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How I Lace My Timberlands

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Check out my website/blog: https://sharemystyle.wordpress.com/ Had quite a few requests for this tutorial so here it is! A simple guide to lacing my Timbs... EASY AS! Let me know what you think of this tutorial and I hope it helps you out somehow! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me! Snupps: http://snupp.it/VLsf4c Instagram: jiakadin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Credited to: Edo Lee - Vision Mix - How to lace timberland boots - How to tie timberland boots - How to wear Timberland boots
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Text Comments (103)
TheMathewpatel (27 days ago)
Bahaha.. stupid
Adge (1 month ago)
Wow ; I love it. It's Timbo season !
Deepak Rana (1 month ago)
Fake shoes
Sasuke20124 (2 months ago)
No me gusto chaval..
Viveka Nabd (2 months ago)
Viveka Nand
Joshua Pascual (3 months ago)
Whats the brand of your watch. I like it. XD
stoom jaker (5 months ago)
Dani maldonado (8 months ago)
:v <[:{v
ipeklofijs (8 months ago)
Those boots are not tied, lol.
lo_ low (9 months ago)
u fuckin up...that is not how WE wear our timbs in the hood 🤦
brynosaurs (9 months ago)
Am i the only person in this world who lace timbs properly?
Mahesh Rana (10 months ago)
Online order karna hai
edward (11 months ago)
Who's singing this Aretha Franklin?
edward (11 months ago)
Doing it wrong but, love the song.
Aced-it-like420 (11 months ago)
Just got a fresh pair yesterday and when I was stuck on how to lace my times I remembered you made a video on this been a subscriber for a long time and love the video man thanks
tedkenne (1 year ago)
bad azz timerlandz bootz!!!! Laze em up homie!!! Thankz!!!!!
Jesse Bishop (1 year ago)
You aint from new york cause you got trees and grass in the backround b
Electro X (1 year ago)
Jesse Bishop And did he say he was ?
Bersat (1 year ago)
timberland boots are original made in bangladesh ? in local of timberland the boots say made in bangladesh :S
Carl Crammer (1 year ago)
Is it one of those "Steel Toe" boots?
Carl Crammer (1 year ago)
Is it really for style. or is it suppose to be a work boot?
Double JJ Murphy (1 year ago)
Carl Crammer yeah
jan galan (1 year ago)
would i look like the most deadass nigga on the block with this lace up?
Bossin Shid 3x (1 year ago)
imma give myself an L for jerking off to this im a new york nigga btw
Abzx_30_C (1 year ago)
Kadin, does it matter whether you lace from inside instead of outside? Mine arrived from outside, began doing it inside, now going outside???
Jeff Deez (1 year ago)
John Rose (1 year ago)
Here's an idea....How about you lace them however the hell you want.
Mr Marksman (1 year ago)
John Rose lol u mad?
Paul Choi (1 year ago)
Can I get the name of this song please?
Xava (1 year ago)
looks stupid imo
Russian Boi (1 year ago)
thanks deadass b now I look even better
nickeh- (1 year ago)
true shit my guy!
Tony Mejia (1 year ago)
deadass b
Daniel Baez (1 year ago)
When it comes out of the box the only thing you have to do is leave two eyes
ceschenrik (1 year ago)
Should i keep the tag on or Nah?
Salimata Kone (9 months ago)
ceschenrik I kept mine on
whyterhyno17 (11 months ago)
Nah, I always put mine on my keychain. If people say they are fake without the tag fuck em honestly hate that shit flopping around lol
ceschenrik (1 year ago)
hah i will thanks
Tom (1 year ago)
ceschenrik take it off otherwise you'd be called a thot
idrop-opps (1 year ago)
WRONGGGG yu go outside in and leave the top two open then tuck the laces
rip harambe (1 year ago)
I like your tims b
dubseedz757 (1 year ago)
I just wear my timbs laced up regular??? Is that gay or something ?
whyterhyno17 (11 months ago)
Nope not at all man, I wear mine fully laced with a button down.. if a t shirt then loose it’s all on how you wear it my dude. I hate when ppl hate on the fully laced.. during the winter in Wisconsin I always lace up due to like 6 inches of snow lol
Fuck the Ibises (1 year ago)
dubseedz757 yes exactly, I don't understand why people hate the normal style
Sheeeit (1 year ago)
dubseedz757 I agree with you. The lacing the people do on here just don't look appealing to me.
isidro C. (1 year ago)
my timberlands came defective i think one of them is stiff standing up and other one is limp folding down
Noria Hml (2 years ago)
guys i want To know if the timberland boots are Compensated in side ????
Alexis Delos Santos (2 years ago)
same as jungkook's shoes
Lucyfur (2 years ago)
god damn hipsters
Xtradip (1 year ago)
Lucyfur (3 months ago)
ill rob everything and leave you with a hungry gut
Jacob (2 years ago)
blaze2crack *good looking hipsters
Diego Ramos (2 years ago)
This Wigga deadass laces his timbs like a white kid, smh very disapointed
whyterhyno17 (11 months ago)
Racist lol.. how many eyelets do you go through? One? Or two
Justin rodriguez (2 years ago)
Diego Ramos lmao stfu nigga just cause he don't got the tongue hanging or the laces loose that shit look trash af boi stfu
γυταρ (2 years ago)
they kinda slip at the heel, but is that normal? the rest of the boot fits perfect
γυταρ (1 year ago)
they dont fly away lolll..
Abzx_30_C (1 year ago)
Yess! Finally someone who knows. Everytime I have to run my boots are like : "No. Where u going." Aha. I have to walk a little slow too. As long as they're comfortable I guess it doesn't really matter :P
γυταρ (1 year ago)
yeah i just wear them completely loose atm. like laces dont matter. they slip a bit but its a comfy feeling imo. but running and stuff is hard
Abzx_30_C (1 year ago)
I got that. Tied too tight and it bruised my ankle. If you find it comfortable tighter, then just tie it a little more. Its natural to slip a little, you probably haven't tied them too tight.
Trap God (1 year ago)
γυταρ yeah mine do too, but you don't want to lace them too hard though.
Royal Ramen (2 years ago)
Great tutorial for someone who just deadass took the nigga's timbs like me
Eric Lee (2 years ago)
bro take off the waterproof tag, its so gay lol
Rich Ass Nigga (1 hour ago)
Eric Lee ya dont see these hip hop niggas takin the tag off, if uw earin timbs fo tha hip hop style, u dont take dat tag off
Rich Ass Nigga (1 hour ago)
Eric Lee if ya niggas take off tha tag, yall sum dork ass niggaz bruh, aint nobody taking that shit off unless u workin for construction 🗣
Krazy Eend (1 year ago)
+Kadin Yu * on the tag
Krazy Eend (1 year ago)
+Kadin Yu my first day in school with my timbs and everybody was hating in the tag😂
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
Depends on your preference man
Humberto Gutierrez (2 years ago)
I'm a 10/5 but they were too big so I dropped an entire size they still feel a bit big, but I don't want to lace them tight?
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
Humberto Gutierrez can you return them and go another half a size down?
Donavon Batiste (2 years ago)
nice dude about by my first pair didn't know how to wear them thanks bro this helped
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
Glad i helped man
Mau5ex (2 years ago)
isn't there a rule against wearing brown shoes and wearing black pants? i could be wrong though
Ameria (2 years ago)
Wheat timberlands & black jeans looks amazing man. You shouldn't care what others think!
Yohendy Figueroa (2 years ago)
+Mau5ex whoever that was must of been smoking because I see that all the time 😂😂😂
Mau5ex (2 years ago)
some 'fashionista' i used to work with mentioned it sometime. said it was some "fashion' rule for men and women. same with wearing a belt that matches your shoe color. idk dude lmao
Yohendy Figueroa (2 years ago)
Mau5ex dafuq? What you talking about
Clyde (2 years ago)
Great video. Legit exactly how I wanted them laced!
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
You're welcome
Itszionnigga (2 years ago)
How you keep your tounge up instead of it folding?
whyterhyno17 (11 months ago)
Tie high my dude, dead ass. For the flop down tie behind the tongue and tuck fam. Don’t go up too many eyelets either
surviving kingsmith (2 years ago)
Can u please do a video on if you want tongue folded down
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
The way i lace them in this video will keep them up!
Lil Tunechi (2 years ago)
good video
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Anthony Moody (2 years ago)
nice...luv that song
Kudthe dab (2 years ago)
Thank I had to go through so many ways this one looks the best
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
You're welcome man, appreciate it
Mohammed Adam (2 years ago)
can give me name for this song please?
Realest1979 (25 days ago)
Ain't no way- Aretha Franklin. Apollo Brown sampled it with Ugly Hero's, Naysayers and Playmakers.
Romeo Garza (2 years ago)
Where are those jeans from ?
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
Carmen_Bixch (2 years ago)
this video is so fast I had to watch it over and over again
Kadin Yu (2 years ago)
Haha hope you like the lacing system though
Lil Tunechi (2 years ago)
me too i kept stopping and redoing it lolll but good video
m (2 years ago)
gotta get me a pair
Yanna Lashai (2 years ago)
I'm always first I support u kadin🇺🇸🇺🇸😘
Yanna Lashai (2 years ago)
First and nice vid

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