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Dragon's Lair Playthrough 1080p

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A complete playthrough of Don Bluth's arcade video game Dragon's Lair. A look at the classic remastered on Xbox 360 complete with the indicators from Digital Leisure. Purchase the game via the Store link - https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-gb/Product/Dragons-Lair/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410b8a Back Don Bluths Latest Project - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dragon-s-lair-returns-movie-cartoon#/ http://cramgaming.com - Gamertag Shadowmask -
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Text Comments (2750)
Rob Cram (1 year ago)
Did you come here because of Stranger Things?
Emilie BlueValley (1 day ago)
ACFA KING mk.2 (4 days ago)
Bryan Mejia (6 days ago)
Rail-Gun (7 days ago)
Uh....no, why?
Yes, and guess what that "Stranger Thing" is? These high quality animations with full color and magnificent sound, made in 1983, were possible with a device called the LaserDisc, the first commercial optical disc storage medium, released in 1978!
Bird (1 day ago)
I never ever knew there was a cartoon like game before period
ElGringo (1 day ago)
Wow. I never knew you could actually make it into the castle as a kid. Let alone you had to perform the same scenes multiple times, over and over.
I am just a mom (2 days ago)
Was this ever a movie??
Insane Rotta (3 days ago)
awimar (3 days ago)
Thumbelina? What happened to you??
Ashes Ashes (3 days ago)
To suh-lay the dragon, use the magic SOOORD!
Agateophobiadragon (3 days ago)
Why does the knight look like Arthur's older brother from the "Sword in the Stone" animation?
8mmKyle (4 days ago)
Stranger things? I'm here cuz of family guy
Carlos Gutierrez (5 days ago)
I saw this play through and thought "this can't honestly be that hard, its a memory/refex game"... I have already wounded my pride enough at this point
Viralium (5 days ago)
The original Dark Souls.
mrnintendo88 (6 days ago)
Timing sucks, sound direction is really really bad, the editing gives me a headache. I can’t imagine why this was ever successf— *sees thumbnail* oh.
william coad (6 days ago)
Cool, I never seen anybody finish the game back in the early 80's until now.... This game was a whole dollar when it came out....
Cake Knight (6 days ago)
damn, that sword could kill cancer i bet
KAIDO OF THE BEAST (6 days ago)
Starts at 10:03. You’re welcome
William Gallows (7 days ago)
The first Dark Souls experience.
arentol99 (8 days ago)
Wow, memories from nearly 40 years ago.. spent a lot of quarters on this game. Took me forever to get past the lizard man.. and I don't remember all those flashing arrows when I played. Was so satisfying to finally finish it and a huge confidence builder having a group of people cheering you on from behind. Amazing game and great memories of a world where PCs and console games were not yet invented.
Kameari Kill Screen (8 days ago)
Those nips helped prevent a whole generation from turning gay.
losttribe3001 (8 days ago)
My wife “whatcha doing?” Me “watching an old video, waiting to see a hot princess” My wife”is that why your pants are off?” Me “...”
LeeWalklin (9 days ago)
First arcade game to ever use a laserdisc I think???
David Rosales (9 days ago)
Loved this game but fuck it pissed me off trying 2 beat it!! 😎😠
MissObIivious (10 days ago)
I like the animation but the sequences are so confusing. And repetitive.
Compnerd2525 (10 days ago)
This is bullshit, played this game in the arcade and it never told me what button to press or when.
Chris P. (10 days ago)
For 1983 these graphics are insane, considering most arcade games were little more than moving pixels at the time.
emmlu (10 days ago)
Safe me
EdMcStinko (11 days ago)
She a ho
Bruce Wayne (11 days ago)
The fuck is this shit??? 70's Game or show??? That chick's hot though...
Gustavo Dias (11 days ago)
Thats it? 11 minutes?!
iLoveJackingOn (11 days ago)
Lets be honest, you came here to fap to Princess Daphne
Nic Parker (12 days ago)
Jews selling sex to your children nice.
Arusiek90 (12 days ago)
My pepe hard.
blazing the amazing (13 days ago)
Damn cant imagine the quarters it took to even get 1/4 through this game in arcade
McKayla Royer (13 days ago)
Yall came here because of stranger things, I had this arcade game in my garage as a kid. My brother could beat every level of the game except one, so I would beat that one level for him and we'd win every time together. I miss all those games.
Wristrocket547 _ (13 days ago)
Stop screaming!
Jinx198 (13 days ago)
This was an 80’s video game? It looks like it should be a 90’s movie!
shiit winds (13 days ago)
how were these not the top games of the 80's? and how the hell weren't they pixlated? I refuse to believe this was made before 2000. either that or people were to stupid to appreciate something as good looking as this in the 80s.
a spai (13 days ago)
Wonder how this got 1.8 million views... Either Stranger Things or thumbnail tiddies.
purecarnage01 (13 days ago)
We died so fast when this first came out, we would ask the arcade kid for a refund because we thought it was not working. Then he would point out our scores, lol.
Eddie Torres (14 days ago)
You fuggin played this game for the cutscenes and died because you werent paying attention xD
Dukeofnuyork A1 (14 days ago)
Start at 10:30 and play at 0.5 speed. Worth it!!!
Marcus Mares (14 days ago)
Don't forget SPACE ACE and dragons lair
Sasuke Kazama (14 days ago)
Bowsette, No its a trap! 😱
BritishLayerSandwich (15 days ago)
Man, even NC can't beat the sequel to the game.
BritishLayerSandwich (15 days ago)
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1
Abelhawk (15 days ago)
The only thing I don't find sexy about Daphne is her voice. It sounds almost like a guy trying to imitate a girl's voice.
Outta Bubblegum (15 days ago)
Everything for a pussy. Worth it.
Diego Sanchez (16 days ago)
10:30 😩👌💦💦💦
Michael Vognild (16 days ago)
I never realized how often Dirk's scabbard jumps from his left side to his right side. It was a hell of a chore to keep that guy alive!
Vaile (16 days ago)
Solve every problem with a sword!
Silent Dawn (17 days ago)
Was this the first use of Quick Time Events?
Mikemc (18 days ago)
I still dislike quick-time-events, but that swordsman is awesome
Anthony L (18 days ago)
Homer Simpson's cries and yelps are based on this game
Andreas Neumann (18 days ago)
I saw this Automat first in the Video Game Hall in Berlin "Alice Wonderland".I could save her so many much!
Crazyroller2010 (19 days ago)
10:14 to see the girl
i came here for the wiiviewr
Tony Shaw (20 days ago)
I've actually played this, princess daphne was teeny bopper porn lol
unused435 (20 days ago)
Im here cuz of a gamelist
Hermit Wizard (20 days ago)
This game taught me that sometimes you have to go through hell and back just to get a piece of ass.
Elvin Jasper (20 days ago)
I had never seen the gameplay past the river. Usually people got pissed and switched to the pinball machines. This is cool!
taiming71 (21 days ago)
did it take a armored truck full of quarter to finish the game? I remember playing it as a teen and after 3-4 dollars you had not gotten any where.
WALTERBROADDUS (21 days ago)
A kiss? After all that? After a $50 in quarters...... a kiss? Damn, babe you better do better than that.
WALTERBROADDUS (21 days ago)
I never saw anybody win this game before.
Under!Ed Sans (21 days ago)
JonTron anybody?
alex ojideagu (22 days ago)
0:55 Homer simpson
TRIP2003 AJ (22 days ago)
I didn't know this was a real game *-*
Deborah chesser (23 days ago)
All those quarters
Purple Wings (23 days ago)
now go make babies💓🤣💯💪💓
Christian First (23 days ago)
Trust no Thot
Christian First (23 days ago)
What even is this game?
Sarah D (23 days ago)
The noises throughout this game are freaking hilarious!! 🤣🤣
L U N G S 肺 FM (23 days ago)
Beautiful Bluth animation and the silliest sound design I’ve ever heard
Todd Starbuck (23 days ago)
It looks like some sections are just mirror images of others.
DoYLe T (23 days ago)
Use to play this video game in the late 80's, spent all the lunch money on it! It was expensive to play
Brains before BS (23 days ago)
I’m here cause I could never finish the damn game ....dirk the dumbass “save me”! ..”save this 🍆 princess “!
Ninpo Shinobi (24 days ago)
after that all that b.s. he better get some fun time from that thic princess😆
timrs2001 (25 days ago)
I hated this goddam game. So many quarters blown.
kinkylizard (25 days ago)
Was this on the phillips cdi?
Zenertia (25 days ago)
holy shit, who talks like this 10:32
Ashley Koivisto (25 days ago)
Family Guy brought me here.
João Xavier (25 days ago)
Thank you for the video. It's a game of my time from the arcades.
Charlie Brown (26 days ago)
10:12 for the T H I C C N E S S (and the accompanying depression of realizing you just clicked on a video to see some cartoon cleavage)
Plumpy999 (26 days ago)
I was 12 when this game came out. I loved it. All the arcades I played it at cut some scenes though, probably to lessen play time so they could make more money.
annuna (26 days ago)
Pelcogo (26 days ago)
After all the bullshit he just went through he better be getting laid.
nerdroll (27 days ago)
1. never watched stranger things... sorry peeps 2. wow, talk about reusing assets... XD 3. Isn't is nice to know, that King Arthur's brother, after getting a nose job, and dyed his hair, and lost some weight. Grew up to do such heroic things? lol
TonyTube407 (27 days ago)
I spent many a quarter on this game when it came out...
Joaquin Vargas (27 days ago)
So much trouble to get laid
John Ashley (28 days ago)
The princess was based on Marilyn Monroe.
ghosturiel (28 days ago)
I'm just here because i'm killing time till Don Bluth finishes making his Dragons lair movie.
Lee Bee (28 days ago)
Jessica Rabbit is often credited as the ultimate sexy cartoon woman, but she really isn't sexy at all. Princess Daphne here - SHE'S the ultimate sexy cartoon! Modeled on Playboy images, and voiced by some chick in the animation staff! Don Bluth did an amazing job with this character! Just a pity all Disney princesses aren't like this.
superequinox (28 days ago)
I live for the noises this boy makes omg
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt (28 days ago)
Prince Daphine was Waifu before Waifus existed.
Precious panda (29 days ago)
Congratulations ! You are now a god !
Steven Lindsey (29 days ago)
This game was light years ahead.When it came out I played it at Chucky cheese.
nopushbutton (30 days ago)
this dragon has a freakin SICK security system
I have no words at all
Cj Armour (30 days ago)
Captain Howdy (30 days ago)
Dirk is the man! 🗡
Brandon S (1 month ago)
I remember playing this game once or twice as a kid. Looked impressive but the game play was impossible and horrendous. I remember feeling totally unsatisfied and wanting my money back.
bloodrunsclear (1 month ago)
For Dirk 'The Daring' he sure screams alot

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