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Focus Kozani - Tell Me A Summer Secret

575 ratings | 51203 views
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Text Comments (19)
Sanja M (1 month ago)
David Prigansson (1 month ago)
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Cris Love (2 months ago)
Wooow!!! Secret Garden!!!
BacaCielo (2 months ago)
vre bas kai eisai kozaniths?:d
B-Tween B-Tween (2 months ago)
Keidi Kalda (3 months ago)
Amazing 💝
Colourful 999 Real (3 months ago)
Yes Amazing 💥
Javier Cobos (3 months ago)
Valentina Lacitignola (4 months ago)
Very beautiful remix with Barry White voice. Thanks
David-Özay Kurnaz (4 months ago)
I love it.:-)
frezier william (4 months ago)
album produit par Quincy Jones back on the block this song show me you right singing by Barry White excellent
Trina Love (6 months ago)
Iren Veres (6 months ago)
Ludmila G (6 months ago)
This super!!! Bravo LTB! ❤️
Ludmila G mmm u r da bravo 😍
Nomen nescio (6 months ago)
This. Is. So. Fuckin. Good. Mate.
Vasil Otiuridze (6 months ago)
Quincy Jones - Secret Garden
Rich Junior (6 months ago)
first one to listen

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