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DIY Ripped Knee Jeans + How to Style

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If ripped jeans make you feel like a badass OPEN THIS ⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡⟡ Hello! Here's a real simple DIY (literally this can be done in under 30 min) that transforms any pair of old and boring skinny jeans into something that looks fresh from the department store! Plus I added a little how to style, you know, just for fun :) ◉THE DETAILS◉ ⩥OUTFIT 1⩤ Fedora- Thrifted Distressed Shirt- Free People Strappy Bralette- Brandy Melville Skinny Jeans- Topshop Flatforms- Urban Outfitters ⩥OUTFIT 2⩤ Baseball Cap- Nike Shirt- Cotton On Jacket- Thrifted Skinny Jeans- Topshop Slip-Ons- Topshop ◉SONGS USED◉ Madison Squares (Instrumental)- Fat Joe Mustard- DJ Grumble ◉FOLLOW ME◉ Instagram: @zhpris
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Text Comments (636)
VIRIBUS (4 days ago)
Thats cool
thanks 😏 p.s the out is cute
Izzy sings (22 days ago)
well I fucked my favorite Jeans up. I think they look bad. But I blame the scissors I was using
hakim farhat (1 month ago)
Why I feel she has a dick between those cute legs?
Katrina Iniguez (1 month ago)
Why is she wearing so much whiteeeeeee Gurl
`Hannah ` (1 month ago)
"Sorry I drank too much coffee"
Jazz Jones (1 month ago)
Girllllll you're so pretty :D
Sonia Bawa (1 month ago)
I was gonna go nd but new knee cut Jean's bt bt nw I don't need to
Bama_Baby_ Pk (1 month ago)
ASRM With Emily (1 month ago)
Thanks boo
Selin Gürel (1 month ago)
Damn that looked eazy asf lets actually try to see if its really ‘Eazy’ to do
Bby. CoCo (2 months ago)
Georgie Van Schoor (2 months ago)
Lol you have the same name as my mom ( it’s a beautiful name)
sokerisade (2 months ago)
You are literally the only YouTuber who made this simple.
she2302 (2 months ago)
Cool 👌 Thanks for the video
madhurima das (2 months ago)
so bad looking girl
Dafne Moskowitz (3 months ago)
UGH im so mad i cut above my nee and now the rip is at the top of my nee and my jeans are so ugly now!!!!!
H U H (3 months ago)
**A Puma**
William Tompkins (3 months ago)
My jeans turned out fabulous
Grace (3 months ago)
love it!!
Ophelia Nelson (3 months ago)
You are sooooooooooooooooo pretty and cool and nice 😊✌
Ew Ew (3 months ago)
Needed this 💗💘
Marissa Alvarez (3 months ago)
The scissor trick worked really well!! Thank you!
carly taormina (3 months ago)
your outfits looked really well, but definitely not something to wear on your period xD
Girl-Gam3r- Ceso (3 months ago)
Never knew you needed a puma for ripped jeans, thanks xD. You got a new subscriber!!
Skye Jackson (3 months ago)
What if I want it wider than it actually is ?
Bobbie Curry (3 months ago)
So cool and I love the white knee skinny jeans they really look like good white cream skinny jeans!!!👍
Ramiro Mayorga (3 months ago)
See this is what happens when I get bored at 3 am.
Jaden !!!! (4 months ago)
Nicolets (4 months ago)
I would be nervous to try on expensive jeans lol
menna xx (4 months ago)
Ppl talk alot on those type of stuff
my environment Singh (4 months ago)
Very easy
Martin Wilondja (4 months ago)
Joanna :3 (5 months ago)
Tysm !♡ i did this to my ugliest jeans and now they are my favorit ♡♡♡
Sue Smith (5 months ago)
Thanks for this , I'm not very brave and have never tried this before , however today I thought ' Sod it , why not ⁉️'🤣🤣. Delighted with the result , just gone with the one knee for now , but have a feeling the other knee will soon follow suit 👍🏼🤣. Thanks again 💕
Ari •Taekookie8• (5 months ago)
Lol i dont have heels sadly or Many black chockers
OKURRR SHITZ (5 months ago)
My jeans were like yours in the thumbnail but I got the white strings out and now they look great! Thanks
hannah (5 months ago)
2018 and still in this season
Ansari Red-I (5 months ago)
Yoo I wanted to do that as u done in this video thanxxx.....
Mijato - (5 months ago)
Why doesnt it make sence that distressed jeans are more expensive? They used the same amount of material and they put in more work in them by distressing them
Amool Alenazi (5 months ago)
Clorox Bleach (5 months ago)
dawg all i had to do was fucking drop down and the knees tore 😭😭
Priscilla Zhou (5 months ago)
Well dang how low were you dropping it?!!
xxhaz (6 months ago)
Me and my mom tried to find ripped jeans here in slovenia but i saw no so this is very helpful :)
x.sanneg (6 months ago)
Uff I only wear distressed jeans so I don't even know that they are more expensive.
this tutorial made me waste a pair of jeans 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Karina (6 months ago)
U made it look so easy and heres me messing up the 18th pair of jeans😂
Random Girl (6 months ago)
How long does this take?
Raterman's Journey (6 months ago)
LOVED the tutorial! I will try it with a pair of jeans I have that I won’t be able to use next year bc their a bit meh already could break anytime now 😅😂
meha patel (7 months ago)
sharlene (7 months ago)
Éadaoin //// (7 months ago)
What if I put the line in the wrong place??
ItsCharlene (7 months ago)
i can only wear knee ripped jeans so this helped
Angiesss (7 months ago)
Yaaaassssss. I need to do this ASAP!!!
Casandra Hernandez (8 months ago)
You're pretty tan don't be afraid to add color. white on white can be boring
Katia Chaves (8 months ago)
Thank you. Simple and direct to the point! Yay!
Orange Poplin (8 months ago)
How to CUT A HOLE IN YOUR PANTS WITH SCISSORS??? What the hell is wrong with the world?
Creating with Kaitlyn (9 months ago)
Thanks this helped a lot!!
[Sophia Zinn] (9 months ago)
My jeans are now on fire! Thanks
Muhammad Miqhail (9 months ago)
Insta plz
Samu Koistinen (9 months ago)
thanks noob
Amina Datt (9 months ago)
wow your video was cool and very simple good video
AJ Johnsen (9 months ago)
With this DIY can you make more holes that aren't one the knee
Adam Chabaoui (9 months ago)
I'd cuff
Miss Imma miss you (10 months ago)
OMG TYSM I TRYED it and now it looks fabs 👌🏻❤️ I rock the look with Nikeys and a chocker and a short sweeter and the ripped jeans thxs I always wanted the ripped jeans and the trend is gone NOW I HAVE THEM WOOOH YOUR DA BEST 🌹🌹❤️
David Conlin (10 months ago)
is it more healthy to have rips in the jean
David Conlin (10 months ago)
do we need ripped jeans in our life for any reason
Nomms666 (10 months ago)
Qué rica
Carole suggs (10 months ago)
It’s almost 2018 and this style is still popular
Aimee miller (10 months ago)
If u do will it ripper more if u wear it
Jàzmin Herceg (10 months ago)
Breadsticks For Life (10 months ago)
Gabi Phifer (11 months ago)
Does this work with like stretchy jeans kinda like jeggings?
machuteo. (11 months ago)
my jeans are ruined
Sonal Tripathi (11 months ago)
Thor Mai maray
James Jibiri (11 months ago)
U re a life saver thnks very much. Cuz i have a casual day tonorrow and i have plain jeans
VTaehyung (1 year ago)
My mom also hit me every time I cut my jeans
Hooriya Faisal (1 year ago)
Do u go to OVMS?
Is fantastic
BDCx Liz (1 year ago)
"Sorry I drank too much coffee" lol 😂
Shanky rana (1 year ago)
just loved it ! Good Job Priscilla! :) ^_^
Alexis F. (1 year ago)
Young Beat boxer (1 year ago)
I took a pair of my American Eagle jeans and i did every step in the video... Turns out my mom was mad at me BUT i didn't care becuz they came out SO GOOD❗❗👌😭
Subrina Mainali (1 year ago)
aww,, u r so cute 💖💖
Nisha Shrestha (1 year ago)
Its amazing 😁😁😁😃😄I love it-😯😯😉😘😘
Kassidy (1 year ago)
My jeans came out so cute thanks so much!
faiza dahmani (1 year ago)
اجما ل سراول في للجزاءر
My life (1 year ago)
Holy there pretty
Tota Keut (1 year ago)
Kylie Rogers (1 year ago)
i laughed so hard when she said "A PUMA"
Jaidyn Heard (1 year ago)
Thank you so much this helped so much
alexandra moody (1 year ago)
a puma 😂💘
Priscizzle (1 year ago)
aye we got the same name
Princess Fatima (1 year ago)
ღAstro Jamaaღ (1 year ago)
Dang it, I made mine uneven is there anyway to make it look god
Sophie Njom Bena (1 year ago)
Bella Huang (1 year ago)
JumpShooter30 (1 year ago)
This helped
April Howie (1 year ago)
Im in live with the video your so right to the point hope mines work when i do my kids jeans
MakeUp Passion (1 year ago)
Thank you

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