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How to Avoid a Lightroom Classic CC Catalog Disaster

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Adobe Worldwide Evangelist Terry White is here with a tip on how you can avoid a potential Lightroom Classic CC Catalog Disaster. If you use Lightroom Classic CC then you'll definitely want to watch this video.
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Karsten Bruun Qvist (2 months ago)
According to this post: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2451371 backing up with checking intergrity checked is no garantee that the catalog is intact - and the discussion in the thread doesn't seem to have clarified the issue. Could you, or one of your collegues comment on this potentially important issue?
Dennis Richardson (3 months ago)
Hi Terry, I have had this problem and my Catalog as not repaired itself !!! how do i get to a previous backup to reinstall a previous backup ??? It did not tell me that there was a problem backing up until I tried to reopen Lightroom, any ideas please would be greatly appreciated as i have just photographed my nieces wedding and they were coming to look at the photos tomorrow !!! HELP
Michael Summers (3 months ago)
You made a comment on this video. https://youtu.be/rQ5RSBFHNTw You said Bridge is not free. It actually is free. Bridge CC wants to import a file into a subscription-based program. I say Bridge CC is free because you don't need to be log in to Adobe to use it.
Lance McCaughan (3 months ago)
backing up the catalog is basic. mine happens ever 24 hours
willie miller (3 months ago)
think u
Crates 10 (3 months ago)
Excellent, thank you!
Neil Snape (3 months ago)
Good points Terry. I have always used a Time Machine thinking all was safe. Around twice a year I do a LR initiated backup too. I have only had one small problem that was corrected by doing a backup. With this video it reminded to check. No problems found but I'll be sure to do this more often. Also while cleaning out backups I noticed that when loading a different catalogue, you have the check Integrity button.
AharonD (3 months ago)
Bad Adobe!!! Why isn't there just an option to test the integrity of the catalog when I open it in the settings? This seems way too much to go thru just to test the integrity, most of us have developed a back-up workflow for years. Sorry Adobe but you guys are dropping the ball with LR.
Karsten Bruun Qvist (3 months ago)
I find it quite useful to have my catalogue backup on a different drive than the catalogue itself, as an insurance in case the catalogue drive crashes
Terry White (3 months ago)
A Hobbyist Photographer (3 months ago)
You started "freaking out!" Lol!!
Bill Brown (3 months ago)
Good lesson. Thanks. Now do one on RECOVERING a backup. My Lightroom catalog crashed right after the last update. I tried to recover with the last weeks backup made with the integrity box checked as this video showed. When unzipped, Lightroom gave me an error. What’s the proper restore method? (I finally found a valid backup from about 4 months earlier. Recovery took a while, but most of my edits were in xmp sidecars—thankfully!)
Vernon Nash (3 months ago)
Thank you Terry
Fernando Sanchez-Magrane (3 months ago)
Thank you for the great info
Stephen Sims (3 months ago)
Terry. Very helpful. but on checking the file sizes I found that my backups are average 12 MB with a Lightroom file size of 19GB. Are you able to explain the differences compared to your files sizes????
Terry White (3 months ago)
Stephen Sims depends on the size of your catalog and there is only so much compression that can happen on smaller catalogs.
James Hutcheon (3 months ago)
I had never had a corrupt catalog until 3 updates ago, now it's a recurring theme!
airscrew1 (3 months ago)
ACDSEE is miles better than Lightroom. Lightroom takes forever to load a catalogue if there are hundreds of files in it. ACDSEE is instant.
Valerie Hollifield (3 months ago)
Thanks Terry!
CS Chua (3 months ago)
Whenever Lightroom says it needs to repair the catalog, after the repair it is advisable to do a resync of the photos you have in all the folders in the repaired catalog. If the resync results in missing photos and a reimport, those photos will be fresh and you may need to reapply whatever edits, metadata you had added previously.
Terry White (3 months ago)
You shouldn't need to resync anything just because you repaired you catalog. If you do have to replace images with fresh copies then yes you'll need to reapply the edits to them as well.
Gary Kranston (3 months ago)
Great tip Terry! I have a recurring reminder with the link to my backup folder in my Outlook calendar set for every 3 months to clean out the older backups.
last0084 (3 months ago)
Problem with my LR catalog.Running a sync folder and when I returned, there were no pictures in the catalog. Pictures were obviously left on the disk.Tried to restart with the backup copy of the catalog that was zipped, thar did nor worked of course. Used a program recommended on the problem description at Abebe suport site, 72X, how to do with the zipped catalog.After much work with this, all my presets have disappeared.How to locate and restore the presets.Thank you for all the advice.Sincerely
James Harris (3 months ago)
This is a bit off-topic but the first time LightRoom came out with both CC and Classic versions I did the update and just let it loose, assuming it would just do it's normal thing. But after an hour or so I discovered LightRoom was moving files from their folders (inside Canon Images) and putting them in other folders labeled by date. I DID NOT WANT THIS! I had spent so much time carefully creating a folder structure that made sense for me. Then I discovered it had moved on to a Drobo in another room and was doing the same with it. There were hundreds of thousands of graphic files that had nothing to do with my photography and having that tampered with would be a disaster. I was unable to get LightRoom to stop and I was unable to get it to stop the operation. And I was unable to even turn off the Drobo while it was running. Then I made a huge mistake, I pulled the power cord on the Drobo, forcing a stop. This corrupted the stack (4 10TB Drives) and rendered the Drobo unusable. An estimate of the cost of a data recovery was from $,2000 to $10,000. I was forced to spend the next two months ripping my entire movie collection again and still lost a significant portion of it. I am still in the process of recovering lost data. The only safe thing was to purchase another Drobo equipped with the same number of drives and use the 2nd one as a backup of the 1st. I decided it was not worth the effort to try and figure out what happened or even contact Adobe. After all would they lift a finger to restore my lost data? Now I make sure that Drobo is powered down before using LightRoom and I never use CC only Classic or Mobile. It really doesn't matter how careful you are, there is always the potential for disaster. Even regular backups still may not always keep you safe. I looked into BackBlaze as an option but discovered it would require a year to complete the first backup.
1BigBucks1 (3 months ago)
Might be nice if Adobe had a Check Integrity option in the Prefs you could check so the user could get ahead of this problem, right?
Naeem (3 months ago)
what is your pc configuration
Thanks for giving us the lesson .

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