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Older Women Dating Younger Guys part 2 (15.01.10) - TWStuff

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What's your view? Martin Offiah appeared on the show to promote his new book, 50 of the Best: Fifty of the Greatest Rugby League Tries of All Time. For more info, see here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1905988818/dvdfevecouk-21
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Dómaldur Sigurdsson (1 year ago)
Young men will screw anything up to about 65.
Twenty Faces (2 years ago)
Juviong Moua (3 years ago)
HI TWStuff, many thanks for posting this video, it is very interested to me as I am studying a cross-age marriage between older diaspora women Lao and younger local Lao men. Do you mind to tell me where I can find this article of "the wright stuff older women dating younger guys"? my e-mail is: juviong At gmail dot com. Many thanks in adavanced. Hopefully I would hear from you
sassy badassdragon (4 years ago)
i  don't  like  guys my  ages  because guys my ages  are set  in there ways  and i   been  with a younger guys and i happen to injoy it  i with a guy  now and i am   older  and i  love him to death  i think  it all about  how  you  feel  for that person age  is  just a number   we do a lot  of things together  and   his family   love me to death    we have a great time  when we are together  and  i think   the world  look at   it   beening wrong   but  guys  like  older woman   because 1  we  know what  we  like and 2  we are  more  staple  more  older  woman  don't cheat  so i look at it  is  if you   don't  like  it then  don't  look   i  live in the   usa  and  there  are more  of it here 
bhriguaneja (4 years ago)
I was 19 when I started hanging out with a woman 7 years older. We started "dating" when I was 23 and are still together. I have loved this woman more than anything all my life. I haven't had a more fulfilling experience all my life.  Age is truly just a number, particularly in my case. 
subir2457 (5 years ago)
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Arnaz316 (6 years ago)
hey, Im in the same position. kinda. Im 25 and shes 38 and we get along so well, its just incredible how many stares we get when we're out and i kinda notice people talking, but maybe thats just me, I havw just learned to block it out and be happy. we communicate, we plan together, love each other and we understand each other, thats what matters. f**k all the haters
AnnaLR1640 (6 years ago)
im 40 and found 20 year old very handsome man, initially for attention and passion, but we connected mentally so well hat now considering marriage. As i am deeply spiritual person but trained in finances, i have both heart and logic and will of steal, so my friends and family have had to accept my decision(or get lost). If this type of relationship is done, it has to be done from the depth of ones heart, with will of steal and logical planning, as with all succesful relationships.
Adam Cai (6 years ago)
——A g e Matching. C~oM—— is the premiere online community for mature men who like younger women, or mature women who like younger men. Feel comfortable with the possibility of starting an age-gap relationship in a community where people think just like you. Maybe you have experienced a lot in life already and now want a totally different type of relationship. Recapture some of your youth and try striking up a relationship, whether romantic or just friendship, with a younger man/woman!
Lillian Girault (6 years ago)
I think women place a lot of emphasizes on age. If a man and a woman are attracted to one another and they areof legal age it is none of no business. He is a man and she is a woman!!
Jean Van Arpel (7 years ago)
that suzanne woman should speak for herself. whether or not others have a genuine connection if their business.

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