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Hot young boys in American got talent ( Girls get lose themselves) || AGT || x factor

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Hot young boy's in American got talent ( Attractive ) https://www.instagram.com/ishaqaash/
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Text Comments (94)
Ari Yuh (20 days ago)
aaaalllllll he was in the original cast of 13 the musical with Ariana grande
the Marksman (2 months ago)
He gonna get more girls followers after this
Jennifer White (4 months ago)
Aldrin Lalnunkima (5 months ago)
Please tell me 1st boy song?
Bhim gurung (5 months ago)
IW Nunn (5 months ago)
Simon a tad thirsty
Jheylene Siqueiros (5 months ago)
Sara a smile he is so 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 I WAS BLUSHING (hard)
mukminnasri NURSE (5 months ago)
nice. joined
Happy (5 months ago)
the girls can't handle the exitment
kan Mani (6 months ago)
Brodie Kelly is soo cute and handsome damn hot😍😍😍
Gamiac (6 months ago)
6:43 wtf kylie Jenner doing
Samuel Brown (6 months ago)
None of these guys are that good lol. It’s just the horny ass judges in love with them.
Zain Z0S7 (6 months ago)
Okay, not gay....but the first kid had looks
Samuel Brown (6 months ago)
Horny ass women. Feminism is bullshit. Imagine a dude celebrity begging some hot chick to show them their abs
Zinger Burger (6 months ago)
2:51(whoooo it's soul of my job) 2:53[inside] (i am not enough handsome).. 😂😂
Zinger Burger (6 months ago)
I m 18, 9:10(judge) be like oh my God I want to Fuck him 😂😂
Fictional Mermaid (6 months ago)
The guy who sang Sarah smiles was kind of a mess.
Sam M (6 months ago)
The last boy was so sweet!!!💜
Versatil Titan (6 months ago)
18?? Nigga u look 30
Versatil Titan (6 months ago)
Fuck these dudes its not about the looks simon but TALENT U HEAR ME TALENT!!!!!
Andrew Jayme (6 months ago)
Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hund Sam (6 months ago)
Nice revived first contestant
BigSexyNetta Jackson (7 months ago)
I'm smiling!
Mercedes Kerwal (7 months ago)
Just... Pause it at 9:55 and tell me what grabs your attention😅
Dani (7 months ago)
I couldn't see the 'hawt boys' because of the terrible quality
Adi Jefri (7 months ago)
‘everybody grabs me’ oh god that cringed me
dilrasan (7 months ago)
I love Rita :)
Stan Crews (7 months ago)
The ad playing before this video is fake, it states that rick Scott cut taxes for himself and the rich. The problem Florida does not have any type of personal income tax so it's impossible for him to cut taxes for anyone. Florida only has property taxes, sales tax and license fees.
Shiv Sharma (7 months ago)
Why did the crowd go crazy when he said abercrombie and fitch
Sheikh Hamed (5 months ago)
Because he said abercrombie and fitch
Khan Farhan Yousafzai (7 months ago)
I really in love with all and I am gay
ZIA UDDIN (5 months ago)
No wonder, all Pathans r gay....
Kathy Simonton (7 months ago)
I’m sorry Akon was a good woman 👩 Michael?weese Friday Jeff?shilts is cring I really think 🤔
Agatha jay (7 months ago)
Hot young boys sounds way too paedophilic to me.
Ferry Ottens (5 months ago)
First thing on my mind aswell
fahmi omar (7 months ago)
The second three boys are omg..
Kenken Autentico (7 months ago)
Demi is hot
richu ben (7 months ago)
jo armstrong (7 months ago)
Natalia Wiecińska (6 months ago)
actually simon says "great" not "good" c:
Lizzie Decembre (7 months ago)
“I so love my job” I do too and damn some these guys need to live where I do.
Divyanshu Dev (7 months ago)
I am better than all of them
boukharrouba mabrouk (5 months ago)
Yeah sure lmfao 😂🤔
Alex Manga (7 months ago)
Love it,star.
Alex Manga (7 months ago)
Abhijeet Rajput (7 months ago)
Kevin Raven (7 months ago)
well... they all don't sing very well at all.,... no real talent just 'cute' well that fades... what are they going to do when they turn 40 ? retire? lol
Kevin Raven (7 months ago)
hot young boys... bet they wouldn't get that title if they were 14 LMFAO !!!! this is a really offensive title ...
Laura C (7 months ago)
British boys!!!!!😍😍
Sky King (7 months ago)
GG the first kid was pretty good but im better
Tech Game (8 months ago)
Love them all wooooooo
natasha henry (8 months ago)
he amazing
Lone Jo (8 months ago)
Boy singing Sarah's Smile.....oh my!!! I'm old school
Yu Han Elton Eggsworth (8 months ago)
Some are bgt
balem karap (8 months ago)
last guyvwas like wooooooooo... n urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
Shay A (8 months ago)
"Everybody grabs me"
nasir plur (8 months ago)
Hero Hero (8 months ago)
Not a single black guy
fitra Samsurizal (8 months ago)
Title of first song?
Labeeba Sayed (5 months ago)
hey there delilah by the plain white tees
Rafael Caetano (8 months ago)
fitra Samsurizal if i’am right, hey there delilah
Jangvei Bebeso (9 months ago)
It's not American got talent..not even in American! This is XFactor Britain
yoshino KoKo (9 months ago)
We dont have a time machine
SunChyna Tobias (9 months ago)
I'll say this a again second act omg BLUSH
Abbas khan (5 months ago)
hyy .my whts ap 03169475770
SunChyna Tobias (9 months ago)
Everybody girl blush'n including me
Anything Best (9 months ago)
I just love this😍😍 And who is the last contestent? I would like to know his name.
Joseph Buclol (8 months ago)
AL Calderon
Senti Meren (8 months ago)
Rafik H P lewra.... fuck man...
Part.y95 Ark (9 months ago)
Rame yak...
Jose Tangunan (9 months ago)
f*ck!! 😍
Jinkzhy Playz (9 months ago)
britains got talent
Who Am I (9 months ago)
He look great on camera semon
Pa Thine (8 months ago)
Good luck
California Boy (9 months ago)
Its not all American got talent
Golden Squatch (7 months ago)
California Boy I noticed that when I heard the accent lol
peniel mc.manjo (9 months ago)
Tommy Ramchiary (9 months ago)
really hot boys ..
Tommy Ramchiary (8 months ago)
nasir plur ya of course I like it.
nasir plur (8 months ago)
do u like it'',
FUNMATE unlimited (8 months ago)
Sangtea Nino (9 months ago)
This is not american got talent..its britain x factor 2015
Manosh Banerjee (9 months ago)
Cynthia Shumaker (9 months ago)
That second act blew me away !!
Cynthia Shumaker (7 months ago)
pay Wawan  i don't how to reply to that but thank you and have a good day
pay Wawan (7 months ago)
Cynthia love u
Cynthia Shumaker (7 months ago)
if you're asking why.. it is because they are more than just looks, they actually have talent.
nasir plur (8 months ago)
Melvin Lee (9 months ago)
How come there’s 22k views but 4 comments 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
John Constantine (6 months ago)
Liz Gara (9 months ago)
Just sweet voice I've gat so far
Pramod Prakash (9 months ago)
Liz Gara kl
Fake Love (11 months ago)
iliyas sayyed (11 months ago)

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