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People Share Their Secret Anonymously

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My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thoraya My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thor.aya I hope you enjoyed today's episode! "Tell Me A Secret" is a project I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. If it gets good feedback I'll keep the series going and you should expect an episode like this every once in a while. So make sure to like the video if you like the episode and maybe even comment what you liked about it :] Find me on other social sites: https://www.facebook.com/Thoraya-1165391116892308/on https://twitter.com/thorayaaa Background music is "Champion" by Braden Deal
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Text Comments (6994)
Raphael Zacarias (2 hours ago)
My secret is: That i'm always saying that i'm ok That i have many true friends but i lost them That i commit to suicide My biggest secret is a cut myself
Nothing ess (11 hours ago)
*Plot twist* *Random Stranger:* My secret is I killed my brother a week ago and threw his body in the garbage.
Yaritza Martinez (16 hours ago)
2:13 ‘my secret is sometimes I forget how to breathe’ honestly I forget how to breathe often too
Smit Panchal (1 day ago)
My secret is I stutter very badly
Potato (1 day ago)
My secret is... I’m Asian with a scary Asian mom (like Tiffany from bunk’d lol) and I always feel like I’m stupid and I will disappoint my Asian mom and black dad bc my dad gonna whoop my ass.
Milk Buddy (1 day ago)
5:22 Gets me every time, litterly my heart aches– 😩😩
Laurel Matson (1 day ago)
Omg the 2 married couples are so precious.
Laurel Matson (1 day ago)
"When I was young I used to pick my nose... *smirk*"
Spinach Pineapple (1 day ago)
Poor Dwayne!
dog. care (1 day ago)
.....I forgot how to breath.....😂
Kaylee Basel (2 days ago)
yo the dog appearing when that girl shared her secret was a spiritual sign from all dogs being like girl you cool with us we are thankful! hahaha
v_ perez (2 days ago)
my secret is.... that i’m terrified of getting old.
Choppedchees e (2 days ago)
My secret is that When people tell me I’m mean, loud, insensitive I just brush it off but it actually gets to me and it makes me wonder if I’m even allowed to have friends or people that are nice to me because I’m such a mean person.
Nesrine D (2 days ago)
My secret is that I act cool when my friends and family do me wrong lying to myself by calling this Maturity when in truth, I am just afraid to lose their sympathy, their love. In other words, I am a people pleaser. I hate it.
L.L. Girl (2 days ago)
My secret is..... I have wanted to die since 2nd grade I am now in 7th no one knows but now you do
Kira Thomson (2 days ago)
my secret is that i think i'm gay but I know that my dad is homophobic and I don't know how i'm going to tell him
Amanda Niess (2 days ago)
To the girl, who went to college for 8 years: I am 24 and I also still don't know what to do with my life. This summer will be my second dropout from the university. I am happy that you shared your secret because you make me feel that I am not alone anymore. Thank you. <3 I wish I could talk to you.
George Costarica (3 days ago)
The first guy looks like a lesbian
sicnei (3 days ago)
My secret is I have friends but feel like they are just strangers who I hang out with at school and I happen to care about them more than myself :/. I constantly need to be reminded that I'm wanted and love because once I let my mind run wild then theres no going back from there no way for me to escape my demons
anna bolenbaugh (3 days ago)
How u forget how to breathe???
Hayley Stark (4 days ago)
I was expecting bigger secrets than this, most of them were pretty mundane. First of Thorayas videos I've been kind of disappointed with.
DanMk2 (4 days ago)
Pratit Bangdiwala (4 days ago)
4:40 this guy savage
Thamiris Marinho (4 days ago)
my secret is: I don't have any friends so I keep talking to this guy who isn't good to me just so I don't feel absolutely lonely.
hiems (4 days ago)
my secret is that i have anxiety talking to people, I just really can't. I do, if I have to, but it takes so much to do so. Nobody knows that, everyone seems to think that I am not nice, but I am just shy as fuck. Also, I always say that I don't feel lonely, but I am, and it hurts so fucking much.
Descaped (5 days ago)
My secret is... That I want to move to another country, fall in love with someone and start all over again.
Ragu Varan (6 days ago)
My secret is im virgin
Andraya Hahn (6 days ago)
I have ADHD and I'm 13. My secret is: I feel like I have to take my pill so that I'm more "manageable" for everyone else around me. The truth is, I don't like taking it.
free you (6 days ago)
My secret: I m gay , I'm in an Muslim country, Morocco . Soo yeah 🙂
Maaadio (7 days ago)
22 and never had your first kiss.. I’m right there with you 😭
Kim Hummel (7 days ago)
My secret is i wish everyday i wouldn't have born and i regret that my suicide attempt didn't succeed. I've been in pain all my 22yrs and that i hurt the ones i loved the most and fucked my whole life to the point theres no turning back.
Timtam Walnut (2 days ago)
+Kim Hummel I know my friend. It's very hard. Actually I've been struggling for 2 years now trying to get my life on track. My life was going fine till one day everything went upside down. Everything is getting even worse although it's pretty bad but I'm still hanging on. I I believe I can make it and so can you.😊
Kim Hummel (2 days ago)
+Timtam Walnut its too hard sometimes
Timtam Walnut (2 days ago)
I know life is tough. Hang on there my friend and you can make it. Your a hero. Stay strong. 😊
Lexi McMurry (7 days ago)
My secret is that I don’t want to be alive anymore but I don’t want to kill myself. Im gay and my family knows that but see me as a disgrace to the family and I could never live up to there expectations and I could never truly be happy with who I am because I don’t want to be gay. It’s hard not feeling loved by the people who should love you the most. I don’t believe my girlfriend really loves me and wants to talk to me because she makes excuses and tells me she’s busy all the time but I can’t break up with her. I starve myself and care at all that I do it, in fact I’m sort of proud of it. I sleep my life away not only because of everything wrong with me that makes me want to sleep but also because I don’t want to be awake. I have no friends at my current school so during lunch is the worst time during school because I have bad anxiety attacks and I freak out and I have no where to go. I don’t like the way I look. I love to be hugged and I love when anyone gives me anything at all. Like if someone gave me a drawing and it wasn’t even meant for me it still makes me happy but people don’t notice that I want to be hugged and I don’t have anyone in my life that will write me a note or give me anything. I’m really uncomfortable where I am in life right now but I’m just trying to get through life without a care in the world
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You just ruin the end when show off after the original content talking about something different. Please consider changing this. Good idea as always. Keep the smart content.
Carissa Guidry (7 days ago)
The little boy was so cute!!!! I don’t go to sleep when I’m suppose too...🤣😂 The guy that pissed his pants was cuteeeee...what’s his IG?
Rana Sassine (7 days ago)
2:15 me after watching James Charles video
Alec ASMR AR (7 days ago)
I ain't got no secrets because secrets are for pussys
fioweb123 (8 days ago)
Love the elderly couple that aren't very elderly :)
Firetwins Fan!! (8 days ago)
My Secret is: I Had a Cat But I killed him when I first got him..
random person (8 days ago)
6:57 it's the one in pink I know it 🤣😂
HistoryNerd (8 days ago)
3:33 Me too, me too
Michelle Morales (8 days ago)
My secret: is that I tell people to be them when i am not myself
Itati Lopez (9 days ago)
Love seeing so many different faces ❤️
d26mac (9 days ago)
2:18 ok but how do u forget how to breath wtf
Laetitia Zauschkevich (9 days ago)
you know, I really love your videos but I think that you should attach a link or a number of a suicide prevention line or something like that, maybe even to give a card with a number for the participants of the vids. After all, you deal with delicate content and you never know who's listening. Maybe someone needs it and this is their opportunity to realize that and seek help.
MyNameIsBob! (9 days ago)
My secret is I want people to go extinct. Hehe jk....
BTS AteMyHomeWork (9 days ago)
Oh yeah, my other secret is, When I was five I stole a wispa from Morrisons oof
BTS AteMyHomeWork (9 days ago)
My secret is I know my father is in a relationship with his friend who's married... I'm friends with her kids
Selen Vandra (9 days ago)
3:33 i know how it feels, and i cant make it back the same as it used to be cause they dont want to be close to me anymore
aban ir (9 days ago)
4:45 me 😄 5:15 OMG so cute 😍 6:10 dude ,you are so clever !!! 6:50 😍
Squidgy (10 days ago)
“When I was young I used to pick nose :))” 😂😂😂
Aubrey Nichole (10 days ago)
My secret is.. The whole of my identity belongs to the demons i have come to know inside me for the last 20 years. I am pain. I have more secrets and darkness inside than anyone knows. On the outside I’m always quick with a joke, smile or compliment so ppl feel good and think I’m happy. The pain of anxiety in my chest starts when I wake up into the next day. To open my eyes again is always such a painful moment that starts and ends my days. I am pain.
Toni Bert (10 days ago)
That guy was adorable 2:35
karlijn (10 days ago)
My secret is that i am afraid of missing things. Like when my friends are hanging out and i can’t i am afraid that they have an inside joke or something that i won’t understand bc I wasn’t there or when i am sick i think i will miss funny things at school. I hope some day i could let that thought go.
Noonee (10 days ago)
6:05 bad boy 😂
mamamu (11 days ago)
Aimless (11 days ago)
im still stuck on the "I forget how to breath"
Alesha Morrison (11 days ago)
"Only two of us are wearing underwear!" I'm dying 😂
HowToNotMusical (11 days ago)
My secret is: I put on a smile and pretend everything's ok but it isn't. It's actually really not ok.
African Chai (11 days ago)
I'm an atheist. That's my secret.
Rory Donohue (11 days ago)
5:12 yo this man should be in jail
Rory Donohue (11 days ago)
When the girl said she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her that really got to me.
AH LOL (12 days ago)
My secret is................. IM HUNGRY FOR SUM SWEETS
o o f k pop (13 days ago)
My secret is that I’m still wondering why I’m getting bullied from this day all the way from preschool
o o f k pop (13 days ago)
My secret is that I’m still wondering why I’m getting bullied from this day all the way from preschool
India Shep (13 days ago)
I'm extremely lonely and insecure.
My secret is... I would catfish people on this app that's not for kids because I felt so insecure and I didn't have any friends. Like literally no friends what so ever except one where their dad hates me so I can't talk to them like at all. I met one of the best person on that app he was so nice, caring, and uh... Handsom ... I did fall for him even though what I was doing was illegal...... I knew it was illegal what I was doing and it broke my heart because he wouldn't get a girlfriend even though we weren't dating. He fell in love with my character I made up... She was perfect... Who I wanted to be.. I told him he should look for somebody almost every day for 3 years to try to get him over "me" but it didn't work. So.... I deleted the app. I hope he can forgive me even though what I did was cruel and.... He didn't deserve it.. I didn't deserve such a great friend. It's been almost 3 weeks since I deleted it and sometimes I want to install it and text him... Tell him I love him.. But I can't because the longer I do it the more it will hurt. Dang this was long and sappy as fuck 😂😂 I just really needed to tell somebody and get it off my chest. If anybody is catfishing somebody please think about what might happen to you... And to them. 💛
+dwi clifford I don't think I can I've tried to so many times but I couldn't being myself to do it
dwi clifford (13 days ago)
You should install the app and tell him the truth don't left him hanging. He will blaming himself for you leaving him. And trust me ik how it feel to be him
Riotiro (13 days ago)
my secret is my birthname
Paint Stiches (13 days ago)
My secret: I pooped my butt..
Love Bts (13 days ago)
My secret is that l’m really sad but l’m still laughing and somethimes just don’t want To live anymore....almost everyday
Rachel Eh? (13 days ago)
6:45 this is perfect
I’m Amelia (13 days ago)
My secrets are... I’m still in love with this guy I dated for 2 months and that I hate myself for ruining the relationship. Everyone keeps telling me it was my anxiety but I can’t get myself to believe it... another secret is that I’ve been really close to ending it all and I will never get the courage to tell my therapist.
Isabella __ (13 days ago)
Mood 2:15
SLyons (14 days ago)
My secret: I pour my milk before my cereal
Michi Me (14 days ago)
My secret is that I can’t bind myself emotionally to even one thing.. I just don’t care if one of my friends is sick or if my cat dies🤷🏽‍♀️
Michi Me (13 days ago)
might be
I’m Amelia (13 days ago)
Lack of sympathy?
Kay Rose (14 days ago)
My secret is that I was abused for most of my childhood. When I tell my story to my friends they don't believe me that I am still affected by that today. I act like that doesn't hurt me, but it does. It hurts me a lot. It proves to myself even further that the people I put my trust into don't care.
AwesomeKrafter (14 days ago)
Guy at 6:04: “When I was a young boy-“ Me: MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY TO SEE A MARCHING BAND
Jolene S. (13 days ago)
NIGI (14 days ago)
Soo..how is this anonymous...they turn around and yoi can see them bahaaha
Emily Shafer (15 days ago)
my secret is: I am always the goofy one in school and around my friends but i'm just a package of fucked up emotions and feelings no one wants to deal with
Dark Midnight (15 days ago)
3:38 damn, thats fucked up as hell
Taylor Foreman (15 days ago)
UMG_ Viliboi (15 days ago)
0:40 why the fuck u lying
M &M (15 days ago)
Those who showed their faces I appreciate them thank you for 1. Telling us your secrets and 2. Revealing yourself had enough as it is to tell the world it’s even harder to come out and show yourself so thank you
Val Tastic (16 days ago)
My secret is...People say im a good type of skinny, and I'm cute, and I have nothing to worry about, but I'm scared of what people think of me...since I'm going into middle school..
Finn (13 days ago)
Val Tastic bruh that’s normal lmao but tbh nobody gives a shit
Blueberry Blueberry (16 days ago)
2:20 she’s GORGEOUS!💜💜💜
Lazywowplayer (16 days ago)
Yeah, you didn't need to tell us you're vegan. With that haircut, it was a given. LOL
Hipster Potato (16 days ago)
Gray (16 days ago)
It’s not a secret anymore...
Nancy Emmanuel (16 days ago)
I can feel the 22 yrs old girl who never dated or love or even kiss that what happening to me
Imogen Rowe (17 days ago)
5:21 *MoNsTeR*
Neyshaliz Peralta (17 days ago)
myearshurt Noone (17 days ago)
this was cringy af i had to stop watching
myearshurt Noone (17 days ago)
2:14 wtf ever...
SkeleGames MC (17 days ago)
My secret is:I’m short and I act like the hate I get doesn’t hurt but it does deep down
Casual League (17 days ago)
Then you, r not vengan you dumb fuck.
Shanessa Blagrove (17 days ago)
My secret is that depression tells me to kill myself but anxiety says im too scared to die its an never ending battle and as a 13 year old who has been told that i have nothing to be depressed about,i just completely cant trust anyone,i dont know what to do. no one ever understands they say they do but really they dont,they dont know the feeling of feeling like a misfit or mistake or good for nothing,or a failure!!! I write letters or stories to my love ones everytime i try to commit suicide,there are about over 30 letters
XxX lXl (17 days ago)
2:19 i thought that i am the only one who forgot how to breath
luv2jmpcmj (18 days ago)
My secret is... I feel like I will never be good enough. My anxiety and depression slowly but surely destroys everything good in my life. No matter how many times I rebuild it, I self destruct.
Padmini Sarma (18 days ago)
The one thing that stood out for me was the diversity in confessions. Some were more serious like the guy whose dad beat him, others more simple, like the child who said he didn't sleep when he was supposed to, and some were heartwarming like the man who said he married the most beautiful woman in the world, and proudly hugged his wife. I loved it.
JULIOGIRL 123 (18 days ago)
I have a secret as well..... I’m afraid of the people I love will forget me, and I’m afraid of time.
Gamer Doggg (19 days ago)
6:10 Anybody else?!

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