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Mans Not Hot performed by Big Shaq (Michael Dapaah) Available to Buy & Stream NOW! - https://bigshaq.lnk.to/MansNotHotID Directed & Edited By Marv Brown Instagram - @MarvBrownFilms - https://www.instagram.com/MarvBrownFilms/ Video Produced By Michael Dapaah: Instagram - @MichaelDapaah_ - https://www.instagram.com/MichaelDapaah_/ Twitter - @MichaelDapaah_ - https://twitter.com/MichaelDapaah_ Facebook - Michael Dapaah TV https://www.facebook.com/MichaelDapaahTV/home Snapchat - ImSoDapaah SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/vsrLyz MORE VIDEOS TO COME! STAY TUNED! #SWIL Island Records © 2017
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Text Comments (311683)
Adrian Wong (8 minutes ago)
Big shaq was the only thing that was good about youtube rewind 2018
Pond Sattawat (18 minutes ago)
From -Thailand-
Lil Dino (39 minutes ago)
The girls says put on the jacket babe mans not cold
waziri jerry (44 minutes ago)
still watching this
Phantom Fury (48 minutes ago)
This will never get old unlike the rewind cringe fest
Raditya Faeyza (50 minutes ago)
Mans not sucks
Sаnyo4ek (1 hour ago)
Anas Elshobakey (1 hour ago)
So goooooood
Django Di (2 hours ago)
Скрааааааа попопопо
The Multitaskers (2 hours ago)
Who came here after watching YouTube rewind 2018
Aryan jhariya (2 hours ago)
Lama toes! !!
Yam Productions (3 hours ago)
Quack Quack Quack
Mas Jawa (4 hours ago)
My nigga
SixPacMan ツ Official (4 hours ago)
2:26 speed 2x
bossboss boss (4 hours ago)
Who else just came here after the YouTube Rewind which sucks by the way
bossboss boss (4 hours ago)
2 + 2 = 4 million likes
bossboss boss (4 hours ago)
pow ooooooooooooooooooooooo
When my mom tells me to take my jacket off inside
bossboss boss (4 hours ago)
Smok tres jsjhshshajzjzhsgd znajsudgsnsjzhshsh
Chicken Nuggets (5 hours ago)
Dec 2018 ?
SixPacMan ツ Official (5 hours ago)
who here cuz' meme?
Anand dhanola (6 hours ago)
Let's go big man
Thegamer1542 (6 hours ago)
Rewind has 2m dislikes 2+2=4 4m is how many likes man's not hot has
Harshvir Brar (7 hours ago)
2019 like 💙
Caroline Flemens (7 hours ago)
BigShaq, the worlds greatest mathematician
Katie (7 hours ago)
The thing is this is obviously a joke but some RETARDED shit ruined it by listening to seriously so if your one of those spachead thank you for ruining what could have been a meme
Mas Ghifar (7 hours ago)
Hisham Zaki (7 hours ago)
What is this fucking stupid lyrics. I didn't understand what he is talking about
Memes tube (8 hours ago)
Coming back to this legend cus I'm bored
Abel Mretie (9 hours ago)
He protec He attac But mostly He big shac
JammieJam (9 hours ago)
This isn’t fucking music
Kam.Gamer 262 (9 hours ago)
Why did I come here after watching YouTube rewind 2018
The What (9 hours ago)
Top 10 rappers that Eminem is too afraid to diss
starnerd666 (9 hours ago)
TRIPLE E (9 hours ago)
The YouTube rewind dislike was like boom pop pop skiii ya😂😂
Exile 44 (11 hours ago)
13 months later and this is still a meme
Rokadio :v (11 hours ago)
1:07 when you finish a math problem in 50 seconds
Lukkenzi HD (12 hours ago)
Honestly Mos Def's Mathtematics ain't got shit on this.
S.E.J.F (12 hours ago)
0:46 skrrr
S.E.J.F (12 hours ago)
william willy (12 hours ago)
MASTER Master Master
Luciano Food (12 hours ago)
Is he is African or Jamaican ?
Lucas Farfan (12 hours ago)
This took him 3 years to write, be thankful
Uploader Of Anything (12 hours ago)
This guy should be a teacher in school he knows the alphabet and what’s 2+2
Uploader Of Anything (12 hours ago)
Why was this not in YouTube rewind???
AssassinTiger (13 hours ago)
2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 12 - 1 = 11 quick maths xD
Noor Bitar (13 hours ago)
My man here teaching maths
Jānis Zukulis (13 hours ago)
Bongo cat
Marina Poirier (13 hours ago)
Srrr pap pap
Mois Pierre (14 hours ago)
i hate life (14 hours ago)
This is *101020010192* times better then fucking rewind. Damn
tiger shark2.0 (14 hours ago)
last year my dad was 44 he is a magican
NavilNDG (14 hours ago)
Still smoke them trees out here
The 2018 rewind has this in it but this was from 2017... *sin count +20*
ORAY Art (15 hours ago)
Yup..man not hot..haha
BeastHugzHD (15 hours ago)
0:24 bless you
Joel Saez (15 hours ago)
HEY, I'M COLD :) 1:52
nut zeeb (15 hours ago)
Best part from youtube rewind
Twist Ro (16 hours ago)
Twist Ro (16 hours ago)
activehighCatnip [AC] (16 hours ago)
Watch out em
YTB Gamer (16 hours ago)
Put this at your dads 44th birthday
Chaiwat Ngaoseethong (16 hours ago)
lyrics please
Kiama Krist (16 hours ago)
Blake Williams (16 hours ago)
Why is he in 2018 rewind
Bot Banan (16 hours ago)
*2:34** Skibidi*
Jamie Lewis (17 hours ago)
im 40 and you can try and spin my jaw.. ill give you my boxing club address and you can come round and do your best in a sparring session. Lets do it like real men i.e leave you shooter, knives and homies behind , you know all those things that make you feel like an adult ...
stef ferre (18 hours ago)
Rytmix Stslker (18 hours ago)
Скра папам пум пум пум
9GAGo (18 hours ago)
When the meme is dead and its 2018 and end of youtube rewind 2018 and still watches this
Lord Fimbelging (19 hours ago)
You know Khalid sucks ass when he calls this guy a "legend"
DAGGER SQUAD (19 hours ago)
Who else is here from YouTube rewind
Jaydon Kullar (19 hours ago)
Mom: what did u learn in school Me: 1:05 Mom: CORRECT Me: 2:30
Ahwoofe (20 hours ago)
Who ever taught him english should be shot
Dzung MayKhoi (20 hours ago)
Sub each other okay
FANNY FOX [BS] (20 hours ago)
Я одинешенек здесь российский? ДЖИНГОС ГРРРРАА
XxMarkDaNoobxX TwitchTv (20 hours ago)
No my dads 60
Inspectorate Unit RBAF (20 hours ago)
Skrrrrrr pop pop!
KM Pikachu (20 hours ago)
2:26 you and i come Just for this part
Skrraaa papapap skraapap ea
General Cody 101 (21 hours ago)
But is man never cold??????
Edtreme 378 (21 hours ago)
Mr. Orange (22 hours ago)
Godzilla: Smoke trees Big Shaq: *_SMOKE TREES_*
Game Play TV (22 hours ago)
December 2018?
Aslina Yatin (22 hours ago)
You need more IQ to understand this rap
Narek Avetisyan (22 hours ago)
So this how an alien would think humans rap.
Frazix Gaming (1 day ago)
*NoSe LoNg LiKe GaRdEn HoSe*
Goofy Goober (1 day ago)
*2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30* *2:30*
Pejtu Joker (1 day ago)
this is fkn dumb as fuck but funny as fuck at the same time LUL
ORLASMI (1 day ago)
Кто российский ?
Hayden Lee (1 day ago)
비트가 응프리스타일이네
Lou Fox (1 day ago)
2 + 2 =4
Venom Gaming (1 day ago)
Mom:what do you learn from school Me:i learned this.this is amazing 1:05
DaniMos Z (1 day ago)
2:33 escuby Du papa y el pum pum pum pa pa xdxd
Dat Little Seagull (1 day ago)
You’re marrying bongo cat
viva chihuahua (1 day ago)
Esto si es un rapero no como el bad bunny
Offical BaoR (1 day ago)
Had to come back cause of rewind
Kassim Charles (1 day ago)
real rep

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