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People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

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We all have secrets. We had people write down their biggest heartbreaks and read someone else's to create understanding, connection, and empathy amongst strangers. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈 Follow us on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Want to be in a Jubilee video? Fill out our casting form: https://goo.gl/forms/EYJEIGgtGTOrb8GC2 | ABOUT | Jubilee exists to bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories. We create shareable human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to LIVE GREATER. | SOCIAL | Jubilee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Jubilee Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Website: https://www.jubileemedia.com Jubilee MERCH: https://www.jubileegear.com Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/f5rE/ Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/k8zc/
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Jubilee (5 months ago)
Seeking Secrets has a soft spot in our hearts - we hope you get a lot of value from it too. Thanks to everyone around the world for submitting their secrets. If you like our videos.. if you think we're doing things a little differently around here, please SUBSCRIBE for more from us. Be sure to follow us on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ ) to get to know us better.. and to get notice of how to submit your own secrets next time! Love you Jubilee fam!
Kideto Hellfire Mibu (8 days ago)
Jubilee I was wondering if I could use your style of video for a class project I want to do I wanted to ask permission before going through with it because the possibility of copy right claims so I’d like your permission first if that’s alright
MrBurnSuckers (29 days ago)
Well I was in a long distance relationship with my ex , I was telling her that we're getting married after I graduate . Then all of a sudden she distant herself and I start noticing that she's looking for a wedding dress and things like that , after couple of weeks she broke up with me and got married . also I heard from her friends that she was challenging another girl for dating guys as many as possible while she was dating me ... she's Satan's daughter .
Ssa Basha (1 month ago)
Daisy Paz (2 months ago)
Jubilees fee
my girlfriend broke up with me and she wanted to have a “break” before we broke up and she never told me that we did but I assumed
Skye (2 hours ago)
That moment when you’ve gone through too many heartbreaks that you don’t even know which one is the worse hahaha
Morgan Robinson (6 hours ago)
My worst heart break, was my mother coming to my work a year and a half ago to tell me my brother had been killed in an industrial accident at work. This loss has changed my life completely, as well as ended almost all of my friendships. People just are not equipped to deal with loss and grief, and are concerned more with their own comfort than reaching out to someone who is grieving.
Heba Baig (10 hours ago)
the last one got me.
Alyssa Saeng (11 hours ago)
I loved this boy ever since we met. He liked me too but I wasn’t certain. Soon we drifted apart because this chick would always fond over him. We would fight over her and later, departed. I got a boyfriend. And he was just by himself. But later on got with her as soon as my boyfriend broke up with me. I didn’t mind if he got with anybody. What bugged me was he’s 19 and she’s 16...it’s illegal technically. And she wouldn’t be able to help him and would ask me to pretend to be her on insta to help him cope with his anxiety and depression. Which made me mad. Over the fact that she said, “I’m only a kid I don’t know how to do this,” He later broke up with her. But that didn’t sum up the fact that this broke me even more. He killed himself to days before his mom died in a hospital. I never got to tell him how I truly love him. And what’s worse was when his best friend told me how he loved me so so much. How he’d cry cause he misses me. He dated the girl out of hope that it’d help him with his depression but it just caused him more anxiety and stress. I regret to this day that I didn’t stand up and said something. His last words to me went something like: “Good bye nerd, see you on the moon,” Because he’d call me nerd and I’d call him dork. One night we both said if one of us is far away that we’d meet on the moon.
z e l d a (11 hours ago)
a girl i'd liked for a while asked me out when we were both high. i said yes. i remember her asking me. i don't think she does. her ex boyfriend got out of jail and contacted her, and apparently they never officially broke up. she's still in love with him. and it's like she never liked me in the first place. and i'm nothing.
Tilly (16 hours ago)
My boyfriend broke up with me over text. His words were: "Do you want to see a magic trick? *You're single."* He left me in order to get with another girl. Even during our relationship, he owned up to having sexual dreams featuring this other girl, and I was courageous enough to continue with the relationship despite knowing that what he did was wrong. I still see him every day, and it gives me bad memories of our horrific relationship.
Lidwina Natalie (18 hours ago)
my worst heartbreak was when my parents comitted a divorce 6 days before my 15th birthday. i was so depressed and 2 weeks after that tragedy, my ex was cheating on me and he wanted to break up with me. feeling so lost and numb at that time even until the school i've been dreaming to get into didn't accept me. i never felt so unwanted at that time but those pain feel nothing right now and i feel blessed that God has something bigger for me. So here's a thing. Life is fair because of its unfairness. And life is beautiful although we have to taste the cruelty first.
Shriti sharma (18 hours ago)
I don't hv a best friend.. This breaks me.. Maybe it's me
Neyna Nick (23 hours ago)
I just broke up with my boyfriend Few minutes ago. I hope this is the best for both of us :).
Savage_WolfGirl (23 hours ago)
Bazl Fatima (1 day ago)
Wasn’t the first guy in Are you the one? Or I’m tripping?
Shadow killer show (1 day ago)
My boyfriend dumped me as i was watching my grandma die he didn't even tell me to my face.
BoringLilly14 (1 day ago)
0:58 yup I can relate still don't know why he dumped me
Ashlee brown (1 day ago)
Is this Tyler from are you the one
TEXAS PIXIE (1 day ago)
Worst heartbreak ever, walking away from the person you still love for my own sanity.
eVoLvE eX (1 day ago)
Omfg that first one is so messed up
My worst heartbreak: I’m like crazy obsessed with this boy 😍 and my best friend has had a crush on him for 7 years and apparently he likes her but she won’t ask him out so I have to know that they like eachover and there not even doing anything about it and i reaaally like him like seriously 😍😭🌎
laya Storm (1 day ago)
I don’t think anyone could ever really feel and understand heartbreak and the pain that someone feels after getting their heart broken .As much as you think you’d know what it’s like , you’d have to literally go through it to know it
allie bee (2 days ago)
Probably not my worst heart-break but it really hurt : So, when I was a lot younger ,like 7-8? I always fed my dog Rockford, he was a lab-newfoundland. i gave him lots of his food but he ended up getting bloat because of it. We had an option to put him down so he could die without pain or try and save him with surgery, and of course we wanted to try and save him. He died during his surgery and after I felt so heartbroken and regretful. I knew I was the one who gave him bloat, I was the one who fed him after all. And then I regretted so much, always giving all the attention to my cat. His previous owners abused him and all he needed was some love. I'm so sorry Rockford, I wish I would've cared about you more when you were alive. You really never realize how much something is worth until you don't have it anymore.
Katie ! (2 days ago)
i could never read these i’d cry a l o t
Anushaaaaa (2 days ago)
2:58 this.
Addyson Caten (3 days ago)
If someone breaks up with you, make sure to let them know, they just gave up on fun loving person
Epileptic (3 days ago)
*My biggest pain ((recently, I'm still a teen)) is...* When I got to school, I saw my peers standing outside, they always rushed up and hugged, maybe even carried, each other every morning as a way of saying Good Morning. A classmate passed by me, running and bouncing, so I smiled, laughed and spread my arms out, but she whipped past me and jumped on another classmate. I have *never* experienced that... That was the day I became mute... I didn't talk to anyone and I was *reserved*
Elif Yağmur (3 days ago)
My father died after 1 hour we talked on the phone and that time i was in luch break i was eating something he was tellin me his plans and i said to myself ok we ll talk later but after 1 hour he died bc of heart attack.
Natalie McMahon (3 days ago)
My ex cheated on me and was very manipulative...always twisted things to make me seem like the bad guy when it was really him...When he left me he burned all of our things and his friend sent it to me...Still think him cheating was my fault.
Theo Aaron (4 days ago)
After 3 yearsMy partner still believes I'm going to hurt him or Break up with him (PTSD) little does he know if it were not for him I would have killed myself I had a plan that boy saved me for real
DARSH PATEL (4 days ago)
My heart break was cheating by my friend in PUBG That's joke, I've also cheated by a girl I want to tell you that if you don't like your gf/bf then just breakup with him/her do not get feel them like your cheating This way both hearts would get happy
Celina (4 days ago)
Ever had someone you’ve liked for so long start to like you back only to tell you they don’t see potential, then go back to their previous partner? cause if so same.
little trash (4 days ago)
It's not me, it's you.
Anyone ever had the love of their life lose love?
zainab gull (4 days ago)
louise griesbach (5 days ago)
Isn't that the guy who was going to this blind dating thing . Won . And then said he had a girlfriend ?
Sarah Scroggins (5 days ago)
The man I fell in love with left me after an argument we had. We meet online and had great chemistry, he was one of those guys that respected my body and my boundaries and that is why I fell in love with him.......I would always complain about him always getting on websites looking for girls and stuff, he would always say they dont mean anything....but it bothered me....we were friends but acted like we dated....anyways we had a moral argument one day and eventually he deleted and blocked me off Skype forever, saying its over....my heart broke and I felt like the inside of my chest was gone....we met on omegle by the way....so I run into him ever now and then because he uses it alot....I believe he cares about me because we talked alittle on there.....but I will never love a man so much so him...I live in America while he lives in South Korea.....I love him so much....
colourful mind (5 days ago)
I was really in love with this neighbor of mine, we were close since kindergarten. One day my family threw a party and he and his family came over. My sister told everyone about my feelings and well- long story short: He didn’t feel the same way about me, it turned out my neighbor was gay.
Helen (5 days ago)
that "I never wanna see you again" though. omg so sad
Waxsty Ways (5 days ago)
Cant get a broken heart if you dont get in any relationship to begin with That's why I'm lonely 😭
Kookiemellow (6 days ago)
anyone else thinks some of them wrote the letters that they read out loud and that's why they're so emotional? just me? okay sure...
Kitty Cats (6 days ago)
When I was like, in 1st grade I was in a relationship with this boy, he moved to Hawaii about a year ago and when he comes back in middle school I feel like he won’t recognise me If he ever comes back
ASOT Forever (6 days ago)
God, I feel so clear and relieved when I cry hearing this
1:29 makes him sound gay......unless.....
Yoru Morina (6 days ago)
I was dating someone who I love. After a while I found out I’m pregnant with his child. I told everyone because I was so happy. When I was about 3 months pregnant he forced me to abortion even his family said that to me. it was so heartbreaking. At first he was happy too like I do but something changed him, I mean their parents changed his thoughts so I had to do abortion. My baby was so healthy and I loved my baby but their parents keep refusing me so I didn’t have a choice...
17Carat Is grass (6 days ago)
Taylor Robinson (7 days ago)
I can't fathom how these people feel. Man my heart goes out for them
Anthony Cha (8 days ago)
My worst heart break was when my baby sister passed away on my birthday I never got a chance to hold her and see her she would've been 1 years old on December 20
Rene Morales (8 days ago)
My brother moved in with my girlfriend that was my ultimate heartbreak.
Roman Posillico (9 days ago)
I’m a straight boy turned asexual because I didn’t want to be rejected anymore it only pushed me further over the edge. Being alone didn’t bother me anymore. I blew some of my biggest chances for love on the fact that I could never open up. I am still alone. And will always be.
Why does... it look like it is printed not hand written? 🤔
Marsh Mallow (9 days ago)
My ex asked me if it was ok for him to date my friend. I said yes and offered them my support, but I’m not ok with it.
Veryugly FERRET (9 days ago)
When my boyfriend broke up with me he a few minutes later already had a girlfriend.
Lorena Sandoval (10 days ago)
I was engaged. My first everything then I got pregnant and he didn't want the baby. I had an abortion and after 7 months I'm still trying hard hard to rise. I lost my baby and the man I thought wanted to marry me.
382 283 (10 days ago)
I had this group of friends for a while and I was having a great time, I never was good with people so having friends that made me feel good was something foreign and amazing to me until one day I discovered they were laughing behind my back. I discovered it by one of them cornering me and shouting how disgusting I actually am
tyler’s backkk
Helina Bolin (10 days ago)
wasn't the first guy from some blind date video?
shweta pundhir (10 days ago)
When you feel heartbroken over someone who completely ignore your existence :(
shanaya shen (11 days ago)
The thumbnail guy looks like noah centino -.-
Vampire Girl (11 days ago)
Heartbreak is the Best teacher. It Taught you that Death is Possible Without Dying.
Simon Peterson (11 days ago)
My first official boyfriend which I had for a week broke up with me by saying “you are too mean to be even friends with anyone.” Among other things. I have to see him every day at school. He’s been my only boyfriend because every guy I like never likes me back and I’m almost certain I won’t find love.
natalyd (11 days ago)
I was married for 4 years and we then decided to try for a baby. 8 months after my baby was born, my then husband began cheating on me. I found out and got a divorce. During the process, he still lived here (since he paid the rent, he said he had a right to live here). He would bring all her gifts to our home and would put them on display pretty much. Sex toys, undergarments, birth control etc. It would break my heart to see that the only man I had ever loved and been with, had no sense of remorse or any type of guilt. I caught them in bed once and she walked out grinning. I had to control myself because I had my 1 yr old in my arms asleep. I never knew heartbreak could hurt soo much physically and emotionally. I have now been divorced for 2 years. They are still together and live a minute, literally a minute away from me. They just had their 3 yr anniversary. I usually get a little down during that time of the year (november-december) but tbh I feel such relief and peace knowing I’m not with someone like that anymore.
Anissa (11 days ago)
so glad i haven’t experienced heart break, ive been disappointed yes. but never got to a romantic stage to experience heart break
The guy in the thumbnail look like the late 1970s Michael Jackson lol
Welp I I got one :) I loved this boy since kindergarten (9 years)I told him how I felt and he said he did since 4th grade we had to date in distance because he lived far so I trusted in his words I tried so many times to go see him out of 8 times I went WALKING over there he never came to see me not even once . During the first year of high school a girl named Katherine caught his attention.(I know this because my best friend goes to his hs) And he told me he liked her and told me he would break up with me. I wish I never had met him. Because I wasted my youth trying to be loved by someone who never perhaps loved me. I'm doing fine because I found someone I love.
kitty子猫 (11 days ago)
When I was in 5th grade me and this girl were best friends. And then one day there was a new student, I introduced myself to her, and then I introduced her to my friend, because I thought it was the nice thing to do. Well, my 'friend' forgot about me and she was her new best friend. After that she barely talked to me. I honestly don't really care about her anymore but around that time it made me so heartbroken.
Rachel Well (11 days ago)
The blond girl is so gorgeous, I feel you girl <3
Q A (11 days ago)
I am from pakistan . I married my cousin who is US citizen and it was an arrange marriage . After we got married i was waiting for him more than one year. He go back to USA and i stayed in Pakistan for paper work. My waiting journey was very heart breaking ... I was always waiting for his call, text , but he always ignore my call and text .. he always make excuses that he was busy at work he has no time .... I just wanted to listen his voice want to see him on video call but he never made a single video call... Than after one and half year when i went to USA i found that my ex husband had cheated on me and my in Laws were very cruel And they sent me back to pakistan . And after one week i got divorce papers from him. I am very heart broken now. I dont believe that this happend to me ... I always ask God that i loved him with pure heart then why this happened to me why he left me without any reason why he cheated on me ....
Young But Sad (11 days ago)
You know if your here your prolly here cuz of her/him, whatever they did to you that made you sad, forget about them. If they don’t see your beautiful worth then why bother with someone who’s missing out on you. Who knows she/he will realize that throwing your love away was a mistake. Anyway what I’m tryna say is move on. 🥰 You’ll find someone in the future just be patient
Marina Strom (12 days ago)
Mine is that I was defending my friend and my boyfriend said I’m not a good person, I should be in a mental hospital and that I should die in a hole
thentantt (12 days ago)
I know people won't care. But I need to let this out after watching this video. My most painful heartbreak wasn't out of romance, we weren't dating. But it was my bestfriend. I fucked up so bad with her. I let my insecurities get in the way, between us. I lost my bestfriend, I lost someone who supported me no matter. Im so hurt by this. But I know this is on me. And even though we make conversation every now and then. Well never be the same. Our friendship will never be the same. We're strangers that converse now.
Munaza Ali (12 days ago)
I was with my ex for 4 years and we broke up over an argument, while I was thinking we were going to work things out and I was giving him time to cool off he was planning a wedding. I found out through a coworker and after crying hysterically and calling him; he picked up after 10th call and said “ who is this”. I went through a major clinical depression and sought therapy for a year. I never got closure. No reason was good enough to why he did what he did. I dont think I want to know anymore.
thiccomode (12 days ago)
The first time I ever fell hard for someone, I think I was in love with him, he told me he had a crush on my best friend.
This is why I hate people.
미씨이킴 (12 days ago)
honestly my whole life is a heartbreak
Hailyn Lolololol (13 days ago)
3:53 made me cry idk y that’s so heartbreaking they where probably messing around and then got hit or something :(
Rachel Queen (13 days ago)
it's really comforting to know how many people, if not all people go through heart breaks. i've had a few, but these comments are making me a little scared. i've liked this guy for almost 2 years now. we haven't ever really been friends, but have been through a lot as we see each other almost everyday n talk w the same people. it's like we know we have liked each other, but neither of us admit it, and we both act like we don't care when it's obvious we do. but a small part of me believes he doesn't like me jn that way too. i want to wait a little longer for things to develop more, as we've been getting a little friendlier and "closer". but after reading these comments i feel like i'll be too late and miss my chance.
Rachel Queen (13 days ago)
gosh dangit i knew i was gonna cry and still clicked
cat (13 days ago)
my worst heartbreak at the moment is that my boyfriend of 3 years ghosted me.
ya like JAZZ? (13 days ago)
Dwight Ignorant slut (13 days ago)
I’ve had small breakups here and there but I’m thankful I’ve never felt the real heartbreak
Mira Gruner (13 days ago)
Beeing a rationalist and sort of antisocial i never really guessed i could love but: i guess i loved him (a guy from my school) for months but i never like realised or accepted it somehow he were just like on another Communication Level and i could talk with him about philosophy and science, things my friends didn't really care about and then he started talking to me and we started calling each other and stayed up all night One night he told me that his father died and dammit he told me the whole story he never told one before and I told him the story of my dad who broke out of psychiatry and did a lot of painfull stuff to me and my feelings I trusted him and somehow, though, they're different stories he understood me and I understood him And then one night he told me I would be Padme, he Anakin and he kissed me in the bus someday And one night He just like put me in a Skype group with other guys and made fun out of me and my feelings He told a friend he never liked me and he will always love a idk other girl and that know one could reach his heart and he's to smart for anyone we started arguing in school I guess he started hating me there was always stuff like blabla who's the better chess player .. usw.. Till today And actually I met another boy and he's nice he's smart he's so much cooler But I guess deep inside we both know that we're both vulnerable and that we're both not super rational I know I loved him like I never loved someone And I wish he would like at least not call me stuff like pitifully He's not the winner But I've got a goddammut broken heart
* tova * (13 days ago)
being cut off from someone (in my case, my best friend) without any explanation as to why, hurts so much
xRimsha (13 days ago)
The last one... :(
Mengue Jeanne T (13 days ago)
Isn't the black guy ,from Are you the on ?
Scare Crow (13 days ago)
I just lost my dog, my best friend😔 it just hit me rlly hard, i dunno how am i gonna live without him 😭😖
Jasmine Brickley (14 days ago)
Mine was probably when I was in a really dark time and my mum had come by to see me. It was tense. We ended up having a massive argument where she was belittling me and steamrolling my feeling with comparisons of her much harder life when I couldn’t take it anymore and blurred out something I thought I’d take to my death bed. I told my mum I was raped and instead of comfort she immediately replied with “well so have I”. A little part of me died that day I think and it won’t ever come back. Our relationship is back to normal these days from an outsider point of view I suppose - but I’ll never forget what she said, or rather more what I needed to hear from her but never did.
Mariana Hernandez (14 days ago)
He was my first boyfriend we were together for almost a year. He cheated on me with my cousin and at that time my best friend. Two days after he cheated on me, he moved in with another girl(not my cousin). They now have a baby.
Periguine (14 days ago)
my worst heartbreak is probably seeing a 2 week old puppy dead on the couch after licking up a rag with chemicals in it. we named her isabelle, and while she was lying there- i thought she was asleep and i was petting her head not knowing that she wasnt breathing and once i found out i broke down. its so hard to go through, she never even got to live to maturity.
Hope Good (14 days ago)
Periguine this made me cry 😭
mER An (14 days ago)
My biggest heartbreak. My grandma died from lung cancer a couple days after Christmas. I never got to say goodbye and it has traumatized me ever since i was in second grade. I dont share this with anyone because i feel like they will just tell me to get over it.
Kathia (14 days ago)
I recently broke up with my high school sweetheart to focus on my mental and emotional health. It is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do. I’m so torn because I love him dearly. I wish him the best, and hopefully one day our paths will cross again.
Emily K (14 days ago)
My worst heartbreak... Singing songs to my grandpa in the hospital because he had cancer and watching him in pain. Then seeing him lifeless at the funeral when he was such a happy and exciting person.
oliver sindahl (14 days ago)
My worst heart break was when my girlfriend left me about an hour or two, after I found out my grandfather had died. I mean it wasn't her fault, but I still felt like I lost two people that day.
Vica Pf (14 days ago)
I can relate to the 2 years
natalie rene (14 days ago)
Oh wow. Some of these really hit home for me. I remember when I was 13. I got into a LDR with a guy who was 16. We dated on and off for 2 years. Even though I was 13, everything I felt was real and I believed everything was real to him. Anyways. Over the 2 years I knew something was wrong. He would ghost me, block me, his friends would attack me and never believed in us, he would talk bad about me (hence why they didn't believe in us), and he'd jump into relationships as soon as we'd break up. Hell, sometimes he'd do all that at the same time without telling me. When we broke up for good I felt humiliated and heartbroken. A year after we got in touch (due to a related incident), he told me that he never loved me and totally forgot about me. Its been 3 years since we last truly spoke, since I lost my "best friend", and last I saw he was making 2 years with the girl he told me not to worry about. I'm assuming they'll be making 3 years soon. He never told me why he hated me so much even though he cared about me, why even though he never loved me he wouldn't let me date other people, and what the other girls and guy had that I didn't. Truthfully it still hurts but I know it's because I wish he had just communicated with me. I haven't dated since because I'm terrified of the same thing happening. I know this was long but this video just hit way too close to home for comfort. Hell, my ex even kept a journal full of information about me just to look at when he wanted to surprise me, buy gifts, etc.
Amelia Pond (14 days ago)
Man...this is why I'm absolutely terrified of getting into a relationship again :/
Richa Sharma (15 days ago)
3:00 breaks my heart
Zamber k (15 days ago)
Dude at 0:34 is from “Are you the one” on mtv
rose1019b (15 days ago)
My biggest heartbreak was when my father died. We were extremely close. He was in a coma 'brain dead' for a few days before dying 2 days before my daughter's birthday. I couldn't handle going to the hospital and seeing him like that, I couldn't handle going to the funeral, and I still can't handle going to his grave. I'm just now getting to the point where I can talk about him again and look at his pictures for a few minutes without breaking down. It's been five years.
quinlyn robertson (15 days ago)
The one the girl read about the bestfriend one mad eme cry because my bestfriends have always changed me for the better and so I senta text to them telling them how important they are to me
Shy Adams (15 days ago)
Isnt that the boy from are you the one
Anny skatty (15 days ago)
When I was younger I had this best friend for so many years, we were inseparable. Until one day, I still can't clearly remember why, we went our separate ways. That's when I realized how I was head over heals for them. I was so in love that I thought their imperfections only made them better. And it hurt so much how we barely even talked. Once they found out that I fancied them, not only did they broke my heart by rejecting me, but they also started a relationship with one of my closest Friends. I was really depressed and I thought I was never enough for Anyone. It was harder though to loose them as a friend, and I miss the realtionship we had before everything went down.
Anna Chan (15 days ago)
I'm just going to confess I lost the one I would love the most without even meeting him. I never saw his face or talked to him and I feel so bad about it. I never saw his smile, his eyes, I never hugged him and I feel so sad. I never met him but I still love him like I should have done if he wasn't in a better place.

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