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The Try Guys Take An Ancestry DNA Test

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Text Comments (16301)
Cecily Newman (1 hour ago)
Ned: my mom is half Italian also Ned: I’m half Italian me: do you.....do you know...how,,,,,genetics works,.,.,?
Vantuir Freitas (3 hours ago)
Eugene's legs in 0:47... love them! <3
Strawberry_Crush (6 hours ago)
I learned I'm literally 100.00% white from this test
Reetta (8 hours ago)
Welcome to Finland :)
PANDA PLAYZ YT (9 hours ago)
Who else got a dna ad before the vid?
Isaac Galindo (9 hours ago)
Eugene sounds like Markiplier
Tae's Bag (12 hours ago)
I watched a conspiracy theorie video over 23andme and I'm still terrified
Harper M. Kennedy (15 hours ago)
For my entire life, I thought I was half French and half itailian. Then my French grandmother took the test and we’re more English and scottish than anything. Now with Ned’s results, I’m really interested to see my itailian percentage
the gay trash can (16 hours ago)
Jenni Murphy (1 day ago)
Considering the relationship Korea and Japan has had in the past, and especially how some Japanese soldiers treated Korean woman, Eugene's Japanese percentage was also probably not a proud data point.
Kayla Briseno (1 day ago)
White and clueless 😂
Nate Lav (1 day ago)
Today buzzfeed tries to figure out how not white they are so they can celebrate hating the white race some more
Lenilyn Escabosa (2 days ago)
Wish i can be that woman...hahaha
Neelam Prasad (2 days ago)
Zack: "Im not vanilla, Im more like hummus...I guess" aahahahahahaha
alberto032973 (2 days ago)
Funny video
alberto032973 (2 days ago)
Lady is pretty
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn (3 days ago)
Well, Eugene's entirely Asian so he's got that 😂😂 I really need to do this because I'm from frickin' everywhere
LongcatGamer (3 days ago)
I love pasta! Too actually I might take a test later
Just a guy (3 days ago)
My family is from Macedonia I’m full Macedonian and maybe a bit Aussie
Dominic Roque (3 days ago)
Eugene's ancestral parents are all from eastern asia😂
maxine C (3 days ago)
before watching I knew Eugene was going to be mixed with some Japanese the Japanese occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945 it's not that surprising.
Freddie Mercury (3 days ago)
Well guess we have WWII and colonialism to thank for this...
YouSillyClown (4 days ago)
keith pointing at sweden and norway: "one of these is scotland, yea?" lmao
Rat Face Lewey (4 days ago)
Are they actors? Is this a spoof? They are well over the top!
Maryam Mohammed (4 days ago)
No one talked about israel its palestine 🇵🇸
Malieka Jadey (4 days ago)
8.00 Eugene's grandma has some explaining to do.
music school (4 days ago)
this is so racist
Vivaan Mehta (4 days ago)
That how about that got me!
Braussie (4 days ago)
Judaism is a religion, not a race.
D.D.C. SQUAD (5 days ago)
나두 한국사람이아! But I’m not good at not writing it
VachuGames (5 days ago)
Damn 9:59 almost 10 mins
Anita Pierce (5 days ago)
TheFlutefreak (5 days ago)
kaonashi 2391 (5 days ago)
Lol , I don’t think any East Asian except for Japanese themselves would like to know that they have Japanese blood, since that would mean that their ancestors would have a high chance of being one of the victim out of thousands of women, who got raped by the Japanese solders back in the ww2 period
Luka Stojanovic (5 days ago)
Im sure im 99.9999999999999999999999% Serbian
Awyatt Mann (5 days ago)
Testosterone count was in the minus, soy content was off the chart & all of them are HIV+.
Eva Hush (6 days ago)
4:00 I'm Scottish and I was unaware of this #lovemycountry #themoreyouknow
Sami F (6 days ago)
poor eugene
kaykay1996 _ (6 days ago)
So, 3 white guys, 1 Asian guy. Period.
Grainne Molloy (6 days ago)
Ned said that his mom's side is half Italian which would make him a quarter......sooo....YAY PASTA
Veb (6 days ago)
Oh zacks not gay HES A JEW
Ecirroh (6 days ago)
7:01 Keith's "That's not very much at all" made me laugh so much!
angwa _ (6 days ago)
Oh god i don’t wanna take this test
Trans Boy (7 days ago)
You can get a lot of money if you’re Native American you got to figure out what tribe you are
Trans Boy (7 days ago)
Ned is name is nead
SaCeuran (7 days ago)
I was able to predict roughly Eugene's break down just by knowing a little history. The Korean peninsula has had centuries of history under the control of Japan and China. Of course there'd be a lot of those ethnicities, there were a ton of them in Korea for a long time.
Borgis Borg (7 days ago)
Scandinavian poeple Are VERY sexy
Tom Green (7 days ago)
I don't know why eugine is surprised as when that Japanese would've come into place was when the Japanese was doing bad stuff
Amanda Kim (7 days ago)
I feel Eugene when he doesn't hold hands with the other try guys when they see if they're related
Chinken Nunget (1 day ago)
I’m 41.8% German and 49.8 Macedonian *AND* 0.1 Liberal Jewish... I’m WHITE wait 0.1 Egyptian there u go!! Keith’s ancestors created fried chicken. You know why? He loves fried chicken
Chinken Nunget (1 day ago)
Lol your Anne Frankly
Awyatt Mann (5 days ago)
Chinken Nunget 0.1 of you needs to be gassed.
I've actually heard (and read articles) that 23 and me / all ancestry tests are actually not that accurate. But! I still really wanna do one.
YMD (8 days ago)
I like how Eugene is so Asian that his DNA is Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Phung Truong (8 days ago)
Oh your korean im most of meh family is from hong kong china and Vietnam
Phung Truong (8 days ago)
Eugene is ROCKING that overall XD
Eugene:Mom MOM I AM NOT 100% Korean. Mom:”what THE HECK THAT DNA THING IS LIYING WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS WHEN YOU COME TO MY HOME.” Eugene:hangs up never calls mom Ps lol
Maria Gordon (8 days ago)
i wanna know what Eugene's phone call was like
Maria Gordon (8 days ago)
You notice in these DNA videos, no one ever says you're _____% Australian. Can anyone explain?
Irina (8 days ago)
Joder cuando sale españa ponen flamenco lol cuantos estereotipos😂😂
Isla Noonan (8 days ago)
did Kieth end up getting his 2 million dollars???
Lix Ellie (8 days ago)
My best friend Cindarrah is like a mini, female Keith only likes fried chicken and completely clueless
Jordin Dedrick (8 days ago)
Eugene :0
Loops oOoOo (9 days ago)
did Keith ever get his million dollars?
BldgWha7 (9 days ago)
Of course a DNA turns into a babbling SJW fest, “did you read what actually happened to Pocahontas?” Shut up!! Native Americans slaughtered and conquered other tribes for hundreds of years before Europeans landed.
Saeed Modanlou (9 days ago)
People Who have small percentage of so called Ashkenazi Jews in Their DNA! By the way, Khazars ( Kidarite ) were Asian turks. Their original land was Altai mountain and they were Asian look alike. They conquered Northern Caspian esteps about 450 AD. The land was already occupied by Scythian tribes. The main population of that area also entire north of black sea was Scythian tribes. Scythians were European look alike people. The ruling party of the Kidarite turks could only contribute 5 to 10 percent of the population of northern Caspian esteps, not even a big region including today's southern Russia and Ukraine that were the homeland of European look alike people called Scythian. Three century after kidarite ruling, Bulan the Qaan of the Khazars converted to Judaism and most of the people under the Khazars realm ( not entire Scythian people ) converted from their Mithraism to Judaism. Those people who converted to Judaism had to leave their land in mass migration to Europe due to pressure enforced by southern muslims, local orthodox christian and also with mongolian devastating invasion. They mainly settled in Eastern Europe. Parts of those people migrated to entire western and southern states of Europe. Now they call those people Ashkenazi Jews. Jews are restricted to marry with other ethnicities or religions. How their DNA could get mixed with European people's DNA? Therefore, when they tell you that you have Ashkenazi Jew in your DNA that means you carry some small percentage of ancient Scythian blood of Eastern Europe and northern caspian esteps people or even Scythian and Asian mixed that were living in Central Asia. The mixed Scythian and Asian people of Central Asia called Eastern Scythians. In Persian Achaemenid era after their defeat in marathon and thermopylae, Eastern Scythian migrated from Central Asia to the south and occupied Helmand valley in today's Afghanistan and then the region called Sistan ( land of Scythian ). According to Shahnameh book of Ferdowsi the poetry version of the Epic battle of Eastern Scythian from Sistan and Ayran of the Bacteria ( today's Balkh ) , Eastern Scythian tribe called Pahlava were fighting Aryan of the north against their racism.
xXChristinaXx (10 days ago)
Minty Borro (10 days ago)
by far the funniest response to DNA results... you guys are awesome!
sparkleavery (10 days ago)
You guys think you're white? I got my results today and I'm literally 100% European!
Riotiro (10 days ago)
I kinda want to make the test and I'm sure I'd have white ancestors, but if it was confirmed I'd cry
Tiana Morgan (10 days ago)
In scotland they batter and deep fry anything like they even batter and cook ice cream somehow and chocolate
Can’t Relate (10 days ago)
Eugene is so Chinese 😂 called it
Axtumn Msp (10 days ago)
Well im pure asian! But im an Filipino
Kathryn Pilant (10 days ago)
Panettone and Biscotti is the best thing about Christmas
Beatrix White (10 days ago)
Max Perez (10 days ago)
He is the whole Asian snack 😂
Danny Esparza (11 days ago)
Got a dna ancestors test ad before this XD
Jazzy jka (11 days ago)
I love this
The Tezuka (11 days ago)
"My parents would furious"
I'm Spanish Russian Jewish Ukrainian Belarus polish and Estonian, yup no joke!
Nùria Carvalho (11 days ago)
Sry for me thise DNA Test isn’t tru
Night Star (11 days ago)
Eugene is officially *SHOOK*
Nadia Nascimento (11 days ago)
I was scrolling down to see the next video I was going to watch like a normal person BUT THEN I SEE A TUMB NAIL THAT HAS A PICTURE OF EUGENE I CLICK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD
Nadia Nascimento (11 days ago)
XDgamer (11 days ago)
So, is Ned gonna join the Mafia now?
It'sLindseyK (12 days ago)
Points for those Korean or Asian people reply what your race is btw I'm wondering
Life of Angelina Wang (12 days ago)
My mom Chinese,part Korean,European,and Native American I thought I was completely Chinese
muhajer onofre (12 days ago)
Eugene is like the culmination of three different but almost the same countries
pearl nguyen (12 days ago)
PythonSNICKERS (12 days ago)
all i know is that I have Scottish, Irish, and Black Irish blood in me. Black Irish: The definition of black Irish is used to describe Irish people with dark hair and dark eyes thought to be decedents of the Spanish Armada of the mid-1500s, or it is a term used in the United States by mixed-race descendants of Europeans and African Americans or Native Americans to hide their heritage
small - saz123 (13 days ago)
Of course fried chicken is from Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - we’re smart 🤓🍗
small - saz123 (1 day ago)
Lewis Carlin - true 😂
Lewis Carlin (2 days ago)
Scots fry basically everything so its no surprise.
PCStudio (13 days ago)
Why can't everyone make their videos 9:59.
12 inches unbuffed (13 days ago)
white americans brainwashed to the bone how sad
iamasquid 5 (13 days ago)
When I did this I was also surprised Zach surprised not Eugene surprised. But I swear my ancestry is almost the same as if Keith and Ned were my parents. Except I’m 90% European and 10% African. Although I do have like a 20% broadly European so that could add more to my 10% Italian. And about what Zach was saying about getting someone with a mix of everything and covering the whole map then I guess that’d be pretty good because that really discourages inbreeding.
JoceyLin (14 days ago)
Now I want to do a dna test! I’m gonna be so freaking surprised if I’m not at least 74% chinese
Gabrielle Figueroa (14 days ago)
I swear to god I got a DNA add before this video 😂 what a coincidence
Sommer Bianchi (14 days ago)
Wow I’m more Italian than Ned and I’m 26.8%
Spooks :D (14 days ago)
1720 and 1810.... yeah that was probably a slave. Woah, what if it was Sally Hemmings? ._.
Apinayaa Sivapalan (15 days ago)
zachs little bit of white and keith's little bit of jew actually can fit together and make sense as as related. like the bit of jew in keith could be a shared ancestor with zach and vice versa. that's so cool!!!
Smol _Kim taehyung (15 days ago)
-N40K0- (15 days ago)
Nothing will break Ned and panettoni's love story,even if he's only 18% italian.
XDgamer (15 days ago)
I get the feeling that Keith's ancestors had slaves, and Eugene's ancestors were raped.

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