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Best Friends Play the Game Truth or Drink (Patrice, Mele, Escence, Casey) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Text Comments (314)
E S (2 hours ago)
People fuck in the movie theater???? fucking nasty
1984sFinest (8 hours ago)
This video explains a lot on why both black and white men go for white women.
Domy Loppi (10 hours ago)
Like they cute but this game aint it
Monica Elenes (13 hours ago)
seattle babes ❤️
Nella N (1 day ago)
hey, that's cavalie's mother from the podcast that my son watch
Dwayne Stone (1 day ago)
Essence is beautiful af
Vonnie Tino (1 day ago)
I need mele in my Life immediately...😍
Katrine Holmer-Fisker (3 days ago)
one more, one more!!
Gees Momma (4 days ago)
Essence kinda looks like Freddie from buzzfeed
Sophie (4 days ago)
I’d give her poison so she’s slowly pass away.... then we’d BURN HER 😂
It's Leen (4 days ago)
I want to be their friend lmao
Carrot Top (7 days ago)
Essence tho👀
Hotrod Hog (8 days ago)
This would be a good one for Madison and her friends to play fo sure!
Alissa Gardenhire (8 days ago)
Lovely ladies
Sophie Nduati (8 days ago)
I want friends like this. They're all sooooo pretty and have similar yet unique personalities.
Ysblyn Frnndz (9 days ago)
Am i the only one who noticed they're all wearing hoop earrings? Like i don't know why am i even posting this ahaha and They're all beautiful girls♥️♥️ I love them
Stephanie Akolo (9 days ago)
I wanna be on cut! How can i be??
Tijah Edits (12 days ago)
The left girl is Cavalli mom idk his name but Ik she has 2 kids
Donkey Teeth (13 days ago)
them big hoop earrings on a woman so sexy
TheTylerMariah (14 days ago)
The game is sold out 😩
chelseatruman (14 days ago)
Holy shit i couldn't keep my eyes off of Essence SHE BEAUTIFUL
Autoo Zz (18 days ago)
Lol are they really best friends
Daisy B (18 days ago)
the girl whose cap is 36 looks about 36 so is she into younger guys then? - she looks like the mum of the group (in the best way possible)
Drè _ (19 days ago)
I wish I had 4 best friends.
Bae Lee (19 days ago)
I’m surprised that these best friends are surprised about a lot on each other 🤔🙃
Phey Hernandez (20 days ago)
I think Casey is funny
Courtney The Queen (21 days ago)
Omg essence is such a queen 😍 what’s her insta
Chloe Young (21 days ago)
Kaelyn Whiteside (21 days ago)
I love a diverse POC friend group! They seem like fun.
Dakota C (23 days ago)
I'm dead, I need to go see my best friends noooow.
Marina 7197 (23 days ago)
You can just choose the first one to answer and the rest should all answer, if one of the doesn't wants to then drink. It's pretty confusing with the dealer thing and stuff
Maci Dismuke (23 days ago)
Essence is beautiful
nuggets003 (23 days ago)
Patrice smile is gorgeous
cristahoffer24 (24 days ago)
I wish this was longer
cristahoffer24 (24 days ago)
I fucking love this video
cristahoffer24 (24 days ago)
What the fuck is the big deal with “butt stuff” lmfao
chaoticimpulse (25 days ago)
Awww I want some chick friends!
Jacob O'Leary (26 days ago)
ok, hear me out. aliens need to have human skin during sex because I'm not fucking with anything green or scaly no matter what they're packing
PATRICE NORWOOD (25 days ago)
HAHAHAHA that's the perfect answer
Albert Wells (26 days ago)
The bigger the hoop The bigger...
girlscott411 (27 days ago)
On the ground of a movie theater?!? Oh girl no!!! Tragic.
pey (27 days ago)
essence is so beautiful😍
Hailey Smith (27 days ago)
Like fav video 😂❤️
Klaudia Chance (27 days ago)
They all got those big big hoops mhmm
Sydney (28 days ago)
The group ones are my fav omg
alexiis (28 days ago)
they are so pretty oml-
Dimitri Hatgis (28 days ago)
escence ig??
Vincent Jackson (29 days ago)
Do you guys not realize how confusing this game could be especially if you’re trying to get drunk?
A. Acosta (8 days ago)
Sophie Nduati same lol
Sophie Nduati (8 days ago)
I didn't even understand it, and I'm completely sober.
Amna Javed (14 days ago)
Exactly. I don't like it that much
Tori Balla (29 days ago)
Omg it’s Cavalli’s mom she’s so beautiful and so are all her friends
Sophie Nduati (8 days ago)
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I thought she looked a little familiar !!!!!
APony4 (21 days ago)
yes!!! i knew i recognized her from somwhere lol cavalli's mom a freakkkk
Bloodsuc (23 days ago)
Tori Balla I just said that 😂
If We Won (29 days ago)
jade (29 days ago)
ok but escence is so beautiful wth
Molina Amarrette (29 days ago)
guess they bought a 4 pack of hoop earrings 💁🏽‍♀️
Johanna (7 days ago)
that's some best friends shit
Scotty Strehlow (11 days ago)
One day, Regina said hoop earrings were "her thing", and I wasn't allowed to wear them. And then my parents gave me these gorgeous white gold hoops, and I had to act like I didn't like them. And it was so sad.
Ava Patino (13 days ago)
True besties
Elite Assnike (1 month ago)
oh wow what a surprise women still aren’t funny
ihateolives72 (1 month ago)
How did the girl on the left not win?
Melanie V (1 month ago)
Did they plan to wear all hoop earrings? Nice touch.
all time candy (1 month ago)
They’re all so damn beautiful
Thicky Niki (29 days ago)
This is me and my friends every morning after a weekend,drinking cheap ass coffee before college 😂😂😂😂
Cavallis World (1 month ago)
@triceshanell @itsmamamele @miss.essieee @misscaseycarter
Mari Solara (1 month ago)
Essence is cute
heshmafian13 (1 month ago)
What’s essences ig asking for myself 🤔
Tiarra Peoples (1 month ago)
They're all so pretty, I want an orgy with all
librada ontiveros (1 month ago)
Girl in the purple seems like the fourth wheel lol
Laura F (1 month ago)
When do you drink??
KB Curlzz (1 month ago)
This movie theater though
Koen van der Post (1 month ago)
Brenna Erdman (1 month ago)
Too short!! Love them!!
Fantasy Vibes (1 month ago)
0:55 We already know this is gonna get age restricted 🤭😂
Lauren Mah (1 month ago)
Lol they all got matching hoops
Peli Tongi (1 month ago)
I feel like 9/10 people who have done Cut vids have definitely done “butt” stuff
CJ Morris (1 month ago)
These my friends are what you call a Hoe
Katie Elliott (1 month ago)
they all hoes. the all have fat hoops. i am joking. sorry I’ll leave.
[VeXeD] JKjolter653 (1 month ago)
I bet one of them are thinking Oh boy, we are going back to 6th grade
Yendor (1 month ago)
Cut, please, I am begging you, please, have Vanessa, Natalie, Tami, and a extra person, play this game, they are super funny and I really want to see that video. If not, that's okay and I will still keep supporting you guys
Amyra Johnson (1 month ago)
i love mele’s name
Nexils (1 month ago)
I almost forgot that this game was called 'Truth or Drink', because nobody is drinking :p I guess these ladies are just really open. Which is good!
Red is Not a Flavor (1 month ago)
Mele high key rethinking Patrice's friendship.
Julia McElroy (1 month ago)
Mele’s face throughout this is a mood.
Jerome Green (1 month ago)
Noway they're best friends
Airua (1 month ago)
You don’t actually win anything BUT CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎉🎊🎈
Haley Carson (1 month ago)
I miss the old set up with 2 people, I understand they are trying to advertise the game but I miss the other version as well
SouthernRacingDivision (1 month ago)
Y'all should have "Doctors guess who is on steroids and who isnt" and have bodybuilders, powerlifters, and all those kinda people
Jay (1 month ago)
1:09 Sooo... she wouldn't have sex with somebody who's older than 36 that makes her a cougar right?
Jay (15 days ago)
+LadyAmour My point was that she doesn't look that young herself... She should be happy with a person who's loving and appreciative regardless of age. Anyway, that's my opinion. She looks mid30's. She shouldn't be so picky and ageist LOL She thinks she has more options than she actually has. Delusional.
LadyAmour (1 month ago)
A cougar is a woman who likes younger men, not older.
Xavier Ouellet (1 month ago)
Our society is disgusting.
the girl on the far left is so gorgeous :o
Almtyhalfbreed (1 month ago)
Essence was my go to than her friend said how wild she is am like why i always gravitate to those types lol
Joy (1 month ago)
This video was kinda lame tbh
Santino Garcia (1 month ago)
Jessa Monet (1 month ago)
Well I did want this game but it’s just going to be me telling on myself to all my vanilla ass friends for hours. Nah I’m good.
Matt gouin (1 month ago)
sfwx4 (1 month ago)
Just realized thats cavallis mom from kids try.
Fleau 000 (1 month ago)
the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hooooeeee
kenniefromkentucky (1 month ago)
can we get them in fear pong?????
alexis rose (1 month ago)
Escence kinda reminds me of Freddie from buzzfeed
j v (1 month ago)
Are they even friends? They know so little about each other
r s (1 month ago)
they are all stunning wtf 😍
LadyChaos101 (1 month ago)
I don’t enjoy the group ones as much
Evil Eats (1 month ago)
The girl on the left looks like that actress from scary movie
Name Last Name (1 month ago)
Welcome to truth or truth. Where the only drink is at the beginning. Nobody drinks after that. Like I'm not hating, but this is a 2 player without any points kind of thing.
Kak Eater (1 month ago)
Why they're all black?
LadyAmour (1 month ago)
They aren’t... but if they were, why does it matter?
Robert Seymour (1 month ago)
" I lowkey want to give it to Patrice. That bitch can squirt!"
Shyanne Ziegler (1 month ago)
They all have bomb hair and are beautiful!
Camryn Borchardt (3 days ago)
And hoops
Lynianore (27 days ago)
mainly casey
imagine2C (1 month ago)
Shyanne Ziegler big facts!
Ami A (1 month ago)
Im dying at the way the producer said “booty” at 2:14

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