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Rihanna X PUMA Camo Creeper Unboxing & Review

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⇢ INSTAGRAM @CurtisDonDeano (Open for More Details) check out my site: www.shopDeano.com Buy my book: https://www.createspace.com/5613799 Subscribe-Like-Share ⇢ TWITTER @CurtisDonDeano ⇢ Snapchat CurtisDonDeano Theme song( background music) : Prod by Sample PUMA collaboration Low top women's sneaker Lace closure Camo suede upper Platform gum rubber outsole with ridged tooling PUMA Formstrip at both sides PUMA Fenty callout at tongue
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Text Comments (49)
Ayub Ali (11 months ago)
Yo shoes Puma 🤑😎 gang
R Russell (1 year ago)
i need them the best one out of the collection
R. T (1 year ago)
can u please let me know where u got them?
SkylerZingrey (1 year ago)
I found one of them on the side of the road, don't believe me go to my insta @skyler_zingrey I will DM pick
Patrick Adams (1 year ago)
Do they come up smaller or bigger?
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
true to size, a little tight tho
juju Monkey (1 year ago)
like your aesthetic
Mariella Lucia Pola (1 year ago)
have these ✨
Kynazja Holmes (2 years ago)
did u order them online
Riccardo Messina (2 years ago)
Sorry dude, are these shoes for men too?
austinsoffline (2 years ago)
Riccardo Messina yes they are unisex
Matthew Woodward (2 years ago)
What size did you get????
ZYBRI EDWARDS (2 years ago)
i have those
Dustin Jay (2 years ago)
The oatmeal ones are fire though.
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
i agree
LiiL StorM (2 years ago)
these ain't that bad
kevin thompson (2 years ago)
his box got grease and shitt on it like wtf
Zaynab Bakare (2 years ago)
You're so fine lol I had to say it
KORI KAT (2 years ago)
I think he is too and I'm a guy lol 😉😩
Anaiah Dillard (2 years ago)
those nice what size do they stop at
YdaPhuck __ YouLyin? (2 years ago)
Can u do a video on your grill?
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
what do u want to know?
bsACCOUNT (2 years ago)
damn bro I usually fuck with the kicks u cop, but hold this L for them shits fam
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
lmfao don't give me the L, I like them, but not on, lmfao I got some nice stuff coming up tho
Javoniee Springer (2 years ago)
Those look fake
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
i never bought anything fake
Destiny bb (2 years ago)
love it
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
thank u
Brook C (2 years ago)
do u even skate haha
günman (2 years ago)
lol wearing thrasher mag shirt
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
nope, not even interested
sbibbfids (2 years ago)
don't think i would cop but aesthetically its a nice shoe. looking forward to the lookbook
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
def looks better off than on
Kyle M (2 years ago)
Thx fam hope u get big fam ifwu 💯
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
me too boss ! lol
King Dior (2 years ago)
love The shoes think they look better on woman.
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
Angel Carter (2 years ago)
glad you're back....again lol loved the video, can't wait for the look book!
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
:D thanks for the support! !
An Y (2 years ago)
Where you been bruh!
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
I was on Vacay, got a lot of stuff coming
Hiamovi (2 years ago)
I wanted them so badly 😭
Kim Marie Krauß (2 years ago)
CurtisDonDeano Why?
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
be glad u passed lol
CLT NICK (2 years ago)
sorry don not worth the cop much love tho
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
agreed lol
anas3199 (2 years ago)
anas3199 (2 years ago)
+CurtisDonDeano icant bleave that you comment me back
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)

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