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Text Comments (4752)
박잭슨 (7 days ago)
long tam no see hammer bro!!!
jenn ahn (18 days ago)
Im addicted..
computer World (23 days ago)
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Korean Emperor (1 month ago)
F. U. C. K.
Jamie (2 months ago)
I sang and danced to this song at the pep rally and uploaded it on YouTube! It was awesome the whole crowd also danced with me! 🔥🔥 Please check out the video on my channel and let me know what you think! 🙏 Thank you!
serezhik18 (2 months ago)
Please, long version...
Hayden Mary (3 months ago)
look, they are practicing in their dress shoes
Jessie Barton (4 months ago)
I'm on the ground in tears of joy
마이 마이 (5 months ago)
와 이건 예술이다 넘 멋진 춤이다
Ocelotl (5 months ago)
MC H.A.M. -er, ladies and gentlemen.
OOF (7 months ago)
i thought this was a sequal to gangnam style
ErrantChordier (7 months ago)
Dude in green 2nd from right. He has so much more crispness and gusto in his moves. Like at the beginning, and at 0:20 and 0:27, he snaps his feet close together. The guy on the left in white for instance has a lot more slack in those parts.
우수후 (8 months ago)
opsimathics (8 months ago)
Elausis (10 months ago)
MC Hammer the best!!!!!
한시아 (1 year ago)
각자 춤이 조금씩달라서 그런진몰라도 칼군무랑 다르게 개멋있고( 막모자만지고ㅋㅋㅋ) 분명 동작자체는 단순하고 어려운동작같지가않은데 ㄹㅇ 그냥 ㅈ간지네
enaxotixo xo (1 year ago)
full video?
Kristopharaoh (1 year ago)
I miss this
Youtube Video Sharing (1 year ago)
Enrique J (1 year ago)
Killed it! Too damn short
Cassiopeia Wilson (1 year ago)
Look at them 80's babies in the background trying to keep up with this 50 somethin MASTER
Ploy Fon (1 year ago)
It's too much American. PSY is korean remember
denisse chuco (1 year ago)
SoundlessRie (1 year ago)
I'm so mad this was only 40 seconds. Great job!
Paul T (1 year ago)
Watched this so many times, just realized they're wearing dress shoes.
김경찬 (1 year ago)
Believe In Yourself (1 year ago)
Anh quần xanh lá nhảy thật dứt khoát và đẹp
Heart Lion (2 years ago)
Wonderful! Green Pants.
Surfer KoNa (2 years ago)
Best Mashup of all time..
Crispian Chealuks (2 years ago)
you should release a solo for this
Jay Prime (2 years ago)
Ayyyyyyyye show them Koreans how it's done
tony (2 years ago)
Ay this still lit
David (2 years ago)
Asians on the left spend their whole life imitating Hip Hop styles but find out they are nothing when OG MC HAMMER and his crew step in, showing everyone how its done haha
Neill Holloman (2 years ago)
It's more like Mc Hammer has earned respect.
pyromethious (2 years ago)
Ugh, why is Everything iTunes...
차차차 (2 years ago)
Dialysisforever (2 years ago)
Needs to be longer.
Mark A (2 years ago)
Dava Siah (2 years ago)
dem asians lookin at em..like woah!!!!
Tirta Jaya (2 years ago)
have a Hammer time
Sai Daqui TV (2 years ago)
nen tenta fazer suscesso de novo vc ja teve seus 2 anos de fama ta bom no br ninguem mais lembra de vc
Hebrew Chapter 11 (2 years ago)
yea the green pants the best I ever seen.
Kaiser Shaik (2 years ago)
Superb energy from everyone !!
Susan Lee (3 years ago)
아따 뒤에 백댄서들 춤 잘추네그려
👎 mc hammer looking ass dudes
Glen Whitt (2 years ago)
well, the center one is mc hammer...
Uanderson Costa (3 years ago)
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Uanderson Costa (3 years ago)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkl mfcllfk
Uanderson Costa (3 years ago)
dandymcgee (3 years ago)
Guy in white on the left absolutely demolishes the hammertime ending. :O
임승균 (3 years ago)
PLUM THUM (3 years ago)
only 40 seconds long... that's ghastly. I NEED MORE!! lol love the hammer steps @ 0:23
Sabot Ximénez (3 years ago)
Every time I watch this, I can't watch anyone else except the guy in the green pants. I'd say he's absolutely the best dancer in the video!
Kazama Jin (2 years ago)
yeah that 0:05 - 0:07 free style cap dancing is pretty sick
이지연 (3 years ago)
Quân Phạm (3 years ago)
What the fucked it's that? shitshitshit
W (3 years ago)
Still here in 2K16
TheRealSlicc (3 years ago)
me when im about to sneeze : AC AC AC AC AC choo 0:30
vincent apinyanurak (3 years ago)
jeff mccall (3 years ago)
I'm not saying this is bad... but this is Psy's signature song... and Hammer's second most famous. And the backing track for gangam style goes perfectly with "music hits me, so hard, makes me say Oh my Lord!" Just didn't get why they din't combine those two songs instead.
Sharoona (3 years ago)
@Gachman : true the guy in green nailed it.
용환승 (3 years ago)
I like it.
Lindsay Hamilton (3 years ago)
I can't stop staring at the guy in the green pants! He is KILLING IT! WOO!
Rosemary James (6 months ago)
Always gets me goin!
WillRennar (7 months ago)
Reply from 2018 here. Gotta agree, man's got damn good moves.
Aldy Marco (1 year ago)
Mallory Powell are you that guy?
Aldy Marco (1 year ago)
Lindsay Hamilton me too the guy in the green pants is the best dancer.
Rafa Pouza (3 years ago)
Se inscrevam no meu canal !!!
Marcin kuśmierczyk (3 years ago)
this is really incredible version
Omari Williams (3 years ago)
My dad's nickname is Hammer!!1
Omari Williams (3 years ago)
Louis James (4 years ago)
Anyone know a tutorial for this part of the dance? Want to learn how to 0:20.
LocallyMilky (4 years ago)
love it
Benedict Gaming (4 years ago)
lyrics To legit To legit to quit To legit To legit to quit To legit To legit to quit To legit To legit to quit Ehhh sexy lady. Get worked Get worked Get worked Get worked Get worked Ha Ha Ha Hammer time
Cindy Bakley (4 years ago)
I wish this match up was long enough to be a single. It just sounds great together and makes u wanna dance!!!
BurritoKid (4 years ago)
hammer hit me so hard, made me say oh my god
TheScatmanBros (4 years ago)
"Eyyyyyy sexy lady! Get fucked, get fucked! Get fucked, get fucked, get fucked!"
shalon (1 year ago)
CakeEater no the fuck it's not. It's get funky.
Ken (3 years ago)
+TheScatmanBros nananana, it's: "Eyyyyyy sexy lady! kebab, kebab kebab!"
Austin Chen (3 years ago)
+TheScatmanBros that's really funny haha..
Lady M. (4 years ago)
Best music video ever!
cal (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that thinks this is ingenious
Melvin Castro (4 years ago)
Lady Dnmiller (4 years ago)
...keep in mind yall this man is 50 something. ...age ain't nothing but a number!!!! Amazing
1987slim (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks it is weird as to how well these songs go together?
Leonard Yu (4 years ago)
I'm so gonna learn that move!
elNingyou (4 years ago)
This is inexplicably one of the best things I've ever heard. 
Ben Horobin (4 years ago)
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Ben Horobin (3 years ago)
+MrRichyDude Hope that wasnt sarcasm xD
MrRichyDude (3 years ago)
+Ben Horobin that has made my year
ChackBit (4 years ago)
jarda shark (4 years ago)
no its original is goood
debe xxx (4 years ago)
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Der Kaiser (4 years ago)
Full Song anyone?
siloPIRATE (3 years ago)
+Der Kaiser It's on Spotify, Gangnam Style/2 Legit to Quit
지훈 (3 years ago)
Der Kaiser (4 years ago)
+ghdsa i75 Fuck off it's the Japanese flag. I was going to change it but I've decided not to. We need to end the society of softness when people say 'I'm offended' and they expect others to give a fuck.
Khabib Time (4 years ago)
is that Mc Hammer in the middle?
mrrightnow101 (4 years ago)
Thanks , that explains why he has such talented dancers behind him. It looks like an audition
diambo4life (4 years ago)
Yes it is. He and psy performed together at the Grammys I believe. Must watch. 
mrrightnow101 (4 years ago)
That's a Good question
Chelsea Tabobo (4 years ago)
takako iwa (4 years ago)
Mr.Hammer you just geart.yes awesom!!
cristian palacios (4 years ago)
awesome !
rizki ramadhan (4 years ago)
good job
Teguh Santoso (4 years ago)
qwgak isodownload opoo
Key Killer 74 (4 years ago)
Hammer still got his moves :)
Hello I am from Tajikistan. I love all of you if you any questions write to me, I shall answer to all your questions. You must know that for singing this song I practiced two years and I can say that today I reached to my aim. Dear fans do not be offended by me, try to understand and support me for my mistakes as I am small. I love of you my dear fans. Where ever you are be bless and lucky. Bye bye. Be blessed where you are bye – bye 2018 PSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0uNmvDoWv0&t=1s
INVI SIBLE INC (4 years ago)
Sho nuff
Raymundo Meza (5 years ago)
Cool offiacialpsy
yubstep (5 years ago)
This needs to be much much much much longer
Marga d (5 years ago)
Dwayne Martinez (5 years ago)
now this is a performer MC. Hammer Usher and Chris brown bring out yall notes maaaaan lol
山口拓未 (5 years ago)
Fabedog9 (5 years ago)
HAMMER you gotta come back man!!!
Yordis Prieto (5 years ago)
K3TheDJ (5 years ago)
This is with out any doubt the best Live mashup of all time. I ran bout de house when I saw this. Simply Amazing.
吳秀蘭 (4 years ago)
+Auto-Ecole Marty 、
Antoine Allin (4 years ago)
Tiphaine allin 17ans

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