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YEEZY x Adidas 950 Unboxing & Review | A Tragic Ending

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Adidas Yeezy Season 1 950 Boot Duck Boot ( open for more info) Theme song( background music) : Prod by Sample purchased from: Matchesfashion.com check out my site: www.shopDeano.com Subscribe-Like-Share ⇢ INSTAGRAM & TWITTER @CurtisDonDeano ⇢ TUMBLR curtisdondeano.tumblr.com Subscribe to my other channel: www.youtube.com/c/CurtisTheCritic ⇢ EQUIPMENT Canon Powershot SX40 HS Adidas Yeezy 950 First Look + Review Kanye West Yeezy 950 boost review + on feet duck boots pirate black and moon rock unboxing 2015 yeezy season 1 review. yeezy boost 950 review. I finally copped yeezys after months of trying. Kanye West's latest shoes and most expensive yeezys to date, the Adidas Yeezy 950 Boots aka Duck Boots. ADIDAS YEEZY 950 BOOST MOONROCK AND PIRATE BLACK COLOUR-WAY UNBOXING !!! Authentic Yeezy Season 1 Collaboration.
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Text Comments (82)
jhonny smith (7 months ago)
Jhon Benitez (1 year ago)
hey this is a fantastic video! I just began my new Vlogging / Sneaker & Clothing channel! I am trying to learn to bring entertaining content for you! Any feedback would be great! Thank you! Lets talk together!?
Antoine Jones (1 year ago)
Are they real or fake
DrkShdw (1 year ago)
Colin Tickner (1 year ago)
Larry Wright Jr. (2 years ago)
What do you do for a living other than YouTube? How do you afford all of the expensive clothing? Can you make a video on that or just reply?
Zion Williams (2 years ago)
I've Done that before when I accidentally ordered a 8.5 in women's instead of a 8.5 in mens when I was buying some white vans.
Krabs (1 year ago)
Zion Willoams vans smh I DID THAT WITH FREEKING ULTRA BOOST 😭😭😭 i crys every time
Jonah Francois (1 year ago)
Zion Willoams yea I did this with fuckin margielas
Styled By Jalen (2 years ago)
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
Nikli Belinski (2 years ago)
Jason Danquah (2 years ago)
Stephan Glander (2 years ago)
I wasnt petty an hit that subscribe button you're welcom fam
precalculating (2 years ago)
Why u finna cry bruh
Bryceee2x-Y T (2 years ago)
Do a hair tutorial
leovardo trujillo (2 years ago)
What website did you get from.?? I'm in need of these.!!ASAP
Shay Taylormade (2 years ago)
Kered x (2 years ago)
But you gay😳😳🌬🌬💩🤔🤔😷
and you're ignorant. :)
Kappp Gjiio (2 years ago)
Kered x (2 years ago)
You gay
Jared Joyce (2 years ago)
yo chicken patty ass and making me subscribe
King Dior (2 years ago)
Gabe Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Evans Tagne (2 years ago)
You have really cool videos!!..could you please make a "how to style your hair tutorial " or something?
Morituri te Salutant (2 years ago)
Where ya biker from?
ImBrodie (2 years ago)
Jaiden Smith wear women's clothes, women's shoes is fine if you feeling fresh in them and you don't tell anyone 😂
Reginald Schoenmakers (2 years ago)
i'd rather buy some fucking timbs
Bernard vA (2 years ago)
Tomek Halupka (2 years ago)
Yeezys are still dope tho
Tomek Halupka (2 years ago)
No offense
Tomek Halupka (2 years ago)
950 are ugly
Dezire 123 (2 years ago)
Larry Aspuro (2 years ago)
Briggs (2 years ago)
"If you feel bad for me like this video" hahahaha I see u working for them likes. keep the vids coming man. Your YSL SL10 vids brought me here. (SUBSCRIBED)
Sami Zaman (2 years ago)
samantha w (2 years ago)
MITCHELL WIGGS (2 years ago)
I love these but can't find them anywhere in men's 13, so be happy stores at least have your sizes available lol
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+Mitchell Wiggs damn homie, and thats tough
Dav CK (2 years ago)
♥♡♥ :'D
Qwinton B. (2 years ago)
Smh 🚶🏾
Joost (2 years ago)
what's the problem exactly.? I mean, aren't they wearable for men at all ?...
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+Jose Pescador nah, they have like a wedge "heel" in them
Cam Williamson (2 years ago)
David Hernandez (2 years ago)
Wei Wang (2 years ago)
Excuse me,Can I ask you a question,Because I am ready to buy yeezy 950 w,uk7 size too. I normally wear men‘s shoe size uk7, so can i buy women's 950 uk 7?It is right for me? Thank you!(Sorry, I'm not good at English, I hope you can understand )
Christian Melara (2 years ago)
Yes they will fit buy them i do not regret buying mine
Rafael Eduardo (2 years ago)
kenya goins (2 years ago)
Stupid Girl9 (2 years ago)
kmil3 (2 years ago)
"the small pooty poot ones" lol
Scooter Scoot TV (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano what website ? 🤔
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+kmil3 lmfao irony is those are the ones I got now
Tom Denny (2 years ago)
Nice video pal!! I was hoping you'd check out mine too, thanks so much!
jahcaire lloyd (2 years ago)
Show some sad love 😭😭😭
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+jahcaire lloyd lmfao
Mackenzie Jones (2 years ago)
District 9 Heems (2 years ago)
Yeah, I think I am, right now got the lightskin temp fade goin on, it's been growin for a year and everybody really likes it but I'm ready to try something new, u got style tho man, much respect
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+Neji Hinata lol, thanks boss really appreciate it !
District 9 Heems (2 years ago)
I'm contemplating as to weather or not I should get my fade like his now, it's jih nice
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+Neji Hinata get it ! its low maintenance
Paris (2 years ago)
Angel Villarreal (2 years ago)
DNVN WHTKR (2 years ago)
Just let us know where you got that jacket from though... lol
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+Donovan Whitaker lol, H&M like 2 years ago
Vasti Nico (2 years ago)
Dope 👌👌
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+Vasti Nico thank you !
humbleDon96 (2 years ago)
did the order come quick bro?
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+humbleDon96 super quick!
White Rabbit (2 years ago)
sra aa (2 years ago)
Thomas Barker (2 years ago)
ahaha you bought a womens pair. check endclothing they have some sizes left i think
Papa Bear (2 years ago)
+Osaretin Imarhia dude this comment was posted 7 months ago but they still have it on offspring
Osaretin Imarhia (2 years ago)
+CurtisDonDeano yo they dont got them i looked them up nothing showed
Thomas Barker (2 years ago)
yeah i feel the same way about 950s haha. i was so tempted but rather save the money
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+Quizz honestly, after i found a 9 on matchesfashion for retail right after but didn't want them
Habril (2 years ago)
jose Lopez (2 years ago)
man how you make this money ?
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
+jose castillo technically i sent them back so they cost me nothing
Tenesha Riley (2 years ago)
Izzy Rray (2 years ago)

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