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This man found a soulmate in a puppy and it's adorable. Grow up right from the first bite. Visit https://puppyhood.com/ for all things puppy. Music by Brooms https://brooms.bandcamp.com/
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Text Comments (15209)
LolitaxxDelena (3 hours ago)
Hey excuse me could I steal that dog please??
Megan Ingram (4 hours ago)
King Charles? ...*flips ... *Queen Charles.*
Kenya Jerez (7 hours ago)
I wish I had a puppy 🐶 😔
P B (12 hours ago)
Is he Jessi Pinkman?
Fianna Matthews (12 hours ago)
anyone know that breed of dog? I want it lol
P B (12 hours ago)
German hugopuf
Taylah Warren (14 hours ago)
My heart stops and starts slowly melting, and my mouth turns into a straight line tilting at the ends into a smile. It's too cute. I can't handle it. I CAN'T HANDLE IT- *Explodes*
Naz Seyfi (15 hours ago)
I want a new dog. I need one.
Olivia Eves (22 hours ago)
I have two of the same dogies but tri color aren't they cute
april denis (1 day ago)
Manasi Panda (1 day ago)
So funny lol!!😂😂😂😂
1:08 dying of laughter
Roque Vallo (4 days ago)
HEX (5 days ago)
Kasandra Animals (7 days ago)
I love puppyhood it the best!
shine sabu (7 days ago)
"Puppy food for a baby dog" that part was the funniest ever.
Grigore Walte3r (7 days ago)
Morsmordre 1125 (7 days ago)
I want chloe💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍
رحاب محمود (7 days ago)
Cookiie Nation (8 days ago)
The cavaliar!
Lia prado (8 days ago)
Anisha Gadre (8 days ago)
The one good video buzzfeed makes
Anatolí Toumanidi (8 days ago)
what breed is this ?
Scrubzee ! (8 days ago)
i want it
SkyLynn Hill (9 days ago)
The man: Chloe are you trying to dig a whole Chloe: cutest face ever
Juliet Love (9 days ago)
Excelente amigo te encontraste 😎😁😘
THE QUEEN (9 days ago)
Hollie De La Mare (9 days ago)
That's a pretty accurate depiction of how it goes lol I love that the put the fun and not so fun parts in there. Makes it more real!
Alpaca queen (9 days ago)
It's impposible not to say awwww......
Koba The Irish Pomsky (10 days ago)
200IQPlayer346 (10 days ago)
Aww what a cute King Charles Spaniel 😃
Michaela Reed (11 days ago)
you made me so happy and full of joy
Tina (11 days ago)
Omg i Love this video
Oh my dear god! IS SHE EVEN REAL???!!!
Taquali B (11 days ago)
Sees puppy - yup
Noel The Fat Cat (12 days ago)
I hate dogs :< More of a cat person
Sélim Nasr (12 days ago)
Who'd ever dislike this ?
youtuber girl (13 days ago)
Cutie doggo but freak that's a lot of views 22M 😵
Rich Boy (13 days ago)
Cavalier king charles spanial😘😘😘😘😘
Our Hero is All Might (13 days ago)
i thought its crusoe
Preeti Nishad (13 days ago)
Hahahhahaha😂😂😂😂so cuteee
Rhiannon Thrasher (14 days ago)
Anybody know the breed of her?
Rhiannon Thrasher (14 days ago)
Puppy is so adorable!!!!
Fmo Floyd (14 days ago)
Never get a king charles their brain is bigger than their head so the contently have a headache
Raluca Dudescu (14 days ago)
How sweet!
Aicha Bari (14 days ago)
What kind of dog is that i wanna adopt the same one inchallah
Landon St-Jacques (14 days ago)
2018 anyone
Kayla Lin (14 days ago)
Fruity Kookiees (15 days ago)
Why does he sound like logan paul?
Wait did he just marry a dog called chloe
johntrevizososa (15 days ago)
puppy chow is actually really bad for your dogs, i’d recommend iams or something else entirely..
Eri Kason (15 days ago)
The word “puppyhood” is already adorable but then you look at this little angel and it gets too much for me 😭😭
This video is so funny😂😂😂
Menime Em (15 days ago)
*2:11** this is your bathroom* 😂😂
yel paw (16 days ago)
Thais video is so funny 😂
K Comm (16 days ago)
Puppy adoption......of a Black and Tan CKCS? WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Alex Gomez (16 days ago)
When he fell I laughed and it is cute I had a dog but I got tookin away😥
Evon Williams (16 days ago)
Aww so cute
Aminah Baxter (17 days ago)
this is just too cute! 🐾
Hamza Zaki (17 days ago)
Pradeep randy (17 days ago)
So sweet
Selvi S K (17 days ago)
So cute adorable puppy ....he makes my day happy
Alondra Gonzalez (18 days ago)
Lisette Figueroa (18 days ago)
What song
Jelena Mašić (18 days ago)
Ovo je srećno kuče!👏👏👏❤❤❤Bravo gazda!😘
Tech Radar (18 days ago)
It is awesome cute 😂😂😍😘😘
Thomas Amwake (18 days ago)
This Was So Cute And Funny
S kitty cat (19 days ago)
2018 anyone???????
Gaby Meijer (19 days ago)
Nalband Fareed (19 days ago)
Make more videos like this it makes all of us happy
Miscia Aishi D. Tarlit (19 days ago)
Its a cute little Chihuahua! ❤️
Miscia Aishi D. Tarlit (17 days ago)
+S kitty cat Look at it's face closely. It's a Chihuahua 😄✓️✓️✓️
S kitty cat (19 days ago)
It's so cute, is it a chihuahua???? I thought it was a yourksher terrier type of dog??? I dunno, all I know is that it's so cute
back to watch this video for the hundreth time
Png CJ (19 days ago)
What dog is this
mythical mia (20 days ago)
Omg what kind of dog is that BECAUSE I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW
Isaac Montiel (20 days ago)
Love this video 😃
Jeffrey Ngo (20 days ago)
What the hell is this
Vshal - S - R (20 days ago)
I'm fine - you've to be careful...
JADA WATSON (20 days ago)
Jaqui Lockett (20 days ago)
Somebody’s in here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Madison Waters (20 days ago)
this is me and my goldendoodle except instead of running around we are BINGE WATCHING NETFLIX not stranger things just NO
Dark GamePlayer (20 days ago)
This is your bathroom I laughed so hard XD
MontagZoso (20 days ago)
This guy wins the prize for nicest new puppy dad. I want him to adopt me now. 😁
What breed I want plzzzz
Oh YeaH !!! (20 days ago)
I wish i had that puppy... So cute
Anezka Mohrova (21 days ago)
Likes! ❤😁😂
C I A (21 days ago)
"The further I go down there the scarier it gets" That got me
Straight Savage (21 days ago)
Wat a cut papi
dana monei (21 days ago)
Can we get an update on Chloe
Revolver Ocelot (21 days ago)
insert username here (22 days ago)
honestly this is the purest video i've ever seen this channel post
molly axford (22 days ago)
aw she looks like my dog when she was little
TheKittyGamer :D (22 days ago)
So cute!
Kriss123boys (22 days ago)
Wheres the part where she pees everywhere?
Serina Ruiz (23 days ago)
When he fell that had me dying
Magainita (23 days ago)
I was just thinking how that dog looked like a Chloe before he said it.
orangerox12 (23 days ago)
I just hear Ryan Gosling
Paul Hazel (23 days ago)
I want her! I wanna hold her and give her snuggles
Turning Headz (23 days ago)
SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPDATE US ON CHLOE!!!! She's over 3yrs old now....we want to see her!
Diana koshkina1 (23 days ago)
ola boratynska (23 days ago)
słodziak do oddania

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