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IMPORTANT ➡ Comment Down below what I should where on the first day of school!!! Summer's almost over and school has started up for many of you guys. So for today's video I'm bringing you guys my back to school haul! This is definitely one of the biggest back to school videos I've seen and I've got brands such as Champs Nike Addidas!!! Become apart of the team TODAY! Click SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for Watching!!!!!!
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Text Comments (76)
Ibeflo Ssin1 (4 days ago)
And then thissssis 😂
I'm bit annoyed when you keep repeating "and then I just got" but cool video Btw I hate schools lol
Techies (2 months ago)
Junior Martinez (3 months ago)
Boi forever 21 is gayyy
Sean Marchello (3 months ago)
its just this video it just this
Jet ski Man (3 months ago)
Where are my guys eyebrows?
Andrea Cutcher (4 months ago)
was just this was just this
Daichi Kishigawa (4 months ago)
Are your feet that long or are they just wide?
L Sisson (4 months ago)
least swaggy kid in school
Heyitsnick Pw (4 months ago)
I only like his jeans they fresh no cap
Daisha Rivera (4 months ago)
I was not able to focus on the clothing because I was looking a the wonderful background
Hassan Sam (4 months ago)
Ok burnt potato
T3 Viper (5 months ago)
If I got a dollar for every time he said “this” I would be a billionaire
cristian a (6 months ago)
the thumbnail 😂😭😭😭
AwesomeDuDe (6 months ago)
the cringe its just this its just this it's just this
Paige Stevenson (7 months ago)
I think you forgot to purchase a bra
PinkRush (3 months ago)
Paige Stevenson lmao I can totally agree
Daichi Kishigawa (4 months ago)
Lol someone’s sensitive
yoboitony _ (5 months ago)
U a bitch u need to stop making fun of people just being his self and u probably skinny asf and your mom is eating all ur food bc ur a disopointment
cristian a (6 months ago)
aw you mean
Paige Stevenson (7 months ago)
"its just this" go to school and get a dictionary you fat nigga
Isaac Bowersox (1 year ago)
It’s called metallic you idiot
zSweyzie YT (1 year ago)
You earned a sub fam
zSweyzie YT (1 year ago)
Campbell J. Fowler no problem
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
+Dopey Myloh thanks so much
Besse Bacuna (1 year ago)
Omg stop saying is just this
Vanilla Splash (1 year ago)
Fat ass boy
Sychrari (1 year ago)
Zoey Fisher what are you his lawyer?
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
Vanilla Splash mhm imma try to believe that
Vanilla Splash (1 year ago)
Zoey c; hell nah im skinny dumb ass
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
Vanilla Splash he’s prob skinnier then u 😂
Nia Segina (1 year ago)
“The next thing I got is just this ___” 😂😭
ZachChronicles (1 year ago)
Meh boi with the nike stuff
BrianaKTown (1 year ago)
Nick Young (1 year ago)
Can you even Ball???????
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
Campbell J. Fowler ur welcome anytime ❤️
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
+Zoey c; Thanks for having my back
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
Campbell J. Fowler yasss 😂😂😂
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
+Vanilla Splash Shut up sorry honey boo boo but I ain't fat and there's no way in heck u gonna make me think Im fat
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
Vanilla Splash omg boi ur killing me with ur lame ass roasts 😂😂😂
revenge (1 year ago)
Repping the Nike
Nathan Johnson (1 year ago)
Why are they all ugly
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
jldkfbfkfhddkfnbdkdikdkdkfkfn I can’t even omg 😂😂 just boi stop
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
+HENTAI LOVER696969 yes I can
Enter your se (1 year ago)
Campbell J. Fowler get yo big ass in the gym cuz you buying all these ugly ass shirts and a bucket shirt cuz can you even do a layup
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
+Nathan Johnson what u mean
Joseph Shermeta (1 year ago)
Dope vid man!! Keep up the hard work!!😋
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
+Joseph Wester thanks bro
taze peak (1 year ago)
and then i just got and then i just got
Asmr Wispers (3 months ago)
i was about to say that lol
CCD x DJ (1 year ago)
Phright_ (1 year ago)
And the next thing I got was this Nike football shirt x10000000 lol
Brokechigga420 (1 year ago)
I'm cringing
yoboitony _ (5 months ago)
Brokechigga420 stfu
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
Then why u watching
Besse Bacuna (1 year ago)
Besse Bacuna (1 year ago)
SCOOPMEME for reql
xerogi (1 year ago)
Lil nigga clean yo closet other than that it's dope
。這Melo這 (1 year ago)
Fat ass
zSweyzie YT (1 year ago)
這Melo這 。 your a fucking ass
Zoey Fisher (1 year ago)
Well he’s prob skinnier then u 😂😂😂
VTrilla G (1 year ago)
這Melo這 。 Black Ass
Ivana Christina (1 year ago)
You're editing is literally goals can you make a video on how you edit. The gray nikes are really cute❤️ Mind checking out my channel trying to reach 200😝 I subbed and liked
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
+Ivana Christina thanks so much I will make a video on that
HeyItzAbby (1 year ago)
Loved the video! Just subscribed would love if you could subscribe back as well! Loved loved the video! Gave it a huge thumbs up! Xoxo-Abbu
saila c (1 year ago)
Yes do it
CourtneyLaurenGraben (1 year ago)
Love this! 💕 we should be YouTube buddies! 💗
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
yeah totally i would love to have u as a youtube friend love ur vids
Campbell J. Fowler (1 year ago)
Comment What I should where on the first day of school!!!! plz comment i really need to know
Carlos Luna (4 months ago)
ZachChronicles (1 year ago)
HENTAI LOVER696969 lol
Enter your se (1 year ago)
Campbell J. Fowler a bra

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