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This is how torn jeans made

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must watch it..very interesting video
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TWrecks (1 year ago)
i don't get torn jeans. they don't look cool or fashionable, and you're turning good jeans into pieces of trash.
Star Als (12 days ago)
okay i get how you feel about ripped jeans and i think its an bad idea to rip it cuz as u said they dont look that fashionable <3
Trevor Zombie (3 months ago)
TWrecks that’s just down to your opinion. To some people ripped jeans show off character and will last them just as long as normal jeans. It’s like saying you don’t like a clothing brand someone else likes. It really doesn’t matter what other people wear anyways, just don’t go around judging people for it (I’m not saying you do just some advice so you don’t piss someone off XD)

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