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Young Love on the Internet Before Online Dating

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August 2011. Gus, a 19-year-old home-schooled Christian from Jolie, Illinois is trawling Facebook. He’s just recovered from a debilitating bout of depression, and he’s looking for someone to talk to. Through an online personality test, he finds a match: Jiyun, a 20-year-old from Korea, who moved to New York City with her family for her brother’s cancer treatment. Gus messages her, and they begin chatting. “I started to fall for him when I saw these tagged videos on Facebook,” Jiyun reveals in Nancy Schwartzman’s short documentary, xoxosms. “That was my first time actually seeing his face. I was like, ‘Oh, wait, he’s really cute. I like his voice.’” Jiyun found herself attracted to Gus’s innocence, living a secluded life in a small town; he was fascinated by her urban lifestyle and international background. Over the course of two years, their correspondence would bloom into a long-distance relationship, archived in instant messages and video-chat footage. Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/579751/xoxosms/ "xoxosms" was directed by Nancy Schwartzman. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.
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Text Comments (38)
Tidder T (1 month ago)
yellow fever meets white fever
David (1 month ago)
she is pretty and classy.
Markus Schober (1 month ago)
Just eight years later, it's considered remarkable among my friends that my girlfriend and I met at a party.
New (1 month ago)
howd the others meet
Mmm K (1 month ago)
Met some guys online back in the 90s on IRC chat, never went anywhere, had some heartbreaks...
sent2destroyU (1 month ago)
whats the names of the ending song?
Jimmy (1 month ago)
been married since 2001. met on aol around 2000. beat that lol
Rudolf de Lang (1 month ago)
lol..:Category Pets and animals
Mmm K (1 month ago)
omg! LOL!
Explore&Share (1 month ago)
That was my life for 2 years. Now were married 💪🏻
Fili Dei (1 month ago)
Why white people age so fast? This guy is 20 but already looks 35 and overweight.
Miteco 1 (1 month ago)
they would look fine as an old couple. what matters is if he is kind and gentle and loving and honest, decent, giving, courageous open to grow. same goes for her. not how they look now nor in 35-45 years. they were in love!
shittykittyification (1 month ago)
That was my thought exactly. Even if they got married it wouldn't have worked out anyway bc by when he hit 30 he'd look like 45 and fat and her in her 20s.
Miteco 1 (1 month ago)
skin elasticity. that's prettty much it. he looks heavier than is he to the camera effect. everyone on film/in pictures looks heavier. she is extremely slender/boney.
tee nicholls (1 month ago)
come to new zealand
BubbleGumFaceBabe (1 month ago)
this is my favorite video from this channel
What The F Blog (1 month ago)
lol...that first meeting was soooooo awkward!!
What The F Blog (1 month ago)
I still remember my first couple of "online boyfriends" lol that was back in the day before myspace even. Back then it was all about yahoo chats, cheetachat, ICQ, and AIM. :-)
HitGirl20 (1 month ago)
Well this takes me back.
frisbeeeater (1 month ago)
Wtf I was waiting for some type of twist? This is terrible
CallOfDrewthulhu (1 month ago)
I cannot believe the Atlantic would have a video with an incredibly incorrect clickbait title. Seriously... Do they know online dating has been around for decades already? I was totally hyped expecting like an IRC romantic adventure like the one I used to get my first girlfriend, you know... Actually before online dating.
Karmylla (1 month ago)
For those curious to know, these are the last two paragraphs from the article: "Sadly, as with most first loves, Gus and Jiyun’s didn’t last. But Schwartzman believes there’s a place for relationships that never transcend the physical limitations of the internet. “Maybe some relationships work better online,” Schwartzman said. “They can feel really supportive and romantic, and just enough of what you need. Maybe they don’t ever have to move offline.”"
Mmm K (1 month ago)
Thank you for this!
Jane Gaspar (1 month ago)
Hits too close to home.
Jane Gaspar (1 month ago)
+Bluemoon in the Daylight I had a lifechanging connection with a guy I used to skype with. He made an impact in my life but he never once expressed the desire to see me. We were friends for some years, but never really pushed it past friendship. When I got into a relationship after a while, he blocked me from skype and hangouts. It felt really awful.
This brings me back, yet not necessarily in a good way. There's something very lonely and unfulfilling about the days of early internet dating. I'm only speaking for myself, I'm sure others had a better time with it, and even moved on to long term relationships. All I got out of it was a sense of being disposable and useful for a time.
Isis Salas (1 month ago)
I feel as if we have all experienced something like this but never sought it though long enough for it to become something
A Osman (1 month ago)
Holy fuck, is it awkward when they first time.
Yagız Alp Tekin (1 month ago)
such a beautiful story and loving couple. I would ve fallen for her for sure
NetiNeti_Expand. (1 month ago)
i would not want the cameras there for that first moment
0m3n (1 month ago)
Back in the day I meet someone while playing Yahoo pool. After a year of talking she one day called me and said she was in my city. We stayed together for 4 years but eventually it came to an end.
Consome Deguacuco (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHA The Atlantic has some good reportages.
Sincerely Eccentric (1 month ago)
Sooo where are they now? Still together?
Mmm K (1 month ago)
See top comment
Gerald Stuart (1 month ago)
Awesome wish that would happen with me
W C (1 month ago)
Love this channel
Heather Marie (1 month ago)
I met my first serious bf through Yahoo chats back in 1997. We were together for about a year & still are friends to this day. Back then it was a lot more unusual to say you met your bf/gf online, but now it's pretty much the norm. Shoot, my cousin even met her husband via Match.
Alexandra Michelle (1 month ago)
This is cool

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