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Text Comments (8163)
Stacia033 (2 days ago)
Kristel Rolluqui (3 days ago)
Adventure time! 3:30
Leefee Leaf (3 days ago)
channel *5 minute crafts* videos *7 SECRETS MEN NEVER TELL* how the fruk are these crafts
Kirito sasageyo (4 days ago)
Oh come on that's why my gf dont reply on me fck you!
Nyah Senpai (4 days ago)
Im a man?
Monique Muro (5 days ago)
Just Like Mom
STAR WARS MMM (6 days ago)
I disliked and unsubbed
BKW Ravenclaw (7 days ago)
Look, I normally love 5-Minute Craft videos but this was sexist. There. Plus, the title and the thumbnail are both clickbait.
Like they said *Women are from mars, men are from pluto* Or... *Women are cats, men are dogs...*
Sherri Kight (8 days ago)
This would be world's better if one didn't have to READ it.
Gifted Bucko bee (9 days ago)
"7 secrets men never tell " *literally talks about women the whole video*
Zoey Neal (9 days ago)
I’m like the man and I’m a girl
Kakakaka Kakakaka (10 days ago)
Totally truth
Aleksanteri Ikonen (11 days ago)
Why should a girl show shes not interested if she is?!? This videos purpose in kinda meaningless on my opinion. People always expect so much from men.
Samantha Wong (12 days ago)
U are so goood
Jude Termanini (12 days ago)
Ok, so the picture on the front wasn’t true. Figures.
Ailam Shihaab (13 days ago)
This is so true guys😏😏😏
Aundrea Williams (13 days ago)
Lol, she dosen't work. Need more doctors like her. That makes me not want to be a wife for real though
Aundrea Williams (13 days ago)
Maybe just don't text him at all. Keep playing games and let the guy guess if your interested and hope he can read your mind
Zincite (14 days ago)
Why are you being so sexist?!
Mubazir Haider (15 days ago)
Whole video supporting woman....Over coming father's desire and sacrifices....😢
Moon Turtle (16 days ago)
The title should be “Men logic”
I luv unicornz yeet (17 days ago)
I luv unicornz yeet (17 days ago)
Srry if I'm being rude
Marina Banzeruk (17 days ago)
Regressive feminism propaganda on display...
Rain•3dit s (17 days ago)
-Mini Moz- (18 days ago)
Oyuncu Çocuk (18 days ago)
Mikichan85 (19 days ago)
7 segreti che l'uomo non dirà mai... e ci sono una marea di altre bischerate! e le 7 cose, sono sapute e risapute!
Pepe (20 days ago)
Oh....what If men watched this too?
Lakshmi Pamidipati (21 days ago)
This video sucks....just like the channel
Lucero Paiva (21 days ago)
2:39 I didn't know that the word taboo existed
arlan adorada (23 days ago)
Jose Gabriel Belizario (23 days ago)
Not Really all man has that kind of things.
Moondog Gaming (23 days ago)
Please for the love of God dont do these things
Arthur Nathanael (24 days ago)
Well you have chosen a weied title
Sachin Garg (25 days ago)
I think, some of them, are just stereotypes. A man's desk can be also clean if he arranges his belongings time to time and doesn't leave them here and there. Men and women are equally responsible for taking care of their family. These stereotypes only, are the reason for the inequality between men and women.
darlingmoon (25 days ago)
Excellent ending to this video
Timer 52 (25 days ago)
You are just repeating yourself
LoveKittenGuy (26 days ago)
Sexist, this is too sexist, I’m sorry, no.
Stereotype And sexist
To both men and women
I think not all housewife dont earn a degree.
Emma Baddie (28 days ago)
Why did i even click?
Lucie Miller (28 days ago)
Why do people wanna seem like they’re not interested when they text/call their crush? That’s like pointless, at some point they’ll think you genuinely aren’t and aren’t faking it and leave, and you’ll regret it. Just be you, and if the man/woman isn’t happy with it then they’re not good for you.
XxSuperdoggedudexX (29 days ago)
0:12 Nuu not true My dad is great at organization
DeadlyRainbows (29 days ago)
This is sexist
Fortnite_Youtube 8 (29 days ago)
Hey um... the title is not really connected to the video... so uh.. could you stop clickbaiting please?
Kegne kenkai (29 days ago)
I never understood how girls could go to the barber and pay 50€ for just a trim. Like what? When I go to the barber, I want to donate at least 10cm and maybe start a new secret life.
Tammy The 833 (30 days ago)
Uh okay the first part of this video was just a bunch of stereotypes. Kind of offensive
Look up five minute crafts the only reason I don't have options to where is cuz I'm tomboy all my stuff in my closet is cringy and my room I don't think you can see the floor
Gerrika Hughes (30 days ago)
It's true asf
A2 Sinclair (30 days ago)
Yes, mom is a man😦
Greta’s World (1 month ago)
There making women look like monsters
pineapple boi (1 month ago)
This is so fricking sexist -_-
Lily Hatt (1 month ago)
This the most sexist thing ive ever watched yes it mabey true but we dont need to stereo type people
Ulises Edits (1 month ago)
Love how they said daughters as if they are going to housework!
sneha gharat (1 month ago)
Same video again and again
Shane Reardon (1 month ago)
Why do girls get most the bed not fair
shelley lambert (1 month ago)
peepee suck (1 month ago)
This is soooo sexist in so many ways.
Toni Playz (1 month ago)
Im a girl and some of the other girls in this comment section are veing COMPLETE drama queens. Its not of sexist, its a joke, and even if it was sexist, it is still sexist with the men too.
Just Nothing (1 month ago)
I'm girl but after this video I'm boy
Michael Langston (1 month ago)
They are lying my dad didn't have a messy desktop 📈📋📕📗📘📙📙📒📔📓🗂📝
ThreeFS (1 month ago)
I'm a boy but girls dye their hair aswell and thats pretty expensive
amit kumar (1 month ago)
Nice video
exenderlloyd (1 month ago)
1:56 basic biology idiot? Did you attend a second in biology?
Lily LE Fox (1 month ago)
This is all stereotypical, can you be different and show OTHER STUFF then STEREOTYPICAL NONSENSE?!
Nia Maddox (1 month ago)
1:51 shots fired
Addison Whitecotten (1 month ago)
All of these are just stereotypes that people think are true but they aren’t.
My Youtube (1 month ago)
Sorry I said accusing
My Youtube (1 month ago)
Ehhem excuse me you are accising the wrong person women's can also do that.
Elin Sjöberg (1 month ago)
Yea, like women and are different from each other
Pillral Garden (1 month ago)
Scream out LOUD! (1 month ago)
None of these are secrets Title: Stuff a man never tells Real title: how to insult and be rude to women
TabbyCat Drawing (1 month ago)
3:12 what??? Wasn't that supposed to be about a girlfriend and a boyfriend??? I'm missing something. I know I am.
Super charge (1 month ago)
This video tell me I don't need girlfriend
Its true its standered
Jõlfy lôvésārt (1 month ago)
Spamilton *Dabs* (1 month ago)
This is so sexist
xXGacha Morgan (1 month ago)
My haircut is free.. my mom's a stylist XD
bestXDgamer 4 (1 month ago)
I’m just gonna report this video don’t mind me
Steam Banter (1 month ago)
don't follow this
persis dzeksonas (1 month ago)
The only one secret that 52 times per day is the limit. 😳
Ellie Fandom (1 month ago)
Dad one day I'd like to be a man. Just like mom!
Miss Nina (1 month ago)
3:28 is that Adventure Time?? 👍😁
The going for the haircut for the women is the same
Mary Jo G (1 month ago)
So many videos on this channel are clickbait.
Potato Alice (1 month ago)
This is a little sexist
CxBeesz (1 month ago)
Sexists, Stop This please!
Celine Truong (1 month ago)
All of these is not true to me
Sharko (1 month ago)
I relate to the guys
Thea Millan (1 month ago)
That One with brake Up is NOT true😢🙄😞
Kapitan Jasko (1 month ago)
2 words: sexist, rude
cubie gaming (1 month ago)
I relate more to a boy than a girl in the first few
Riya Sachan (1 month ago)
Videos are copied by a channel
Diablo X (1 month ago)
Why y’all saying it’s only sexist to women? Think ab men too, feminists.
Just clicking on the video to see men's secrets 'cause I'm a girl....And... *NEVER FOUND THEM* 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
YoGuitar Random (1 month ago)
Why do u need to wait to text back what if like Somebody need help and 3 hour later u check the message and they are dead
Mellu Videod (1 month ago)
Ummm... 5-Minute Crafts? There Are no crafts here..
diabolical daisy (1 month ago)
1:43 “the boy thought about his fathers words and said: wow your taking credit for moms work, F*CK U DAD” (I love my dad and would not say that lol)

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