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Adventure Time | Flamacorn Battle | Cartoon Network

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Finn has a showdown with Flamacorn and gets unexpected help from Cinnamon Bun. CN GAMES: http://bit.ly/CNGames SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/109Y6wq WATCH MORE: http://bit.ly/CNAdventureTime About Adventure Time: Unlikely heroes Finn (a silly kid with an awesome hat) & Jake (a brassy dog with a big kind heart), are the best of friends and always find themselves in the middle of heart pounding escapades as they traverse the mystical Land of Ooo. Adventure Time Games: http://bit.ly/Qrgpss Adventure Time on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/YApNfo About Cartoon Network: Welcome to the Cartoon Network YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Clarence, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, The Amazing World of Gumball and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/90omi9 Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/SULxhQ Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/XqeBXf Follow Cartoon network on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/1B3nUQF Adventure Time | Flamacorn Battle | Cartoon Network https://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Text Comments (193)
Kudmo Tera (15 days ago)
Lol so if she's a candy... *She'll be CANDYCORN?*
Val Palmore (1 month ago)
Can someone plz tell meh what season and episode this is when I search up elements it doesn't show
Marcus Cedrik Opiana (1 month ago)
She's super rare now!!!
Ncr veteran ranger (1 month ago)
Can someone translate what lady Flamicorn said
카레매운 (2 months ago)
내 분노는 찜질방만큼 뜨겁다!!
Kendall Marssie (2 months ago)
CB be awesome!!!!
puppyhowler (2 months ago)
N N (2 months ago)
내 무지개분노가 널 삼켜버릴것이다!! 내 성질건들지마!! 대사 왤케 웃기냨ㅋㅋ
N N (2 months ago)
내 분노는 찜질방보다 뜨겁다!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Gian carlos (2 months ago)
I like new flame people than the old ones
Gian carlos (2 months ago)
where are the puppies transform to I see viola being candy Kim kil whan being fire Tv and jake jr being ice Charlie being slime
황제펭귄 (4 months ago)
내 무지개분노가 널 삼켜버릴꺼다!
Hazardous Potato (5 months ago)
Translations plssss thx <3
ED_ dragon (5 months ago)
I still don’t really know what type of language she speaks. Sounds like Japanese to me but I don’t really know
김현우 (5 months ago)
내 성질 건드리지마 너무 귀여운데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Gage Edwards (5 months ago)
what episode is this
Red Blade (5 months ago)
Lady rainicorn speaks different languages for different languages
Red Blade (5 months ago)
Different forms
디칸 (5 months ago)
What the...
Anthony crash (6 months ago)
since when can Gunther fly?!!😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😵😵😌
하우디헤이_ (7 months ago)
찜질방ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lady! You're totally korean!
Teddy Shaffer (7 months ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't lady be normal since she's not from ooo like lsp?
Marc (1 month ago)
Teddy Shaffer Oh yeah... Same with Sweet P..... It's probably a continuation error
cameron iacono (8 months ago)
CatFox (8 months ago)
Poor Lady
[애니&게임]포코 (8 months ago)
잡식성새끼손가락 (9 months ago)
한국어 들려서 흠칫했네..
Daniel Minshull (9 months ago)
foxyi fox (9 months ago)
sparky sparkler (9 months ago)
Is flamacorn and the other versions all ways speaks Japan?
안준형 (9 months ago)
역시 무지개콘은 여전히 한국어를 사용하는구만! 너무 반갑다~
귀찮은고냥이 (8 months ago)
안준형 근데 대사가 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Apples and Cream (9 months ago)
the edgy element The happy element The depresso element And the 80s element Woah
Savanna Blankenship (1 month ago)
The fury element The gloomy element The sweet element The skating element
Franc L (2 months ago)
무지개콘 내성질건들이지마라고하네 ㅋㅋㅋ
burzurio _04 (9 months ago)
I wonder how jakes kids looked
Golden Opportunity (10 months ago)
Lps is away extra😂😂😂
MsWoody55 (10 months ago)
Do you know why lady flamacorn only speaks korean
Hooker Legs (10 months ago)
I thought she always spoke Korean.
Fawful220198 Luck (10 months ago)
I really want to know flamacorn is saying
AngryWolf64 (10 months ago)
Flamacorn? Flame Corn
충격파비트 (10 months ago)
Marguns21 (10 months ago)
How come that silly cinnamonbun is so much smarter? Like did bonnie make followers stupid so she could control then better?
The Sleepy Armadillo (8 months ago)
Marguns21 That was confirmed after this miniseries.
유순옥 (11 months ago)
Toby Ezulike (1 year ago)
The animation of this show is beautiful
JJ_116 (1 year ago)
erwan ortega (1 year ago)
I love Lady Flamacorn. She is so cool
logan rackley (9 months ago)
erwan ortega or hot
The Unusual Stranger (1 year ago)
Man , talk about touchy relationships with you sister-in-law
Billy Te (1 year ago)
Woh, when did he get cool?
Chocolate Masters (1 year ago)
I want adventure time and Steven universe crossover like or reply if u agree
SDSY (1 year ago)
Chocolate Masters there will be gumball and su crossover but i dont know about at
susan edwards (1 year ago)
Ladyflameicorn sounds like someone of anmie
PlipPlop 2468 (1 year ago)
Gunter! Who told you you could fly?!
Cormac B (6 months ago)
The cosmic space monster in my head.
Dylloni The great (1 year ago)
Why do England get episodes so late
Yandere Fangirl (1 year ago)
Is it weird that I like Flamicorn better than Rainicorn? She's just so awesome and cool.
ANDREW - (1 year ago)
무지개콘 한국어쓰넼 왜그러지?
Richard Jones (1 year ago)
Geez cinnamon bun has gone through some changes
The Shipmaster (1 year ago)
isn't lady rainicorn part of the candy???? how did she become a part of the fire element if she was part of the candy elements ????
Avery Zyphyr (1 year ago)
When did this happen/???
where is JAKE?!JAKE e morto
Shiny Smeargle (1 year ago)
He was absorbed into slime princess
is dead?
gaming king (1 year ago)
CB got BA
Rosery2000 (1 year ago)
I never saw this episode before. Probably because they show Teen Titans Go and Gumball 24/7....
Party Pigy (1 year ago)
flame a corn XD
성이름 (1 year ago)
내분노는 찜질방보다 더뜨겁다 내무지게분노가 널삼켜버릴거다 내성질건들지마
Malware X20 (1 year ago)
So the fire kingdom basically does what dark khan did in mortal kombat vs DC
Chronos (1 year ago)
but rainacorn is good
MemeDream (1 year ago)
She is spicy with anger
Heaven Hudon (1 year ago)
Cartoon Network!!! Hello! Adventure time never airs on cartoon network anymore....I know that when you play Adventure time you don't get that much money....but it should really start airing again!
Brian G. (1 year ago)
I wonder what Lady was doing in the Flame Kingdom when all this went down, I thought she was more close tied with Peebs?
HCN (1 year ago)
Did she turn into Kim Jung Un?
SPEKZ/SHADEZ (1 year ago)
i'm starting to get interested in this show. i didn't care for it before, but I'm starting to like it.
numaTruehome 100 (1 year ago)
Can LSP just... go away forever, there is selfish, then there is outright oblivious, and LSP is the oblivious trope done horribly wrong.
Aurora Britains Draws (1 year ago)
I love Lady Flamacorn's color scheme and I know it's Korean even though it sounds Japanese.
Kemono Autumnfall (1 year ago)
"My rage is hotter than a sauna." "My rainbow fury will consume you!" "Don't get on my nerve."
JJ_116 (1 month ago)
Kemono Autumnfall wow cool
A potatoh (2 months ago)
The dragon consumes you
Marsh :3 (6 months ago)
logan rackley yep.
logan rackley (9 months ago)
Kemono Autumnfall is that what she said
Mablak (1 year ago)
Major dark world vibes here.
ShdwZ (1 year ago)
PATRICK puntastic (1 year ago)
still hate cinnamon bun
Draco (1 year ago)
Now she's north korean
Page Shade (1 month ago)
I choked on air because of this comment
Z.D.F (1 month ago)
Noooooo 😂
Sad Manatee (1 month ago)
omg xD
Vindicator 6 (1 month ago)
Im_a_ person (1 year ago)
Where's bun bun
Black Phillip (1 year ago)
What did I miss
Prosack Metheus (1 year ago)
Black Phillip a LOT.
Cinnamon Bun
tunedude19 (1 year ago)
When did LSP get so brave
Olanrewaju Ogunnaike (1 year ago)
wow this is complicated
Mr マックラ (1 year ago)
Lady Flamicorn is the coolest transformation. She's basically a serpent dragon
Uns33n (1 year ago)
Mr マックラ have seen the new Flame princess yet?? she's literally a flame dragon..
Julia Paulino (1 year ago)
Mr マックラ a lindworm if you will
Gamer Flozer (1 year ago)
0:45 Najarala
Kami Tenchi (1 year ago)
I thought Adventure time was done.
ShortSonic01 (1 year ago)
not adventure Time related but I want people to read this, CN schedule is getting much better look at it now. Some classic cartoons in the morning, SU reruns now back. Next week we see a much more diverse schedule: Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, Mighty Magiswords are also added to the CN schedule again. CNs schedule is getting much better.
Z.D.F (1 month ago)
Not a fan of Mighty Magiswords...
Coco TheFox (6 months ago)
ShortSonic01 But there is still TTShit
Coco TheFox (6 months ago)
ShortSonic01 And more TAWOG too! AND OKKO TOO
Troll Face II (6 months ago)
um rly? Then why is there still teen titans go spam episodes...
Meicah Loly (1 year ago)
whaaa lady unicorn has turn a blueflame
todd howard (1 year ago)
cartoon network stop teen titans go more adventure time
WaitWhosHarry (1 year ago)
I haven't watched Adventure Time in a while, but I guess I need to start watching it again.
Aurora Britains Draws (1 year ago)
Felix Ross//YernotawizardHarry Me neither...I haven't watched since the Lich except a couple random episodes afterwards.
Alex Gonzalez (1 year ago)
all if this reminds me of steven universe with the corruption light
mew the mew (1 year ago)
They have made by the same person
Jazzy Mackintosh (1 year ago)
Me too!
Flaming freak-show XD (1 year ago)
Garoto Watermelon 2.0 (1 year ago)
Cormac B (6 months ago)
Wrong show.
thatsmokerwasme (1 year ago)
Garoto Watermelon 2.0 kys means kill yourself
Garoto Watermelon 2.0 (1 year ago)
palette ?
Nein (1 year ago)
Garoto Watermelon 2.0 kys
Holy X1 (1 year ago)
and plz make infinite train a tv live show
Holy X1 (1 year ago)
Digital Dirk (1 year ago)
Yo, Cinnamon Bun wants them LUMPS, my dude.
TheDragonstorm1993 (2 months ago)
+Zeracan tho he did want her
Kalien Username (1 year ago)
You could say he still caries a torch for her.
Zeracan (1 year ago)
+yoshimickster I thought it was because he is devoted to being Fire Princess's knight? In Lumpy Space Princess's head canon EVERYONE wants her lumps. Everyone.
yoshimickster (1 year ago)
But he can't cos he's a chump. A chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump.
Jerry Fish (1 year ago)
These episodes are gonna be awesome
DRAGON WARRIOR 79 (1 year ago)
Luke Sanchez (1 year ago)
When is Adventure time coming back with new episodes
Carl Bloke (1 year ago)
Grizz Bear they didn't even air commercials. How would people know?
Thomas McLaughlin (1 year ago)
Confused Gamer They've been airing new episodes all week dude .-.
Guts Masterson (1 year ago)
Check the app
Coopdaloop (1 year ago)
Who else read that as "Famicom" XD
SpiderTron575 channel (1 year ago)
Fire Candy Ice Slime u decide which element u want.ik fire
Nightly Umbreon (1 month ago)
I would want to be candified
logan rackley (9 months ago)
Yep fire
Amy Love heart (1 year ago)
Ice for me!! :v
mew the mew (1 year ago)
The Silver Wolf (1 year ago)
Lemon Lime slime
Abel Flores (1 year ago)
Cartoon Network please see this comment I know TTG is your money maker but could you guys please squeeze in adventure time reruns in schedule? Please I need reruns for adventure time
Coco TheFox (6 months ago)
Tawanix Ttg at the morning. Ttg at the night. Ttg at the day.
Tawanix (1 year ago)
I agree, I haven't been able to watch AT in a while because I've been busy, but now that I have some free time, I don't see it on. I just see TTG on majority of the time.. like a marathon everyday.
raymond Tzun (1 year ago)
Rayanna Herron (1 year ago)

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