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3,200 Year Old Stone May FINALLY Solve SEA PEOPLE Mystery

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Text Comments (528)
Nomadic Vagrant (7 days ago)
I wonder if they are the ones referred to as Tarshish?🤔
michael jackson (10 days ago)
Crab people
Sea People in Greek PELASGIANS,was the First Greeks like Minoans and Mycinians.
muffin6369 (23 days ago)
Dude Calm down are you high???
muffin6369 (23 days ago)
It looks like Hittite.
Chris Santee (28 days ago)
I think they were smurfs
way2high2behere (1 month ago)
are your reading when you make videos? your eyes are always going back and forth. you're never looking in the camera. its weird
Simon Cote (1 month ago)
You are far more interesting than your music, Thanks. Nice video.
Cymru (1 month ago)
The sea people are the ancient version of illegal immigrants basically
Pfsif (1 month ago)
The Sea People are Sea Monkey people gone dark.
Georgios Sarantitis (1 month ago)
Hopefully there is nice beat music but not solution of this very complicate historic problem.
fliegeroh (1 month ago)
The original rock was used in making a mosque. What a waste. A priceless artifact of history sacrificed to a muslim temple of ignorance, superstition and barbarism. Islam is such a curse to humanity.
ינון יוחאי (1 month ago)
the yellow man allways like to lie
jakemonster001 (1 month ago)
There was no Palestine at this time.
Paul Howlett (1 month ago)
Why can't you be content imparting the information instead of clothing it in a streetwise lingo/act with invasive background music
North african berbers. Enough said
Ifiyenia Spiliotopoulou (2 months ago)
He speaks so fasts and with no rests, it’s impossible to follow!
Youcef8830 (2 months ago)
the background music over powers your voice. it makes it difficult to understand you.
Gustafsson Eric (3 months ago)
You're awesome Mike!
Sagittarian Archer (3 months ago)
isn't this guy a food eater?
TheLoyalOfficer (3 months ago)
Terrible music.
Adolf Hitler (3 months ago)
Could they be Illyrians? Cus they were pretty good sailors and warriors.
thel vadamee (4 months ago)
Why not offer to build them a new temple and take apart the old ones. Bet there are more inscriptions
RushyG (4 months ago)
Sounds like ancient vikings....but all jokes aside I always figured they were just mercenaries/pirates who banded together to loot and raid after not getting paid enough. That's why they never stayed as a cohesive group and settled down in the conquered territories.
I think they were Minoans.
Paroni Valgasibal (5 months ago)
they was vikings, that explains the blonde&red haired mummys finded on egypt. or is it that original egyptians are vikings
mara cohen (5 months ago)
The Archeology in Israel shows that the P'leshtim were Europeans, they brought their food with them, including a breed of pigs not of any of the Middle Eastern breeds.
Tellus Of Athens (5 months ago)
This channel is cancer. By watching it you are literally becoming stupider
I Am Troll (5 months ago)
I still have no idea who they are.
MrTurmakas (6 months ago)
What is bce?
Rob W (6 months ago)
Smashed up a priceless artefact to build a mosque... The Egyptians, Persians & Turks etc... achieved better things before they adopted their modern (stone age) versions of that religion. SMH.
Jakob Grunstein (6 months ago)
it's easy. one theory says that they were greeks and illyrians. it is probably true since greeks always lived on islands and cities on the shore line. they rarely lived inland. and since this was around 1100 bc the geeks were not yet well known and also didn't form a single nation. that is why the term sea peoples. there. mistery solved. keep it simple.
marco costantino (21 hours ago)
egiziani e greci si conoscevano abbastanza bene, non conoscevano la sardegna, l'isola del grande verde
The True (6 months ago)
Now it sounds more like Greek mercenaries, Arcadia maybe, using their then current battle tactics. Interesting.
WTF (6 months ago)
Oh course Moslems will destroy the stone. The religion of peace destroys everything.
lam bda (7 months ago)
At 2:45, what is the ancient Indo-European language that few people can translate?
kraigthorne (8 months ago)
I could not understand half of what he said :(
Billy McCarthy (8 months ago)
I blame the British tin islanders!
12345sc1 (8 months ago)
Another douche-bag making a worthless video, the whole video is in a nut shell who were the sea people. And it still concludes we don't know.
Zoes Dada (8 months ago)
Once again islam destroys culture and history.
zahria (8 months ago)
Wow. Ypouvspeak as fast as a tornado and the musikmtictacs on top of it. IF WHAT IS TRUE ? What is the find? You rattle somsthing about Mediterranean and bronzeage. I just do not understand. Bdlbdlblblbl... And I am a die hard fan!!
Leopoldus Carniolus (8 months ago)
I did not understand anything-motor mouth should halve his speed speech.
Username Brandon (8 months ago)
In the yeast
Rhodes68 (8 months ago)
three and a half minutes to give 20 seconds of info, yeah
Sonya Davidson (8 months ago)
The article has been published at: http://www.talanta.nl/publications/previous-issues/2008-tm-201-%E2%97%8F-volume-xl-xlix/2018-%E2%97%8F-volume-50/
rex mundi (8 months ago)
Interesting choice of images.....totally unrelated to the story....and no new information???
Johnny Kay (8 months ago)
The Sea People are the Phoenicians, and always have been. They were absorbed to a degree in Egypt as the Hyksos and Hyklos, along with the mercenaries, the habiru, for a time. For just over two hundred years. The rest of their history is obscured in the Old Testament, and before that? in India , where Brahma and Sarasvati became Abram and Sarai as the worship of the Sun and the Moon.
Maratha Marrak (2 months ago)
No, they weren't not phoenicians
Varheim (8 months ago)
Islam, destroying historical sites to build mosques...
CommanderVillain (8 months ago)
So who were they?
Norge Først (8 months ago)
There were no Palestine and Turkey back then.
Sergio Puddu (8 months ago)
Seriously, go to check Sardinian/shardana Bronze statues...
Spencer Ko (8 months ago)
wtf ain’t you the foodie guy?
Kelvin Q Q (8 months ago)
Love the new background music.whats it called ??
Tony Killen (8 months ago)
There Northern Europeans
Justin Patton (8 months ago)
2:22 this is why we cant have nice things
CroCoin (8 months ago)
i dont hear you...but music is good :)
Trevor H (8 months ago)
Tidal King of Nations?
fred slawson (8 months ago)
Sorry couldn't listen due to the background noise!
noman mcshmoo (9 months ago)
Why does every video about the Sea People have such annoyingly loud music over the narration? Do the ghosts of the Sea People drive hoopties now? The next time I am stuck in traffic, someone remind me to bring my bronze sword!!!!
Daniel Whelan (9 months ago)
The EU/UN must be disbanded for Europe to have a peaceful future.
Ranillon (9 months ago)
Update - the same people that originally offered up this claim (this Luwian Study group of Zangger's) has come straight out and admitted that the person behind this "discovered" inscription - James Mellaart - has been shown to have been a regular forger.  This is posted on the site barely a week ago and shows that this whole thing can be safely dismissed as a fraud.  Link:  https://luwianstudies.org/james-mellaart-forged-documents-throughout-life/.
Sea people=those tiny folks lounging on a beach chair wearing a squiddy crown and carrying a trident that you see on a hobby store box erroneously labeled "Sea Monkeys".
T H (6 months ago)
Sea people and Me!
Jaime Muñoz (9 months ago)
The food guy!!!
Punto Devista (9 months ago)
Turkey, what Turkey? Hittites.
Hapax Palindrome (9 months ago)
Where is the pole dancer???
Zeljko Mikulicic (9 months ago)
And answer is?
Yves Cloutier (9 months ago)
They came from Katagat, and led by Ragnar Lodbook. Mystery solved. Next.
Ünsal Çetinkaya (9 months ago)
After the war Ramses II commands his artist to draw the scene of the war on the city walls that they've defended against the sea people and won. There is an ox-cart... Well, for the logistic purpose of the war right? There are women on the ox-cart... Ah, such a warrior-society. Even the women! There are children on the ox cart.... WTF? In the picture of a war scene, there are children on an ox-cart. They were not warriors and raiders like the Vikings, sorry. THEY WERE REFUGEES! Running away from drought, famine and many other things, and yes raiding-pillaging any civilization they come across. Search the aftermath of the wars they've won. Except the Israelites settling down on the soil of Canaanites, which was fallen after many wars and earthquakes, none of these people were conquerors. First thing they do is the sacking of the warehouses of civilizations they fought and won. Sea people were refugees just like todays Syrians and Somalis, except they had soldiers and weapons.
Arty Cuen (9 months ago)
The music ruined it for me.
Thomas Walton II (9 months ago)
Oh, its you, whatever.
Rachel V K (9 months ago)
Dream Diction (9 months ago)
Pointless music, pointless hand gestures, and I still don't know who the sea people were?
Ernest Imken (9 months ago)
They were called Babylonians. You can read about them in the Bible starting with the tower of Babel.
Ron Creek (9 months ago)
The Egyptian priest tells the story of the Sea Peoples to Solon, Solon then tells Timaeus and then Timaeus tells Plato. Thus the story of Atlantis is born.
Silurian Xx (9 months ago)
Ok, say I played it back three times and heard west asian but not the actual name of the people so looks like the mystery of the sea peoples will remain a mystery for me.
al bar (9 months ago)
"wrecked havoc on ancient civilizations such as Egypt(ok) Hittite(sure), syria(what?), Turkey(wt*?h)" and kept the best of all - palestine(self contradiction, don't you think?)
brandonwayne80 (9 months ago)
Etruscan’s the Moorish people settlement in Italy from Northern Africa. Black Skinned sea fairing people of Northern Africa, north America, South America, built the Pyramids of both Mexico and deep juggle South America all the way to the west coast of South America.
brandonwayne80 (9 months ago)
Etruscans were the first Kings of Rome. First culture to adore Riches in entire community and country and did not speak the same language of the Italians.
Solan K (9 months ago)
What happened with this? Did the translation reveal anything interesting? I googled but only found articles from October saying the results would be published in December.
SuperAutsajder (9 months ago)
something is very wrong with our history..first we must know that the ancient Troy was located on Balkan and Adriatic sea..so obviously that Sea people are Trojans and their allies,revenging against kings who went in Trojan war,and taking back their citties/colonies which were lost during the war.. Sea people/Illiryans/Trojans/Phoenicians/Etruscans..same people,different names in different parts of the world..
Guillermo Horruitiner (9 months ago)
That music back is a mistake. The information doesnt need a discotheque background.
somejudoguy mchugh (9 months ago)
Did you put background music on purpose? Why? Stupid idea, so many great videos have been ruined by background music....please, don't be one of them idiots, as i do like your channel.
Dooyong Park (9 months ago)
So these people are Agamemnon and Achilles?
Dooyong Park (9 months ago)
True. Thucydides mentioned first chapter in his book, Acheans' commonly lived and depended on act of piracy.
Jasper Nuboer (9 months ago)
Funnily enough it was around the same time period and it's very much possible the Trojans (after losing the war against the Myceneums) became part of the Sea Peoples
Anastas Pashov (9 months ago)
I get short of breath listening to these videos. Human speech has pauses for a reason.
Maxell deNomie (9 months ago)
were they the Philistines?
UNKNOWN (9 months ago)
I think the most portent aspect here is the fact that Muslims are so obsessed with their religion that they will destroy all and everything that is old and well not in the koran... so stupid
iduz duhsmotpoke (9 months ago)
It was the Mayans attacking for crossing the pond.
Uros V (9 months ago)
I dont remember the sea people in febuary 2014?
dave aston (9 months ago)
Was the tablet destroyed or did they just bury it in the building?
Symen Symen (9 months ago)
I know the truth.sleep wel .
Troy Lindsey (9 months ago)
The sea people are the Hawaiians. Yeeeeeeee!!!
ayitian1 (9 months ago)
Wasn’t the Phoenicians sea people?
Tim Caffery (9 months ago)
I like the theory that they were really a peasant uprising....
Lunch Box (9 months ago)
so? what did the studie say in the end?
sharkfinbite (9 months ago)
Fun fact: Another reason why chariots were popular back then was because horses during ancient times were still evolving to support carrying human weight on their backs. (they were not strong enough to carry people on their backs yet. The ones that could were only certain horses. The rest still had to bred to be able so.) Horses surprisingly could drag weight a LOT better for a LONGER amount of time than they could carry it on their backs during the ancient times. A horse dragging a chariot had a lot more stamina, agility, and effectiveness than a mounted horse in those days. This eventually become less and less over a period of time.
Brian Jackson (9 months ago)
So modern Egyptian descend from sea people
Jay Cardon (9 months ago)
I was at some point waiting for a Dj to POP UP like in the Channel, People Of The Boiler Room! LOL! Btw, I thought the Phoenicians were thought to be the superior seaman’s?
Rez (9 months ago)
The Sea people are the Phoenicians the heart land of these culture was the delta Nile the people of the big cat. The Phoenicians throughout invasions and migrations settled in today Greece where they mixed with the local Ilyrian population and formed the Mycenaean civilization the Donian kingdom (an Ilyrian kingdom) joint this civilization at a later date and was renamed Mace-Donia . Mace in ilyrian (and today Albanina) means cat , their warriors hat were made with fathers in resemblance of the lions mane . The sea people settled in large numbers also in Rome fueling the large expansion in Human Resources of the Roman Empire and Palestine was another region that the sea people settled in , furthermore they settled all around the Mediterranean forming small city state like in Sicily, Italy and Spain. They where Africans and they changed the world
marco costantino (21 hours ago)
al nord non c'era nessuno, i dan sono emigrati dal medio oriente al nord europa, roma non esisteva, 753 a.c. gli illirici non esistavano ancora
Jeremy Kirkpatrick (9 months ago)
antonis ch i have heard some qualified historians (not YT dipshits) say that they believed the sea people were the Myceneans but i dont think we will ever know for sure
antonis ch (9 months ago)
What??? Phoenicians didn't mix with Illyrians to create the Mycenaean civilization... Wtf are you talking about? Your comment is complete nonsense. The Myceneans were a mix of Achaean Greeks, Ionian Greeks, Aeolians, Minoans and Pelasgians... The Illyrians didn't even exist at the time of the Mycenaean civilization. And the Sea Peoples weren't Phoenicians, they were most probably a mix of Greeks and ancient people from Sicily...The sea peoples settled in Rome??? Wtf. Rome didn't even exist back then... You posted an unhistorical comment in a history video...
Tudor Iancu (9 months ago)
There is no hard evidence, there is no real inscription. And it is in contradiction with archeological discoveries about Philistines. So... what really is: a good pretext to get many views on youtube.
haden636 (9 months ago)
So in a whole they are the sea people and the warriors would be called the sea men am i correct? (When you see it) tacky I know
GetenBaxter (9 months ago)
What's the name of the background music?

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