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Which Has Better Tech? | Adidas Ultra Boost vs Nike Vapormax

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Alec Hernandez (1 day ago)
The vapormaxes get me some good feed back, I stand out, it's bouncy, fashionable and they're unique. The ultraboosts are more casual sneakers and have their place in fashion. This video was way too bias though
Zswag22 (2 days ago)
Adidas are just ugly
SSD HYPEBEAST (4 days ago)
When I bought my vapor max the the bubble literally popped. I bought ultraboosts a week ago and they are the best running shoes ever made
Ivan Diaz (6 days ago)
They picked the ugliest UB iteration 🤦
onie onie (10 days ago)
Nice review. so if you’re a runner that lands mid foot like me they wouldnt work 🤦🏽‍♂️ most sneakers are made for heal strike runners or for walking except boost.
Tracy Bone (11 days ago)
Adidas wins.
romeo lopez (11 days ago)
Vapormax sucks!
Swipe Goat (20 days ago)
Vapermaxx looks like a remixed 2010 airmax
Elton Gomez (24 days ago)
Ultraboost is a nice sneaker but alot harder to put on than vapormax 💯
Padmaja Joshi (1 month ago)
Bro this video is MUCH better than the other Ultraboost and Vapormax comparison videos . Really helped me a lot to choose the shoes i want . #ultraboost
Factoid (1 month ago)
What’s the difference between boost and ultra boost
Potatoe Spud (1 month ago)
the nike zoom x is the direct competitor to ultra boost which uses the same type of mesh, this nike just uses air. you might as well compare the nike zoom x vs vapourmax.
Adidas shoes are comfortable and goodlooking.
Reyli briones (1 month ago)
Is this the bootlegged version of Jose Zuniga
Kentucky Fried Cult (1 month ago)
I have a pair of vapormax’s and ultra boosts and I like the feel and look of vapormax’s more but that’s just my opinion I have lots of friends who think the ultra boosts are the best shoes ever and I can understand why they think that. Overall both of the shoes a great it’s just about personal preference.
Accio (1 month ago)
you are comparing boost to shit obv boost wins
Moms spaghetti :P (1 month ago)
Hi Evan I wanna play the Xbox app was the first app that I’ve ever played in my phone?
Moms spaghetti :P (1 month ago)
For some reason when I look at your face it looks like you aren’t talking...
Simon Hager (1 month ago)
ubs are better imo. looks better and feels more supportive
Gabriel Earl Dulay (1 month ago)
If you watch this in slow-mo, you can actually see Jose dropping the shoe 4:35 Hahaha
Tamir Tamir (1 month ago)
Adidas has better shoes than nike more than 20 years..if im looking for comfort or running shoes it will be Adidas but if im looking for style sport shoes ill go with the nike cortez.
Scandal (1 month ago)
Asics corsair are way better than cortez
nick ussery (1 month ago)
The ultra boosts are also wayyyyy more durable than the Nike’s. I have three pairs of 270s and two pairs of vapormaxes and the bottoms are coming off of each pair.
Todd Miller (1 month ago)
Ultra boots look like they have styrofoam bottoms.
jaiwant singh (1 month ago)
Dope shoe
jaiwant singh (1 month ago)
In my collection
jaiwant singh (1 month ago)
I have 6 pairs
jaiwant singh (1 month ago)
HARSH CHAUHAN (1 month ago)
I owned both. In my opinion vapormax are little better.
Fred Avery II (1 month ago)
I just got my first pair of ultra boost this past week. I sold all of my vapormax this weekend.
ferdean jami (1 month ago)
2:27 this dumbass doesn’t know anything about sneakers😂😂😂 🤦‍♂️ what a moron
smate333 (1 month ago)
is y'all's hair made of the boost upper mesh?
Max Evans (1 month ago)
The Ultraboost ATR is a level up in terms of tech, even if it's more expensive
Naissus (1 month ago)
Oh yeah and by the way guys we're sponsored by adidas, here's a promotion code
MrSwagMcMuffin ' (1 month ago)
I like Nike for sports, but I like Adidas for casual and sports wear,
MrSwagMcMuffin ' (1 month ago)
Adidas Boost and air collab= perfect show?
ngomusicgroup (1 month ago)
These dudes tripping.. you literally sink into the boost crap, it's wack as shit. Feels like a shitty sponge that will form itself lopsided because the foam bottom has zero structure or support. If you stand up in one position all the time, this shoe will form that and fuck ur back up.
Momo Massud (2 months ago)
Adidas is the best
Ben Johannson (2 months ago)
I have ultraboost and vapormax and the vapormax are a bit more comfortable. OPINION
Eddie Parrilla (2 months ago)
Never bought or used Adidas shoes lol Nike all the way
AL 16 (2 months ago)
When i wore the ultraboost for the first time, I couldn't feel my feet from how comfortable they are
Archer 777 (2 months ago)
I like Nike just bought myself a pair of the Nike ones and there awesome
Eric Pizarro (2 months ago)
checks over stripes
Zetsuke4 (2 months ago)
Great video!
Paul Whitemon (2 months ago)
Nike doesn’t just have “Air” technology, they also have “Zoom” technology as well
Axel Gonzalez (2 months ago)
I am prefer adidas
Kayla Jolivette (2 months ago)
I wrote an college essay on the differences and said the same exact thing.
naga sankeerth (2 months ago)
Nike Epic react flyknit is the best among these 2
I'm Exist (2 months ago)
Stand still and purposely roll your ankle outwards until the cushioning drops off and see How hard it is to roll your ankle back, it's hard. Rolling your ankle in those in an actual situation would be AAAAAWFUL.
I'm Exist (2 months ago)
I'm talking about the Vapormax's here
Alan Joseph (2 months ago)
Is Jose zuniga is your brother
Patrick bellord (2 months ago)
In England vapourmax are £170 😂😂😂
Robel Wiggins (2 months ago)
Look like teaching men’s fashion but uglier. Lmao he’s in the video look
jonah ramos (2 months ago)
Don’t get ultraboost in that color way And skip the 3.0s The grey, triple white, triple black are the nicest
Hossain Aktar (2 months ago)
I want this one
CL15 (2 months ago)
Getting air shoes is like paying more for less😂. imagine getting a burrito with air inside.
Jermaine Postlethwaite (2 months ago)
Too expensive......
I’m a liar (2 months ago)
In summary, Ultra Boost are way better and cooler.
Tando (2 months ago)
Ultra boost all the way, you should do a comparison between ultraboost and Nike react
Robert Llinares (16 days ago)
they are similiar
Aymen Y (2 months ago)
Nike's shoes like coming from warstars ... Too ugly !
Mr Smeri (2 months ago)
Lmao I thought this was teachingmensfashion from the thumbnail
Sameh Selim (2 months ago)
Sameh Selim (2 months ago)
Rhys Leeming (2 months ago)
Sponsored video definitely haha
Bandido ‘ (2 months ago)
Adidas always the best🤙🏼
Tafara Chibanda (2 months ago)
The vapormax is a purely performance shoe that’s why it’s not squishy
Хынг Выонг (2 months ago)
Yeah Ultraboosts are much more beautiful and more comfy
Not A Cookie (2 months ago)
The guy in the blue shirt looks like Oda Nobunaga
Amnvkr (2 months ago)
I thought this was a parody
Helena Bossendorfer (2 months ago)
I prefer vapormax personally. I don't know, ultra boost just seems like someone wrapped plastic around a sock and threw some polystyrene on the bottom. I just think vapormax is more comfortable and better looking.
XxpunchxX (3 months ago)
Vapormax look way better
jon sam (3 months ago)
I've got a new a new triple black air vapor max. It's good. But I still like my nike lunar flynit 2 and 3 simple but rock
Ally Approved. (3 months ago)
I cannot actually understand how you think the ultra boost looked better then the vapourmax like how?
Ehab Ghabbour (3 months ago)
How does the ultra boost compare to the Brooks Glycerin 15 relative to comfort and insole cushioning?
Bill Martinez (3 months ago)
Vapermax all day long
Lil Fade (3 months ago)
You are trying so hard to be like jose from teaching man fashion
Itsyeboy Damon (3 months ago)
“Liked how they looked” %100 lie
Thebossgamer93 _ (3 months ago)
The vapormaxs are a million times better than the boost
SHREDD'N (3 months ago)
i prefer vapormax
Sal Salz (3 months ago)
Always wore Nike. My first pair of Adidas were ultra boost and must say they're the best running training i have had. Adidas all the way...no going back to Nike. Adidas designs are getting better too 👍
Nihaal Sandim (3 months ago)
I really just want a shoe fr running on the tracks that are not cleats please someone recommend something
Asterix (3 months ago)
Have been tempted to buy the 4.0. How are they are for wide feet?
Cristian Nepursel (3 months ago)
I have 6 pairs of expensive Nike shoes (150€+) and a pair of Adidas Ultraboost X. All of the 6 Nike pair shoes cant compare with one pair of Boost. Ultra Boost its like you walk on clouds. They are super soft. Adidas is the best.
Paul Whitemon (2 months ago)
Cristian Nepursel sure
Jose Martin (3 months ago)
Ultra boost by far
Ciaran Gold (3 months ago)
I love my vapormax 🙃
Deangelo Jobson (3 months ago)
Lol like how José just appeared
Joseph Foster (3 months ago)
I'm whith the vapor max
Ali Shah (3 months ago)
wasnt those vapormax air pockets are popped?
WHAT A NOOB!! (3 months ago)
I thought u are Jose zuniga
Jaden Robertson (3 months ago)
I get it, the ultra boost are a comfortable shoe, Adidas form of roshes, but they are a ugly shoe, I don't see anyone rocking those with jeans it's just not lol
apple & slo-mo (3 months ago)
looks are very subjective, the ultraboost is the better shoe all round
Niklas Dormann Termansen (3 months ago)
Let’s just say that ultra boost Are only good and The other ugly shoe Are only bad and over Price
Franco (3 months ago)
I got over NiKe about 2 years ago and have moved over to Adidas.
ewok2469 (3 months ago)
Adidas shoes are just socks stuck on polystyrene
FURY (3 months ago)
My lebron 15 are the most comfortable shoe better than boost they have bike zoom btw
mauricio cuellar (3 months ago)
Adidas look chip . I rather buy new balance with the same materials for 79 dollars. On the other hand nike looks well done the details and materials are far better at least look wise. Also all adidas look the same or very close.
Daniel Burdusa (4 months ago)
I agree
EAGLE___EMPIRE (4 months ago)
Vapor max is hardly a tech... ITs useless
Ibrahim Farag (4 months ago)
Guys remember this is sponsored by adidas
Julián Anguiano (4 months ago)
I prefer the Adike UltraAir
Cornelius Cardenas (4 months ago)
they hating on Vapor max's smh
Ralphington84 (4 months ago)
The boost curl up too much at the toes making the sneaker look crap, the Nike’s look well cooler.
Thyer Syed (4 months ago)
I wish Adidas ultraboost put little more cushning towards the toes area.

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