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Joey Wheeler's Best YUGIOH Legendary Collection 4 Mega Pack Box Unboxing/Booster Pack Opening Video!

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Text Comments (32)
Blue Eyes White Boi (4 months ago)
Hector Ramirez (7 months ago)
A lot of your videos come with great pulls, nice!
bookys 123 (7 months ago)
I think harpies queen is in this? Man I hope you pull harpies queen....yes you pulled her!! 😀
إبراهيم محمد (7 months ago)
Jhow White (8 months ago)
Muito bom saiba que você tem um inscrito brasileiro
김민겸 (8 months ago)
wow I want to get it 😣😣 your youtube good cheer up
Matt PlaysFortnite (8 months ago)
I love yugioh
Jenn Ruff (7 months ago)
Matt PlaysFortnite it's better than pokemon
Kris101 (8 months ago)
Hello I'm a new subscriber to your channel! great video and nice card pulls!
YuGiOh-BURR (8 months ago)
awesome bro! I'd like to see more legendary collection openings. I just need one more legendary collection to open on my new channel dedicated to opening yugioh. Let me know if you find a good deal on legendary collection 2!
Frank Figueroa (8 months ago)
legendary collection yugi
chimmy infernape (8 months ago)
I got a good question if konami gave erata to graceful and skull dice to give them there show effects... Would they become usefull... Instead of ×100 it would be ×1000 for the dice roll
The Game Artist (8 months ago)
chimmy infernape not really, too luck based...
MooseKnuckle (8 months ago)
Oooooooh so it was you that sold out the joey legendary collections on that site 😤 lol jk Was there only one in stock or how many did you buy? 😂 They had a case for $300
John Rosales (8 months ago)
I'm Biggest fan jobber
Tron (8 months ago)
Last pack was dope
LeBron James (8 months ago)
Cassandra Elizabeth von (8 months ago)
Nice opening, I hope you’ve a wonderful weekend :D
JRBjobber (8 months ago)
Cassandra Elizabeth von Thanks! I hope you have a great one as well!
HallowedSword 93 (8 months ago)
Great vid, one of my favorite sets, thanks for doing this Jobber!
HallowedSword 93 (8 months ago)
JRBjobber May I suggest, yugis legendary decks 2? It's a great set!
JRBjobber (8 months ago)
HallowedSword 93 Thanks buddy! I’m trying to make some cool openings!
Big Dog (8 months ago)
Nice opening
Can someone explain to me why foolish Return isn't legal to play
JakeLikesJoking thanks
JakeLikesJoking (8 months ago)
DARKEST DIABOLOS , LORD OF THE LAIR Foolish Return reads, "Select 1 card from your opponent's Graveyard, and shuffle it into their Deck." That card is unlimited. Or are you talking about Card of Last Will? If you are, it's not legal because it allows you to draw up to 5 cards by having your monster's attack be changed to 0, which is easy to do.
PLUS 3 TCG at the bottom of the Card it says 'This Card cannot be Used in a duel'
PLUS 3 TCG (8 months ago)
DARKEST DIABOLOS , LORD OF THE LAIR it IS legal to play though.
JRBjobber (8 months ago)
Here's the link to our last opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRV9iFm_RRo&t=2s
JRBjobber (8 months ago)
Like this Comment if you want to see More Legendary/ Gold Series Openings.
Steffen Schreiber (8 months ago)
JRBjobber give me more
Julio aldair (8 months ago)
JRBjobber Yes, Yes , more Legendary Collection openings !!!

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