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Reacting to 2016 Instagram Pictures

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2016 was an amazing year for me. There were some rough moments but through it all I pushed through and made many accomplishments. Please support me by checking out my website and purchasing my book: https://www.shopDeano.com https://www.createspace.com/5613799 My Socials: IG: www.instagram.com/CurtisDonDeano Snapchat: CurtisDonDeano Twitter: www.twitter.com/CurtisDonDeano Tumblr: www.curtisdondeano.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (51)
ion whooked (7 months ago)
5:16 cant lie that jacket is me they need to make thoose change the game
robert clark (9 months ago)
Great video...when are you doing the 2017 one
From start to finish
Dia Jae (1 year ago)
Watch the whole vid bro! ❤️💯
Nicole Oke (1 year ago)
And the award for most underrated youtuber goes to!
Kamile Cassh (1 year ago)
were did u get this fur vest
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
iamsensationn (1 year ago)
watched the whole thing! yo uu d0pe.
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thank you so much ❤️❤️
Toya Brock (1 year ago)
I love your positive attitude , your a dope person ! I follow you on all social networks and your positive vibe is everywhere !!!!!!!! Your vids are inspiring !!! Lots of love and blessings to you keep being the Star god made you ❤️❤️😘
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
wow,wow,wow, thank you so much. Means a lot to me. and I'm glad that my energy can be not only recognized but spread, thank you, again. I really appreciate it.😘
Gloria Lino (1 year ago)
Your style is 💯. Definitely subscribing!
CurtisDonDeano (1 year ago)
thankyouuuu! Appreciate it.
Believein bri (2 years ago)
I watched it from start to end loved it
Believein bri (2 years ago)
I love you deno keep up the great work 💙
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
thanks my love
White Rabbit (2 years ago)
where do you get your furs from
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
miller's furs
D_Bo$S (2 years ago)
I watched the whole thing dope video man keep working and proud of you makes me want to do better thanks 🙏🏾💙
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
appreciate it boss don, you should update your channel too
Mariama K (2 years ago)
Diamond Wilkins (2 years ago)
I watched the entire thing & I'm very proud of all that you've achieved.
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
thanks my love *smiley face emoji*
Gearld Holiday (2 years ago)
y u skip the blue jumper thing
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
what blue jumper thing boss ?
fresh material (2 years ago)
I wanna see you in a below the knee fur jackett
fresh material (2 years ago)
lmao lemme buy myself one first
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
buy me one, lol syke that's goals tho
Jerrod Jordan (2 years ago)
watched all 23:02 blessings up all the way from FL.. 👑💖
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
thanksss boss don, you always got my back...appreciate it
Jerrod Jordan (2 years ago)
who was the graduation suit by?
Jerrod Jordan (2 years ago)
StraightSlavicFlavour (2 years ago)
on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love yourself ^^
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
27 obvi lol
janai matthews (2 years ago)
Watched it👍🏾!!!!!!!more videos please!
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
I got new ones coming like every 2 days, if I got more views I'd be able to put more out, maybe even daily
Stahr Milan (2 years ago)
This fucking jacket 😫 gimmeeeeeeeee
Nicole Oke (1 year ago)
Stahr Milan Omg! I thought you were just a regular person on this site, then I accidentally clicked on your profile picture.
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
I got you ( the lie that I always use)
Lache Patty (2 years ago)
Nothing but blessings & prosperity for you Don!!
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
appppreciate that ! !
BKsLoved1 (2 years ago)
Lol at Ricardo tiskey, its tee-she, no big deal still fly, but u never know who's watching
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
ahhh, you got me, you got me lol
J'Quara Scott (2 years ago)
Ok video quality going up and up! 🙌🏾
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
ayyyye! u peeeeeped ! thanks
Ethan M (2 years ago)
U should make a vid on where u buy ur clothes/ shoes bc I'm really curious and want to shop there too!
Nicolas Oke (1 year ago)
Hey boss I just wanted to know what is the specific name of the fur jacket you were wearing in the first half of the video?
Ethan M (2 years ago)
CurtisDonDeano I meant like a video about ur favorite places to shop either in store/online or brands
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
ok, no problem, usually I tell where I got stuff from, or you could just ask if its about a specific item
Diamonte C. (2 years ago)
Watched the whole thang
CurtisDonDeano (2 years ago)
appreciate that more than you know ! !

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