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Teacher Has Personalized Handshakes With Every Single One of His Students

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Fifth-grade teacher Barry White Jr. of Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina, greets his students with special handshakes every day before they enter class.
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Text Comments (838)
Crazy (2 days ago)
0:11 me
stereotipicaltween (18 days ago)
That last one is the best
Dyamanti Zaal (1 month ago)
Allen Paul (1 month ago)
This is the greeter at Waa-zahl-mart
Void (1 month ago)
could you do that with me that would make my day : )
The Arrow 4K (1 month ago)
My teacher does these handshakes on my face
Bts Life (1 month ago)
Can we swap teachers please 🤣😭
TWrecks (1 month ago)
Lmao that last kid
Saimah RamenArt (1 month ago)
I like that. :)
700Arawn (2 months ago)
00:12 😂😂
GHfan4life (2 months ago)
This is sweet, teachers are a gift
だほん (2 months ago)
Safoine Lesnar (3 months ago)
Le meilleur prof🤣😂
iTz Bato (3 months ago)
If every teacher was like this or atleast 1 in every school or 1 that every student had. America would be a dream 🤣
MC Lars (3 months ago)
It's C.B. from "Schooled"! Awesome! :)
Ciara Lescio (3 months ago)
How in the world does he remember all of them with each kid....Crazy but awesome
Exo Cloud (3 months ago)
My relatives do their handshakes on my ears.
Unruly Raccoon (3 months ago)
This is incredibly heart warming
XTRAKOOLKRIS Xx (4 months ago)
My friend has that teacher
golfmaniac007 (4 months ago)
wheres the lady teacher with the booty?
Shreekanth Gowda (4 months ago)
Wish my teacher was this cool
Alien Soup (4 months ago)
This is utter bullshit. The mark of a great teacher is how well the students learn, not how many students he can pass bacteria and viruses to. He has no clue where these students’ hands have been or what they might be carrying. Pity the student at the end of the line , since they will collect a sample of everything that came before them. The one girl at 0:12 had the good sense not to touch him. This is more progressive “feel good” bs.
_Cianna _ (4 months ago)
Hell ya
Everyone (4 months ago)
how blacks shake hands
Everyone (4 months ago)
I wonder what harambe's was
asddf435vgf (4 months ago)
Either with that, or without that, they wont know to show France on the map, they dont know 5 presidents of USA... :))
Mr.skittles For life (5 months ago)
I am very sure this kids are a 100% Discipline who agress ?
Chelsea Barrera (5 months ago)
0:53 is my favorite
Soul (5 months ago)
Good spirit
Tiffany Ross (5 months ago)
It’s funny how all of a sudden teachers in the suburban areas are being recognized for suddenly doing the same thing now. Hat off to this teacher for starting this method of showing that you care!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iSpyhinx (5 months ago)
This makes the kids remember him when the time comes that depression will enter their life :)
유은하 (5 months ago)
얘네 왜캐 멋있지..
だほん (5 months ago)
Hey,What's up!
Ahmed Mbaku (5 months ago)
Our swag is not 2 b fucked wth
둥이흰 (5 months ago)
저걸 어떻게 다 기억하지...?
Wes Davis (5 months ago)
Some people just want to see the world learn.
Oh Yeah Yeah Army United (5 months ago)
My teacher can’t even remember my name 🤦‍♂️
MAFIA BOY (6 months ago)
Hey whatever works.!!!!!!! This makes me wanna go back.!!!!
dead pool (6 months ago)
Still getting low grades
honey (6 months ago)
Always remember who did it first!
Your mom my mom eewww (6 months ago)
after them cameras leave u know he mean asf to them kids
Manvussat Gérard (6 months ago)
Adrian Scadder (6 months ago)
Gabby May (6 months ago)
The 4th one is the best...
Raqiba Chowdhury (6 months ago)
Raqiba Chowdhury (6 months ago)
Dontrael White (6 months ago)
THE REAL " STARTER " of these classroom handshakes...
Jay Thooka Blast (6 months ago)
Yeah this is very cool he started the personalized hand shake and now other teachers are copiing his style. Always try to steal what the black man created and act like they started it smh
howl 99 (6 months ago)
좋은 선생이다
Editing Shanise (6 months ago)
Slayz (6 months ago)
That's my teacher Mr White
XxX (6 months ago)
That's my teacher he is always giving us high 5 when we enter his class lmao
cwookies and milk (6 months ago)
They ugly
Xavier Nichols Jr (6 months ago)
How come all my teachers weren't this nice
Robert Davis (6 months ago)
kiss. me.
Gillian Stowe (7 months ago)
That is my teacher his name is mr.white and im not lieing
거란족 (7 months ago)
He's very interesting
Christopher Richard (7 months ago)
I cried at how beautiful this was...then laughed at how emotional it made me. How can I not institute this within our morning routine each day? PLEASE!!! :]
Gracie (8 months ago)
I need me some teachers like that
TriangulumNebulaツ (8 months ago)
0:30 did he just dab?
PHD 100 (8 months ago)
lebron james moving to lakers be like:
Danielle Henderson (8 months ago)
I wish my teachers could do this
Danielle Henderson (8 months ago)
Cool 😎
Maxium (8 months ago)
I have this teacher for math in highschool now!
좋아요와구독 (8 months ago)
와... 선생님 오진다
TRACEY Taylor (8 months ago)
Beautiful need I say more
Dwight Love (8 months ago)
There was a WHITE FEMALE TEACHER that was garnering media headlines doing the exact same thing!!!!!!
Dias Sadyrov (8 months ago)
Teacher of the year!
TheTinaX (8 months ago)
Meanwhile i can’t remember first layer of my dance class choreography after repeating it 10 times 😫😳😳
Luke Moloney (8 months ago)
Classy..any teacher who cares is good with me
Chris Wehlen (8 months ago)
How much class time was spent on this?
ほうれい線 (8 months ago)
なんですか? これは
tarniman1 (9 months ago)
This got me emotional
MrAsdruba (9 months ago)
how awesome ..., he transmits harmony in the class. That's lovely.
Betty Sue (9 months ago)
GigiCherry (9 months ago)
Best teacher ever..
Dwight Love (9 months ago)
This is cool as hell
Tristan O'Meara (9 months ago)
I applaud this man.
Reiss Knell (9 months ago)
Kid at the back. I want to beat his ass
Punyr (9 months ago)
Аlex Nelson (9 months ago)
They know how to do useless handshakes and don't know how to get a decent score on a test. Great job teacher. Looks like they are prepared for the real world, not.
Melissa Thomas (6 months ago)
+Lindo Julet 😂
hartsteine71185 (9 months ago)
Аlex Nelson I asked for this classes test scores, not an article on Black vs white test scores. Please post this classes test scores.
Аlex Nelson (9 months ago)
hartsteine71185 https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/books/first/j/jencks-gap.html?mcubz=3 There you go.
hartsteine71185 (9 months ago)
Аlex Nelson could you post their test scores please?
Аlex Nelson (9 months ago)
Lindo Julet Mad that you are brainless and have nothing inelegant to say?
العبد عبد
Z&A4l squad (9 months ago)
What school is that
Octavio Octavius (9 months ago)
I was taught not to be too friendly with my students. Oh well...
arthur bilan (9 months ago)
0:12 is the best
Silvia Poole (9 months ago)
These kids will remember this teacher forever.....great motivation
Erum Rafiq (9 months ago)
This reminds me of Jerusha Willenborg Lol
Styx Luna (1 month ago)
Except this was made a few months before her XD
Skilz YT (9 months ago)
I love how there is only like 2 white boys
Fatima Almost-1 (9 months ago)
قبل الاخير
servant of THE MOST HIGH (9 months ago)
Its so refreshing to see an educator who cares about his students. This is a great example of how to help a child discover their individuality/confidence/self-esteem.
Jacob Haggard (9 months ago)
He is on tko
Usernamesarewhack (9 months ago)
Lol class is over, have a great day!
47msthang1 (9 months ago)
Massy Wall (9 months ago)
nothing better then to start your day with a cool handshake :)
Stanley Simmons (9 months ago)
Great!! Teacher has a lot of. love for his students. I liked it.
MCFortBlox (10 months ago)
Who came here from TKO
michael carbonaro (10 months ago)
I bet they all feel special
arno Yang (10 months ago)
Ay we all need a teacher like that
QuJust AsIam (10 months ago)
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
Naza Ohabuike (10 months ago)
cool teacher who wish he is your teacher
Eric Tirado (10 months ago)
Best teacher in the world. Second the students step into class he makes them feel special and unique, engaging them on a personal level. His class has to be magnificent
The Demi’S (10 months ago)
It’s amazing how he puts soooo much effort into making every single one of those kids feel special. We need more teachers like that in our school system. #TEACHEROFTHECENTURY

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