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TImberland Classic Yellow Boot [ 10061 ][ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

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In this video, I look at the classic yellow Timberland from a boot guy standpoint. Here is the best price I have found for this boot [ https://amzn.to/2RznG13 ] I WATCH BOOT PORN SHIRT: http://thebootguy.com/boot-porn PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/thebootguy Email: [email protected] Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thebootguychicago/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boot.guy FACEBOOK B: https://www.facebook.com/thebootguyreviews/ BOOTS FOR SALE: https://www.ebay.com/usr/thebootguyreviews ABOUT THE BOOT GUY: The boot guy reviews started out as my way to help people make better buying decisions when it came to buying footwear ONLINE. I wanted to be the go-to guy on the net when people had questions about boots and gear. “[The Boot Guy Reviews] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [http://thebootguy.com ]
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Text Comments (317)
Matthew Richards (5 months ago)
At 1:55 he's talking about drug dealers, not minorities. Before Timberlands blew up the streetwear scene, they started off as a symbol to recognize drug dealers, like the shoes over the telephone wires. If you saw a man in timbs on a street corner, odds are he was a drug dealer. It was only after they were adopted by hip hop culture that they became the fashion icon known today. He's referring to the earlier use of timbs by drug dealers, not their later appreciation and subsequent use by those in the hip hop scene.
Black drug dealer with work boots on like to see that
Neil Patel (2 months ago)
glad you pointed that out haha
Hugh Jassol (2 months ago)
Heres where your argument is wrong: 1. Hes not from the ghetto. 2. Hes not from NY. 3. Hes not from an 80s or 90s NY ghetto. Therefore he wouldnt be disgusted by the fact that they were the boot of choice for criminals in old school NY, that information is too obscure for an outsider to know first-hand. What he would be familiar with is just young people wearing them as an African-American fad and Hip-Hop fashion staple. Urban minorities are the ones who wear this boot, and that is what 'leaves a bad taste' in his mouth. His statement was racist. Plain and simple.
Jamara Geechie Newell (2 months ago)
Man folks are whiny.
octavius lee (3 months ago)
+Private Private shut up!!
Corix (8 days ago)
When I bought my timbs one tongue was good but the other one was floppy and poorly stitched on the sides
¿Junior ?! (8 days ago)
I love it as a work boot. Don’t like the color though
Becoming Godsize (23 days ago)
As a work boot they suck the grip is horrible and they will make your feet hurt.
ClaudiousMaximus (1 month ago)
Black criminal's official boots.
Steven Servin (1 month ago)
My pair has been going good for 4 years already, a little wear on the inside (that's more an anatomical issue), but the sole is just great. I've used them everywhere, Urban streets, hot summers in Mexico, cold rainy days in England and even in snow. They've always kept my feet comfortable and protected, the insole is amazing, still going strong! The only real problem here is that aesthetic-wise, nubuck won't last in pristine conditions for very long, but I decided to add mink oil o mine and transform them.
BeastlyBen007 (2 months ago)
What size do I buy if I wear a 10.5 Adidas Stan Smith and superstar?
Jimmy Papas (2 months ago)
aren't they uncomfortable?
TheBootGuy (2 months ago)
No, infact as a daily boot they are extremely well. As far the most comfortable boot on the market. Not even close.
Kenneth Hatstat (2 months ago)
Hit em up boots
Savage_thingtwo (2 months ago)
Are they steel toed?
Brandon Wayne (3 months ago)
Indio Peltier (3 months ago)
This Guy's a Bigot?
TheBootGuy (3 months ago)
What is a bigot? I would like you to define that word to me in your own words. Please!
Thomas Garrett (3 months ago)
Southern kingdom whatever we style and wear we turn it to gold,just look at this plain and simple boot Timberline's.
Daniel Lito (3 months ago)
I just picked up a pair of LIGHTLY used pair for $37- shipped! 😉
repairdrive (3 months ago)
They are not as low priced as I thought they would be.
Joshua Farrer (3 months ago)
As a construction contractor and welder over the years I’ve worn and worked in this same brand of boot ..here’s my problem and that problem Is quality soles fall off quickly any sort of construction whatever it maybe they don’t last I started wearing Herman survivor s from Walmart cause of this yes there heavy and steel toe but they last first pair was 6 yrs through heavy construction Tim’s nope .my step dad also has this same pair..I will stress this boot is NOT WATERPROOF either my stepdads stay in the closet and had to buy a different pair of boots now because of this..there clothes wear better seemingly than there boots..though I had a friend get 14 yrs out of a pair of timberland field boots before they turned white from wear this brand just doesn’t work for me..
TAC n TEC (3 months ago)
Love them and will always have a set
안녕ejassi (3 months ago)
I've been wanting to buy this boots because of Jungkook ㅋㅋㅋ😁✌🏼
w_wlf (3 months ago)
If you actually work, they are garbage.
Chuck King (3 months ago)
Great job man you covered this boot good I mean a lot of good points
John Nagy (3 months ago)
Absolute garbage boots. Not made for work. Buy redwings & call it a day.
Booze4Blues (3 months ago)
The boot upper is indeed well constructed and waterproof, BUT, the failure of the product is its inadequate inefficient attachment to the sole. FOUR pairs in less than three years have failed at the upper to rand/sole attachment . . Both visually and in the fact of leaking ! The first pair of failures, Timberlands collected them, and following inspection they sent an FOC replacement. I subsequently purchased two pair in different colour ways, both of which failed during their first Spring Weather . . with Morning Dew seeping between uppers and rand. This time, Timberlands simply requested photographs and ID numbers, and I was fully refunded along with the advice to send them to a recycling or homeless centre. Incidentally, the FOC replacement pair they shipped, have also failed in an identical way, and they are going to assist a Shelter. My opinion of the product is, if you want a street style, go for it, BUT if you seek functionality over style then look elsewhere !
raksh9 (1 month ago)
+Booze4Blues Thanks for the detailed reply, I appreciate it! Enjoy your Redwings, man 😁👌
Booze4Blues (1 month ago)
raksh9 I have the Iron Ranger 8084 and also the Rover 2950. I personally went true to size and the 2950 didn’t need a break-in, after waterproofing it was good to go. The Iron Ranger, which is Black Harness leather, got three overnight treatments of 1st and 2nd being RedWing Boot Oil and the 3rd with RedWing Natural Conditioner. Subsequently, no problems for me and they are a tough boot, but not for the feet. I do wear a thick sock. The Iron Ranger is great, but do check on the differing leather types with regards how to condition. Between the Timberlands and Iron Ranger, the former broke and the latter got broken-in
raksh9 (1 month ago)
+Booze4Blues Which Redwings do you have? How is comfort and break in compared with Timberland? I'm looking at the Iron Rangers at the moment.
Booze4Blues (1 month ago)
raksh9 Indeed . . I now wear RedWing
raksh9 (1 month ago)
That's pretty disturbing.
Coffee Drinker (3 months ago)
Mine are used for yard work, 5 years so far. Other than being dirty they look as if they got another 5 years in them.
AnDiMsOfLy (3 months ago)
FIRST 10 seconds and i was done with the video smh laced them joints crazy
ballisstix (1 month ago)
Yes, lacing your shoes like an adult is a bad thing.
CC True (4 months ago)
I gotta say, I LOVE Timberland boots! i've had 3 pairs. The Classic Wheat, which at 20 yrs old (with new insoles) i now where to go fishing, hiking, etc. A 8 year old pair of Pink and white Timbs, still clean. And at 2 years old, my absolute favorite Special Edition Wheat and Brown Waterproof style. Timbs will last you forever. Very worth the price, no doubt!
Simon Dewan (4 months ago)
Are they comfortable for bike rides?
David Coleman (4 months ago)
I just got a black pair for 50%. Off . I like them
Micah Blanks (4 months ago)
That was a racist remark. Whether you want to accept it or not. To say that something has left a bad taste by association with a specific community means that there is some prejudice toward it. Its similar to me saying "It's hard to wear LLBean because of the community of prep that adorned the monogrammed backpacks in the late 90s and early 2000s." Think about what you say before you say it. Everyone who is thinking the issue is about fashion you are partially correct. Because a boot that was accepted by a culture once its advertisement paid off was then a product of "White flight," due again to the negative connotation in association with a community. The fact of the matter it is about your own personal style; no one curates your taste for you. Buy the boot or don't. The only thing people will associate you with is your personal ignorance through their interactions with you; if that is what you showcase. No piece of fashion can make you a part of any community. And if you are wearing the boot for that reason that is a slippery slope of cultural appropriation and mis-representation. So everyone just stay in your own lane.
The Chosen (4 months ago)
This guy is low key a racist! At 1:55 he tells us how he really feels.. Review the boot, why are you worried about who wears it? And no he was not talking about iron workers, plumbers, carpenters.
Leon Laurant (3 months ago)
The Chosen Smarty, he was referring to drug dealers. Specifically New York drug dealers.
Benben (4 months ago)
I really liked wearing Timberlands but had the problem that the soles wear down relatively fast. And I found no one here in Germany who could resole them, cause off the complicated process ( same with heatmelting new soles on Doc Martens) is that a problem in the US too? Greetings to all you boot lovers overseas 😊
OnTheRiver66 (4 months ago)
I just got my first pair today and I’m blown away! I’ve worn hunting and military boots for years but I’ve never had any as well made and as comfortable as these.
Henry B (4 months ago)
Bootguy , love your vids dude... but you left the interpretation of your words up to the viewers and in my opinion that's were you messed up... Towards the end you connected more by not leaving a gap in your communicate by saying ( the urban community ) Keep your head up folks, we all human...
Dallas Time Bandits (4 months ago)
I need Horween
Carlos Nelson (4 months ago)
I’m probably the only black guy that actually work in timberlands!lol.. seriously they are durable.. an waterproof I’m in out the warehouse all day.. in rain an everything...still holding up well... you can very well work in them.... besides wearing them for fashion
Pinarello Rider (4 months ago)
But PLEASE explain, pray tell, who is wearing them and what they represent. Inquiring minds would like to know
aditya chandra maulana (5 months ago)
Dr martens please
tommaso frisone (5 months ago)
Nice review.. but it's scary that environmental consciousness is regarded as something that can or can not be somebody's "thing". I know I'm going off topic here, but just wanted to share my thought
TheBootGuy (5 months ago)
environmental consciousness? can you expand on your statement? Off topic is a good thing.
MVTTXLVRSON son (5 months ago)
I’ve been wearing these every day for 5 months they still have tons a life I dont drive either and I love them
rabbitbreed1 (5 months ago)
I turned this clown off as soon as he said that dumbness.
Ricardo Abrego (5 months ago)
Bought these for $60, only thing I regret is not buying multiple pairs of them 5 years ago. Most durable boot I have ever bought!!!!
Tony yates (5 months ago)
I love mine, best boots I've ever owned.
HipHopisArt (5 months ago)
racist piece of shit
googletubesucks (5 months ago)
If you find the comment at 1:55 to be racist, you are retarded. But you're also probably from New York, so it makes sense.
Brent Watts (5 months ago)
Does that whistle sound in the start and finish annoy anyone on the same immense level that it does for myself
tommy lee (5 months ago)
Wat da HELL he mean "Bad Taste". Us black folk have brought style & flair to these boots. FYI the "Wheat boots" name sucks, us African Americans call them "Butters" which is way betta. How dare u go on people expression like dat, its guy like u that lace them up like u bout to go on a mountain hike foe 40 days/40 nights while black put the sex appeal to the boots
swellingsuperman (5 months ago)
I never understood why my $300 plus boots are not waterproof yet my Timberland’s are 100% waterproof.
6Glitch (5 months ago)
The “woke” crowd really came out for this review.
raksh9 (1 month ago)
Yes, isn't it pathetic.
spiloFTW (5 months ago)
just say that word man, you can on the internet!
Oscar Wolff Mellado (5 months ago)
I love these boots , I live in the south of Chile and these withstand the weather conditions perfectly. The only downside to me is fit : I had to go a full size down and also it took a long time for these to break in and start getting comfortable.
George Kunneh (5 months ago)
Awesome boots. I proudly own a pair
AJC 413 (5 months ago)
At 1:55 if you are talking about what they represent in NY you trippin that’s a main part of history of these hell yeah they work boots but they been worn in the NY scene forever and always will just cause people wear em with style don’t mean you gotta bash them
Matthew Richards (5 months ago)
They started off as a symbol of drug dealers, like the shoes over the telephone wires. It was only after that that they were adopted by hip hop culture. He's referring to the earlier use of timbs by drug dealers, not their later appreciation and subsequent use by those in the hip hop scene.
TheBootGuy (5 months ago)
Wtf! Did you no hear me talk about the quality of the boot?
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (5 months ago)
Who we see wearing them, and what they represent in that world. That’s kinda leave a bad taste in our mouth. That was some real racist shit to say look in the comments other people noticed it to. This boot a in hip hop rappers and people from the mid 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s loved the boot here in Brooklyn New York. It’s a iconic shoe to us we loved the old look and the great materials it’s a blue collar work boot. I work in construction as a welder I’m a West Indian man and been a biggest supporter of your channel. I’ve always shared your videos with friends and coworkers. You just lost a subscriber that comment left a bad taste in my mouth. P.S try to hide your racist point of views a little better.
Dan barb (4 months ago)
hmm, i dont believe that crap with outdated looks, a red wing is also an outdated shoe if you so will because its from the early. There is no In or Out for iconic shoes, i could say the same about chucks or palladium shoes, they were in when i was a teen but people still wear them.
OnTheRiver66 (4 months ago)
There also have been some prisons that let convicts wear these. Maybe arrested drug dealers. He is referring to criminals, not any particular race. I got my first pair today and just put them on. I bought them because my Timberland White Ledge hiking boot was so comfortable. I’ve worn hunting and military boots for years but I’ve never had a boot as well made and as comfortable at these classic Timberlands. Oh why did I wait so many years to buy these?
JUMPMAN 23 (4 months ago)
he won you
TheBootGuy (5 months ago)
should I’ve of said “ This Boot was made popular by corner drug dealers and the runners back in the early 80’s. Who would have to spend hours outside freezing their ass’s off. only to make Minimum wage. With a shorter life expectancies then A feral cat born in the summer time in the middle of Nebraska”. The sad part is that all you guys are pointing fingers. When, What you should be doing is learning more about pop culture and the over arching grip it has on every aspect of, not only our lives but, our livelihood. We live in an era where intelligence is measured by dollars. Gone are the days when we practice the art of listening. Now we only have tiggers! The corporations knows this. Our media knows this and Everybody who’s looking to take advantage of you and I, knows this. So, Tiger is that better? Next would you like to discuss the social ramifications of corporate correctional prison systems? The publicly “traded” correctional system, and all the companies that get government subsidies. For providing uniforms to the prisoners. How about the fact that we have prison “fashion”! With every carrot of wisdom you will find a rabbit hole of questions. I would love it if you guys would trace the time line of this boots true urban roots. And not just on Wikipedia or context. But, from urban photography of the era. It’s truly interesting to do. I could provide a reading list of not only authors to read. What sociologist to read. Also photographers to look at.
Lone Wolf (5 months ago)
Bought them in black. I would never buy them in yellow.
Black Sheep (5 months ago)
Straight up..fuck you!!
Atlantaflea Marko (5 months ago)
Black People just like good quality boots. What's with all these labels? Why do we represent so much of that bullshit to y'all? Why we gotta be all that extra shit? Fuck you!
Atlantaflea Marko (5 months ago)
Was he referring to black people when he said all kinds of foul shit? I'm not fucking with this guy
Finessedaddyy123 (5 months ago)
I hate when people say yellow boots, call the. Wheats smh
the Bronx Blogger (5 months ago)
Racist motherfucker, delete your channel
Zia Wrestler (6 months ago)
This white piece of trash racist could never pull them off as a fashion statement
TheBootGuy (6 months ago)
Holy mountain! Why do you guys keep calling me a racist? Do you guys know nothing of hip hop history?
Cabdi-aziz Qasim (6 months ago)
Phillip Davis (6 months ago)
But yet he’s wearing them like he quoted and cuffing his jeans like us..smh
Loser McPooser (6 months ago)
Who the fuck calls that colorway yellow?
Edwin Areja (6 months ago)
Is this steel toed?
TheBootGuy (6 months ago)
No, only the timberland-pro line has Steel And comp toe if memory serves me correctly [ https://youtu.be/yIyibZjccsA ] the boots are totally different.
Vértigo (6 months ago)
i wanna get timbs but if i get them, next year my feet are probably gonna grow and its gonna be a waste of $200 lol
ReezyBeBreezy (6 months ago)
1:55 Does he mean what I think he means??
Matthew Richards (5 months ago)
They started off as a symbol of drug dealers, like the shoes over the telephone wires. It was only after that that they were adopted by hip hop culture. He's referring to the earlier use of timbs by drug dealers, not their later appreciation and subsequent use by those in the hip hop scene.
malik ebk (5 months ago)
Yeah he's throwing shade towards minorities that wear these
Tanner Reed (6 months ago)
At 1:55 he was actually referring to their background in New York when drug dealers made the boot into a symbol for who to buy from. The trend soon carried onto east Atlanta and from there it became as we know it today, sadly stereotyping African Americans. I think this guy definitely could have worded or explained better but I doubt the comment came from a hateful place.
E-l8D (4 months ago)
nah thats racist bro, he didnt need to say that shit... he's clearly not thinking of a whole side of people that wear them regularly as regular boots and should have no reason to "leave a bad taste in his mouth". If u listen to the people he mentions should wear them, he's clearly not talking about black people lol
Matthew Richards (5 months ago)
Stephen Huvane he literally explained it to the first person who commented about it bud. Can't read minds, but he can read words.
Chaad (5 months ago)
+Stephen Huvane Yes he did in the comments.
Stephen Huvane (5 months ago)
How do you know that’s what he’s referring to? Did he tell you that? I’ve lived in nyc my whole life and never heard that theory. They got popular in 90s hip hop in New York (WTC, jay z) so then everyone wanted a pair aka how most fashion trends work. That’s crazy how you can read that dudes mind through a video, you must have a very very big brain.
lou00006 (5 months ago)
You're braindead buddy +Atlantaflea Marko
Starlin Peña (6 months ago)
had 2 stop when this no good racist made those sublime racial remarks fuck you and your kind i always heard the rumors of racist timberland manufacturers and never bought a pair until today but this video makes me wonder maybe there is some truth to those rumors
Rusti Shackleford (6 months ago)
Who gives a shit if thuggish black people wear them? Review the fuckin boot and leave ur personal social opinion out. I'd expect that type of shit from libtards and SJWs but a boot guy?
TheBootGuy (6 months ago)
It's hard for me to understand what your point is if you read the transaction of my statement you will notice I am speaking in a historical terms.
Xavier Lauzon (6 months ago)
I love my timberland boots. They’ve lasted for long now and can never let me down
King Lambert612 (6 months ago)
I prefer the all black Constructs way better more stylish
M W (6 months ago)
Finally someone who tied them correctly
zakc1982 (6 months ago)
I have owned these boots for over 10 years. And I kid you not when I say that they still look fresh. Even the rubber heels have not worn out. Proper quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship. Well worth the money
Creatix Studios (6 months ago)
Fuckin scumbag
J444 (6 months ago)
A very good boot for those who cannot justify spending 150+ on boots. Working class wear these boots and I hold mine dearly. Hell, it’s just like dr martens it’s a fashion statement, but what I found ill thought out on the review is “Who we see wearing them and what they represent leaves a bad taste in our mouth.” You might want to reconsider that because where I’m from Detroit you’ll see timbs everywhere even in the most rugged neighborhoods.
John Miller (7 months ago)
i've watched several of your videos now, and is there a boot you aren't in love with? are there any 'don't buy' reviews at all? As far as i can tell these aren't reviews as much as promotional videos. worthless waste of time.
TheBootGuy (7 months ago)
I'm sorry you feel that way. I guess if I didn't have an extensive background in material science and years of experience in the field working in several different disciplines. Then I could produce a few videos that might be a more "why not to buy". Also in all fairness to you. You are right, They are bit "cheerleader". But, I am only reviewing top of the line boots in all categories. Now the top of the line is not based on the monetary value of the product. But the time and materials to make the products. Two prime examples of Monetary based reviews are here. [ $800 https://youtu.be/JHq1o0qh24Q ] [ $20 https://youtu.be/gsiyMaAOANQ ]
Aaron Lewis (7 months ago)
Work boots...no... casual everyday wear.. in snow rain or whatever.. yes.. the are a good boot for everyday normal wear.. and yes they are now considered a fashion statement
Aaron Lewis (7 months ago)
My first pair i bought over 10 years... still great.. still waterproof.. and look good still worn
realtick (7 months ago)
The subtle racist innuendo at the 1:55 mark didn't go unnoticed cupcake.
charoak (3 months ago)
+dylon davis Nope. Timbs were used to recognise drug dealers in NY for some time. Look it up
Private Private (4 months ago)
Why? Do you associate the criminal element with minorities?
El Light (5 months ago)
ok I thought it was just me! The problem is that Timberland is an American company, hence American is not make America great again, Timberlands is simply a great Boot company BUT other Americans found it functional and fashionable for much different reasons, right here in America! All Americans have a great American company that serves different purposes! Now the boot needs to be torn down because its not...……………………………………………………………..(add your comment/or suggestion here)?
Eric Blac (5 months ago)
+fur io someone is angry at their little dick...geesh
swellingsuperman (5 months ago)
SJW alert!
Kevin S (7 months ago)
1:55 who wears them and what do they represent in what world? This guy sounds kinda racist..
Private Private (4 months ago)
In. Ernest If that rocks you then your foundation is weak.
Matthew Richards (5 months ago)
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn he literally stated a fact. What's there not to make sense? Timbs started off as a symbol of drug dealing. Eventually they moved to the hip hop scene, but their first recognized use was by the drug scene.
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (5 months ago)
Tanner Reed you sound dum that makes no sense
Hugh Jassol (6 months ago)
+Conrad Anderson What the fuck are you talking about? Now White guys are a persecuted minority like Jews in Nazi Germany? Woe is me woe is me! Please dear lord I pray to thee, make the White man stop suffering! Thy is wise and all knowing!
Tanner Reed (6 months ago)
+Conrad Anderson true dat
David Robinson (7 months ago)
had a pair back in the early 80's nice boot, but my feet would sweat and orange would be on my socks.after awhile lining would rip.
Jim Paul (7 months ago)
buy a pair of tmbs you will be satified belive me i love them
Luda Jaba (7 months ago)
Are the 2017-2018 models insides written : Made in china ? I bought them, they seem all original, just says made in china
Aurelius (7 months ago)
Yeah they're real. Timberlands are also manufactured in other Asian countries as well because of cheap labour and manufacturing cost.
Fru Clovis (7 months ago)
Do they run true to size or are bigger than sneaker sizes.
Indy 724 (7 months ago)
Fru Clovis Late but I hear they run about a half size bigger.
Ewan Gage (7 months ago)
I might be going to NYC if so I might cop a pair of these lol
Jiafei (7 months ago)
is it even worth to resole these, or just grab a new pair once the sole wears out. How do you care for these boots?
Jiafei (7 months ago)
thanks for the advice. Actually i recently purchased a pair of Beckmans, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna throw 100 dollars in the garbage.
B4 freedomfighter (7 months ago)
Throw them in the garbage and get a pair of red wings or thoroughgoods
lachrome (8 months ago)
You talking about "who wears them and what they represent" this boot is the heart and sole of new yorkian footwear. It represents hustle, durability and wear.
malik ebk (5 months ago)
+B4 freedomfighter boy ...Haha cunt
B4 freedomfighter (7 months ago)
Haha. Hustle. Okay boy.
spilledcoffee777 (8 months ago)
No I use them as a style soo
Gojira (8 months ago)
timberland made these boots for the working man not for black guys in the hood
J444 (6 months ago)
Finn The Human Redwing, Thorogood, And other highend brands can be worn by anyone.
Sanjivee Kovoor (8 months ago)
What about Superdry boots? How are they? Worth money?
Sanjivee Kovoor (8 months ago)
Review Woodland boots.
vicarious1028 (8 months ago)
I worked in a glass factory back in the 90s and I must say, these boots held up tremendously to the rigors of walking on glass all day. However, as a casual boot, they just scream ghetto to me. I'll stick to my Danners for casual and outdoor boots.
patton (9 months ago)
These boots are amazing. I had mine for 6 years and still holding up pretty good to this day. They are really great for winter and all year around.
sobic68 (9 months ago)
Hey so I need some help, I have to get work boots for a mechanic class and they need to be steel toed and oil resistant soles, and I really want these pair of boots instead of the timberland pros, would this boot meet the requirements of what I need ^
Anthony Moser (8 months ago)
sobic68 no there not, go to fleet farm or somewhere else.
Diesel Juarez jr (9 months ago)
Had a pair for over 15 years and still look new
Aurelius (9 months ago)
How durable are these shoes? With occasional use how long do you reckon a pair of timbs would last?
OLIVER BARNETT (6 months ago)
AssasinArsenal47 yep 4 days a week I wear them. Make sure you get a cleaning kit and they will go much father.
Aurelius (6 months ago)
+OLIVER BARNETT Do you use them often?
OLIVER BARNETT (8 months ago)
I’ve have a pair of timberlands and they look like they did when I brought them over a year ago.
Aviaz X (9 months ago)
You buy a pair of timberland iditarod super boots they may last you up to twenty years
Aurelius (9 months ago)
TheBootGuy That's impressive!
Brian Lomas (9 months ago)
After using the boots for about 4 years, the soles fell out !
Jonathan Antonio (6 months ago)
Be proud!
Shung (9 months ago)
No Pe (9 months ago)
I can remember 30 years ago. When timberland boots were something to be proud of. Now days... Well. I cut the timberland tag off of my timbo pro 24/7s. Had to fix the souls with gorilla glue and some c clamps in less than 10 months. Because they were falling off Theres a pea sized hole in the "tough" thick leather, 14 months in. For Christmas i plan to buy myself some redwings for casual wear and Irish setters for work. The timbo steel toes are gonna go in the trash. Unless this guy "video poster" wants them. To shoe everyone how shitty they are.
Elle Sea (7 months ago)
When I sold them at my first job in UK, Timberland had a repair deal with a major chain who did British Army boot repairs. Nowadays, they're American equivalent to DMs.
sleepingbear (10 months ago)
'Who you see wearing them and what they represent' put a bad taste in your mouth huh? Fucking piece of shit.
Slippin' Jimmy (10 months ago)
I've worn these for almost 30 years. I know my size so can always order online. They are a great boot for motorcycling or just casual wearing. Are they the same quality as they were 30 years ago? Prolly not.. But they aren't bad enough for me to change just yet.

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