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Jcpenny's has some deals going on right now in store and online. Father's day is coming up . You can find some great deals for dad. Men's shirts are on clearance, shoes. Deals on kids summer clothing. Store walk through of Jcpenny. Please stay safe and buckle up :) This is a family friendly shopping channel. we look we share :) FTC THESE VIDEOS ARE NOT SPONSORED. come shop with me shop with me shopping at jcpennys fathers day ideas. #jcpenny #fatherday #giftideas #reisworld #family #shopwithme #Lookwithme #browsewithme #shoes #kids
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رشا اليمامه (3 months ago)
GrandmasBeauty Corner (6 months ago)
Grandpa digs the padded Nike's feels better on his feet. There is so many cute boy outfits my grandchildren would love. I always have to keep extra clothes here for them.
Cool Chicka Vlogs (6 months ago)
Nice shoes 👞 👟 👠
poptartsag (6 months ago)
christa garrett (6 months ago)
If you can combine the 10 off 25 on clearance items that's what I would do major savings!!!
linda B (6 months ago)
christa garrett i have done that 10 off 25 with clearance and it does work. and i have the coupon on my phone. and great thing. i can use the coupon over and over. i use it. leave. come bck and get another 25 worth.
Jessica Cruz (6 months ago)
you can not use any coupons on nike and levis lol. I learned the hard way but getting points do save you money
Tina De La Paz (6 months ago)
I have not been to penneys in years, but now you showed me they have cute stuff at cheap prices now. Tfs 😊
vanessa millieran (6 months ago)
hi im going to disney today wish we knew what you looked like we can watch parade together
rayln snigha (6 months ago)
My hubby loves the padded ones too.

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