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Axidraw plotter, j'axidessine ? : Shop time #9

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Tipeee : https://www.tipeee.com/jacques-shop-time Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jcommej/ Site officiel : http://jacqueslopez.com/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jcommej/ J'ai trouvé ce petit plotter sur Gearbest, version copié du modèle V1 de l'axidraw. Est-ce que ça marche bien ? En bonus une petite présentation de l'extension inkscape d'axidraw.
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I Eye (2 months ago)
Software and set up? I got the same one but with out instruction or any thing like that, only hardware.
Douglas Brown (5 months ago)
I dont speak fluent "peanut butter throat"
Phil Hario (10 months ago)
Dear Jacques, I watched most of your video, but my French is quite rusty. From what I understand you didn't go into detail on the quality of the gearbest drawer compared to the axidraw (you only mentioned that one of the components was slightly rotated on one of its axes) . In the UK, the gearbest plotter is only about 40% of the cost of the AxiDraw. Can you go into more detail on whether the savings are worth it? Is the Chinese version expected to be 'future' proof in the sense that it will always work with the Inkscape extension? Feel free to write your comments in French if necessary as I can read it much better than I can write it! Thanks!
Anima (10 months ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue The title is English Why isn't the video too?!
Jimmy Jupiter (1 year ago)
merci pour cette vidéo qui m'a tout simplement sauvé,mème que passer du coq a âne revenir sur le sujet en fin de vidéo c'est déroutant sur ma carte il y a deux boutons PRG et RST
Jacques Lopez (1 year ago)
Pareil j'ai les deux boutons aussi, il faut tester seulement 1 met la machine en pause mais je ne sais jamais lequel. Le format est étrange mais je ne voulais pas alourdir avec les info technique, j'aurais du l'indiquer dans la vidéo c'est vrai.
Khurram Ch (1 year ago)
hello, plz tell me how to set working limit for the plotter .I bought a kit from ali express every thing is fine but I dont kn now how to use this machine to draw sketches .It will go beyound the axis and apply force to break them during sketching .the servo motor didnt attach the pen on page plz guide me how to calliberate my plotter . i am using arduino uno,nema 17 motors,servo tower pro and cnc shield.
Khurram Ch (1 year ago)
Jacques Lopez (1 year ago)
Khurram Ch I have no idea but why send something bigger than the machine capabilities. You are flipping the problem upside down. Just don't and problem resolved
Khurram Ch (1 year ago)
is there any way to set the working limit in hex file ?i download it from https://github.com/misan/grbl-servo then i upload the hex file to arduino uno using xloader
Khurram Ch (1 year ago)
i set the parameters in document properties using inkscape . I am using UGS to send gcode file
Khurram Ch (1 year ago)
Joseph Henry (1 year ago)
Bonjour! Un conseil pour où acheter cette sympathique machine?
Joseph Henry (1 year ago)
Jacques Lopez merci bien!
Jacques Lopez (1 year ago)
D'après mes recherches rapide tu la trouve en cherchant "drawing machine" dans google. sur Banggood ou tomtop elle sont vraiment pas cher et ce sont des modèles équivalent je pense à celle que j'ai. Après je n'ai pas précisément test ces versions de la machine...
Prinesh Phalgunan (1 year ago)
Could you please help me set up inkscape software by taking remote access of my computer. I'm not able to plot anything
Moath Taleb (2 years ago)
Hi I want to use this printer I have the same but do not know how to use it
Moath Taleb (2 years ago)
Jacques Lopez (2 years ago)
+Moath Taleb you can go on axidraw.com there is all the information in a pdf about which software to download and how to use the machine because it's exactly the same. Or on the product page on gearbest there is a zip with everything you need software pdf etc.
Zach Benedict (2 years ago)
Where did you purchase this kit?
Jacques Lopez (2 years ago)
On Gearbest.com by typing Writing Drawing Robot.

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