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Free Nike Basketball Shoes/Clothing!

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Big thank you to Nike for hooking us up during the summer is serious event! Here's what was all given to us by the staff and the good people over at Nike. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (786)
Titus Bermudez (11 months ago)
I'm here in 2018
Mara Hillanbrand (11 months ago)
how to test products my daughternwant basket ball shoes
Jack Villarino (1 year ago)
hi..I need some basketball shoes..please.. donate me...
LouWop Lighter (2 years ago)
Hadi Jama (1 year ago)
Super Gamer lol
Koran Broyles (2 years ago)
how does one get to this summer is serious competition
Andre Canlas (2 years ago)
i whnt the kd oreng
Adam Deitz (2 years ago)
do you have any shoes left
Emie Anog (2 years ago)
im from qatar aziziya zone 50 building 19
Emie Anog (2 years ago)
can i have nike kyrie 2 for my son cause he got shoes called Nike Sequent its bad pls
Ethan Baria (2 years ago)
its not a giveaway and this video was like 3 years ago
DVillzzz (2 years ago)
Jill Duke (2 years ago)
i just got my meteorology kds, they are so fresh
Thyab Ali (2 years ago)
I want a kyrie irving jersey im 12 years old im little boy size small please
MJdoubleG (2 years ago)
Thyab Ali you are 12 year old boy and you wear a small??? I've only been 13 for a few months and I wear a large/XL Large.
Kobe (2 years ago)
...not a giveaway
Thyab Ali (2 years ago)
What size is kyrie irving
Sam Jimenez (2 years ago)
I hoy u bro
marlon dominguez (2 years ago)
This vid was 3 yrs ago
Biggesparrow445 Kritch (2 years ago)
I want dem shoes
Shannan Pete (2 years ago)
is it free
Kobe (2 years ago)
not a giveaway. ......
Jordan Nixon (2 years ago)
Let me know about any of the shoes I don't have any many and my parents don't want to bus any and if you guys have size 10 to 11 that is my size
Jordan Nixon (2 years ago)
I would love the 2013 hyperdunk
Jordan Nixon (2 years ago)
Any of the shoes what ever you have left I would like to know
Steven Stokes jr (2 years ago)
How mutch are the KD shoes?????
Holly Wood (2 years ago)
Esther Aguirre (2 years ago)
How much is it for the basketball because I want to buy it
Mark Andrew Leonardo (2 years ago)
Mark Andrew Leonardo (2 years ago)
can i have the hyperdunk?
Mio 125 Journy (2 years ago)
i want the sock plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Mio 125 Journy (2 years ago)
i want that :(:(:(
Wariors blew 3-1 Lead (2 years ago)
Please Can You Subcribe To MikkyT He Needs 500 Subcribers
Joseph Giarratano (2 years ago)
sorry I can not because I made a mistake for spelling.
Joseph Giarratano (2 years ago)
I am super big fan of Nike and I an not get it because to much money man.Your awesome stay cool and the best.I will be nice if you give me some. Nike champion
John Andreyy Sajolga (2 years ago)
wow caan i have one because i have a fake curry and it is so unconfortable god i hope so
Michael (2 years ago)
lol this makes me laught cause my bro was so hype that he bough curry 2s but then he got scammed and it was faked xD i coudnt stop dying
Jacob Butters (2 years ago)
This video is almost three years old wtf lmao
Kohi (2 years ago)
+Junjun Sajolga kys
John Andreyy Sajolga (2 years ago)
hmmm your right :) ty
Manny James Malibong (2 years ago)
Then save money and buy original ones
siara moppin (2 years ago)
i want what ever you have left
todocherry 4 (2 years ago)
how can i get a starter pack
DOPE Is good (2 years ago)
todocherry 4 wtf is that
Placid Frost (2 years ago)
+KickGenius I would rally love a pair of any shoes for basketball cause the only shoes i have is fake adidas that are old if u are a kind person my adress is 3145 s tyler avn 65804 Missouri thax ure te best
Uzeir Badal (3 years ago)
king schmidt (3 years ago)
my birthday is on the 21st and im not getting any presents and no presents for christmas cause we cant afford it
Nike_basketball 154 (2 years ago)
same here
Dhruva Shah (2 years ago)
+tyler schmidt sameeeee thats so cool
Deagan Johnson (3 years ago)
Nike is treating you rite
Gracie White (3 years ago)
heaps chill
Gracie White (3 years ago)
heaps chill
Loreisha Gamers (3 years ago)
i got jordan elite sock men im your best fan i love you kick genius
Kyler Owenby (3 years ago)
i am por and 12 so can I hav free shoes pleese send them two my hose. 69 Magina st quahog Rhode Island 69420. size 12 plese
LouWop Lighter (2 years ago)
YOUR 12 and YOU WEAR SIZE 12 ??How
Finn Pretzel (2 years ago)
Now everyone dat sees dis knows where you live so great job Not
Jay Epperson (2 years ago)
your dumb as hell
Jay Epperson (2 years ago)
your dumb as hell
YBS (3 years ago)
Hoe do get these for free
Gabriel Espadon (3 years ago)
I Need some Jordan! 😭😭 Pleaseeee! Size 9.5 Tho
Kobe (2 years ago)
..not a giveaway
Deagan Johnson (3 years ago)
+Gabriel Espadon dude settle down
Tamer Habib (3 years ago)
+NinjaTie He prob asking someone to sell'em to him
Aleksandar Zivkovic (3 years ago)
wow i would love something like that
cryptiks (3 years ago)
Only Nike shoes I've had is the flex runs when I was like 12 I got 100 dollars for my birthday so I bought a pair 😂
Cody denton (3 years ago)
KG What is yore favorite shoe ever?
Lil Jank (3 years ago)
can i have the seat pleasent kds im poor i cant afford that stuff kickgenius
kiks dude 21 yo6 are lying i went to your channel
Nick (3 years ago)
You can get them for like $60 nowadays.
TheZEEbutBEE (3 years ago)
+Aiden Elrod hes not gonna give you shoes the fuck r u thinking, no offense but still
Kcurry (3 years ago)
+Aiden Elrod This video was posted like 2 years ago.
Dundee Espina (3 years ago)
Dope!!! Wish i could be like you guys
Matt Waring (3 years ago)
Did you pay to go to the event or was it free?
Kyle Keogh (3 years ago)
Got anything left? Btw I'm a huge fan I've watched nearly every performance review and liked as many as possible so far looking at those kds man they're dope
Cheryl Preston (3 years ago)
♥♥♥ and stop saying dude you guys are so annoying and ur bragging dummies
Kay vlogs (3 years ago)
Lol 0:11
Liliana Diaz (2 years ago)
can I have some
tylar dill (3 years ago)
They bought everything
DOPE Is good (2 years ago)
tylar dill no they didn't
Daniel Perez (3 years ago)
DomzGotKickz (3 years ago)
If by any chance you don't want any shoes or anything you have plz donate to me I need some new kicks.
Jamere Allen (3 years ago)
Jamere Allen (3 years ago)
How do u play for them and get the free gift
BROEDY AMEND (3 years ago)
Can I get something
jlsschai (3 years ago)
Jordan Young (3 years ago)
I really want.that i will pay you for it were u live
Joshua Smith (3 years ago)
walker hentschel (3 years ago)
Are they going to have a nike summer is serious event this 2015 by the staff and how to sign up for that? Please comment back at me please.
Tanuja Nalluri (3 years ago)
I have the hyperdunks in the red colorway
Inactive (3 years ago)
Are you guys on an AAU team is that why you get so much free stuff?
jlsschai (3 years ago)
+Darius Cluff It was for the Nike Summer is Serious event
TMANINATOR 001 (3 years ago)
wow u guys got some awesome stuff!!! i could never dream about gettin those stuff! also good game u guys played too! man i have been dreamin to see KD or any NBA player so u guys earned it!!!
Anamika Dahiya (3 years ago)
Give me one of those shoes man
jlsschai (3 years ago)
+Anamika Dahiya No
RETRO (3 years ago)
How do you sign up for the giveaway.
RETRO (3 years ago)
i know the giveaways from how much likes from other videos?
jlsschai (3 years ago)
+Five Gaming It's not a giveaway
Isaac Estavillo (3 years ago)
Can i have 1pair of hyperdunk
Luka Matic (3 years ago)
Have a dunk contest .
streisand avila (3 years ago)
Can I have a shoes I never had one
Sabastion Towler (3 years ago)
But love the vids
Sabastion Towler (3 years ago)
Why u Hating on harden
Celestina Garcia (3 years ago)
How do you get free stuff like that
J-Nasty (3 years ago)
If I went to one of the Nike basketball camps, will there be contests where you win Nike basketballs, bags, etc.
Matt Waring (3 years ago)
+Celestina Garcia Nike invited them to a summer is serious event same with adidas. And then thy just give them free stuff. Adidas also did something like it.
Vanessa Gandy (3 years ago)
How. To get. The. Shoes. And. Clothes. What. Web.
Suprem Taem (3 years ago)
They went to summer is serious so mien gave them stuff I guess
colin miles (3 years ago)
Are u guys still selling free shoes
Spencertheking (3 years ago)
+Ryan Fearro thank you
EJ R (3 years ago)
No Kobe's
Haroon Afzal (3 years ago)
That smile from trey was funny
Daniel Padovano (3 years ago)
like the hyperdunk 2013 and all the kd 6
Andrew_830 (3 years ago)
how did you guys get the free stuff my youtube nake is andy gamer message back if you can still get the stuff
Kerem Keskin (3 years ago)
+andy gamer You are stupid af boi....
Spencertheking (3 years ago)
+andy gamer and why did you even bother to say your youtube name, hey, dummy, i can see what it is
Andrew_830 (3 years ago)
what ever
Ronnie Luntsford (3 years ago)
I just made some pink lemonade 14s😂
Joshua Mahone (3 years ago)
@KickGenius what team do you guys play for that gives you free expensive nice shoes from Nike?
RIKSHAL Raj (3 years ago)
Can  I have all the elite socks please iam 12 year old i live Hayward ca my address is 2769 Hayward ca 94545 cook place if you want to send me elite socks it will make my day
brian webster (3 years ago)
Can you do a give away for a pair a pair of Nike kd 6's
JaneAnne Arnone (3 years ago)
can i have kd 6
jlsschai (3 years ago)
+JaneAnne Arnone Nope
K Ross campbell (3 years ago)
Hey kickgenius help out on getting shoes some shoes are money
Michael Ntovolis (3 years ago)
Have you ever done a giveaway sorry but i new subscriber to you..
Aiden Tounkara Music (3 years ago)
You guys should do a video about your shoes and your collection of all the shoes you have
kamron konebread (3 years ago)
hey i think you should call the pink shoes the pink panthers
Enrique Arias (3 years ago)
Hey kick genius I am 14 and I love to play basketball and I love to watch your guys videos you guy really inspired me to go hard because I see you both how good you guys play I was wondering if I can have the nike elite bag because I haft to walk a long ways to get to the nearest basketball court mabey 2 miles from where I live thank you guys keep making good videos and good looking out brother
chris wannemacher (4 years ago)
I want kds
Nikko Calaguas (4 years ago)
the pink lemonades are FFFFIRE!!!
Matthew Deltoro (4 years ago)
Nice stuff
Adarius McBeath (4 years ago)
Jake Pringle (4 years ago)
I would name them the pink panthers. That's ice some of the best lookin shoes I've seen!!
Oliver Stanojevic (4 years ago)
U are rich as fu*k 😱
GaMiNg_ViDz (4 years ago)
When is the next summer is serious
Elijah Wallen (4 years ago)
With some KD Elite socks?
Ryan (3 years ago)
Anything you need bro you're a fellow hooper!
Elijah Wallen (4 years ago)
Can I get some Nike KD 6's size 10?
Elijah Wallen (3 years ago)
Ok ill make one
Ryan (3 years ago)
+Elijah Wallen 100% authentic. Sorry bro you gotta hi the up on instagram if you want em.
Elijah Wallen (3 years ago)
Do you have facebook? I'm not on instagram.
Elijah Wallen (3 years ago)
Ryan (3 years ago)
Yeah for sure bro I'll hook you up! Dm me on Instagram @superiorspidermods
Young player (4 years ago)
How do you get into the summer Nike program
Gage Thompson (4 years ago)
Which I could get free kds
Feng Yolanda (4 years ago)
hi everybody cheaper shoes from china if need ,pls contact with skype:goodpricechina thanks
crosss curioso (4 years ago)
can i have the pink lemonade plss because i need a basketball shoe .
King Kerem (4 years ago)
Yeah there gonna give it to u because u asked... Work for money or get ur own shoes stop bein a broke boy
Cajhae Tucker (4 years ago)
hi my name is cajhae  tucker i live in south Carolina and i really like hat you guys are doing however i am a very good basketball player to i am 12 in the seventh grade and is the youngest on my team but one of the top three and i really need basketball shoes that can grip the ground if you can please send sises 11 or 12 that would really make my day thanks for reading and goodbye keep doing Wat Ur doing
William Horner (4 years ago)
Those are sick
Johnny Boy (4 years ago)
I'm gonna be there one day #StriveforGreatness
Anthony Bras (4 years ago)
Can I get the purple and black kd 6 9.5
solder ganstar (4 years ago)
Can you guy's hook me up with the jordan or lebron socks because theres people showing off whit kd gear
Ian O'Shaughnessy (4 years ago)
that stuff all together is probebly more than 1000 dollars they hella lucky especially the shoes is about 1000 dollars

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