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Importing Data into Koha from Excel using MarcEdit

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Suppose you have records of your library in excel data sheet format and want them to import into Koha. But how will you do this? Koha will not let you import excel records directly. Well here is a very simple solution for you which will let you import your excel records in Koha easily. First, we will convert excel file into Marc file and then will import it into Koha using MarcEdit tool.
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idrish khan (10 months ago)
Hi, Wasim Still i have problem in importing multiple copies in koha, please give some sample excel file or other video
Wasim Rahaman (10 months ago)
Sir, copy and paste the data multiple times in the excel file and change the accession no.
Hi Wasim, in koha 3.18 Debian server , i reset mysql password & then software stop working, please help me
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
It might be for doing mistakes in step/ command. just reverse it and do it again by seeing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naO4kS0uPeo
Thanks For Corporation, please can send me some sample excel file or other video
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/in%3Asent+aryan/15e957f7bc93c533?projector=1&messagePartId=0.1 Kindly have a look you may found something..
Hi Wasim, please can tell me how to import multiple copies from excel to koha
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
Make a separate entry in excel for the copies with the same fields except accession number. Change the accession no according wise.
Mbila Frank (1 year ago)
Hi this is so inspiring, please how do I catalog a book that is not found on any of the data base eg Library of Congress or Columbia lib. How do we use the NEW field in front of the Z39.50 field. Thanks
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
Ya, I have told earlier that go for manual entry by clicking on the new record before the Z39.50 new record option. When you click on the first new record it will ask what type of material to be cataloged. For ex you are cataloging a book then click on the Books option and then fill the required fields as per your need. You can take help from https://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/ for filling up the MARC tags then save it. In the next level it will ask to enter the item details. Put the barcode no and other required details and no of copies then again save it. It will show you the cataloged item after saving just like others. Hope it will be helped you. Further queries are most welcome...
Mbila Frank (1 year ago)
Wasim Rahaman Thanks for your prompt response. By new field I mean the option you see before Z39.50. It reads New record
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
Hi, I don't get your point by new field in front of the z39.50. If you can't found anything in any database then simply go for manual entry. Further I haven't tried anything for these.
Saroj Brar (1 year ago)
Do u have step wise information to delete all bibliogarphical data in one go
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
How you have uploaded the data by batch uploading, in the same way a batch modification/ deletion is available in the same place.
Saroj Brar (1 year ago)
hello sir that is really a knowledgeable video. I uploaded the data but OPAC is not showing the data, help ,e to resolve this issue
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
If any error is not showing after uploading then rebuild the zebra indexing and restart the server/PC once.
hi nice video, i have one question, how can i assign to a specific library those imported items? thanks.
Great to hear that, have a nice day and good luck
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
I am trying several new things. once done, will be uploaded here. Thanks for approaching.
i've been searching but i didn't find anything, thanks anyway, if you have other manuals where you can help in administrator and reservation books, i'll really apreciatte it, thanks. bye.
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
Actually I have tried all these in a single library. So little unknown about group of libraries or branch libraries. See if Marc can help you out. If all goes well share it.
i did it already and it doesn't work, i've been thinking if i can add in marc one indicator to assign 1 specific library.
Ratheesh Raghunathan (1 year ago)
koha autocomplete plugin http://koha.newous.xyz/
Devaraja Deva (1 year ago)
sir i am new to koha field, can you possible to guide me how to download the koha software, or prereqirement
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
Dear sir, it is not possible to download and install Koha separately. You have to enter the commands and it will automatically download and install all packages. You may visit https://coprofessionals.wordpress.com/listech/automation/ for more on Koha.
Warren Diggler (1 year ago)
Thank you for this Mr. Rahaman. This is really helpful. However, I need your help because I'm getting a "Failed to submit form: error" when I click Stage for import. I was able to do the steps in your video up to that point only. I was wondering if you could help me figure out what went wrong. Compared to your options: 1. In the Record matching rule:, I do not have the ISBN and ISSN options. I can only set it to Do not look for matching options.
Erica Moon (1 year ago)
Hello, I also am having the "Failed to submit form error" and am wondering if you found a solution? Thank you in advance.
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
Dear Sir, first of all thank you for appreciation. Secondly, does the error describe the type of error or at what point it goes error. Thirdly, skip the field if ISBN/ISSN is unavailable or any other field. You can mail me the problem with full details with some screen shorts, we can discuss.
Arka Lunar (1 year ago)
In the case of indicators, for example the label 100 or 110 , How do we place them correctly? Ie the score in the "indicators" box, thank you!
Wasim Rahaman (1 year ago)
Sir, I don't get your point by the sentence- 'how do we place them correctly' and 'indicators box'. Kindly explain a little bit.
Wasim Rahaman (2 years ago)
Thank you sir for your appreciation.. You can go through https://coprofessionals.wordpress.com for more.
Sumit Kumar (2 years ago)
great work sir..its really helpful

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