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Japan loses tech innovation lustre

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Tech companies are showing off their latest innovations at Japan's largest trade show in Tokyo. The host country used to be the innovation leader when it came to personal electronics. But as Wayne Hay reports from Tokyo, it's stuggling to keep its edge over rival countries.
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mookixox (5 years ago)
Fukushima Radiation will probably kill most of the people in this video...What a shame.
NeutralGenericUser (5 years ago)
Japanese products have the best quality, and they're making a comeback. The new Sony phones are amazing, new products from Mazda, Lexus, etc. are top notch. Al Jazeera is has become a sensationalist piece of crap rather than a legitimate news outlet.
smokeyy bear (5 years ago)
thats why everything is copied hahaha
TheClubshaker (5 years ago)
Japanese products still have the BEST quality
Bander1 (5 years ago)
I still love Japanese products, they still have the BEST quality in the world.
Bander1 (5 years ago)
well Japan was high tech during the analog years, its cellphones were much high tech until the smarttphones kaputed them.
kurtilein3 (5 years ago)
what i like about old electronics is that they are so easy to fix. sometimes i pull old game boys off ebay and fix them up. its really easy to buy 3 broken ones and turn them into two that work perfectly.
news3ajil (5 years ago)
WAYNE RILEY (5 years ago)
Key word used in this video, CREATIVITY, ya either got it or ya don't.

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