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Patenting Software-related Inventions

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Many software developers and technology companies feel that patents are an essential tool to protect investment in research and development. However, the law in Europe and the UK relating to the protection of computer-implemented inventions excludes certain subject matter from patentability on the grounds that it's not an "invention". Software per se is one such excluded category. In this video, Dr Jonathan Markham from Beck Greener explains the background law. He then outlines the kinds of software-related inventions that can be patented and advises on how best to frame such an invention to meet the requirements of the UK and European patent offices. Topics covered: -- Benefits of patenting software-based inventions -- Misconceptions about patenting software-based inventions -- The Aerotel test / contribution approach -- How the EPO's approach differs -- How to identify whether an invention is patentable -- Tips for protecting computer-implemented inventions Cases referenced: -- Aerotel Ltd v Telco Holdings Ltd -- HTC Europe Co Ltd v Apple Inc -- AT&T Knowledge Ventures LP v Comptroller General of Patents Designs and Trade Marks -- VICOM/Computer-related invention (T208/84) -- Lantana Ltd v Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks -- Halliburton Energy Services Inc's Patent Applications -- Toshiba Research Ltd BL/O/453/14 -- Menashe Business Mercantile Ltd v William Hill Organisation Ltd You can watch the full-length version of this video here: https://uk.practicallaw.com/w-012-1137
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Edwin Au (3 years ago)
very informational!

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