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How to invent a product - from patent to sales

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In the TQB video clip, Tom Topolski discusses the process of taking an idea and turning it into a product. As an inventor himself, he talks about the successful processes he used in implementing his ideas.
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Ever After (9 months ago)
My sister says my invention is already invented or you could just brush your teeth... :/
ibrahim hagara (1 year ago)
i have creative ideas, really will help and save people ,i have no money ,how will help me [email protected]
sunny sim (1 year ago)
Wrong advice to tell people to get it out there, sell it without protecting. Always do a search, the ppa.
jalenahairstyle (3 years ago)
Are you going to finish the interview
The Handy Goddess (3 years ago)
You make it all sound so easy. In mid process now and it's a bitch feeling others want to steal your work. Video on my site shows where I'm at.
wilbur464748 (3 years ago)
+The Handy Goddess  Then that's when you get a lawyer and get yourself  protected
I. A.G (3 years ago)
Inventing something is not enough, it can be the most amazing and helpful thing ever invented but if you can't sell it - your invention becomes junk. Statistics show 95% of all patient inventions were not successful, didn't bring any money and in some cases left people with debt. I'm an inventor myself going through patent process, i know my product will sell, i know it will require hard work first few years marketing and selling it to get those numbers up, only then you can call up WallMart, QVS to present your product.
iFlubR (3 years ago)
+ivinio G If it were easy then everyone would work for them self and be inventors. The 5% are the ones that didn't give up.
wilbur464748 (3 years ago)
+ivinio G  Don't  turn everyone down, if your product is going to take a few years to get it to market. Then you have something wrong or you are going about it the wrong way.
nicc roop (3 years ago)
if u don't have the money then try looking into something alil close to home, taking your presentation to the bank you bank with and ask them to invest with some type of funding or small loans to help u get started, just to get u off the ground, of course assuming you have a job in that which you can budget to cover those costs.....maybe it's possible that it could work
Terron Miles (3 years ago)
Tuomas T (4 years ago)
And people whining about patent costs, you should be scientist, they help mankind and it doesn´t require any funding if it´s your profession.
Tuomas T (4 years ago)
I had to sign in just to make this comment. Like the ideas, very helpful information. Would be great to know what Mr. Topolski invented.
James Schlusser (4 years ago)
I have a cure for cancer but cant afford to patent it.  Oh well.
BlueEyedTV (4 years ago)
i have a great product and it doesnt even exist yet i tried googling it but no nothing comes up, it would be useful in every home  i dont want to be specific but i bet a lot of people would sort one problem out in their home. But i dont know what to do im confused.
wilbur464748 (3 years ago)
+ivinio G  I don't give a rats ass how I spell  this isn't a fucking  spelling bee or a spelling contest. I have 5 fucking patents, so for you to be funny maybe you should be on SNL.funny person.
wilbur464748 (3 years ago)
+lukas adam  who are  you talking too?
BlueEyedTV (3 years ago)
+ivinio G haha it was obvious of you dont know why people getting mad, some really lack common knowledge
I. A.G (3 years ago)
+wilbur464748 Of course NOT, I was being funny, and before you call somebody "idiot" please check your spelling, really.
wilbur464748 (3 years ago)
+lukas adam  Don't give any one on here your idea.
huh wut (4 years ago)
i have an invention tat can help save lives and make transportation safer but i dont have money darn it
Vince Haylem (4 years ago)
I just created Telekinesis, you have to put a headband on connected to temples and other nerve areas, takes practice, but you'll be able to lift objects, some heavy and light depending how good you are. Obviously no one can steal this idea, because you don't know how i did it! You saw it here first...
norm lor (5 years ago)
Great idea if you've got a couple of grand.. What about the guy/gal who have great ideas but no $
Mark Nowotarski (5 years ago)
Crowdfunding your idea on sites like Kickstarter is a good way to invent a product.  The process you go through preparing for your crowdfunding campaign will help your initial idea into a real invention.
Auto Surgeon50 (5 years ago)
+cocoa1799 Hey you can do a patent yourself.
Nacho Espinoza (5 years ago)
This guy is full of it just because he couldn't write his own patent does not mean you cannot. I have one patent pending and Im writing up another patent now. I have been studying how patents work and how to write a provisional for more than a year now but I know how to do it now and have not payed nearly as much as everyone else is hiring a patent attorney. If your product is successful with your provisional patent then you will have the money to pay for a Non-provisional (you can write one)
T.S. S (6 months ago)
How can I get into contact with you?
Nacho Espinoza (5 years ago)
Create a prototype for one of your investors and have the market research done, as well as know all the answers to all of the questions he or she will ask you ahead of time. Get your pitch down and learn learn learn read books about intellectual property, patents, market research watch lots of indigogo and kickstarter videos. Good luck you got this I hope Im the motivation you needed to get a company started with one (yes one) of your inventions.
Developer LLL124 (5 years ago)
D:! I am a inventter but I don't have crap I have been thinking for years even when I was 7 but I can't get anyone to invest in me but I know one day I will get my chance! :D
popescu george (6 years ago)
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Sam Jones (6 years ago)
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Sam Manuk (6 years ago)
RapidParts (6 years ago)
You got a great idea? INVENT it !! We can help ;)
cocoa149 (7 years ago)
what company can I go to and get a legal patent because you been through this selling your product
John Benjamin (8 months ago)
cocoa149. check out Gulf Coast Intellectual Property Group google them out of Wesley Chapel Florida excellent affordable know their stuff jb
CashFlow (7 years ago)
Made a summary of this video: videoteaching.blogspot

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