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The Women’s Runderwear Long Sleeved Baselayer Top is designed to give you maximum support with the highest level of comfort. Get support where you need it most using Runderwear's seamless technology. Made on a 360 degree seamless machine, the baselayer is constructed in a circular motion with connection flat lock edging to finish the product without any irritation on the skin. The Baselayer uses all the technology taken from our multiple Award-Winning underwear products to create the ultimate comfort baselayer top. We have also added finger warming mitts that you can wrap over your hands until you warm up. Really handy on those cold early morning runs or dark chilly nights. 360 degree seamless technology construction Moisture wicking transport system Ergonomically designed, moving with your body Improved core temperature control Runderwear™ fabric is lightweight and durable.
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Richard Sturtevant (3 months ago)
Very hot!

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