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Here's a look into my Sneaker Closet! This is where I stash some of Clothing and Kicks from my collection. Everything from Air Jordan Retro's, Nikes, Adidas Originals, Puma Sneakers to John Elliott, Kith, Bape, HUF, Everlane, Levis & Killion Clothing/Apparel. Also a look at some of my Favorite Hats, Summer T-shirts, Long sleeve Tee's & Distressed Denim Jeans + Jackets. Hit that THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on IG here - https://www.instagram.com/eddiewinkicks SNAPCHAT - Eddiewinkicks Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/eddiewinkicks Check out my Adidas Alpha Bounce Pickup/On Feet video here -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mhofF1UXtQ Grab a Levis Denim Trucker Jacket here - http://bit.ly/1QVRe18 Shop new releases from Nike here - http://bit.ly/29xkg8n Grab some OG Adidas Stan Smith here - http://bit.ly/1Hp0dP2 Check out the newest Air Jordan Retro's here - http://bit.ly/29xkv3b Blank New Era Snapback Hat here - http://bit.ly/29rpI9D Check out the newest Vans Styles here, including the new checkered, USA and Nintendo collection - http://bit.ly/28UgXaI Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Strapback Hat here - http://bit.ly/29xl10U Cop some Distressed Denim/Jeans here - http://bit.ly/29xl9xL Thanks for checking out this Closet Tour Video! Hope you enjoyed it - Eddie Win
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Text Comments (196)
Goldy Mind vines (1 hour ago)
Itra juta ne kai kandde bande ga kai
Octavio Olivar (2 months ago)
Love thos vedio damn 🔥🔥🔥 wow awsome now i just clean my room like barca
Status king (3 months ago)
Bhai aap ko manager ke jarurat ha kya
Dr. Hunt (6 months ago)
Do a house tour
FaZe Brennan 2.000.5 (7 months ago)
Shoes game
Miguel Aguirre (8 months ago)
So many hype beasts on YouTube, then there’s this guy. I just found out about him. He’s very cool and minimalistic 👌
Lawrence V2 Unboxings (10 months ago)
I need my hands on some Ultra Boost I NEED SOME!!!!!!
Gary Ko (10 months ago)
That puma X bape track jacket is heeeeeeeeeaaaaaaattttt.
ThatWeaboo (10 months ago)
All I wanted to know is how many times he said joint
100 laughs (11 months ago)
Jorge Melgar (11 months ago)
Where did you get the black sneaker rack?
King Tee (1 year ago)
Can I get 1 like.never got one
Daniel Hernandez (1 year ago)
Happy birthday
Oscar Herrera (1 year ago)
my closet it filled up with freaking 2nd hand store swag fuck the life of a poor man😢😤
Kevin Shen (1 year ago)
Can you do a restock to the Winn bomber
Juan Rounds (1 year ago)
My OCD kicked in when yo pants wasnt with the same color😭
Gil Mendoza (1 year ago)
where did u cop those jordans 2:22
GD Daredevil (1 year ago)
Wow someone who has a good sneaker collection without trying to hard. His style is so casual and relaxed. I LOVE IT!!!
Jealous as fuck!!!
Finn McBride (1 year ago)
Eddie win where can I find the huf grey longsleeve
Mego Jack (1 year ago)
what do you do for a living
Jared Anderson (1 year ago)
Eddie you look like shane fro the walking dead
TrailBehindTheRest (1 year ago)
Eddie Win is the type of dude to dress like a 15 year old when he's 50
TrailBehindTheRest (1 year ago)
Eddie Win (1 year ago)
TrailBehindTheRest nah I'll be stunting on you in that Versace suit
Jay SoBandsome (1 year ago)
Good collection man 👍🏼
Krabbs (1 year ago)
What size shoe are you?
Keiwan Franklin (1 year ago)
What do you do?
AverageGuyStyle (1 year ago)
Those swooshless pink are so nice. I really want a pair myself hahaha
Adam Garza (2 years ago)
Your videos are always dope Keep up the good work!
Bs Up Ke (2 years ago)
Don't know why you are still under 100k. I find your videos awesome.
ShoesdudesYT (2 years ago)
You are dope dude
Henrico Gonçalo (2 years ago)
Very , very nice, Great collection, stilysh ..........
Dugan Miller (2 years ago)
I wish I had a pair of those cream ultraboost!
ASVP RED (2 years ago)
Best vidéo
lil peep (2 years ago)
BRUH why so many shoes. 10 max.
Daniel Lugo (2 years ago)
eddie do you keep your shoes in your room?
kevinnnnn95 (2 years ago)
My closet is a 4 foot by 1 1/2 foot whole in my room without a door. But yours is alright to I guess. I mean if you are about that life. Not really my cup of tea though. Lmao the hater in me is trying to escape so badly
jir Ortiz (1 year ago)
What if he dosent like tea?
Irv Alzr (2 years ago)
you look like dawson from BigDawsTv
Slim Jim (1 month ago)
But way way better dressed
Presbian116 Tier1 (11 months ago)
Irv Alzr lol he does
ZERØ (2 years ago)
Intro music ??
MrMinigibbo (1 year ago)
get down by nas
Issa YT Channel (2 years ago)
Hootenay (2 years ago)
Been trying to cop some Yeezy 350s but so many fakes... I know what to look for, but I only wanna buy online so I don't know if the pics are the real deal or not. Oh well can't even afford em right now anyways. Dope collection bro.
Clark Loeffler (1 year ago)
Hootenay yo wassup, I got a pair of yeezy 350 boost that I'm trying a sell, what color way are you interested in?
Dark Sin (2 years ago)
dope setup
xGettinxMoneyx (2 years ago)
I need True Blues
Jelly G. (2 years ago)
You have plenty of variety man, shows that not everything has to be Nike and Jordan stuff. I'm also a Puma fan, your selection in shoes and clothing from them is dope. Keep the good work man.
Hypebeast (2 years ago)
if u leave em out in the open won't they collect dust ?
Ankan Nayak (2 years ago)
just luv ur sneaker collection dude!! cheers
ASAP Papi (2 years ago)
Closet is pure 🔥
Breanna Eke (2 years ago)
where did you get the bape puma jacket?
Breanna Eke (2 years ago)
I am so in love with the bape and puma jacket along with the GUESS X A$AP denim jacket.
Stennys (2 years ago)
Sneaker Rotation🔥
J Christie (2 years ago)
I Am So Early
Chornay Lim (2 years ago)
Eddie, what are thoughts of the adidas ultra boost?
Alexa lopez (2 years ago)
What editing software do you use?
Victor Murillo (2 years ago)
I want a wardrobe like this! 🔥 So minimalistic, I love it.
Alex Junior (11 months ago)
me too:)
likeaboss516 (2 years ago)
swag dawg!!
Lostayslo (2 years ago)
Dope! Where'd you get the shelving unit from, the one that has the true blues, flax and the 350s in it? And what color is the unit?
KarmaloopAlwaysFresh (2 years ago)
U deserve more subsribers eddie!
WhatTheShizzzzz (2 years ago)
yo eddie, where can I get a nice and subtle chain like yours?
InZaneKicks (2 years ago)
Was expecting to see a certain someone's shirt randomly included followed by a dig haha
KaosPhantom (2 years ago)
Where can I get a similar shoe rack?
BLK THUNDER (2 years ago)
how u only have 60,000 subs u should have 100,000 the amount of work u put in.
Julio Ramirez (7 months ago)
He’s at 100 now
Victor Murillo (2 years ago)
Alex Mena (2 years ago)
we're to get good shorts Eddie win
TheSmartSneakerhead (2 years ago)
finally get to see this infamoua closet!!! hella dope bro.
lildatboy196 (2 years ago)
I want my closet to look like urs
Big Benin (2 years ago)
Eddie, I love you to death but But we need to know the names of the songs you put in these vids FAM.
Coby Thomas (2 years ago)
🙏 Very Cleansed Eddie 👏🏼
KevDo (2 years ago)
i recommend looking into a levis commuter jacket bro, best investment I've made based on looks and functionality!
BCLife (2 years ago)
Great great video, mind telling me where the white and red stripe shirt is from, couldn't understand it during video, thanks
Angel Ruiz (2 years ago)
Yo man dope closet. This video really took me back to when I started watching YouTube vids. The format showing sneakers with first person point of view showing them straight out the box lol. Reminds me of mike m cutazdiamondz sneakgeekz and my homie Michael Leite.
ian broughton (2 years ago)
Info on that cream pair of denim, Eddie? And are they self distressed?
filamBboy (2 years ago)
yo your music is on fuckin point
Mike Trout (2 years ago)
Q and A next???
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
You're right I should do one soon
July Quintero (2 years ago)
Youre perfect 💙
Diogo Graça (2 years ago)
eddie's closet > dj khaled's ahah :)
Bailey Sepuloni (2 years ago)
Oel hakai (2 years ago)
here's the boss💪
thordibrasil (2 years ago)
yes nice closet you have there!! ....and didn't you say you have another closet..you planning to do vid on that too? best from Germany tho:)
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
Thanks for tuning in! Yessir, most likely when it's fall here I'll do that one
JustTalks Tv (2 years ago)
cool look at the closet. do you the sneakers that you shown that are your typical rotation did you throw away the boxes for those sneakers? I find it so hard to throw mine away.
JustTalks Tv (2 years ago)
+Eddie Win figured, its just something about having the boxes that makes you appreciate it more as a whole.
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
I never throw away boxes
Muhamad Masyhuri Badri (2 years ago)
Rodrigo (2 years ago)
fucking goals man👌
Air Trafficking (2 years ago)
*Jake.* (2 years ago)
Wear that red and white striped shirt with the A$ap Rocky denim over it, you will look like the white version of A$ap Rocky himself lmao. Fresh af tho, dope vid.
Conor Jackson (2 years ago)
show us ur more dressy shoes
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
I don't think people would be into that haha
Jeez Christ (2 years ago)
hope you do a give away when ya reach 100 thousand subs nice vid :)
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
Of course, I'll do one before then too
Q Gaming (2 years ago)
I need that puma Bape
jose Lopez (2 years ago)
where are the off white pants from?
Anthony A (2 years ago)
imsteezy1 (2 years ago)
Eddie do you have your own crib ? Or still live with parents? Jw
Miguel Aguirre (4 months ago)
Eddie Win where did u get that sneaker shelf unit? If u can, can u send a link
GD Daredevil (1 year ago)
imsteezy1 I think Eddie is too successful to still live with his Parents
imsteezy1 (2 years ago)
+Eddie Win nice man, you & Tblake are part of my motivation to get my own place soon
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
Been on my own for a while now homie
DJ Biersack (2 years ago)
Been waiting for this vid for like years...not even kidding. Awesome closet Eddie!
BGotSole (2 years ago)
take those off white pants and put some paint splatter on those. shit would be dece.
BGotSole (2 years ago)
+Eddie Win I have faith in you! but it would be a risky process haha
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
I think I'd mess that up some how
One of your best videos, great job man
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
Good looks!
Jason Donnar (2 years ago)
I like the layout! 👌🏼
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
Appreciate it J
Alex Mena (2 years ago)
really like the collection. my favorite clothing is the puma jacket and the red Frank and oak ! keep up the great work
Jordan Luna (2 years ago)
Pretty sure I've been watching your videos for two years… man it's been a minute! Thanks for all the inspiration and entertainment!
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
Word! Appreciate the support for real 🙌🏼
Aimeily Escobar (2 years ago)
Dope set nice closet eddie
Will Angulo (2 years ago)
I'm 90% sure that Eddie has responded to all my comments on his channel.
Paul Yonife (2 years ago)
who told you to bless us like this?
Emil Tedeholmlarsson (2 years ago)
What was the brand called on those zipper jeans?
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
Marlo pants from rise, I posted a link to them on my Twitter @eddiewinkicks
mystikshinobi (2 years ago)
nice vid. love how organized it is. just wondering though, where do you keep the rest of your clothing? i'm sure you have more clothes for winter and such.
mystikshinobi (2 years ago)
awesome. can't wait. i'll be looking forward to it
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
I keep all that in my second closet, which I'll make a video on at some point
Alex (2 years ago)
Need to see the other closet!!! Lol
raspie (2 years ago)
HI! how do you cope with the dust on your shoes? I have my sneakers in my room and having trouble with the dust... Thanks!
raspie (2 years ago)
ok im jelly
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
I have a girlfriend that handles all that for me
Juan Cardoso (2 years ago)
can i get the name of the travel bag. thanks
Juan Cardoso (2 years ago)
+Eddie Win thank you. i been looking for a nice travel bag.
Eddie Win (2 years ago)
The grey one is from Everlane, and the black is from Rise. I have videos on both

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