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How To Lace Timberland Boots!!!

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In this video I will be showing you how to lace 6in Timbs. If you guys did go on to enjoy the video smash that like button and subscribe if you aren't already. Have a Triracial Day BYEEEEE!!!!
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Text Comments (25)
WavyKevin (3 days ago)
Finally a goated tutorial
Cole Terry (2 months ago)
Lol you are just a noob😂😂😂
Jaedon Chambers (2 months ago)
thanks man that was helpful👍
Matthew Mukherjee (2 months ago)
this video came in clutch. best lacing video i found on Timbs so far
Booty O Jay (2 months ago)
Glooks bro
Redline870 (2 months ago)
What does “sah” mean? You kept saying it while lacing them.
Squizzix (28 days ago)
I’m pretty sure he’s saying “so yea” but I see y it’s confusing
Fxlkki (2 months ago)
probably so
Redline870 (2 months ago)
Like at 2:06
Sergio Sanchez (2 months ago)
Di more plzzz
David Coleman (3 months ago)
Man you are one smart kid . I am a grown ass man and I did not know this .
Tri Racial (3 months ago)
Aye thanks man, appreciate the comment!
TJCS (4 months ago)
Drop the camera a little so your face is centred in the video next time
Tri Racial (3 months ago)
Ok I’ll try it thanks for the input
iirundouble heavy (4 months ago)
that was ass😂😂😂
ABEL AUGUSTO (6 months ago)
Tri Racial (3 months ago)
Thank you hope you enjoyed
Amadou Ndiaye (11 months ago)
thanks bro
Sebastian Whitworth (1 year ago)
Right on lil bre laced my blacks timbs now they looking right 😎
Alex DaCarthy (1 year ago)
Thanks bro 💪🏾 I just learnt how to lace any shoe 💀
Eldridge Hainesworth (1 year ago)
Your_Daddy_ 1738 (1 year ago)
Where do u buy yo kicks
Almighty Tre (1 year ago)
OGKickz 23 footsu ker
HypebeastTV (1 year ago)
Thanks been needing lacing videos, do one for LeBron 12
Tri Racial (1 year ago)
HypebeastTV aight I'll see

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