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Married 10 yrs: Disgraced teacher's love story

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Mary Kay Letourneau and the man she had an affair with when she was his 6th-grade teacher celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this May. Here's a recap of their tumultuous story. For more information please visit http://www.hlntv.com/video/2015/04/10/letourneau-6th-grade-lover-10-year-anniversary
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Text Comments (499)
Andriel (8 hours ago)
You can't blame the boy. the Woman was fine tho
john main (1 day ago)
I think all the people's and media's fuss made him 100 times more miserable.
Naturally Dope (4 days ago)
Sick delusional woman
Jennifer Yearwood (4 days ago)
Symone Lopez-mondy (5 days ago)
At 24 years old, there is NOTHING sexually attractive about an underage boy! this woman is a pedophile and should be treated as such. Anybody attracted to an underage person is by definition of pedophile.
Ignez Maciel (7 days ago)
her husband now, was a very very precocious teen..... sexualy precocious. ... and there is a real solid love btw them...... everything worked out at the end.... i hope they will love each other forever 😊
Ignez Maciel (4 days ago)
LaraCroftEyes1 I think there is a real love btw them otherwise they would have split already !!
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
Not real love and you wouldn't say that shit if Mary was a man and who groomed and raped his female student and later marries her and Villi is unhappy and Mary still emotional abusing
Soo Kymbo (10 days ago)
It's probably more co dependence than love. I feel sorry for her she can never justify her actions morally or legally but she's going spend her life trying. She'll not have peace while striving to do that.
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
She doesn't deserve peace and she is a damn child rapist
How could our government allow this? Someone needs to get a law past. First....no statute of limitations on child rape....and life imprisonment. Now that lil guy can never have a life God planned for him. Poor kid. Ill always see him as a little 12 year old kid. Thats how old he was when she first raped him. Had she gotten life....he could have had his own great accomploshments. College and a carreer and the wife God planned She not only raped him but in my eyes she got away with kidnapping him as well. What a loser. Theres a special place in hell for child rapists. Dress it up all you want. Shes just like phillip guerrido if you ask me
Lulu Stylez (20 days ago)
She is gorgeous
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
No, she isn't Mary looks like the crypt keeper on Meth
V Kit (24 days ago)
Mary the molester was so scared her 12-year-old victim would leave her she got pregnant. What a sick BITCH! I feel for those two daughters living with such a mentally ill person.
A-Y 03 (24 days ago)
Yuck 🤢🤢🤮🤮
Francelina Camilo (25 days ago)
I hope they stop posting videos of them they are married having two daughters and to be honest, he looks very mature for his age so give a break to this family move on with another story
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
You wouldn't say that if Mary was a man who groomed and raped his female student
Mikyla Smith (25 days ago)
So she says she had NO IDEA it was a crime....so what's up with her plea for leniency saying she had no right ethically or legally ...and her statement that it WAS WRONG...shes a pedophile through and through....shes a remorseless SEX OFFENDER
Angela Alvarez (27 days ago)
Everyone who condones what she did, I agree with you only if you would allow your 12 year old son can have done to him the same as done to this 12 year old, if no then your a hypocrite. I do agree they should be left alone today. The crime and damage has been done.
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
She a child rapist and highly doubt you tell people to leave them alone if the table were reversed and it was a man who groomed and raped his12-year-old student
rohanzo1 (1 month ago)
I feel bad for her original family man. Imagine what she put them through
Grace Duff (1 month ago)
I don’t think that bitch cares about her kids she had with Steve.
REDLINE P.R.A (1 month ago)
It turns out good for the horny woman and the horny kid. She gets out of prison after doing her sentence and he sued the hell out of the school so he gets millions and she marries him when she comes home reimbursement for being in prison
Golden Dawn (2 months ago)
I believe this couple was idolized because of the “Beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes” troupe and that she could never do ANYTHING wrong I mean just look at her she’s beautiful. Fuck that she still groomed a little boy to fuck her and made him think their was nothing wrong with it. If you really still agree with her let’s reverse the roles, imagine if a 32 yr male teacher was to fuck a 11 yr girl . See how disgusting that is , yeah fuck this couple.
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
Finally someone with common sense
rustin pierce (3 months ago)
Evy2526 (3 months ago)
Woah, that's so fucked up! How can you see a child of like 12 as a possible partner?? Yet here they are happily married. :/ My brain can't process this.
SgtBaker16 (3 months ago)
The only reason people defend this is because of women double standards.
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
Donna M (4 months ago)
She can't finish a sentence without looking at him.
Miguel Rivera (4 months ago)
Kay the CUNT will get her KARMA. He daughters will pay a horrible price for her rape. She fucked herself and her daughters.
vanes nes (4 months ago)
sa!nts_n_s!nners ! (5 months ago)
That's some shit to leave her first family damn. I bet they want nothing to do with her.
Strange Boy (5 months ago)
I have no idea what she saw in him. She is a beautiful Nordic white woman and he is ugly as fuck yellow weird Asian/Mexican looking thing.
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
No, she isn't and take look at her now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww8m0OkuX7E
Estelle A (5 months ago)
If she was a smelly old fat chic everyone would have been againt her.
A.S. (5 months ago)
She is the adult she knew it's a crime. Shame. Maybe her previous children is very embarrassed.
MC VLOGS (5 months ago)
sandra oss (5 months ago)
he keeps putting these fake scar's on his chin
Strange Boy (6 months ago)
As expected, the children look nothing like their white mother. White extinction in progress. This woman is a complete lunatic. How did she fall in love with a 12 year old boy who isn't even the same race as her and looks totally weird, like Garfield the cat? She must have some form of mental illness.
BrownyDownySydrome (4 months ago)
Strange Boy interracial relationships are fucking stupid
Heather L Curley (7 months ago)
i feel really sad for this man - she preyed on and abused him at such a young age, and still continued to abuse and manipulate him into adulthood. sure, he was older, but when youre in that kind of dynamic, where you've been traumatized and abused, you develop strategies to cope and sort of split off from reality. i hope he will be ok, and i find her behaviour really despicable and reprehensible.
Black Benny Hill (8 months ago)
This bitch could've been a model... she's fucking beautiful!
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
No, she isn't take a look what Karma doing to her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww8m0OkuX7E
Acruxicon (8 months ago)
I cannot believe you idiots are condoning this. The fucks wrong with you?!
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
Now if Mary was a man and obese none of her supporter would support her
sventibaldo (8 months ago)
Lots of sympathetic comments here...and the reason is obvious: she's a hot woman who seduced a boy....if it was a bald, ugly, male teacher who abused either a girl or a boy, everyone would be absolutely disgusted and call for the pervert to be castrated or killed...instead they see this blonde hottie( still a MILF btw) and say idiotic things like "What a beautiful love story!"...."You shouldn't judge, life is complicated"....I find it quite amusing.
LaraCroftEyes1 (5 days ago)
Preach it
Silk Boxing (10 months ago)
She said, The Kid had a 8 inch Cock at 12.yrs old.
Mary Kay Letourneau        A typical, wutless, disgraceful, American woman.     (  Not the description I would like to label Mary Letourneau, but I'm too much of a lady to use such language  ).       Mary Letourneau is in or on the very same level of the equally disgraceful LGBTs.        *  wutless and disgraceful class of trash  *         Now, I'll wait for the first TROLL to reply to this comment.
Silk Boxing (10 months ago)
ms. will always love my life She said the kid has a 8 1/2 inch Cock !
13 queen (1 year ago)
Villi leaving her is the best thing he ever did !! She is not pretty !! Villi deserves better.
LifeofNalathepitbull (1 year ago)
Vili you made Samoan s around the world proud
Melanny Cotto (1 year ago)
Absolutely disgusting!! That make me feels sick😷
John Thompson (1 year ago)
Most of you are saying the wrong things and your opinions are shit. Let me tell you how this goes. If it were a young girl and the teacher was a man this is bad. But this is a guy. Im a guy. All we do from 6th grade and up is masturbate and constantly think of sex. You cant rape the willing. Dont be such simple minded sheep. Everything is not black and white.
Biyi Ogundele (1 year ago)
Who cares the amount of teachers I wanted to bone
Shingeki no Kyojin (1 year ago)
What disgusts me the most is that she already had four kids before. From her previous marriage. Imagine what those kids (now all grown up) feel about her having done all of this. Or have been asked. Their own blood mother. Being taunted by others about her. It makes me sick just thinking about it. The shame must be unbearable. I feel really sorry for them.
rxjimen (1 year ago)
This pedophile should rot in hell. The state left that boy without support and in the hands of this predator. Did she tell her daughters that she is a registered sex offender and that the victim was their father? If a man does something like that, life without parole. WOmen should be treated equally.
respectfull hoe (1 year ago)
she's hot. ..!!
kit pandikit (1 year ago)
lets look at it from a racial perspective. nice to see white female asian pac islander male.
Linda Puertes Deals (1 year ago)
they now divorced and he depressed and they created kids that will have issues.
Linda Puertes Deals (1 year ago)
she should have been jailed. Bipolar idiot raped that boy. She shud b jailed
Karen Bouldin (1 year ago)
She BEWITCHED him! He really didn't know any better. I guess he finally woke up. He is divorcing her. I pray he and she will be able to deal with the consequences behind their choices. You're going to REAP what you SOW...
Jasmin Fellari (1 year ago)
How can anyone sleep with a 12-year-old?
Jasmin Fellari (1 year ago)
J.H. Warrior (1 year ago)
Housewifes,female teachers and girs,sleep with 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17 year old boy.search information by internet.Even under 10.
Carole Deversenne (1 year ago)
je vous souhaite que du bonheurs
Ingrid Francis (1 year ago)
All he needs is a mom, poor boy.
M gmail (1 year ago)
He seems mentally undeveloped. Why does he look to her, like a young child would look to their mommy, to give answers?
lurch321 (1 year ago)
Being raped by her was definitely a factor.
Hannah Banana (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to say it..but all the kids should be taken away from both (normally I don't wish that on anyone!). She is a child predator! Her little speech in 1997 was bs. The dumb guy was young and ignorant! Maybe his own mother disowned him or something. SMH
Mandy Wilson (1 year ago)
she did not have an affair with a man....she raped a child
Arispe Missy (1 hour ago)
La Mangue Douce anyone under the age of18yrs can not legally consent to having sex period because they are a minor.
La Mangue Douce (9 months ago)
rape is when there is no consent. Review your dictionnary
Raj Man (1 year ago)
ohio diggerist (1 year ago)
mary has a few good miles left on her!...
lurch321 (1 year ago)
She never had any good miles to begin with.
TakeanL (1 year ago)
He's one lucky son of a bitch
lurch321 (1 year ago)
kmn100 (1 year ago)
Disgusting pedophile. People would be outraged if this was about a man who had a relationship with a 12 year old girl, but a woman who had a relationship with a 12 year boy is okay? Those who support this predator are stupid and disgusting.
Zhang Yitao (1 year ago)
this dude is fucking idiot how comes he doesnt care that this bitch has already had 4 children and still wanna marry with her is it real true love ? Idk why the hell he wants marry this old woman instead of tons of young hot girls ! bullsh***t
Charles Ferdinand (1 year ago)
If this obssesive disgusting sick bitch had been a man, he'd still be in jail and he'd be unequivocally and universally labeled a pedophile (which she is). Kids are naturally stupid so they have to be guided by adults in the form of parents and teachers, but this crazy bitch took advantage of her position instead to rape him, while abandon her kids and husband, so fuck her, I hope they're miserable together, that they can't find a decent job and that this stupid kid beats her every fucking day.
linjohn39823 (1 year ago)
there's really something wrong with her...she will do it again
nybsbfan18 (1 year ago)
i wonder if he'll ever get tired of her...?
Risslight (1 year ago)
I thought the relationship was awesome, but imagine if its a 34 year old dude with a 12 year old girl.
lurch321 (1 year ago)
This isn't awesome, it's fucked up.  Get a clue already, moron.
Eva Walters (1 year ago)
She literally disgusts me.
Moniqua Laloca (1 year ago)
Ha ha in a country where men like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis and other celebrities are honored and celebrated, even if they seduced young girls, this woman is banished and put in prison because she have fallen in love and did nothing worse than these men. America is so puritanical and hypocritical.. Fucking witch hunt!
Ms.Toni PHILLIPS (1 year ago)
they were in ❤
xHaus0fGagax (1 year ago)
And I thought my parents' age gap was bad... I'm glad they're happy and married now but it was NOT okay how they started out. At 34 getting pregnant by a 13 year old!!! You must be outta your fucking mind!
J.H. Warrior (1 year ago)
Fucked 12 year old boy,pregnat at 13 year old.
aguadevioleta 1007 (1 year ago)
preciosa historia una pregunta alguien sabe si ellos aún siguen su relación
justha vingfun (2 months ago)
They are divorced
Xanadu Xanadu (2 years ago)
Such a sick lady but she really is pretty. Nice body, lovely demeanor, but what a sick mind! that her beauty hid. She ruined so many lives, hers included. She lied and lied and is so fortunate that the judge could only give her 7 ^2 years. As soon as she got out of jail, boom, she's back preying on that poor kid Vili. She still controls him and they are stuck stuck stuck in the muck muck muck that she created.
Hulkerine100 (2 years ago)
Yeah it was inappropriate at the time but she and Vili were in love. Mary Kay's husband was abusive and never showed any affection, her father was dying from cancer and she was having a breakdown and Vili was there to comfort her. If she was abusing him, he wouldn't drop the case and married her.
v pal (2 years ago)
I think that's gross, how are you a grown woman and find a kid sexually appealing. You have to be fucked up in the head to have sex with a 6th grader. They say they're "in love", but that's incredibly disgusting.
Jay Son Wong (1 year ago)
Carly Kennedy disgusting to you? what do you think about men marrying young wives,? The girls were just kids when their hubbies were already in their 20's. Equal rights for men & women now in the name of science
Ty98ink (2 years ago)
But he looks old... He's around my age but he looks way older than I do. I don't think she's a pedo, since it looks like the dude ages fast...
YixinggnixiY (2 years ago)
Nasty bitch. She should have got death penalty.
Rain Bowe (2 years ago)
Still together today just leave them alone she went to jail and served her time and they married still and the media didn't make his life anymore easier once it was out
Melissa Mullin (2 years ago)
I mean it was wrong how they became lovers. But its nice that they got married and were in real love.
superyousiezekiel Moss (16 hours ago)
Jay Son Wong that's sweet they was 11 and 12 don't u get the difference sicko
superyousiezekiel Moss (16 hours ago)
Hulkerine100 the problem is not the fucking age gap the problem is HE WAS 12 not even a teen does this not disgust you? Their age gap is 22 years no problem if both are adult but when one is a child 12years old u sicko that's paedophilia even 15 or 16 shed still be sick but sleeping with underage teens is one thing and kiddie fiddlers is another! The only explanation I can think is you are your self a peodo yourself or your dumb as fuck and have no kids
superyousiezekiel Moss (16 hours ago)
Hulkerine100 you still a sicko if you are waiting for a 12 year old to turn 18 wtf you call this love??? It's the sick twisted love nobody needs in this world
Val Mari (5 days ago)
Hulkerine100 u got issues bad .. ur miserable twisted weirdo u need help
Val Mari (5 days ago)
Hulkerine100 go get help
Joey Mancilla (2 years ago)
What a beautiful love story
American Made (4 months ago)
Strange Boy Pretty sure the original commenter was be Sarcastic.
Strange Boy (4 months ago)
@monica - all that matters is that he isn't white and she is.
Monica hughes (4 months ago)
Strange Boy you dummy. He's Hawaiian. Pay attention to the last name
Strange Boy (6 months ago)
You are only saying this because it is a Mexican who got to impregnate a beautiful white blonde woman.
lurch321 (1 year ago)
What a dumb comment.
ripperduck (2 years ago)
What's a scandal was the waste of resources for this "crime." Look at the courtroom filled with bailiffs, cops, court administrators, on and on for this bullshit. She didn't rape anyone. Stupid yes, but not rape, a woman can't rape a guy who has an erection and is ready to do the deed...
Angelbunnys (2 years ago)
+ripperduck It was an example...when there is a stimuli a person will have a sexual reaction. But like i said if that's what you believe then believe it.
ripperduck (2 years ago)
Try to stay on point. We're not talking about men raping men. This is about a woman supposedly raping a boy. It is impossible for a woman to rape a man unless she overpowers him, and how many woman exist that are capable of doing so? And in this case, there was no rape, it simply didn't happen. As in the case of nearly all of these women who have sex with underage boys, it isn't rape, no matter what a DA says....
Angelbunnys (2 years ago)
+ripperduck Men can be raped. If they aren't consenting to sex then it is rape. If a man penis is being stimulated it is natural for it to be erected. Men get raped in prison all the time so are you saying that isn't rape either. Rape amongst males usually are under reported because people like you do not take it as so. But whatever if you believe it isn't rape then believe that.
ripperduck (2 years ago)
+Angelbunnys No one said it was okay. What I did say was that this thing was blown way out of proportion. beyond any reasonable attempt at justice. And no, a woman cannot rape a man. If a man has an erection and he's capable of doing the deed, then it isn't rape. How in the hell can you even think this way when it was the boy who came after her, not the other way around? He stayed with her, he sought her out, he instigated the entire situation. Is it unorthodox? Yeah, but it isn't rape...
Angelbunnys (2 years ago)
Also, women can rape men. That's like saying a man cannot rape a woman because she was aroused. Your body reacting vs your mind state is totally different. People's body will naturally react to a stimuli.
Eww she played sex games with a child.
Joshua Harner (2 years ago)
why is it i can't help thinking of south park when they say "NICE"
k S (2 years ago)
if it was the other way around most of you wouldn't agree with the relationship. some much inequality
Vee Nessa (2 years ago)
wow she's looks amazing and their still together it was ment to be for them to be together.......
john doe (2 years ago)
that boy had a big one he looks African or mex or both mixed so he probably has to strap it to his leg.
Jazz (2 years ago)
+Dracul warmz Samoan
nenabunena (2 years ago)
+john doe samoan actually
Dracul warmz (2 years ago)
+john doe He is Asian. He looks like some type of Filipino or Southeast Asian descent.
markus emmons (2 years ago)
I don't get it? Women have been screwing men over and trapping them since the age of time.
joy stoodley (2 years ago)
She looks young for her age. least they still together. good luck to them.
Maria del Socorro Leon (2 years ago)
bottom line is she betrayed her husband and children by breaking the law more than once...
M DJAOUHAR (2 years ago)
she shouldn't regret what she did, sad to see how that bigot american society forced her to excuse herself for loving someone, she fought for her relationship and look at them now!! , how many same aged couples just cheat each other ?? is that morally legal ??? glad they got with it!!
Claudia A (2 years ago)
seems like he felt forced to be with her after she gave birth to their first child...he felt forced to have a child with her. she manipulated him
Louis Lee (2 years ago)
But they got married. So i believe their emotion is mutual now and then. Lovely couple. Cheers.
Punchbag 100 (5 hours ago)
Ew wtf is wrong with you
gummybearstreet (5 days ago)
Think again..he said he did it for their daughters.
Immortal Cosmoterran (2 years ago)
+sarah kelly "how to get tactical nuke in C.O..D" LOL!
sarah kelly (2 years ago)
She should have waited until he was old enough. If it was REAL love, it would have still been there when he was old enough. Instead she waited in jail until then, stupid, and gross. What does a 12 year old have to offer a 34 year old, mother, wife, and teacher? Necking in a car, how to get tactical nuke in C.O..D, how to play football? Sicko. She had a son around his age you know?
NagoMizik (2 years ago)
+Louis Lee Indeed!
GimmeSomedough (2 years ago)
This bitch is so disgusting. You can see the insanity in her eyes.
GimmeSomedough why?
GimmeSomedough why?
Charlene Owen (2 years ago)
I live is Seattle. This woman left her family to mess with this boy. in Washington state 16 is the age of connect. not 12. she has no remorse for what she did.
Angkorian Boy (2 years ago)
Oh forget it, they are loving one another. Good luck!!
ToyoteroMundial (2 years ago)
Great Teacher!
lurch321 (2 years ago)
PLEASE tell me you're being sarcastic.
Thor Sognnaes (2 years ago)
I'm 38 years old, and I finally have a girlfriend every relationship felt like hers, I've seen 15 year olds with 25 year olds WTF
Krismarco Grimon (2 years ago)
hot milf
lurch321 (2 years ago)
+Krismarco Grimon Hardly.
Christine Mills (2 years ago)
hey they got married that is more then i can say about a lot of people (palin trash) you shouldn't be in jail for being in love villi said he had done it before and he started all this he went after her you shouldn't be in jail for being in love.
The King's Daughter (2 years ago)
Everyone thinks this is ok. This is NOT okay! She's disgusting and mentally ill. So what they are grown now, he's a victim of child molestation and pedophilia and cant possibly filter through the mental damage this has done. He could have subliminal attachments to this abuse because of the molestation, he said he suffers with depression in another interview. This circumstance was horrible for him, and it might take him 30 yrs but one day he will see that!
M Lee (9 days ago)
Ok ..finally someone who gets it. Its wrong but ppl here are acrually defending this .....I'm like wtf
Tbh, I'm happy for both of them, he loves her and she loves him. Stop and see how happy both they are. Does it matter about the age but rapping is wrong, she knows his wrong doings but he loves her. Look how long they have been together
M Lee (9 days ago)
Ur a fucking retard. And judging on the characters ..u come from a place where they glorify pedophilia. There is restaurant where the waitresses dress like school girls while the old nasty business men cone to hang . pls .....I can keep going ..if u want
Travel In Pages (2 years ago)
+JustineAurelio 저스틴 she was married with 4 children. They dont fell the consequences, but for surr her 4 childrens felt.
+Ariana Slay holy shet i didnt even know she had a son, its your opinion i understand. you know in an argument you can change people's mind, i used to be in their side and now im just in the middle, all im feeling right now is "i dont give two shits anymore"
issa brat (2 years ago)
+JustineAurelio 저스틴 I'm sorry but I will never support this. She was a married woman with kids when she began sleeping with Villi. And the fact her son is one year younger than Villi...Mary was selfish and didn't think about her children's feelings. If this was a male teacher who slept with a 12-13 yr old girl and got her pregnant and claim their in love, it would've been a different reaction.
Tan Ler (2 years ago)
She looks great in the Larry King interview (2006). She did her time.
Tan Ler (2 years ago)
Skinny, bony women are hot.
lurch321 (2 years ago)
Agree to disagree then.  I've always thought she had a buttaface.
Tan Ler (2 years ago)
+lurch321 OK. She was hot.
lurch321 (2 years ago)
+Tan Ler She never looked great to begin with.
Angela A. (2 years ago)
I'm 35 now but when I was teaching HS students, I was 27, I never could see the 18 y/o kids in my classes as possible dates, I just saw children with grown bodies! It's even worse with middle school children, we are supposed to do our job, to help them understand this world and be prepared to face it. As teachers, it's against all VALUES and ETHICS, beyond the law, to predate our students and harm them in any way. She took the possibility for this young man to meet a person close to his age and values, she denied him the chances to live other experiences, she took part of his childhood. She is a selfish predator and she should be ashamed of the example she has given to her own kids and the teaching profession. Love is not denying someone the possibility to be happy for your own benefit, also, brain washing a kid with your libido is not love either.
M Lee (8 days ago)
@Jay Son Wong Listen u dumb cunt. Nobody is jealous of this. I love my wife and she is close to my age...unlike you who prefers children. U r prob a pedo
Leslie Churchwell (28 days ago)
Angela A. ,man, u wouldn't faire well where I went to high school...lol. Sooo many women teachers had sex with the teenage guys(that was late 90s but it happened all the way up until and thru then, and I am positive it still happens today, but much more under the radar). It happened with girls too--they are/were always the aggressors thur, but it was not even 1/100 of the amount of women teachers who nade it with the males that was going on). This was too young thow just for today's time and standard... 12 and 13 was a bad choice. She had reasons, but it was no excuse...but,they're still married today and have 2 gorgeous, smart grown daughters(u can see a few docs with interviews from whole family together and separate)...Both were willing participants even thow he was way too young, he was the agressoor, and never forced at ALL...Even his mother liked her, and accepted their relationship after them explaining it... so, I say, how is this worse than so many of the grotesque and dysfunctional marriages and relationships, and parentless kids roaming the streets, etc? It looks far better now. They shoulda waited, but they didnt.. She served her time and it's over and done with. They are BOTH ADULTS NOW,and he or She is free to go at anytime. Maybe they will divorce one day, but they are together now, and pretty "normal", if there is such a thing In this World. We have no reason to judge her or them now just because it is socially unacceptable in this age... it's over and done, and the product didn't turn out bad at all, i'd say. [What makes u better anyway...or so "perfect", i should say.] I know MANY kids and families with lives they try to kill themselves to get away from...this is not a black and white case. It's the most unique shade of grey u could ever find!
La Mangue Douce (9 months ago)
for fuck sake shut up. Some kids are advanced, and more mature than adults. Some adults are lost with their life, and they fall in love. There is NO value when you can condemn both people to suffer, when they were happy together and did nothing but hurt YOU. The way people see this affair is disgusting. Can't you understand that sometimes people need love more than anything else and sometimes kids are smarter than adults ? Ethics is nothing if you can't adapt a rule to the real world when there is exceptions.
Tan Ler (2 years ago)
+Angela Oueslati I did get a chance to look at the most recent Barbara Walters interview and what struck me was that even at 13, Vili was really aggressive and deliberate. His goal was to seduce Mary Kay. So, I think it's completely wrong to depict Mary as a predator. Of course, this in no way contradicts your points about values and ethics. It's very likely that it would have been better if she had turned him down and forced him to find a girl closer to his own age. Then again, Mary faced the music. She did do her 7 1/2 year's jail time, which is no small feat. That was no picnic. She suffered great resentment at the hands of her fellow inmates. So I respect her for this, that she survived the system. Their daughters, now 16 and 17, seem pretty normal and well-grounded. Today, both Vili and Mary Kay say they just wouldn't tolerate any teacher taking advantage of their children. It's not so much because of values and ethics, but because they suffered enough going through all that turmoil.
Angela A. (2 years ago)
True Tan Ler. But I wanted to emphasize that we, teachers, are the adults that influence the lives of children and it's our job to encourage them to take good decisions, even in love matters. We hear their problems, we give them advice, some kids don't have good relationship with their parents, we are there to show them they matter. Our image is like a second parent, and this lady took advantage of that. But you're right, that's not love in any circumstance, teacher or not. 

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