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Here's 5 stylish ways to transition from Summer Fashion to Fall Fashion with a mix of menswear and streetwear essentials that are on trend for 2018. It's that time of year when it's cooling down but it's not totally Fashion Fashion season, so hopefully these tips for essential clothing items gives you some outfit ideas. Links to these Fall clothes are below. Hit that THUMBS UP if you want to see more menswear and fall fashion videos and SUBSCRIBE for more Sneaker and Streetwear style videos. Connect with me! Follow my INSTAGRAM here - https://www.instagram.com/eddiewinkicks/ Follow me on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/EddieWinKicks Snapchat - Eddiewinkicks Sneaker & Clothing links from this Top 5 Video: This Track Jacket is dope and on sale for $34, I just copped it for the Fall - https://bit.ly/2CFqweE Shop a huge selection of Track Jackets here - http://bit.ly/2N3pyh5 45% off all PLAID SHIRTS at the Gap don't sleep I'm telling you! Add to cart for the discount, no promo code needed - https://bit.ly/2O2Bqfz Shop the Everlane Heavyweight T-shirt here under "Tees" and the Heavyweight tapered Chino's under "Pants" at the bottom - https://bit.ly/1pWeMlO Shop Fall clothing from Coach here, windbreakers, baseball jackets and lightweight clothing on sale if you scroll down - https://bit.ly/2wZNBUf Grab a pair of Reebok Club C sneakers here - https://bit.ly/2CFAexw More streetwear outfits and sneaker unboxing vids here: TOP 5 BACK TO SCHOOL SNEAKERS THAT WILL LAST! - https://youtu.be/1-fhE9eMK8E HOW TO STYLE NIKE AIRMAX SNEAKERS! 7 Outfits! Airmax 1's, 97's, 98's, 97/1's, 97/plus and more! - https://youtu.be/7NT2LJnXGqY TOP 5 BASIC T-SHIRT'S FOR SUMMER! THE BEST CASUAL TEE'S FOR GUYS! - https://youtu.be/aEYjwY7vq64 HOW TO STYLE AIR JORDAN RETRO SNEAKERS! 1-12 various Jordan Retro Models, 10 outfits! - https://youtu.be/QQTO6X69dws TOP 5 WHITE SNEAKERS EVERY GUY SHOULD OWN! AFFORDABLE AND HYPED CLEAN KICKS - https://youtu.be/IyeAFJgh_s4 Fall & Summer LOOKBOOK! 10 outfits, some hyped streetwear and some casual menswear featuring Palace, Champion, Air Jordan Retro's, adidas Yeezy Boost, supreme, Nike - https://youtu.be/sMUocH9NJIs $100 OUTFIT CHALLENGE - AFFORDABLE FASHIONABLE LOOKS ON A BUDGET - https://youtu.be/2nrKSGNZ7NA
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Text Comments (102)
cheekzrhot (2 months ago)
2nd (2 months ago)
I would love more dressed up pieces incorporated into your channel
1214gooner (2 months ago)
Been wantin’ more menswear for a minute!
Edgar Ariel Mancia (2 months ago)
Nothing but great content, favorite YouTuber for sure 🤘🏻
Anthony Franklin (2 months ago)
More men’s wear!
Hans Personius (2 months ago)
More menswear/streetwear hybrids would be amazing, something that could pull either direction
dsnead23 (3 months ago)
Definitely do the menswear. We can’t wear street wear everywhere and you can put us on to some brands and what not
ShakenNotStirred (3 months ago)
Yes menswear! Classy, stylish, presentable!
ShakenNotStirred (3 months ago)
"Who cares what the brand is?" You seem to be all about big name brands. Supreme, Stüssy, Zara. I get that every brand is technically a "name brand." What about those living below the poverty line who can't afford the brands you choose to represent by wearing? Let's be real about this! Offer some budget friendly alternatives from time to time. That's just my input. No hate
DonPatron (3 months ago)
After seeing those two posts on your insta with the suits I would DEFINITELY want pointers in menswear from you man 👌🏼
Sergio quintanilla (3 months ago)
Eddie mens wear would be a plus to your channel 👍
Isaac Heredia (3 months ago)
Let’s see the men’s wear man!
David Mo (3 months ago)
More menswear with low key/simple sneakers
Austin Ratliff (3 months ago)
Men’s wear 👌🏽👌🏽
Cartier Curry 🦋 (3 months ago)
Floral KD 7 or 8 with that windbreaker? 🤔
Alex Junior (3 months ago)
I just picked a pair of chinos like the one you've shown in the video, absolute fire bro!:)
Alex Junior (3 months ago)
Do more menswear stuff bro:) so dope:)
IRockWhatICop (3 months ago)
Def bring that Grown Man Stuff on here.
Eddie Win (3 months ago)
No doubt!
icandomusicme (3 months ago)
More menswear would be dope. Seeing your take on it would be cool.
Lucas Godfrey (3 months ago)
Please do Men's wear bro. Bless us
Bryan Webb (3 months ago)
Do men’s wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aye Bee (3 months ago)
Fall lookbook bro
Carlos D (3 months ago)
Definitely more menswear 👌🏾
DJ Ansari (3 months ago)
You are def the best at working promo's in without making it obvious. Def not hating, you gotta make your dough. Just saying even the biggest channels make their promos seem like a tv commercial halfway thru the video, kinda like in that movie "The Truman Show." You did it perfect IMO.
snackpackluv (3 months ago)
My guy, try living in Florida. You got to check the weather every day to see what you’re going to wear, sometimes I gotta change mid-day 😅
Izeeks Sneaks (3 months ago)
I definitely need more menswear in my wardrobe, there’s a lot of times I can’t rock denim,graphics etc
Shaq B (3 months ago)
I understand importance of keeping them separate, but🚦Green light on the menswear. If you have that much content on it, you could always consider a separate channel.
Presbian116 Tier1 (3 months ago)
good idea on deciding to add in men's wear pieces to your channel!!
triosace3 (3 months ago)
I come to you for like.. shoes/grown street wear I guess...For Men's wear, I gain alot from Zuniga and Alpha M. but ..just do you bro , I'm sure what youve been doing is ur specialty so thats what I'm here for...just sayin...either way great content as always
niko enciso (3 months ago)
Get your grown man on yeah grown man fit are more real
FernandoFoxtrot (3 months ago)
Menswear is definitely cool to show! I need to know where to get good chinos and stuff like that.
Tobias Grünthaler (3 months ago)
The Tucked in T-Shirt with the dress pants is totally a part of my style So a big yes to menswear!
Daimon Garcia (3 months ago)
Cant stick to one style lets throw in some mens wear🤷‍♂️
BryceKicks (3 months ago)
Awesome video, more menswear!
pwkcruzin1 (3 months ago)
Awesome video Bro , you have great style and taste , more fall stuff please . Thanks 🙏🏾
Dustin Santiago (3 months ago)
I’d like to see more mix a match ups with the oxfords you pull out
Erick Lawrence (3 months ago)
Fashion for any occasion, I like to rock both menswear and streetwear
LgndaryJ (3 months ago)
How can anyone dislike my boy Eddie Win's videos???????? 😡 boy tha 🐐
JussCause (3 months ago)
FreeWxll (3 months ago)
Your style fits Streetwear and Men's wear.. DO BOTH BROTHA!!
Dmytro Fonotov (3 months ago)
More menswear,please!
Harry Arimini (3 months ago)
That t-shirt with chinos and Reeboks fit was pure flames!
300 Piglo (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t mind seeing more men’s wear clothes to mix and match!
Torel (3 months ago)
Men's wear is cool
Renzo Castillo (3 months ago)
I wanna see more men’s wear.
tateblaze80 (3 months ago)
More men’s wear, you gotta dress up in the fall
lunch box (3 months ago)
Not really into men's wear but I still rock a Ralph Lauren polo or some Tommy button ups never always wondered if u rock that kinda stuff
theMarlonski (3 months ago)
I think menswear and streetwear go hand in hand. U can't always dress just with streetwear, sometimes you need some menswear to fit the occasion. But then again you can rock some streetwear and be perfectly fine. I'd be cool with more menswear on the Channel, love to mix and match both in my outfits.
Jabulani Masangwane (3 months ago)
Hope u’re well G. Great content as usual and thank you. Bro, menswear is essential for leveling up . You teach through street wear, so I think you can also teach through menswear. I definitely think you should.
P-Lo (3 months ago)
Menswear is necessary
Liam Brookes (3 months ago)
Bro, the men's wear fit with the tucked tee was crazy clean 👍
Mike Trout (3 months ago)
Yeah I’m starting my internship up, it’s business casual for the most part and have to go to dinners and shit constantly with my girls parents. I’m rocking menswear stuff a lot. Definitely feature that.
ANT92 DAL (3 months ago)
2:48 could pull off a scene from everybody loves Raymond
Eric Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Could I please get the info on those chelsea boots?
Andy Lucero (3 months ago)
Anyone else saw a nike ad?
Alberto De Los Santos (3 months ago)
Make more menswear videos
Antonio Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Honestly I have been a follower since 2013 and I watch your vids regularly. I come here for the way you piece garments together and how you style sweaters, jackets, shoes etc. I am a big guy but menswear is what I have to wear everyday. It only makes sense for you to expand and show your audience your sense of style and fashion in that regard because you do such a great job. Keep it up man.
Alejandro Lomeli (3 months ago)
Menswear is great too
Kevin Vue (3 months ago)
That coach jacket is 🔥🔥🔥
Shawn Kellogg (3 months ago)
Fall is what I like to call dressing season. Coach hoodie 🔥
Baylon Riddle (3 months ago)
You gotta do both bro! Streetwear and Menswear
Carter Wright (3 months ago)
Definitely down to see some men’s wear vids in the mix, I think it’s important to have a good mix between street wear and men’s wear. Content been looking extra dope lately Eddie!
Ludens (3 months ago)
I don’t get it. His videos never get old. Wtf is it?
ryanhudsp (3 months ago)
Yeah man...include menswear.
Juan Mendoza (3 months ago)
Some switch up on content would be nice! Especially menswear.
KicksandFits23 (3 months ago)
Fire. Fall is the best season for sure. Men’s wear is always a go in my book
Chana97 (3 months ago)
Smart streetwear is the wave
Ricky Camara (3 months ago)
Yeah bro u need a belt (Light or drak Brown & different color shirt 👕) without it it makes u look like a janitor.. U got that 617 781 swag🔥
WhatShallEyeDo4U (3 months ago)
Yo, Eddie... MORE MENS WEAR, Please!!!!
Patrick G. (3 months ago)
Struggling Floridan fashion guy. I need it to be cold already. I'm about to move to literally any other state where it actually gets cold. Damn.
Patrick G. (3 months ago)
Anyone else a struggling fashion guy living in FL where it's 90° on any day? Fuck.
Rcardo Reyes (3 months ago)
Yessss sir 👌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kalyan Das (3 months ago)
spongebobgirlfriend (3 months ago)
Ya boy got style
instantklassicks (3 months ago)
Yes to menswear for sure
El delos Tutoriales (3 months ago)
Menswear, I wanna see that on this channel too bro.
Kevin Hernandez (3 months ago)
It'd be awesome to see your take on menswear!
Ferrari_ Ferris (3 months ago)
More men’s wear man, need more looks for the office! 9-5 life
Chever kicks (3 months ago)
Still waiting for Winter lookbook 2018
Chever kicks (3 months ago)
Eddie Win any season lookbook from you is sure 🔥🔥🔥
Eddie Win (3 months ago)
How bout fall 2018 first
Armando Padilla (3 months ago)
Menswear is dope, post more of it 👌🏼
Nick 1995 (3 months ago)
Yoo eddie when’s the next clothing drop? Also, a men’s wear vid would be tight.
Joe Cop (3 months ago)
Really like the menswear would love to see more. I mess with that coach jacket too, very bold sir!
rob bo (3 months ago)
good look with the menswear. keep doing your thing
Isaac Gutierrez (3 months ago)
Yes to menswear!
ameer14 (3 months ago)
Yes to mens wearrrrr. We need both eddie. Some boys are growing up hahaha
nellek970 (3 months ago)
Welp where I live their is no transition, we go from 100°-90° to 50°-30°
JESS (3 months ago)
What brand is that white pocket tee from fit 1? It caught my eye 👀
DontPanicrs (3 months ago)
We need those fall jeans video you mentioned last video. Been looking for Grey jeans with a slit on the knees. Any ideas where I can get that?
Eddie Win (3 months ago)
Need 1 more pair of jeans for the vid and it’ll be dropping
SayntpFazhion (3 months ago)
This was a dope vid and keep those street wear vids coming plus keep those great vids coming as always peace and stay blessed bro
DontPanicrs (3 months ago)
What’s wrong with getting stuff at Gap? Never understood that one lol
JESS (3 months ago)
DontPanicrs gap and polo are my go to’s.
Trey Henry (3 months ago)
Chinos are good with flannels too!
Trey Henry (3 months ago)
Yessir, had to break out that flannel today
Tyler XL (3 months ago)
I think a nice stand out belt would've complimented that navy fit
Maraq (3 months ago)
Where I'm at its mid 50s. This fall is going to be interesting for sure
Steen _ (3 months ago)
Men’s wear is cool too 👌🏽
justin hundreds (3 months ago)
wassup eddie

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