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Three Generations Taste Test Their Favourite Dishes

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What would be the ONE dish you'd pick to represent your generation?
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soham s shirwalkar (44 minutes ago)
buzzfeed sucks
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samiul gamer (4 hours ago)
He speaks bengali and hindi at the same time wtf oh and English too
Arshi Maitra (17 hours ago)
Bengalis hit like👇
Sidar Coban (21 hours ago)
Afra Anan (21 hours ago)
Are you Bengali like me?? But actually I am Bangladeshi
abudo abuy (1 day ago)
Im boy shuvin it in my mouth The mum is little children learning how to shuv it in your mouth by me The grandma is other people
Violina Blonk (1 day ago)
The way he said I'm outie. Lol.
Drago Verse (1 day ago)
Man child
Anoushka Mukherjee (1 day ago)
Roshogollas: every Bengali's weakness
Gurutech gaming D (1 day ago)
It’s roshogulla
3:49 Paralysed.
Ankit Gupta (2 days ago)
Dafuq he is 25? I am 18 and I have a proper beard and moustache Plus when I'll be 25 my grandparents would be approx 85 something Plus i am part Bengali but I love padwal.
Suman das (2 days ago)
Tomra Bangali 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘 Khv valo nice video
TBC_Flame (2 days ago)
Get T-Series off the screen sub to pewdiepie
Saleha Shieakh (2 days ago)
The mom " Bohot acha hai Shayan * shayen thinking * " jhut q bholl rahi ho
Shekinah Duthie (2 days ago)
This made my day!!
Sohini Pathak (2 days ago)
25 saal see kha Raha Hu abhi bhi pasand nhi a raha!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kumkum Chakraborty (3 days ago)
I am Bengali Bhai tor Maa amar moton
Yoonmin Yoonmin (3 days ago)
Soleman Mehran (3 days ago)
Gorrrrd no!!!
Angela P (3 days ago)
1:54 😂 “mmhmm gurl”
Aleesha _dude (3 days ago)
Shayon is a mood
I Aeign Tubello I (3 days ago)
0:03 when you succesfully put your child to bed
Kaye Dee (3 days ago)
Confirmed. Every asian knows the unspoken law of adding ajinomoto to every dish 😂😂
Anis Farizan Yahaya (3 days ago)
Hahaha..so cute this family
puthi sung (4 days ago)
Last ending ta darun chilo shayanda
karamvir singh (4 days ago)
he acts like white kids!
Urvi Mangaonkar (4 days ago)
1:27😂😂😂her face
Bigyan Paudel (4 days ago)
3:07 😂😂😂
Diya .p (4 days ago)
This grandmom is such a mood.
WTH I thought the boy was 13 or something
Almas Kazi (4 days ago)
Do you want to be among the wealthiest people.?? Watch below to know how. https://youtu.be/-Tm5IbW6IVU
Hamza (4 days ago)
What a uncultured swine... you know how I’m talking about.
Ego Vici (4 days ago)
😂😂😂 stop
supergamer boy (4 days ago)
Why in every fucking BuzzFeed and BuzzFeed India video there is a BuzzFeed India ad!
Kanakjyoti Hariharan (4 days ago)
Potol ta pocha
Kanakjyoti Hariharan (4 days ago)
Pacchhis saal se khaa Raha hoon
Harsh Sharma (4 days ago)
Grandmother 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Sidra Zaman (4 days ago)
Shayan looks around 18 or 19 😀😀 And what language is that?
CarryGarry Beasts (4 days ago)
kabhi sala tatti ko bol denge kha ke toh dekho tasty banaya hai!!
Shiori Stapleton (5 days ago)
3:49 is me when I eat eggplant
Rishabh Kapatkar (5 days ago)
You'll never become a critic... Just because you finished the stuffing not the paddwal part of it... You should not give 5/5. Truth is how REALLY you like it, you need to rate it. And Grandmas love made her say 5 because of this... No CRITIC REVIEWS AT ALL. THIS GAME SUCHHA MIXED UP!
Chris (5 days ago)
t gay
Rubina Qureshi (5 days ago)
Hahahahhaah ek bar Kya k dekho 25 saal se kha raha hu😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣epic my mom story
I feel like they are all family
He looks like he is 12 NO WAY THAT HE IS 25
Khizr khan (5 days ago)
Grandma got no chill
Pushpa Singh (5 days ago)
Dadi is soo innocent
burning roses (5 days ago)
Im the grandma straight up
labargan 21 (6 days ago)
bitch lasagna
adilah fns (6 days ago)
Hajinomoto 🤣🤣🤣
Shivani Nayak (6 days ago)
The grandma is so sweet. How cute! 😊
Komal Jain (6 days ago)
Also my favorite is piri piri fries ....I just love them like shayan does😋😋😋
Harmony Funtime (6 days ago)
Piri piri fri— No PIRI PIRI WONPILIE😆 😂😂😂✌️(any mydays? Or just me?😅)
Harmony Funtime (6 days ago)
I thought he was like 15-18 yrs old but apparently he’s 25 yrs old😶
He’s 25!!
Sudip Barua (7 days ago)
Um, he’s speaking Bengali lol. Even though it’s called buzzfeed India 😂💀
Sudip Barua (5 days ago)
Raeid H oh okay. Didn’t know that. Thanks for clearing it up! Sounds interesting. If only the person above could kill himself, this would be a perfect response :)
Ehrar Bose (6 days ago)
Raeid H THANK YOU!!!
Raeid H (6 days ago)
He’s Kolkata Bengali which Kolkata is in India and Bengali is one of the 22 recognised Indian languages
Ehrar Bose (6 days ago)
Sudip Barua idiot... Bengali is an Indian language!!!
Sourav Bhattacharya (7 days ago)
Potol is love.
Diptadip Roy Barman (7 days ago)
I hate potol 😥😥like him
Diptadip Roy Barman (7 days ago)
I can understand their conversation
Gorgeous Mrs. Khan (7 days ago)
Potol ta pocha. So meeee
subbie_ subway (8 days ago)
Indian grandmas are the best
Wyatt Plotagon (8 days ago)
India coppied BuzzFeed into there own name.
Momtaz Khandaker (8 days ago)
San Goku (8 days ago)
T series or pewdiepie?
ZendermaN Gamingツ (8 days ago)
Grandma use Maha-Yastra
ZendermaN Gamingツ (8 days ago)
It is like sending Sachin Tendulkar to bat with a Hockg Stick 😂
ZendermaN Gamingツ (8 days ago)
Rossogolla 😍
ZendermaN Gamingツ (8 days ago)
0:03 MOM'S ThugLife 😂
Rashika Saha (8 days ago)
I know Bengali so you can talk in Bengali also and your video is awesome I like it.
Fahin islam rayan (8 days ago)
I'm a Bengali
Harsh Kumar Singh (9 days ago)
He's 25 .....OMG Looks like just entered his teenage
4:48 that part made me cringe
IceWolf11 (9 days ago)
4:45 My (pakistani) family LOVES this dish.
aseel naseer (9 days ago)
Lazy -good -for - nothing ........... One of the most famous parental lines in the world and moms are the best 👑😂😘
Nou. K.G (9 days ago)
Isn't they speak bengali ?
Munderbtw (9 days ago)
Sumana Ghosh (9 days ago)
khatune jannat simin (9 days ago)
Tumi bangali???
Icetruck Killer (10 days ago)
Disgusting people disgusting food
amlankumar (10 days ago)
Potol ta pocha ...same here
amlankumar (10 days ago)
Hey...you are Bengali...
Anitsirhc Yrahahsum * (10 days ago)
Rate it out of *OUT OF F-R-YVE* 😂
Monique Smith (10 days ago)
His mother felt a type of way for the reaction he gave to his grandmother's dish
Saimon Haque (10 days ago)
WTF??!?!? With his mother he talks Indian but with his granny he talks Bengali ????????!??!!?? What’s wrong
I wanna try the piri piri friesssssss And it's funny how he kept the piri piri fries with him in his seat 😂
Nemat Aftab (10 days ago)
Bht zyada hi overacting kiye h ye log... #pagalchode
Nemat Aftab (10 days ago)
Shayan,pagal chode ho,babu?
KIM TAEHYUNG V (10 days ago)
The way the grandma was speaking Bengali...It was sooooo cute....love u grandma!!!
Karan Ramdin (10 days ago)
Namita wins! Rasgula for life!
Rajeshwari Senthil (10 days ago)
Arey yaar......... Rasgullay ko tho full score milega heee. Rasgulla vs padwal..... Kya yaar
krishna rathod (10 days ago)
It was boring video...
Nishit Barbhaya (10 days ago)
Are you liers? This video shows his grandmother's age 77 and in the other videos Shayan says it to be 89.
tusheer datt (10 days ago)
He looks,acts, behaves and eats like a 14 year old spoiled emo kid
tusheer datt (10 days ago)
The cringe is real
manoj nag (11 days ago)
Dadi & Nani knows everything. ❤️
Chandra Sri (11 days ago)
East or West rasgullas are the BEST
MD. SOLAYMAN MEAH (11 days ago)
Is Shayans grandma from Kolkata or Bangladesh
Danshelle Jones (11 days ago)
Okay where has this hilarious human been hiding?! I’ve watched a gagillion buzz feed videos (even the international ones) and he has never popped up!!

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