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Bartenders Guess Who's Underage #2 | Lineup | Cut

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Text Comments (6462)
Astranamos (55 minutes ago)
Lol, that 15 year old looks 25, and I'm betting she's probably one of those genetic life hackers that will still look 25 at 65.
Bored like you (3 hours ago)
YouTube VEVO (8 hours ago)
I just hoped that a 10 year old would’ve walked in.
XxChui29xX (8 hours ago)
Can we ask that chick what else she got pierced?
Jordan Emery (1 hour ago)
XxChui29xX Alot haha thats me btw
Diana Benavides (9 hours ago)
All the Kai's I know are H O T af (Exo's Kai real name is Jongin but who cares xD)
Dakota K. (10 hours ago)
5:20 Eat a hamburger and go play some basketball.... I choked
Jack Watson (11 hours ago)
You got such a baby face but got hella holes in it...hahahaha
Jordan Emery (1 hour ago)
Jack Watson it was so hard not to doe of laughter when he said that to me 😂😂
TeddyRoosevelt (13 hours ago)
I’m beating my daughter ass if she lookin like that at 15. No make up and turtle necks like when I grew up. Fuck outta here.
Kelsey LM (13 hours ago)
You could tell the 15 year old was young from the start. It’s the obvious “I’m trying to hard” look and attitude
Gianna Rispoli (14 hours ago)
if someone wants to slide kai’s @....
Jordan Emery (1 hour ago)
Gianna Rispoli kai.har
Liz Anderson (18 hours ago)
Seahorse on lolol
EveryThing Ego (20 hours ago)
You can tell she’s young people just don’t want to believe their eyes //
MJ (20 hours ago)
She is 15 and I’m here 13 looking like a baby cause I don’t wear makeup and those clothes 😂😂
Marzia (21 hours ago)
li ho azzeccati quasi tt
Try Again (1 day ago)
That guy looks like Will Smith 😳 Also, that Japanese guy is- 😏
Karen .N (1 day ago)
As soon as the 15 year old walked out I said 15 maybe even 14. You can pile on as much makeup as you want and walk funny but your true age still shows
Alana The Banana :3 (1 day ago)
Tbh I think the 29 yr old doesn’t look young for her age, I might even say she looks older than 29 :/
TAE THE BAE (1 day ago)
Dudeeeee the Kai dude was hella fine !!!!!!
Boy where the fuck she has all those piercings at 17?
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
The God Emperor of Mankind 17 facial 8 body some dome professionally with parents consent and others ive done myself
If only Marchell was like,16😻
Emma Willis (1 day ago)
Wait you can drink when your 18 I'm confused........ Nvm I did some research and in America (Im guessing thats where it is) you have to be 21 to drink?!
Kai was sexy asf
Ruby Rose-Ken (1 day ago)
15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way. She looks looks OLD like 25 and that is sooo sad my god
Yakelin García (1 day ago)
:15 :woooo :wooo :Jesús 😂 Im 15 and i look like a baby 😂 but i don’t like drinks (don’t ask)😂
llain naroh (1 day ago)
Trini Kaylie (1 day ago)
When I was 15 I couldn't even wear makeup lolz.
Chabowski Gaming (2 days ago)
If my future 15 year old dresses that way...Boi
AshCat Gaming (2 days ago)
She got such a nice breast at her age.. 15.. damn.. all i got is pancakes
Blair Peron (2 days ago)
There is some perverts out there.... no shit if you look 25
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
Blair Peron well here i am haha hi :)
Blair Peron (1 day ago)
Pretty cool, diddnt expect anyone from the video to reply :)
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
Well im the girl with the piercings from the video haha, obviously you can see they think im old and im only 17 😂
Blair Peron (1 day ago)
I'm still jealous tho, I'm 25 and look 15 lol.
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
Blair Peron thats what was going through my mind especially when i was standing right next to her
Corey Tsosie (2 days ago)
Kai... Wow
Sotsu (2 days ago)
The redhead dude looks like Nigel thornberry
clementine (2 days ago)
Taniya Sultan (2 days ago)
Lool all the old people looking young, and the teenagers looking like they in there late 30s
Elsbett :P (2 days ago)
What's the legal drinking age in the US? 18?
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
Elsbett :P 21
Simran Kapoor (3 days ago)
My my kai😍
Lee Sakura (3 days ago)
Sis Kai is my brother's name... my bro gotta step up his game
Lee Sakura (3 days ago)
Yo someone find me Kai's @ bc i need it omfgfjfbshajkkjdf
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
Lee Sakura kai.har on Instagram
Pearl is the best. (3 days ago)
val (3 days ago)
hit or miss
1hunnid Son (3 days ago)
Shordy bad asf tho don't trip I'm 14
herro peps (3 days ago)
7:50 high pitch ass voice deep ass laugh
Shannon Mc (3 days ago)
I was Spot On with that 15yr old
RurRug (3 days ago)
Ok, I love this but I really don't know what's the point of this, do you want someone to see this or what? Is it a message to someone speciffical?
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
RurRug bartenders can learn to ID even the younger people, im the girl with all the piercings in this video and if you saw, all of them thought i was old enough but im only 17 and the legal age is 21 here
MonicaWalters (3 days ago)
Cat Ramirez (3 days ago)
Hell nahh I’m 15 what the fuck😭😭
Oloruntola Deed (3 days ago)
R Kelly be like 4:12
Oloruntola Deed (3 days ago)
R Kelly 7:04
Wurp Durp (3 days ago)
I need Sukh's and Jordan's Instagram. /underage guy
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
Wurp Durp thankyou
Wurp Durp (1 day ago)
+Jordan Emery wow, thanks, you're beautiful :)
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
Wurp Durp xyosukh is sukh’s and mine its little_blub (im the girl with the piercings in this video)
Wurp Durp (3 days ago)
How the hell can they not see that Chiara is around 30?
hey (4 days ago)
what is the girl’s name with so many piercings?
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
hey my name is jordan :) thats me
Calibac (4 days ago)
15 year olds lookin like 25 year olds wtf?
Name LastName (4 days ago)
*Sukh 15*
Venom Chris (4 days ago)
im calling the fbi
12345 6789 (4 days ago)
The Japanese guy looks like a guy from streetfighter or a gta 3 yakuza
12345 6789 (4 days ago)
I bet my IPhone The cap guy with the shorts is gay
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
12345 6789 yep haha
12345 6789 (1 day ago)
Jordan Emery (1 day ago)
12345 6789 oh yeah, hes a gay bartender, stripper, and a drag queen he’s fabulous (im the girl with the piercings from the video)
Maxine (4 days ago)
HOW the FUCK is she 15
Maxine (4 days ago)
Lmao if I get into the club, I'm getting drinks no matter if I'm 16. It happens all the time
AnikaKim아니키김 (4 days ago)
Bring like Korean people there and they would never guess like Sandara Park,song hyekyo etc. i betcha they woulda never guess
ViVaken YT (4 days ago)
3:36 no offense but she look like a boy
Nahama Civil (5 days ago)
Kyle Swift (5 days ago)
Looks can be deceiving!
Bri B (5 days ago)
What’s kai insta????
Jordan Emery (4 days ago)
Bri B kai.har
GamingWithCameron (5 days ago)
i would feel bad for andy milonakis if he was on this
Lailonnie Burns (5 days ago)
Ashley (5 days ago)
That girl is the same age as me. Damn
Dylan Nguyen (5 days ago)
4:14 😱🤯
niggerkkk 911 death (5 days ago)
4:12 FBI OPEN UP!!
King _kai15 (5 days ago)
3:00 we voth have the same name😂😂
Nina Winchester (5 days ago)
YO SHE *15!?*
Complexity Nails (5 days ago)
3:48 ** Totally didn't try at all..... Soooo natural...
kim tay (6 days ago)
Kai is really cute
Andrew DeBenedictis (6 days ago)
God save America!
everybody be like kai is hot and stuff and im just over here being confused like dam Jordan is definitely hotter...im just saying
Jordan Emery lol no problem:)
Jordan Emery (5 days ago)
your friendly neighborhood trash thankyou lol :)
Jordan Emery oh god ok hi I like your piercings 😂
Jordan Emery (6 days ago)
that's me haha
irene (6 days ago)
sorry but that 15 year old tries too hard. i don’t think i’ve seen adults aged 20+ dress like that in public. go ride a fucking bike and listen to your shitty mumble rap or whatever
janae mcdowell (6 days ago)
dat bitch was not 15💀😭😂
Kajanae Lassiter (6 days ago)
She’s 15 why df she dressed like that 😂😂
emily h (6 days ago)
Max Mdma (6 days ago)
5.16 dead
sophisticated (6 days ago)
I'm 19 and compared to that 15yo I look like 10 XD
should have brought Pio
HisashiBuri8 (6 days ago)
So Carrick looks like an even shittier machine gun Kelly sorry bruh had to do it your pants are not cool nor is that hair. Oh god that earring. Why are you trying to look like a super senior in high school man?
Elias B (6 days ago)
‚I‘m fiveteen‘ - White people: Jeesus Black People: OHoooooooooooo
ALISSA Boucher (6 days ago)
The girl in the camo, HOW IS SHE 15 i thought she as like 20
HENG YU HEN XIV (6 days ago)
When I was 16 there's salesman stopping me to buy insurance, building estates and shit. I can walk into bars when I was 15 fml. My distant relative though I am dad, and dad's the son wtf I m now 18 btw
Belaam (7 days ago)
Love to see this again, but with high school teachers guessing who is over/under 21. I'm a teacher and did pretty well on these.
emory rose (7 days ago)
Tye dye girl is such a look I love her😂
Erica Ramirez (7 days ago)
i didnt look like that when i was 15 shit i stuck with my light blue boot cut jeans and spaghetti strap shirt
Melih Çelik (7 days ago)
Alc Shot (7 days ago)
When the first bartender went like *Twentyyyyyy...* I forgot that the legal drinking age in the US is 21. Was confused for a while there
Jordan Emery (7 days ago)
Hey guys!! This is jordan the girl with the piercings from this video! If you have any questions for me comment below!! I will answer them in a video and upload it!
S R (8 days ago)
this is why girls who lie about their age should get in trouble instead of the guys. that 15 year old portrays herself too different
Ashley Mayher (8 days ago)
Kai from Japan can HIT ME UP!! Baby im 21 whats good?!
Cindy Frempong (8 days ago)
Kai is 👌
joy markert (8 days ago)
That girl was my age what the actual like what I look like I’m 12 and I’m 15 😂😂😂😂
fefefefe rqrqrqrq (8 days ago)
3:44 ladies and gentlemen we got him, he is in jail now
Ben Pothecary (8 days ago)
The guy with the moustache needs to stay away from children.
[xxx]lilmessi 231 (8 days ago)
She 15 nigga what
Brandy Ross (8 days ago)
15yo shouldnt look like that wtfff
Solomon McGregor (8 days ago)
''Please raise your hand if Timmy got you right"....."Fuck!" Had me dead! 😂😂😂
aggelos alexakis (8 days ago)
How the fuck is this 15 gawd damn now I have to slap my duck and say no

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