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People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

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We all have secrets. We had people write down their biggest heartbreaks and read someone else's to create understanding, connection, and empathy amongst strangers. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈 Follow us on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Want to be in a Jubilee video? Fill out our casting form: https://goo.gl/forms/EYJEIGgtGTOrb8GC2 | ABOUT | Jubilee exists to bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories. We create shareable human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to LIVE GREATER. | SOCIAL | Jubilee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Jubilee Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Website: https://www.jubileemedia.com Jubilee MERCH: https://www.jubileegear.com Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/f5rE/ Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/k8zc/
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Jubilee (8 months ago)
Seeking Secrets has a soft spot in our hearts - we hope you get a lot of value from it too. Thanks to everyone around the world for submitting their secrets. If you like our videos.. if you think we're doing things a little differently around here, please SUBSCRIBE for more from us. Be sure to follow us on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ ) to get to know us better.. and to get notice of how to submit your own secrets next time! Love you Jubilee fam!
Rahma Hazar Belaloui (23 days ago)
Where can we submit our messages?
Veronica Weiss (2 months ago)
Is there any way I can post my secrets?
IamElly YT (2 months ago)
I dont have chance to hold my motherside grandparent hands....they died before i was born.They died in young age,now explain why i cry.
Kideto Hellfire Mibu (3 months ago)
Jubilee I was wondering if I could use your style of video for a class project I want to do I wanted to ask permission before going through with it because the possibility of copy right claims so I’d like your permission first if that’s alright
Ssa Basha (4 months ago)
rachael poole (8 hours ago)
An Ex faked his suicide. He had lied to me and catfished me so bad and he actually caught feelings so he had to leave.. 😖
Backstreet Blues (15 hours ago)
To be told that you are no longer part of someone’s life is the hardest pain I’ve ever to bare. Especially from someone you love no matter what the reason was. I will never stop loving them even though I no longer exit
Toni Vargas (9 days ago)
My biggest heartbreak was in 2015.. I had been dating a guy for 3 years in the 3rd year I found out his true colors and everything he did with other girls and how he talked about me badly to my friends when I wasnt around .. in that 3rd year he passed away a month before he passed I gave him one last chance for him to fix everything...things were so perfect he passed and I found out that he was changing nothing and was completely the same ..
Not Ok (10 days ago)
0:44 BLueFace bAby!1
S0rr3ll (11 days ago)
My worst heart break was when I realized being a single mother was better for my child than to let her seem me be abused and having to think how can I even explain this to her or why isn't daddy around when she becomes of age.... Never knew it'll end up like this...
jordyn (13 days ago)
damn that last one
AmBot Sours (14 days ago)
I relate heavy to that last secret. Two of my cousins and my aunt passed away in a car crash, leaving my house on their way back to theirs. My older cousin (who was also my best friend) told me "call me in 20 minutes" before she left my door and I never did. That was the last time I heard her voice.
lia re (14 days ago)
can I share the reason for breakup is like trauma now
aesuki uwu (14 days ago)
:( i felt that long distance relationship.
Wanderer (14 days ago)
1:35 got me man
Jocelynn Mcfar (15 days ago)
The journal one made me crrryyyyy
Alexandrah Conte (16 days ago)
i’m so late but he one about the journal *broke my heart*
Tamiko Morrison (16 days ago)
Got engaged 01-01-2019 & 03-10-2019 he said he asked me prematurely & took ring off my finger after dating for 2 years knowing each other for 20 years child's father.
Kamryn (16 days ago)
When Kevin dropped his chili ☹️
Carolyn H. (17 days ago)
I like how they didn’t just include romantic love. This was so sad though.
Moon Light (18 days ago)
i fell in love w/ my cousins bf and when they broke up i thought i could at least get closer to hi, he moved on and is in love with one of my close friends..
Mary V (18 days ago)
Being Ghosted by someone I knew for a long while- Is pretty messed up. Especially when they knew I was already down and out.
Lale Cerrahoğlu (18 days ago)
I lost my mom and that will always be my biggest heartbreak
Samantha s (18 days ago)
My biggest regret is...my mum and I, always fight a lot so I asked her why she didn’t have an abortion. I’m still ashamed to this day for asking because I knew it broke her heart.
Paige Playz (19 days ago)
My dog, Chase started limping one day, and we took him to the vet who gave him pain meds. The next day he couldn’t walk at all. He stayed overnight at the vet for two days. The last time I saw him was April 13th. My mom walked in the house April 14th, and said “He’s gone.” My World came crashing down. He was only 7 and had no health problems.
Aybala KARAGÖZ (19 days ago)
kermit the froggo (19 days ago)
I’m in love with my best friend for 10 years now but I wouldn’t want to ruin our relationship...She gives me kisses and makes me feel special but she herself has a boyfriend and alway blushing about some guy and makes me feel uncomfortable but I just blush with her and fit her mood.I just don’t want to lose her as she’s the best person I ever met .
Glena Emdad (19 days ago)
In ma country if u want to go to a great collage u should have good marks in grade 12 , i started studying when i was in grade 10 but when i went to grade 6 i got TB , so i couldnt get what i want , now iam an software engineer bt not happy at all , bc i wanted to do great , bt then i became sick . Sorry for my bad english
Indah Putri (20 days ago)
i see tyler i click
Mike Greg (20 days ago)
I met a beautiful Nigerian man, but it all turned out to be a ploy to secure my bank account details :'(
peachyaes (20 days ago)
Aw the car crash one made me stop :(
Ryan Glitta (21 days ago)
My bf broke up with me because his parents think Im a shame for not wearing hijab.. Im also muslim btw...
Annie Boland (21 days ago)
this guy hurt me months ago and we got back together and he hurt me again never ever get back with ur ex if you broke up for a reason dont get back together
Halee Puckett (21 days ago)
My biggest hard break is my most recent break up. We’ve been back and forth for a year at this point and on more than one occasion he acted like he was embarrassed of me and wouldn’t admit we were together but I just hoped he would come through and be the guy I knew he could be and knew him to be when it was just us. Well I went on a trip last summer and was gone for 5 days and he completely ghosted me when I got back... took me 3 weeks to get him to talk to me again and for him to admit he wanted to break it off and I even asked if there was someone else and he said no. I found out the next day he was lying and had been with that girl the entire last month of our relationship. It’s been 8 months and I still have so much pain and trauma from it.
Shake n' Blake (22 days ago)
Am I the only who peeped Tyler from MTV's Are You The One? TV show at 0:30
Royal Klowns (22 days ago)
Yah I forgave her in a heartbeat....she said it was a mistake... But I couldn't deal with it..... Which is crazy because... People told me what she did... And yet I didn't want to believe any of them.... And when I asked her.. She lied to me... Each time... I miss her and she said "SHE WANTS ME BACK"...im sure it's only because the guy tried to fight me and loss... But in all honesty im the one feeling lost, betrayed, and defeated.
madmann1000 (22 days ago)
Those letters are so dramatic lol
stine watson (22 days ago)
I met a guy on Omegle who I immediately fell for and we texted everyday till late nights and I thought he liked me since he mentioned it at the beginning and I said I liked him too but now on his Snapchat story he posted a snap with a girl and idk if it's his gf or not but I feel really broken ..I didn't even get the chance to express my feelings correctly....
Isaac Alvarez (23 days ago)
I lost my phone and I’m a hoarder, and I had great pics and memories with my phone and the iCloud was full so now I’ll never have my pics and messages 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😫😫😫😞😞😞😔😔😔😣😣😖😖😖
Blue Deveraux (23 days ago)
I've had many heartbreaks in my life but the worst by far was watching them close my sister's casket.
Kermit Productions (23 days ago)
I had to put down my dog when I was at 10.
peach milk (23 days ago)
the reason why i hate school is because most of my heart breaks happened because of it and studying. as an example about it; last November, my parents told me that they were going to visit my grandparents and that I should come too, but I said no and refused. I told them that I had to study for some diddly darn important exam and I stayed home. although I did good in it, with a huge smile because of full marks. the following day, I lost my grandfather. because of studying I couldn't go see him while I still could and lost the last opportunity, it breaks my heart in pieces everytime I think about it. when we got there, I couldn't look at him nor his face. while everyone hugged him, I stood back, shocked. even in his funeral, I couldn't bring my tears out though it was breaking me up inside. I was too ashamed to do it, too ashamed of myself. I still feel like a bad granddaughter, i never deserved him.
Zoe R (24 days ago)
Dated a guy for two years, lived together, found out later on through a friend that he was married the whole time.
AverageLuke (25 days ago)
Es tut mur leid
Redfield Exploration (25 days ago)
I'm so glad I don't date anymore and that I don't bother with relationships. It's not worth it. After all the hell I went through, I decided to put my heart to rest and to just have a friend with benefits. No strings attached.
Alexis Marie (25 days ago)
my boyfriend broke up with me. there was a rumor going on around me and he didn't know who to believe. we dated for almost 2 years. we talked about kids, pets, getting a house together. we broke up a week ago. later he told me he cheated on me( he had sex with another girl) a year ago!! and he just told me this month.i wasted a year with him. he made me think it was my fault. i was so pissed. my parents helped him out so much. they gave him a place to stay, a job, and money. he was the first guy who i introduced to my family, took my virginity too. my cousin knew what he did, and she asks him if hes okay but not me ??
The Dot (25 days ago)
Bro 00:39 thats tyler from ayto
Rome Dela Rosa (26 days ago)
That would be KFC not having gravy.
jojis_panda _ (26 days ago)
This guy pretended to be gay and we dated for almost 2 YEARS and in our final quarter he dumped me and made the bottom of the food chain will everyone else makes fun of me I was embarrassed school and even county wide
Enid Kola (26 days ago)
The thing that broke my heart was today beceuse i was at the bus and i had a strong stomach pain and i was standing at the flor then a woman asked me why i am sitting on the flor and i said the truth and everyone that was sitting didn't leave their seet even because i was 12 years old. Two women were talking about me if i would cry or not but didn't care at all. That made me think that there isn't any good person anymore.
Apex (26 days ago)
my ex left me for her ex
foxinic (27 days ago)
My worst heartbreak was when the girl I was chasing for four years, “cheated” on me. It’s funny bc we were never really together. I’d address her as my girlfriend, but she’d address me as a best friend. I was too blind to see it. She told me she loved me and wanted kids with me, and even wanted me to just Be a “housewife” for her. One day she told me she didn’t love me anymore. And then the very next day, she posted a new relationship with my best friend. I immediately comforted them and cried for days when they admitted it had been going on for three months. And I had my final straw. I cut them both out of my life completely, burned up every piece of clothing/jewelry/toy she has given me and blocked her on everything. I even went as far as pretending she never existed. Four months later, I’m here now, and so much more better. Our relationship was toxic and I felt like the bottom of everything. But now I’m out of that, and so much more appreciative. Now I’m just working on myself, and not letting people ruin me.
Dion Aditya (27 days ago)
Damn that last one is heart breaking....
Rustico Guitarte III (28 days ago)
For 7 years, she didn't know what feel for me. Telling me, she love me and she want to save our relationship but she need time or space.
James S. (28 days ago)
i feel terrible because i laughed my ass off at the first one
glxing rxse (28 days ago)
the first one...............that is tough...............
Ainnia Adnan (28 days ago)
I have a similar story....I lost my grandma and it haunt me everyday and think that she die because of me. She fall and I leave her with my cousin just because I need to go to school at that time (morning) and I was telling my cousin that I have an important to do at a school but actually not and after school I saw my grandma at a hospital and having a stroke and I dont have opportunity to say sorry and she die after 2 days. Everyday I miss her and feel sorry for that. And I never tell anyone about this. 💔
Artistic Bunny (29 days ago)
My worse experience was when my dad had a stroke and his girlfriend at the time turned to me when everyone wasn’t looking and said I was the reason he almost died.
Remote Buttom (29 days ago)
Stuck in between “wanting to feel that kind of love again” and “don’t want to feel that kind of heartbreak again”
Tejaswini Kan (30 days ago)
Really Sad
Kevin Rodrigo (1 month ago)
I met my neighbor about 6 years ago when she moved in and we went to middle school and high school together . Throughout middle school we were great friends and would always hang out . But eventually she started hanging out with other crowds in high school and I didn’t see her for 2 years until the start of my junior year . When I saw her I thought that this was my chance to date her and tell her how I truly felt about her when I was younger . When I was going to tell her I found out that she started dating this low life who eventually ended up dropping out of high school . We started talking again for a short time and I saw her at party’s and we hanged out a couple of times . My senior year started and I knew she liked me so I knew it would be a good time to try and ask her out . It was the weekend before I was going to tell her and I saw her leaving her house and getting into the car with my old best friend . I’m not going to say his real name but let’s say his name was Ivan . Ivan had back stabbed me in junior year when he tatted me out for something that I did . Anyways I saw her get into the car with him and they both saw me and just acted as if they didn’t know me . I remember her telling me that she hated him and even said that whoever gets with him that they eventually realize that he’s a d**k . A week later I heard that they are dating . And i felt destroyed to tell you the truth . The main reason it hurt was that we both lost out virginity’s to each other . And I fell in love ..... but now that I know that she is with him I feel disturbed and I just don’t know how to feel . Of course I still have feelings for her but there is nothing that I can do now . And almost everytime I see her I just can’t get her out of my mind ...:( it’s killing me .
Andrea Sánchez Gómez (1 month ago)
I am heartbroken and I haven't even ended things with my bf. 3 years ago he was really into me and doing anything to get my attention, he had a big big crush on me; I didn't care for him much in that way, but he managed to convince me to give him a shot and we hit it off... I love him so much and never lost that same intensity, but a few days ago he told me something I'll never be able to let go of: “maybe I don't love you as much as you love me” and it made me feel like giving him a shot was the wrong decision. All this love and effort and he just now decides he doesn't love me equally.
elygurl02 (1 month ago)
It’s heartbreaking to see what people have been through yet it is so refreshing to see people become vulnerable and see others be so empathetic and accepting of their pain. Love it.
Nightmare_Jauregui (1 month ago)
"Loving someone I could never have is the worst heartbreak I've ever felt." -Anynomous
Jordigarrus (1 month ago)
Maybe someday I can share my heartbreak.
There was a boy that was in a few classes of mine in middle school. He was new so I decided I needed a new friend and went and sat by him. A month went by and we developed crushed on each other. His friend told me that he liked me and I was so flustered and excited that I said "cool". A few weeks went by and I finally got up the courage to tell him I liked him too. I had a note written and everything. I walked into class, looking for him but he wasn't there. The teacher began to take roll and when his name came up his friend stood up and said "he moved". As soon as those words hit my ears I died. I could feel my heart shatter. I couldn't breathe, or move, everything became white noise and I felt like I was drowning. It's been four years, and I still haven't seen him. I still have the note, and I love him, I still think about him every day and I pray that I can see him one last time.
Kar3n (1 month ago)
I had never felt inlove. My first boyfriend was just attraction and the second one was commitment. I had feelings for them but not love. I met someone just made my heart skip a beat. And made me feel all type of ways inside. And it broke my heart to know I will never be able to even kiss him.
Efren Contreras (1 month ago)
Unrequited love is the worst.
EddiesBrokenArm (1 month ago)
a guy broke up with me because i hadn’t spoken to him in a few days. i didn’t have the courage to tell him it was because i was contemplating suicide.
jada smith (1 month ago)
Trying to shape myself to be the perfect person for a guy that physically, mentally, and verbally abused me then made me feel like it was my fault.
Aaliyah Goodman (1 month ago)
My biggest heart break? I had come to terms with being pregnant and i was so excited about it and happy. But then i had a miscarriage. My biggest heart break is losing my child
Fake Awake (1 month ago)
0:32 is exactly my problem, i also love a girl for 6 years now, never realy knowing how she feels about me. It's torture, it realy is. Because you just can't forget her. You get tired of loving her, and then you get depressive, and then you have to make your self remember again that you could be a couple because you fit together. And then it all happens again like a circle. And it's like she just can't see all the love and passion I feel for her. And that's so sad.
zysis (1 month ago)
I was used as a muse by many different people over an extended time. I was never credited, only mocked in a way that made me feel insignificant. Upon meeting one of the people many years later, he asked why I hadn't killed myself yet. I'm surrounded (literally) by my own creations while being dirt broke, watching people not only take credit for my ideas, but reap millions as a result. It broke my heart to see myself mocked on the big screen over and over again. Everyone laughs, while I'm left feeling empty, seeing a darkness that only I can see. Worst part is, I can't escape it, no one could. The truly heartbreaking part is that my truths are seen by other people as lies and it breaks me every. single. day.
Yazzy Mercado (1 month ago)
Don't hold yourself back from eventually finding someone that loves you unconditionally.
pointless greed (1 month ago)
I doubt that this comment will ever be seen, but it's the only heartbreak that I'll make sure I ever experience For a very long time in my life I've had problems with creating personal bonds / romantic ones either. I find it extremely hard to create a bond, even with family, so I usually keep to myself. There have only been two instances in my life where I think I actually romantically liked someone, but now that I look back on it, it was more obsession than anything. Around September 2018, I got in touch with an old friend and we started to chat. She flirted with me a lot and I didn't know how to take it so I just brushed it off. There was one day where I was curious how our relationship would actually turn out if we started dating so I asked her out and it actually sparked into something. I never knew that much about her personal life and I never really cared enough to ask, but I remember one day where she came to me about abuse at home, and it hit me pretty deep in my heart. I kinda swore myself onto making myself a "safe space" for her, but once her mom found out we were dating (I'm a girl) she tried to do everything she could to split us up. Well, it worked, and I haven't seen my love since the new year. I haven't been able to communicate or even call her, but instead I just send little love messages to her account every now and then. I really hope that there's a chance we can reconnect, because never one in my life have I met a specimen so important to me.
Marie Andree (1 month ago)
thats tyler from are you the one season6!
Once dropped an entire bag of takis.💔 Pray for me.
Bernice Santos (1 month ago)
I found out my ex bf cheated on me while we’re together recently and it was too late for me to feel hurt about it because he left me 2 months ago (last january). He said he’s leaving me because he doesnt love me anymore, after two weeks i found out he’s already got a new gf. Few days ago i found out he got someone pregnant and that girl is not his current girlfriend, it’s a friend of ours which is his close friend’s gf. Worst part is, they have been doing it while we were still together and now she is pregnant and she’s just 16 years old. My bf and I were together for 10 years. He’s 26 years old now and he got a 16 year old pregnant
liveit (1 month ago)
My worst heartbreak : I m from india and love has a lot of boundaries here.. . But i didn't have that in my relationship.. I was 20 when I fell in love with my professor who was 38 at the the time... He was divorced... He proposed me on April 15 2016... N we were in love or that's what I felt.. I loved him dearly.. I never took gifts from him never took any favors from him... I just loved him dearly.. After 3 years.. That is in feb 2019..i get to know that he was cheating on me with multiple students.... Asking them out n had relationship with one of them.. He was love of my life... I m still in shock.. N the thing is he is not even sorry... The worse part I try calling him from unknown numbers.. N he never picks up... I m in shock and I just feel stuck in life.. He meant so much to me... N he was my first love of my life... I just feel so traumatised... I dont know if I can ever get over it... I have not told my mom anything coz she is damn strict.. I have a single parent n she won't take it nicely....
Rachelle (1 month ago)
I met a guy at the beginning of sophomore year. He helped me out of a dark place and because of him I tried to stop drinking and doing drugs. I knew we were young so I couldn’t be so optimistic but that didn’t stop me. We made a plan to stay together at least till graduation. We broke up this January and I don’t know if I’ll ever really let him go. He was the best thing that ever happened to me and he made me actually want to be a better person. He won’t really talk to me bc he has a new girlfriend but he checks on me every once in a while to make sure I’m okay and I’m not falling back into my old habits. I love him so much and I don’t know if I’ll ever let him know I still do.
maria _m (1 month ago)
I m 21. I że never been in love. I ve never really had a broken heart.
Chill Jay (1 month ago)
This guy I thought I could never pull started to talk to me we used to FaceTime,text , and I feel in love. He then bragged to me about how much he liked my friend. I still don’t understand how you could make someone fall in love, but can’t share the same feeling of love
Benis Cake (1 month ago)
Expect the worst in situations, don’t get your hopes up...ever. When you expect great and it doesn’t end up great the heartbreak will be immense
oreoemsa (1 month ago)
Oh my god.. imagine how it feels.. 😥😥💔 I felt this in my heart.
Astranova Starz (1 month ago)
A guy I dated for 13 months, who I was so in love with, said to me "I met this new girl. She's so sweet and nice. So screw off. :3" It will forever hurt me for the rest of my life. But now I've learned to trust again, I'm dating the love of my life to this day. ^^
Alienlover x (1 month ago)
Right now my worse heartbreak is my crush who was once so interested in me is now more interested in my friend (even though my friend doesn’t give him enough attention like I do)
Ashley Mendes Gilinsky (1 month ago)
I've loved this boy for about three years, but rn he's dating the girl that took my former best friend away from me.
Gaia Becker (1 month ago)
I have an incredibly traumatizing experience that I feel I never got true justice for in the court system. I would like to share that traumatizing experience through these secret videos, so if you guys can contact me I would love to share.
William Worth (1 month ago)
I got a crazy heart break story for you guys so call me
Waldo Redelinghuys (1 month ago)
My Gf dumped me a day before our anniversary, for her previous ex, which she judged and hated in front of me.
Sky Liu (1 month ago)
My boyfriend cheated on me with multiple girls many times. I pretended it was fine and i didn't care about it anymore but I've never felt more hurt
nerfmadd (1 month ago)
My ex girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me over a rumor I'd cheated, started by someone neither of us knew (I had never cheated on her) It crushed me, and to this day I am still torn up over her. About a month after we broke up I found out shed been cheating on me with a guy who she'd introduced me to.
Sujey Aiko (1 month ago)
I was engaged to someone and that person just ghosted me few months later found out that he got married to someone else. 💔
Haley Marlin (1 month ago)
Wow.....I have no soul. I literally just watched. Is that bad?
Lauren _ Luckless (1 month ago)
When I heard about the one about the bestfriends one I started crying and went to my messages and told my five bestfriends each a different letter but still the same last words to it. I Love You.
jaedyn x (1 month ago)
these are so sad lmao and i thought i was heartbroken these people really going thru it
My time (1 month ago)
I am a very confident perso but when it comes to love i dissapear
Shalyn A. (1 month ago)
I liked this boy for a while. He had just broken up with his girlfriend. Little did I know he had a crush on my bestfriend. Back then he was so nice to me.When he stopped having a crush on her he got back with his ex. He’s still with his ex to this day. Every single day he tells me that I’m worthless and that I’m ugly and that no one likes me. He once told me that I was adopted it really hurt me and I tried really hard not to cry(I’m not adopted by the way). I never know if he’s kidding or not because he always laughs after he says something rude. Even if he was kidding it still hurts my feelings. Very rarely he’ll have a decent conversation with me without saying something rude. But the very next day he’ll just be rude as usual. He’s still like that to this day. And the girl he’s dating is friends with my bestfriend so I’m friends with her (the bestfriend he had a crush on was my bestie Mackenzie). I don’t know if he only was nice to me because he liked my bestfriend or he was really friends with me. I don’t like him anymore and he still says rude things. It doesn’t bother me as much it used to. Any advice on what to do🙁🙁?? Thanks for listening to my story I know it’s really long
I fall easily (1 month ago)
Mine is not exactly a heartbreak for now, I met this boy a couple of months ago and I completely fell in love with him. We started dating and things are moving quite fast,but we're ok with it. We have only been dating for 2 months but I feel like I have known him my whole life if that makes sense. This is where it starts, I'm into talking with my higher self and it basically guides me through life. So before I met him I was into a very dark time in my life I was hardcore into an eating disorder and extremely underweight and as soon as I met this boy he has helped me with my ed and personal problems. This is the thing, this relationship is a lesson for me and I know exactly what is going to happen and its breaks me apart. I'm trying everything I can to change my destiny, I exactly know who is my life partner and he sounds like the dream lover, but I completely gave my heart to my current boyfriend, he talks about our future, us getting an apartment together, him going to the military,me going to medical school and when we get enough money getting a house together and having two kids and every time he talks that way I cry because I know that's not in my life path. Its breaking me because I know exactly how things are going to end up and I'm trying everything I can to change that destiny Its emotional and mentally very frustrating:(
Indi (1 month ago)
my ex told me he loved me two days before breaking up w me. he did it over text and I never got closure. I don’t know if I loved him but I can’t seem to get over it.
gg hhh (1 month ago)
When u know you'll never be with your only one 💔
SwiftFoal786190 (1 month ago)
My gf, ex now , cheated on me with her brother, and her older brother and younger brother to this day still touch her and look at her sexually
tatyana the destroyer (1 month ago)
My heartbreak happened over and over and continues to happen to this day. My "boyfriend" (he never asked me to be his girlfriend so we were never official) continued to break it off and get back together with me 3 times. Each time I'd take him back believing it would change and we would be okay, but it never happened. Each time he told me he wanted to be together with me forever, but then he'd dump me saying we were never going to work out. I can't believe I took him back each time. I hate myself for it. I was so weak and desperate. So many wasted tears and energy. The last time he broke up with me, the day before I asked him if he still wanted to be with me. He said yes and asked why I thought his answer would ever change. The VERY NEXT DAY he broke up with me saying that the distance was too much for him. We still talk regularly and he keeps breaking my heart by being so rude to me. The only reason I haven't cut him off completely yet is because I'm so tired of being alone. I have no friends so if I stop talking to him I'll have no one. I'm just tired of hurting and being lonely.
Willz S.G (1 month ago)
My first fling involved a girl leading me on. She left me for a male. (I'm a woman.)

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