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Dragon princess |GachaLife| episode 2 teaser

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Here is a little tease for the episode two
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Delia Ferguson (5 months ago)
Delia Flare (5 months ago)
Delia Flare (6 months ago)
Everyone this a teaser not the offical episode 2 I'm still working on the episode two fully
SilverRose980 (6 months ago)
Did no one notice it said teaser
SilverRose980 (6 months ago)
Delia Flare I could not have said it any better
Delia Flare (6 months ago)
Guess their didnt 😂 I think their need glasses to wear
Raries Gee (6 months ago)
That was 20 FRIGGIN SECONDS LONG!!!!!!! C'mon man
Kenneth Harper (6 months ago)
Did it have to end like that literally just end it when the rooms decorated and the princess flips out
Sofia B. (6 months ago)
I want a shout out pls
Sofia B. (6 months ago)
It's small
Delia Flare (6 months ago)
XD i made this small thing just to let everyone know episode 2 is coming soon

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