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Hawksbill sea turtles 9-11-17

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"Little O" dives down and confronts "Barnacle Billie" and then leaves Billie to scratch her carapace.
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Wild Me (2 months ago)
Where did you see this Turtle?
Don McLeish (2 months ago)
These turtles were off Kaanapali Beach, West side of the island of Maui, Hawaii
notsunkyet (4 months ago)
The back of her carapace looks damaged. You can see it when she turns around to have a scratch on the other side. Has it healed since this filming, do you know?
Ronald Riccio (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great footage Don! It's a good thing that Little O let Billie be, as she had some serious scratching to do! Aloha, Carol
Jeff Bernstein (1 year ago)
Don, Thanks for the beautiful video. So peaceful watching Hawksbills. Best, Jeff
erehwyrevekool (1 year ago)
Amazing! Maybe she was trying to scratch the big parasite (or transmitter) off from the shell
Don McLeish (1 year ago)
Hopefully the Sat tag will get removed in the near future.
Don McLeish (1 year ago)
erehwyrevekool it's a satellite tag transmitter that will have been on her for two years in October. The antenna broke of over a year ago so no data since then has been collected. Once and if they remove it, the data may be there for collection.

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