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How to style Checkerboard Slip-On Vans

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Checkered Slip-on Vans: http://amzn.to/2npKzSV Please support me by checking out my clothing website and purchasing my book thanks in advance Boss ;p : ShopDeano : http://bit.ly/2mjgxPf Deano Dimes (My book)https://www.createspace.com/5613799 IG/Snap/Twitter/Tumblr: @CurtisDonDeano Equipment: Camera: http://amzn.to/2lDAm6M Lighting: http://amzn.to/2m5zWHl Mic: http://amzn.to/2l55Dwp Some links are affiliate links
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Text Comments (86)
Sandy yazier Cruz (3 days ago)
Dee Narvekar (3 days ago)
What's the color of second hoodie you wore?
JASON HERRERA (1 month ago)
I am getting advice from a homeless man
Will Ellis5 (2 months ago)
Ewww he’s black
my natural habbitat (4 months ago)
my checkered slip ons were $55 btw im 9 and I'm size 7 and a half shoes
N A B I L A (4 months ago)
Iwantthem 😭😭😭😭😭😭😅. Bac2018-06-04
yahir (4 months ago)
why should we stay away from black and white i got a checkered shirt from vans that's black and white
Kalina Šušteršič (4 months ago)
What the fuck is up with black dudes constantly licking their lips like dude wyd stop
Kalina Šušteršič (4 months ago)
CurtisDonDeano boi i have lips 2 spare
CurtisDonDeano (4 months ago)
Kalina Šušteršič you would have to have lips to understand
BKG Thrillz (5 months ago)
Is there a good way to wear them with shorts?
Vanilla36Gorilla (5 months ago)
congrats, you just made a video on how to style the most common shoe in all of California
Rob Nation (5 months ago)
Keep grinding fam 🙏❗️
Furquan Mahdi (5 months ago)
Black men should know not to shop at h&m no more
Dt Nation (5 months ago)
I want o see a video of you wearing the vans with out socks
Kirsio (6 months ago)
When he said "exclusive" i felt spit cling to my face
Israel Aguilar Ramirez (7 months ago)
Austin Hester (8 months ago)
the blacks do not have to dress like that 👀 VIVA México 🇲🇽 ala verga 😎
Ed 'D' Bandit (7 months ago)
Austin Hester Chupa una verga, puto paisa racista!😂🖕🏽
Jose Hernandez (9 months ago)
For the second outfit with that jacket you look homeless
Julian Flores (9 months ago)
I just got some yesterday that’s why I’m looking at this
Jada :) (10 months ago)
I just brought a pair of checkerboard slip ons and I’m in love with them 😍 love the video, gave me some ideas
AfroGum (10 months ago)
Bro just some feed back, you some facts in and I can also see where your trying to go with the fit, I’m not sure if what it was but you were not pulling the look off as well as you supposed to.
xxfallen (10 months ago)
you look homeless
Harley Quinn ツ (5 months ago)
lmfao yeah kind of but im also laughing at ur alphabet profile pic
Ilir Hoxha (5 months ago)
xxfallen hahaah lol
Jacob Sewell (11 months ago)
How well can you run in these I know they’re not meant for running
Jailan .1K (2 months ago)
My friend used to run with them in gym and the stomping was loud af😭
ulyss0s (2 months ago)
Majimoo definitely not meant for running as they are slip ons, they do not have laces
Joe Wang (11 months ago)
Fuckin jerry boy...
ali (11 months ago)
Maaaan I love Vans.
Rahmana Toric (11 months ago)
She has been in my life and death in my head all the people in your eyes open any other time in my room to be on your phone number is it a good night with a few weeks and then the rest are so much to me in my room to be in my room to be in my room to be in my room
AJ Riley (8 months ago)
-ˋˏ oji ˎˊ- (11 months ago)
I feel attacked..my whole wardrobe is mostly black & white💀
Amira Sheikh (3 months ago)
-ˋˏLil Opparˎˊ- that’s mu mom wardrobe 😝
maria dun (11 months ago)
Elijah Bear (1 year ago)
Yo can you link the tan sweatshirt its dope
ELLIS S (1 year ago)
This video is shit. Just like your outfits
Joe Wang (11 months ago)
They are shit. Recycled jerry lorenzo garbage..
Lil Wayne Young blood (1 year ago)
Then leave
Carl Cheng (1 year ago)
Can you link the tan hoodie? Plz
Taylor Shumaker (1 year ago)
Lmfaooo @ elementary shit...subscribed!
yung_waimoko (1 year ago)
Just earned a sub👌🤘
mazur (1 year ago)
Heey i wanna ask White and Red checkerboard slip-on will be ok?
Miles (1 year ago)
How is matching black and white some elementary shit ? 😂
avf18 (1 year ago)
Phineas Terd i guess bc it's easy and everyone does it 😂
sam ferko (1 year ago)
Can you link the tan hoodie please?
hailey hall (1 year ago)
Some elementary shit 😂😂 I was ready to find me some black and white shirts lol
Trevor Elmendorf (1 year ago)
what song is that after the first look>
Sydney December (1 year ago)
Yes I love how you gave it the elevated look so because black gives cheeseball
Sydney December (1 year ago)
Distress mine
Sydney December (1 year ago)
Some elementary shit 😂😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Hudson (1 year ago)
Stay away from black and white? How come man! A white shirt with black jeans and the checkerboards are so classic! Just an opinion but nice video thanks for the ideas for some outfits 👊🏻
Chris Preece (1 year ago)
clean and simple fits bro.
Peter Wahyudi (1 year ago)
hey bro what jeans is it?
These jeans called Fear of God Jeans
Jordan Cones (1 year ago)
Im mad I missed this. I wanted some but was confused how to wear them 😩
Mr. Realistic (1 year ago)
MNML isn't an acronym
Jace J (1 year ago)
hay man that is a cool video man vans
World Order (1 year ago)
nigga lookin like he about to sell u crack lmao subscribed
Micky House (1 year ago)
Hey hows it going, love your style, just wanted to know where you got ur jeans from
Spartan Warrior (1 year ago)
hey may i know what jeans those are?
Inayat (1 year ago)
nice video
Alondra Ysita (1 year ago)
what's the song name?
Mr. Realistic (1 year ago)
bruh just get a long shirt so you dont have to keep pulling that white one
B3kicks (1 year ago)
Do a diy hoodie distressing
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
on the way boss don
Bruce Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Love both looks man , any particular ways you would wear those kicks with shorts ? And great video, distress tutorial video would be great too
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
I would wear the kind of shorts that look like they were skinny jeans....meaning tight. above the knee. distressed and probably only black.
Trashtalks (1 year ago)
Just copped me a fresh pair!
Little Binch (9 months ago)
Were yours more yellow than his? Mine were and it was dissapointing.
REAL ONE (1 year ago)
No Name alright good looking out cuz.
No Name (1 year ago)
REAL ONE They do. But only black and above the knee.
REAL ONE (1 year ago)
CurtisDonDeano do you think the vans slip on checkered board will look good with shorts??
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
aye! lit, can't wait to see u on my TL styling and shit per usual lol
hoeism (1 year ago)
yessss i love how we have the same views about styling the shoes & i'd definitely love to see the video about distressing the jacket 😍
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
🙂🙂 that's lit and I got you, I'm editing it now.
YUNG TIMM (1 year ago)
*Just subbed, greetings from denmark!*
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
wowwww, Denmark, that's so cool and thankyou.
Jamaul Joseph (1 year ago)
Litt 🔥🔥🔥 check this spring fashion haul out https://youtu.be/QNaOvpWwUFQ
Al Davis (1 year ago)
Definitely want to see a video on how you distressed that hoodie in the second look.
Dee Narvekar (3 days ago)
How do you know it's not a readymade?
All About Jarreau w
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
Ok, I'll do that....I'll post is today bro.
JoelLilMoe (1 year ago)
Fly shit bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥 definitely one of the best channels on YouTube, keep inspiring
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thanks man, that means the worrrrlllddd to me. I'll try my best.

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