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Merging Individual Lightroom Catalogs into a “Master” Catalog

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In this Episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne will demonstrates how to combine individual Lightroom catalogs into a single, “Master” Lightroom catalog to simplify a photographers workflow and enable multi-shoot searching.
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Text Comments (26)
BubblesPothowari (2 months ago)
Most fluent Adobe teacher. Minimal. Precise. Great demeanour. Thanks....
Sam Gwinn (7 months ago)
thanks for the help!
Aeon Jones (11 months ago)
Super helpful. Thank you Julieanne - my LR organization is a mess (wish my Library skills were as good as my Develop skills)
Rohit Soni (11 months ago)
Excellent tutorial .....you clear my doubt...thanks
Denise Terrazas (11 months ago)
I need some help... I tried to open my catalog from my portable drive on another computer and although I think  it opened with all of the photos I cannot see the folder structure that I had set up.  Is there a way to sync ?  The external drive has all of my folders and subfolders and one catalog so Im pretty sure I'm only dealing with one catalog here but its showing dated folders back in lightroom and not all the nice neat descriptions and names of the folders and subfolders I gave everything
Marina Melnikova (1 year ago)
The question was asked, and I want to repeat it: do you create the MergingMultiple Catalogues folder first?How it goes that there are folders already? Did you copy them to this folder? Thank you for help
Gui Coelho (1 year ago)
This made so many things so much easier! Finally! Besides that, helps to save the catalog in a dropbox folder. Free's you from the need of a backup.
Monashee (1 year ago)
Great tutorial for merging Lightroom catalogs. Very easy to follow along.
Felix Mooneeram (1 year ago)
Good vid! Any idea why I get the error msg "Can not import from this catalog at this time. The catalog is either in use by another copy of Lightroom or was closed improperly. If it was closed improperly, please consider doing an integrity check when opening." ? I can open the catalog fine, but I dont want to just open it - i want to import it to my master catalog.. Thanks in advance for any help
Patricia Moss (1 year ago)
Thank you. Very helpful.
Kelvin Harrison (1 year ago)
Some time ago I mistaken deleted many photos from my only Catalog as I only ever used one catolog, I recently discovered those same photos on an old external drive i forgot about and created a second catalog just for those, having watched this video I can now place them where they used to live, but in my case will keep the second catalog as somewhere to work on the old drive, finding this video could not have come at a better time for me, well thought out, extremely well presented and very very helpful, thank you so much
Tom Herriman (2 years ago)
I just made the move from PC to Mac and this tutorial was a tremendous help in understanding what I needed to do in order to move my catalog and images without losing my LR edits! I do wish, that Julieanne had handled the presets as mentioned in this video, but no problem, I'll take it from here. Thanks for the comprehensive and concise tutorial!
Iain Simpson (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this
Winston Wharton (2 years ago)
I love your tutorials, but here I'm a little confused about the "merging catalogs." Do I have to create this?
Jose Garcia (2 years ago)
at 7:25 why do say you like to have a back up? its because you like it or because its not safe to do this?
Ana Santos (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I am a newbie in Lightroom and I am hoping someone can help me before I delete and start all over again! I have followed the all the instructions but now I have multiple copies of each photo, and my edits are either on the original photo, or copy 1 or even copy 7! Its all over the place! How can I remove the copies making sure I keep the photo with the edits?! Many thanks!
Michael Miller (2 years ago)
That does answer my question, BUT. My import dialog shows a grayed out Import button and a grayed out preview area and grayed out "check all" etc, even though the import all or an individual folder is showing, neither will accept a checkmark. Basically, almost all the functions in the dialog are inactive. Halp! I am trying to import my major summer photo trip from my external drive (J:) to my desktop computer where the main working Catalog is located and a file location on a major external RAID working drive (G:). I go into my working catalog on the desktop computer to do the Import From Another Catalog (J:) and designate that the files will be stored on my primary external working drive (G:).
» S (2 years ago)
Thank you and yes......extremely clear.
Paul Moadibe (2 years ago)
hey guys, it's about Lightroom 3.3 !! check your version before viewing this post !
Steven Ma (2 years ago)
This was super helpful and clear. Thank you
Rona W (2 years ago)
Wouldn't having all one's images in a single catalog slow it down? I would like to create a merged master catalog for the ability to search all my images at once, but maintain multiple smaller ones. I assume the master updates every time I update one of the sub-catalogs, so that I have the best of both worlds. Am I wrong?
Rona W (2 years ago)
For anyone else who thought the point was to have a master catalog that syncs with individual smaller ones, no that doesn’t work. I will be using Bridge to search all images, while maintaining separate catalogs for various categories to keep the size, and thus the speed, of Lightroom manageable.
ricalbur (3 years ago)
......and using an old monitor too?....why? Excellent tutorial. Thank you
Gary Coyne (2 years ago)
Because there's no difference in the process from then till current. Why record the same thing?
Graziano Di Martino (3 years ago)
wait... published in 2015 yet you're using lightroom 3?? huh?
Peter O'Connor (2 years ago)
+Graziano di Martino Old AdobeTV tutorials recently published on youtube

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