keeps people away. Or maybe people can tell you won't put up with crap, and are independent and your own person. I think some guys really do want someone to be all wrapped up in what they want and what they do, and don't actually want someone with a personality.
Ms Trellyn K-G (2 years ago)
my pet peeve is when they treat me like a helpless little female. like, dude, I will bite your head off after this date. this might also be why I'm still single after a year & half. LMAO
Cynthia Peters (2 years ago)
Great video! You both look fabulous as always! ❤️
I LOVE ANDREW'S EXPRESSIONS!!! <3333 And yes, girl. I know the struggle. I suffer from RBF as well. Bah.
Misbehave11 (2 years ago)
No vlog this week? :(((
Ms Trellyn K-G (2 years ago)
I would say this is the vlog.
xIrisMarie (2 years ago)
LOVE this
Sue Yang (2 years ago)
So good! The last piece of advice about picking what to fight about is so good! Love love your honesty. Question what do you do with non-committal guys?
Sonia Ibrahim (2 years ago)
You'll be great at giving relationship advice professionally... Where were you 10 years ago when I was in my ( unintentional ) scumbag phase ?? 😩
Julie Alvarez (2 years ago)
Loved Andrew! Great vid
Sharon Wilson-Dass (2 years ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂dude was cruising for a vajayjay pic
C G (2 years ago)
Word on the ghosting thing....but no matter how I may feel about that person, ghosting is a deal breaker. Total lack of integrity and character. However, unlike you Jen, no exceptions for Act 2 or 3....if a ghoster dares to pop back up, if I respond, its always because I just want to eff with em for S&Gs.
confetti cupcake (2 years ago)
This friendship is goals 😍. Loved the real talk. Please move so you two can collab always!
N Frisch (2 years ago)
Love that you ended this with a smile!
MzAnzu (2 years ago)
it's definitely the RBF;) i have been told many times later on, that I seemed real scary when they first met me:))
The King's Lady (2 years ago)
I've been subscribed to you for years and years now. I thought you got married? You even had a very beautiful wedding video. Hope you don't mind my comment...
The King's Lady (2 years ago)
Ok I just saw your FAQs and life update video.
Jen J (2 years ago)
albino orangutan! #ihollered baaahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Danny Jennings (2 years ago)
I'm the same as you guys in the sense that I prefer dark skin, dark hair, etc. However, I don't really understand why on gay dating apps like Grindr, people have no qualms explicitly stating that they have no interest in certain ethnicities... like we all have preferences, but why would you ever completely discount somebody from the get-go purely based on their ethnicity - and to publicly express it too! And as much as I generally don't agree with gender roles, I think they make it so much easier when it comes to dating. Like even with gay dating, because I tend to play the more 'feminine' role, it's kind of expected for the other guy to approach me and for them to offer to pay on a date (which I don't like to say because I feel like I'm undermining the work that the gay community does to debunk the idea that there is a 'man' and a 'woman' in a gay relationship). By the way I honestly thought you were like 5ft8 or something Jen.
Nelsy (2 years ago)
Pet peeve: Open mouth chewing and close minded people
Nelsy (2 years ago)
You have no idea how many people tell me: You should wear more color, you should be more girly, you should this and that..... I am not girly and I love black, so I just ignore their comments lol I loved the video ❤
mocalatte92 (2 years ago)
I for the life of me CANNOT see why both of yall are single considering not only do yall youtube going for you but both are sweet,down to earth,gorgeous and obviously want a family one day.Maybe youll meet someone at the gym or supermarket something normal
Llphi (2 years ago)
Your blogs are so entertaining! There are a million things I need to be doing on my day off, but this is so much more interesting - so everything else will have to wait. xo Lois
Jennifer Wan (2 years ago)
muahhhhhh :) thank you!
naiixxbby (2 years ago)
Like would you date an interracial guy ?
Jennifer Wan (2 years ago)
absolutely. i've dated or "hung out" with guys of all races, i don't disqualify anyone :)
naiixxbby (2 years ago)
Lol so in other words white men are your preference...... You don't date anything else interesting
Jennifer Wan (2 years ago)
it's not that i don't date anything else, i have dated different races in the past, but part of it is preference as far as how complicated i think a relationship could be and another part of it is demographically, there's just a lot more white men where i'm at...i'll say that when i was in nyc i was able to match with so many more different races/ethnicities :) i need to go back .. or move...
luuvnich (2 years ago)
Im quite new, is andrew bi? 😂 or was that whole open relationship thing a joke? Im not sure if you guys are actually dating or not 😂
SophiesDish (2 years ago)
Andrew your eyes are beautiful! I liked this video. It would be interesting if you did each other's makeup.
Jennifer Wan (2 years ago)
we thought about it but didn't have time!
jungah mimi (2 years ago)
Jen I love your blogs :)
jungah mimi (2 years ago)
yah you replied I love your Asian hauls video too can't wait for more I'm Korean so it makes me happy another fellow Asian girl on youtube you love you
Jennifer Wan (2 years ago)
thank u :) xoxo
cristinakeiko (2 years ago)
This is gold! Laughed out loud so many times. 😜 Haha love you both!
cristinakeiko (2 years ago)
Fish photos 😂😂😂
shimmering2light (2 years ago)
Love you guys, this is so entertaining. Your vlogs are becoming tradition to my weekend routine.
Jennifer Wan (2 years ago)
i think we're also victim of dead eyes lol
shimmering2light (2 years ago)
Okay commenting as I watch but I relate to you so much, I have RBF to the 10th degree and don't really get approached either. I'm Asian, I think lots of us suffer from the RBF.

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