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OBIEE 12 C Analysis Tutorial part2-Format and more properties

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Diana Sandoval (4 months ago)
How would you only display the data value of the line when you have a bar-line chart? the default puts both bar and line value.. thanks!
Diana Sandoval (4 months ago)
@Balea Bogdan Thanks for your response! You know how you can put data markers on a bar chart and it displays the numerical value in the bars of the chart? If I do the same thing for the line-bar chart combination I get data values for both the line and the bar and it looks cluttered. I would like to only see either the data value for the bar or the line, not both.. do you know if this is even possible?
Balea Bogdan (4 months ago)
Edit the Graph by removing the Bars and keep only the lines:see at min 5:55 .
Sukanya Palaniswamy (1 year ago)
It's really informative..great work :) one small thing the volume wasn't that high.. can be much better..
Balea Bogdan (1 year ago)
Sukanya Palaniswamy Thanks for the comment and suggestion I appreciate it.

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